What is personal brand photography and why you need it?

Why do you need personal branding photography and how to find the perfect photographer for you

Hey there, rockstar women  entrepreneurs!

My name is Ati’s  I’m a personal branding coach and personal branding photographer based in Las Vegas, and with 15 years of photography experience In this post I will answer the most  common questions about

  • personal brand photography. ( and personal branding photos)
  • how is different to headshots .
  • HOW to find the perfect personal branding photographer – for you!

Let’s get started shall we?

What is personal branding photography , how is different than a headshot and how to find the perfect personal branding photographer for you

1. What is Personal Brand Photography? And how is different from headshots?

So, you’ve heard of wedding pics, family photos , and the classic headshots.

But what is personal brand photography, and how’s it different from just a regular headshot session?

Personal brand photography is all about showing the world who you truly are!
It’s a spotlight on your unique personality, your vibe, and what makes you awesome
(this is what makes YOU, the only choice for your clients to choose you over someone else!)

Think this: If you were a product ( hint: if you are a service provider YOU are  the product !) you would do photos of your product right?)

It’s a non negotiable in today’s digital-driven world for all your small businesses, realtors, coaches, health and wellness professionals and more!

It should showcase

  • Your processes
  • Your offers.
  • How can people work with you.
  • It should paint a picture where you client “sees themselves working with you!
  • Your vibe.
  • It should create a feeling and perception on the viewer.

It’s really important to understand that is not just about pretty pictures; it’s about solidifying your personal brand and being seen professionally, recognized and perceived as an authority.

( if you need to understand what a personal brand is  and how to use it to grow your business organically I wrote a whole article HERE

The main difference with a headshot is that Headshots focus on your face and professional image, while personal branding photography tells your entire story, capturing your personality, passions, and authenticity in a visual narrative, hence all the detail we mentioned above.

Which now  leads us to the million dollar question How do I find the PERFECT personal brand photographer?

2. Finding the Perfect Personal Brand Photographer (for you)

Now, when it comes to booking a personal brand photographer, you’ve gotta be picky!

Not just any snapper will do. You need someone who speaks the language of personal branding, someone who can capture your essence in every shot and understands personal branding strategy.

It’s not just about good lighting and striking poses; (most likely your family photographer is great, but this is NOT a job for her/him!)

Finding the right and perfect photographer for you is about finding a pro who understands branding and gets your biz, tells stories through photos, and knows how you’ll use those photos.
Make sure to dive into their portfolio, ask loads of questions during your consultation ( yes, there should be a consultation !! if you are ready book one with me click HERE ) and find that perfect match!

It is imperative that you HAVE GOOD ENERGY and feel comfortable with your photographer as this person needs to get the BEST OF YOU! I call it vibing, you have to 

  • LOVE THEIR STYLE ( is it light and airy , dark and moody, edgy etc)

No way around it. Or you will not be able to create magic!

Personal branding photographer Ati Grinspun with her camera on hand at corporate co-work studio in las vegas nevada during a personal branding photoshoot

3. Bonus info -Ready, Set, Personal Brand Photoshoot!

So you found the PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOU ….wow Get ready to level up because preparing for a personal brand photoshoot is a whole different ball game. Of course, you want to look your absolute best, but there’s homework involved too!

You have you

  • know the story you want to tell.
  • Understand your target audience.
  • How you want to come across. ( what do you want to be known for ???)
  • That’s your ticket to picking the perfect location, choosing the right outfits, and getting amazing photos that actually SELL FOR YOU.

and if you just thought…well maybe I’m not ready because I don’t have all that super clear ( maybe you do, and this still applies)

That is why picking someone that UNDERSTANDS PERSONAL BRANDING for your Personal Branding photoshoot is key, your photographer needs to be able to walk you through all of this.

How does the saying go? Failing to plan is planning to fail.

4. Bonus info- What you should expect during your shoot? Unique Vibes!

When you step into your personal brand photoshoot, all the details should have been already been spoken about.

You should have a

  • Shot list
  • Outfits ready(from head to toe)
  • Know exactly where you will be using your photos

Not only is your day…this is how you are IMPLEMENTING your brand and putting your message out in the world!


Be prepared for something magical. It’s not just about striking poses; it’s about bringing your personality front and center!

The more you, the better!

When doing our Photoshoot Strategy call with our clients we plan on what props you’ll bring, your killer wardrobe, and those expressive facial expressions.

This photoshoot is all about collaboration and co-creation, freedom, and unleashing your one-of-a-kind self.


5. Bonus info- Finally, Showcase those Personal Brand Photos!

Finally, a few weeks later, when you receive your photos back from your photographer  it’s time to set those personal brand photos free into the world!

It is not enough to get your photos done, immediately after you receive them, you want to use them!

Where to use your personal brand photos?

  1. Use them on your website.
  2. Share them on social media.
  3. Pop ’em in your email newsletters, and signature .
  4. Add them your business cards
  5. Create new  brochures.
  6. Make a banner 
  7. Add them to your media kit to pitch yourself for podcast, speaking and teaching.


The options are endless!

Finally, to close this off, Your personal brand should shine through on all platforms, and these photos are your secret weapon!

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Building your brand should be fun & profitable AF.

I’m here to help you step confidently into the authentic messaging you’ve been too scared to share with the world. Confidence that makes you proud to post, what you want to post, how you want to say it. It’s when we step into our true selves and let our personality shine that the magic happens. I’m talking…

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