What is a personal Brand and why you ABSOLUTELY NEED ONE for your business

Oh Girl, I know it...you keep hearing you NEED a personal brand … but you are ….WHAT THE HECK IS A PERSONAL BRAND? And most important...WHY DO I EVEN NEED IT?

Oh Girl, I know it…you keep hearing you NEED a personal brand … but you are ….WHAT THE HECK IS A PERSONAL BRAND? And most important…WHY DO I EVEN NEED IT????

So here I’m coming to give you some news….YOU ALREADY HAVE A PERSONAL BRAND ….YAY!!!!! 

Wait what???

YEs, you do! Stay with me….Let me explain. 

“Your personal brand is the ideas, perceptions and group of things you are KNOWN for in the  MIND of others, ” Simple right? Not so fast….

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So yes, people around you ALREADY have a perception of YOU. ( and if you dont know it , that is a problem)

THE KEY HERE is to understand, is that perception BEING MANAGED by you?  by others or ultimately by default?

Let me tell you a story .

Angela was a stay home mom, former teacher mom of 3 adorable boys.

She underwent Breast Cancer treatment successfully and pretty much stayed home after that while recovering and getting back to normal life.

While all this was happening, she was raising her kids and as many moms she was struggling to get her kiddos to sleep. This brought such distress in her life 9 and marriage on top of everything else she had going on ) that she decided to do some DEEP research.

After finding so many conflicting ideas and sleeping strategies she decided to get formally educated. And got a pediatric sleep consultant certification. 

Her own struggles unleashed a passion for helping other moms navigate the challenges of a non-sleeping child and she decided to start helping other moms.( find angela here)

HERE IS THE CRUX. up to this point. SHE ALREADY HAS A BRAND. The people on her “Circle” know her  as mom, cancer survivor, they probably know some of her hobbies and even part of her personality is the make up of her BRAND, ( is she always on time? Is she the life of the party? Is she known for being a great host, is she a “bad” cook , she already planted this seeds in the mind of others  …this is ALL happening  BY DEFAULT.

She is NOT under any circumstances MANAGING her personal brand, up to this point.


And NOBODY REALLY KNOWS WHO SHE IS  or WHAT SHE DOES. or, is she good at it? Why should I hire her? Should I hire her? Some people may never get to know her or HIRE Her is she doesn’t BUILD her PERSONAL BRAND INTENTIONALLY.

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It is crucial to also understand this is  happening not only with new businesses but seasoned ones too, as Social media has made this process public and even more obvious, if   you had a business for many years but you had not been managing your BRAND cause… “I just got referrals!” that may not work for you much longer , as there are MANY people ENTERING your potential clients minds  THROUGH the LARGEST and FASTEST marketing tool anyone has ever seen – your PHONE! ( social media) 

Also , not managing your brand as a seasoned business owner brings MANY PROBLEMS:

-are you ATTRACTING the clients you REALLY want to be working with, 

-Do you have ENOUGH CLIENTS?  

-Do you find people telling you , Oh I didn’t know you did that!

-Are people asking you , What is it that you do?

-you are too broad and people don’t feel you are for them!

The KEY here is to understand that YOUR PERSONAL BRAND is NOT separate from  “mom, previous teacher and all those other perceptions, It is in conjunction of  and YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THIS AT ANY TIME and you define it .

You define what you WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR. ( it is and EVER EVOLVING matter)

PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY KNOW LIKE AND TRUST … LONG GONE are the times you threw a flyer on someones door, or made ONE POST on Social media and people came running to buy from you. If you don’t have a personal brand , there is no trust for people to buy from you.

So in the end,  if Angela  wants to be the GO TO SLEEP CONSULTANT  , or YOU  want to BE THE TOP OF MIND Person in your industry ,  people call when they NEED YOUR SERVICE,  guess what ?

personal brand, brand coach, brand coaching stand out online, online business, coaching, Ati G Branding


When you BUILD and MANAGE your PERSONAL BRAND INTENTIONALLY a few magical things HAPPEN.

People will ask you about things related to what you do.

People will start sharing ABOUT YOU. or referring you.

Clients will come to YOU. ( stop chasing clients hurray!)

It all starts with one SIMPLE QUESTION:

WHAT DO I WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR? And being intentional about SHARING THAT, in a strategic and systematic way!

If you are ready to start Building your personal brand in a Strategic way  here is a 5 Steps to boost your personal brand resource  that can make the process less overwhelming and more enjoyable –  or you can set up a consultation with Ati and find out how can you fast track this process HERE!

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