GIRL! It's time to level up, stop chasing clients, and start attracting them!

Amplify, magnetize, and monetize your personal brand, so you can show up with confidence as the expert that you are and start attracting clients and have a proven system to grow your brand and business


Ultimate Personal Branding Bootcamp

5 days to amplify, magnetize, and monetize your message


At our LIVE, 5 day event:


What a “personal brand” is and HOW TO BUILD ONE to see real, long-term success in your business.

Exactly how to express the value you bring to the market to effortlessly position yourself AS THE EXPERT in your field.

How to Attract YOUR dream clients. if you are on day 1 or if you are on day 1000 of your business.

How to to create high-converting social media content that converts in less time .


Stop WORRYING about YOUR Message NOT ATTRACTING the Right clients.

Know exactly what and how, to post on social media in a way that fits your personality and your audience (and your business goals!)

Step with confidence into your role as THE face of your business (and have fun doing it!)

LEARN what really you need to be doing to STAND OUT in the saturated market you are in, by being more of who you are.

These are the same strategies I (and my clients!) use to show up as the face of our businesses with confidence and leap to 6-figures...

…and I’m sharing them with you for a whopping ZERO dollars.

*Why am I sharing such valuable strategies and know-how for free? It’s simple: I believe that when we women succeed in business, we make our communities and our world a better place. 

“Ati gives you everything you need. The return on investment is tenfold!”

“Before I met Ati, I didn’t really know who I was serving, so my methods were jumbled and I ended up not benefitting anyone! Now, Ati has given me this ability to know my ideal client. My business messaging is so clear!”

Abby Ribeiro, Financial Coach

“Before Ati’s program, I felt like I was always chasing clients instead of them coming to me.​”

“This program is so worth it! Every penny!”

“You know Ati is there to support you, so don’t hesitate: jump in, do it! It’s going to move you to the next level.”

Angela Stuart, Child Sleep Specialist

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