23. Best Marketing Trends for 2024 with pinterest queen/ Jen Vazquez

Hey Be you branders! In this episode, I’m  interviewing  Jen Vasquez about the main trends in marketing for 2024 . Jen is known as the pinterest queen and teaches  female service providers to use Pinterest and marketing workflows to make marketing easier . Today she  gives us how  to make best use  of short form […]

22. Mindset vs. Inner Work: Unleashing your personal brand and business  potential

Hi Be You Branders! In this episode Ati is breaking down the difference between mindset work and inner work and why doing just mindset work is keeping you stuck in building a successful business. She shares her personal story of going through a year of darkness and the importance of doing identity work. Ati.G.Branding explains […]

20. How to get to 10k a month or more this year.

In this episode, I will be showing you the difference between mindset work and inner work, and how I was able to have successful launches and reach $300K in revenue last year, without adding any strategies, just making these changes and I have seen this over and over work with clients. Episode Takeaways: Register for […]

19. How to Plan a Branding Shoot That Makes You Money

Hey Be You Branders! In this new episode of the Be You Brand podcast I am going to share insights on planning a personal branding photoshoot for maximum ROI, a strategic and purposeful approach to personal branding through photography.  You have professional photos but they do not show your brand story, your authority and your […]

18. Positioning Your Personal Brand with Human Design with Nicole Laino

Hey Be You Branders! In today’s new episode of the Be You Brand podcast, Nicole Laino joins me to talk about her journey of overcoming fear and self-doubt to embrace her unique path, inspiring others to do the same through her podcast and coaching.  Nicole delves into the transformative power of human design in understanding […]

17. Everyday Sales: Integrating Selling Into Your Daily Activity

Hey Be You Branders ! In this new episode of the Be You Brand podcast we are talking about sales,  in a different way !  We are discussing daily and weekly activities that lead to sales , when you are not selling , because people buy from those they know, like, and trust.  I  share […]

16. Unveiling Success: The Secrets Behind a $40k Month and a $60k Launch

Hey listeners! In this new episode of the Be You Brand Podcast, I talk about the secret behind $40,000 a month and a $60,000 launch that we just closed in November. I share my key takeaways and lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of having conviction in one’s offer, clarity in personal branding, and continuous internal […]

15. Elevate Your Personal Styling & Confidence with Tannya Bernadette

Be you brand podcast episode 15 - elevate your personal styling and confidence with Tannya Bernadette

Hi listeners! Welcome to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. Today, I am joined by Tannya Bernadette to talk about the importance of personal style and how it can impact one’s confidence, brand representation, and overall well-being. She delves into the significance of intentional dressing, understanding and embracing one’s body, expressing individuality through […]

14. Crafting Your 2024 Epic Year of Success in Life and Biz

Hi listeners! In this new episode of the Be You Brand podcast, I talk about planning for your best year yet. I share a roadmap for the year 2024. I delve into the importance of strategic planning and intentional action for personal and business development. I also talk about the significance of thorough planning, clear […]