Hi listeners! Welcome to the new episode of the Be You Brand. In this episode, I will focus on  the importance of brand clarity in business success. Brand clarity involves having a clear understanding of your business’s purpose (why), the products or services you offer (what), your target audience (who), and the appropriate platforms and strategies to reach your audience (how). The emphasis is on the internal and external aspects of brand clarity, highlighting its significance in providing focus, confidence, and direction for your business. I will delve into the significance of clarifying your business vision in attracting your ideal client, empowering yourself and your clients by teaching them how to do things themselves, rather than relying on others, and the need for commitment to your brand and the importance of aligning your offerings with your passion and purpose.

“So having a brand is one thing, but knowing the value that you actually bring to the table and communicating that value, it’s quite another. So not only your client, your people, the watchers of your content, need to understand the value that you bring, the value for your brand, but you have to understand that too.”

Here are the key takeaways:

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Y’all, Okay, ladies, I’m so excited because bread clarity, it’s one of those things that we think we got it. And then all of a sudden, we are in our business and we’re like, Man, I had it, I had so much clarity, I have so much momentum. And all of a sudden, we cannot lose it. I’m gonna explain a little bit why as we go along, but I kind of wanted to put this out there. Brand clarity today is not brand clarity forever. This is an exercise that I recommend people doing every six months to a year. This is why we’re actually you’re going to have an invitation to join the boot camp. And I know that some of you already have gone through our boot camps. But the thing is that as our businesses evolve, or brand evolves with it, and what I am going to show you is a framework that you can use kind of over and over and over as you’re growing. So as you have the knowledge to build your brand, I am proposing you with this framework that has four stages. And we’re going to go through them today that you can go back at any time, if you feel like you’re lost. And I’m going to tell a little bit of his stories and all of that. So for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Artie Greenspan, I’m a personal branding coach. I’m a personal branding photographer, I am a speaker, I’m a best selling author, I have helped hundreds of women at this time to elevate their brand, not only with our photography services, but also through the BU brand Academy, Megan actually was part of our brand Academy. She’s one of our graduates, where we help women really launch and grow their brand in a way that feels aligned with them. So they can actually make money. And I love having Megan here because Megan was the perfect example. She came with one business. And then she left with a completely different business. And she use all the principles to actually build the second business. That is the one that she’s actually running right now. I started my business in 2011, I side hustle my business for about 10 years. But I started the business the way it is today in 2018. And at the end of the day, I can tell you, I wrote a book and I speak and I do this and I do that. But this may, it means nothing to you, if you cannot see how these can help you. So your brand is actually on top of your business. Without that brand. Your business is falling flat is used as like trying to sell a product and it’s lobbying like a product. Some people say that they don’t even know why they should buy it. Right. So I would love I see a ton of people jumping on, I would love for you to put in the chat, where you’re joining from, like if we haven’t met before, I would love for you to tell me what you do. And what prompted you to join today. Okay, so I see Juliana, I see Daniel, I see may we haven’t met yet. So I would love to hear from you. So before we get started with your like, Okay, how do I get clarity, right? I want you to really understand how your brand clarity is going to help your business growth. One of the things that makes me different as a personal branding coach is I not only teach you how to show up online, I actually teach you to have a product that you can sell so you can be profitable, right? Megan can attest to this, like we talk all the time, like yes, you can show up on social media, and people can be like, you’re so inspiring. Well, that’s great, but 90% of the people that come to me, they come to me when they’re like, Okay, I’m showing up on social media I am posting, but I’m actually am not getting fucking clients from that. Right? So how do I actually make money from my brand. So having a brand is one thing, but knowing the value that you actually bring to the table and communicating that value. It’s quite of another, okay? So not only your client, your people, the watchers of your content, need to like understand the value that you bring the value for your brand, but you have to understand that too. So I kind of want to paint a picture for you. And I want to tell you a story. This is somebody I actually helped. This is a business that I understand really, really well because I was in portrait photography for For many years, so I’m just gonna, like paint this example for you. And I would love for you to like put in the chat because I’m gonna do a q&a at the end, if this is landing with you. So let’s, let’s think that five years ago, you started your photography business, right? You were all excited, you were like, oh my god, I can’t wait to photograph these families, right? Like, I can’t wait to create art for their walls, like your whole passion was to offer high quality albums, and art for their walls, from the photos that you were taking. Okay? I know, a ton of photographers that set out. Again, I don’t see any photographers here. But this could be you with a restaurant, this could be you, we that with real estate, right? Like, you’re like, oh my god, I’m gonna help people have their their dream home. But then time starts going, and you start getting really busy, you lose sight of these original reason why you started your business, your passion, and over the last five years kind of business fizzled out, and you decided to like lower your prices, thinking that, you know, everybody has a camera right now I’m gonna lower my prices, I’m gonna offer something a little cheaper, something a little different, if you are a realtor could this could translate to and I’m saying that because I see Claudia carefully. She’s my client. But I’m like, I’m thinking of like different examples. But this could be like you saying, you know why people are not really catching on to these, these high value, high priced high ticket albums I want to sell. So now all of a sudden, you’re five years into your business, or three years into your business. And now you are not liking the people that you’re working with. You are attracting clients that sometimes they are an ad, right like that we all in our business have experienced some of these, and you can lost sight of the reason you actually started, okay. And you kind of like you stopped offering albums you stopped offering the art on the wall, and the community like that you wanted to kind of have a space for and what you wanted to hold in your heart. Right now you’re in survival mode, and have completely lost sight of the true reason you started your business. So you started your business, because you wanted to create all these for people, you will also have in your heart that maybe this particular person that I’m telling their story, she actually had a album and a painting from a photography session. And this is what she held dear to her heart. So then she was really disconnected and actually offering right like something completely different. That was low value, she

was overwhelmed. She was not making the money she wanted to make. And all of a sudden, she found herself in a business, that is not what she wanted, I want you to kind of start thinking about this, right? The problem is that she lost track of the value to keep the business afloat and ghost customers or she’s not getting it, you don’t understand why. And your clients cannot see how you’re different because now you’re just like everybody else. So most customers don’t even know you offer those high quality prints those high quality quality products. And yes, you have a brand and you have a value, but how do you properly define and communicate that value so that your brand can actually reap its benefits. And you do that through brand clarity, and through actually going through this process that we’re going to go today over and over and over. So you stay on the path and you understand where to market how to market how to talk about it, all of the things okay. So there is two sides to brand clarity you guys, one side is going to be the internal inside of your business. And the other one is going to be the external Okay, I want you to keep these on the for the on the forefront of your mind. Because on the internal side and the internal level, this is you in your business. When you actually see brand clarity, you will be able to have more confidence, you will literally have a compass Why did what did you set out to do and how you’re going to actually achieve that. You’re going to be able to focus on the things that really matter. Put in the chat if you feel like you’re doing all the things and you don’t even know what’s working. You’re doing all the things you’re doing the content you’re doing the video you’re doing this you’re the you’re on Instagram you’re on tick out there on LinkedIn, and you don’t even know why it’s working. Okay? So the feeling of not, I’m not good enough, that’s gonna go away once you have clarity, because if you have confidence and you have focus and you trust, what you set out to do, while there is a lot of mindset that we have to overcome as a business owner, there is also a lot of that is happening because you’re still confused. And confusion creates a US Okay, on the internal side, what we are looking at is you having the clarity, okay, what do I want to talk about? Why did I study my business? How am I going to talk to people that is you, okay? Now on the external side, is how are you being perceived. And it’s it clear to your client, who you are, who you serve, that you’re actually for them? One of the things that I see people do all the time, and I’m going to tell you, that is clients of mine here. And I see even people going through this process, and still struggling through these is not making the decision to stick with what they set out to do. Okay, they come to the program, they write it all down. But then when they go to create the content to do the actions, they’re still up here, and they’re like, I don’t know, I don’t know. But you do know, you do know. Because once you write it down, and it feels good to you, you have to make the decision to stick with it. And that’s part of what I want to talk to you today. Okay. Now, on the external side, something that happens is you’re going to be able to attract clients instead of chasing, because once you understand where your client is, who is this person, you can speak to the stage in their place where they’re at. So you don’t have to be convincing people you can fulfill their needs, even before they ever work with you. Okay, and this is to content marketing. This is through blogging, this is through video, this is through trainings, just like we are doing right now.

Right. The other thing is attracting the right clients, not just any clients. I know Megan, you and I have had so many conversations around this scenario. You and I, we have had so many conversations, like sometimes we are attracting clients, this is what was happening to my client, that photographer is not like she didn’t have plans. She didn’t have clients where the right client? No, because in the process, she lost sight, she stopped talking about VR, she stopped talking about high quality album, she stopped doing videos about all that. And now she was talking about something that wasn’t fulfilled for her was not what she wanted to do. Okay, if you feel like this is you, I’d love for you to put it on the comments. Okay. The other thing is your brand clarity is going to guide everything. Now I want you to know this, this process, even though this is a 90 minute class, guys, I’m personally going through this process again. And my mentor, my coach was like, I think you need to go to the cabin for a weekend and like start rethinking who is the next level what is happening, what is happening on the next level, who you’re speaking to, in this next level. This is for all of you, this is not a five minute exercise. I’m gonna give you a formula. But this is the thing this is ever evolving. Okay, after now, I explain to you how is it going to grow your business and how it’s going to make you feel? Because nobody likes to feel confused. Nobody can move in the in the mid of the confusion. Okay, so I want to ask you to play 100%. Now, what does this mean, in this particular pace, it means to actually making decisions. And I know that this sounds like a kind of like an oxymoron. I was like working on the details a few days ago. And I was like, Yeah, making decisions. This is a thing you guys, you ladies in business, you are in charge of making decisions. And part of doing this is actually you committed to making this decision. So we’re going to talk about this. There is somebody that I was actually ratio. I don’t even know if she was here today. And this is somebody who has been through trainings with us, and she’s still struggling with her ideal client, right. And one of the things that made me think about making decisions is actually you as a business owner, is your responsibility to know who you’re speaking to is nobody else If we can give you all the tools, we can give you all the questions, we can teach you how to do market research. But if you don’t commit to actually knowing this person, inside and out, you really commit into, okay, I set out like this, let’s go back to the photographer, this is what I set out to you, this is what I want to create in the world, and you’re cheating yourself out of that vision. It’s your responsibility as a business owner. Okay? So the reason why I’m putting this out there, because a lot of these is as business owners, we’re not trusting our gut. And I’m gonna tell you right now, a lot of the answers that you’re going to need to put in this exercise are going to come from your gut, and from you making decisions. A few years ago, I was sitting at a conference, I was sitting on a live event and the speaker, I was actually a panelist, they asked her what has been the biggest learning process for you to become a million dollar business owner? And her answer was, I had to learn to make decisions when I learn to make decisions. And I’m going to tell you that it’s not making decisions, it’s actually making a decision, not making decisions is picking to get to stay stuck is picking to stay where you’re at. Anything that you’re choosing in your business, and you’re not choosing is a decision. Okay, so I wanted to put that out there. Because now we’re going to jump into the stages of clarity. Okay, so we are going to work with these formula. Now I want you to know this, if you are have been following me for a while, and you are in any of my programs or anything like that we have several formulas that are used. Now these formulas are there to break down your thought process. However, however, at the end of the day, we want to put these into phrases and words, than then we can translate into us speaking as people, right. So we have the brand clarity formula, we have one where we help you to your iPhone statement. But I always tell people, you don’t want to sound like a frickin robot. This is here to give you clarity. And then you can use these to really create that cohesive messaging that you’re constantly going to put in your speaking engagements, your podcasts, let me give you an example of this. So my intro for my podcast that is launching in a few weeks, every time I’m so excited, every time I have sat down to record an episode in the last few weeks, before I come up with the content before I do anything, I actually listen to the intro sounds crazy, right? Why? Because I want everything to be encompassed in that branding that I’m doing for the podcast, I don’t want to be talking about random shit, the same happens to you, this is exactly what we are doing with this formula, you want to constantly be talking to the essence of your brand. And that needs to be done strategically based on the first steps and the first stages that we’re not going to share in a minute. Okay, number one is going to be the why the why is stage, okay? The second is going to be the what? The third, if you instead because I already gave you a little hand is going to be the hope. And then it’s going to be the How now, this is how I personally put these on a formula. And anytime you should be able to answer why you’re doing it. What is it that you do? We’re going to talk about it in a second. And we’re going to go through it, who you do it for? And how do you do it. Now, this is a little bit different than you actually fill it out. Like if you have been in my boot camps already, like your niche value statement. This is before that, okay? This is the first layer of your branding, because this is why your visits exist. This is the offers that you have, who are you fulfilling those offers for? And how actually is going to refer to how are you getting your brand into the world? Okay,

so it’s a little bit different than when we say Who am I right? Like what do I do the transformation you offer? This is a little bit different than that i just i Got a lot of people that are here have been on my orbit for quite a while. So I wanted to make a difference between those two formulas. Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the why stage without a why, guys, nothing matters. I want you to put in the chat. We have a mindset coaching here we have a social media coach, Megan, you’re helping women start work, actually counselors start their business, right? There is a reason why you are doing what you’re doing. And you’re not just doing something else. Now these y can pivot, and these y can actually change throughout your business. Or they can change when usually the essence of why you started is the same. So let me really get into this without the why nothing matters. So do remember, we use the example of the photographer, right? She studied her business because she wanted to create beautiful art for her clients. And she envisioned that people were going to have these pieces on their wall. And they were going to, basically and tangible have albums that they could pass for generations to go. Is it on brand for her to just offer digital packages where people touch? Nothing is not right. So the thing is that you always have to come on to this why this is min for your brand’s value literally is like the shining star of why you exist as a business and as a brand. Okay, when you understand your why the word the cool, and how are much easier to execute. So what are some of the questions that I want you to ask yourself, right to determine your why’s Why did you start your business in the first place? Why did you start it so many people there is actually a book that it started with why the author is Simon Sinek that book you guys moves your soul? And he always always always says if you go and google him, people don’t care. What is it that you do? They care why you do it. Now, this is the thing though, once people know that they have the problem that you can actually solve. And hopefully you are marketing to those people, you don’t want to be convincing, okay? You don’t want to be convincing people that they don’t even know they have a problem. You want the people that already need you. So once you already are in their orbit, the only thing that makes the difference between you and somebody that does something similar than you is who you actually are, how you’re showing up if they know like and trust you and the reason why you do it. Can they see themselves in your story? Can they see themselves in? Like why you’re actually doing all of this? All they’re thinking is oh, this person is doing all because of the money? They’re not going to buy from that. Okay? So ask yourself these questions and determine your Why. Why did you start your business in the first place? Do you see how this is so helpful? Like Claudia, I’m looking at you right? And I’m thinking what if you’ve been in business for 30 years? How many times have you lost sight and maybe you, you lost your arms about business, reconnecting to your why it’s going to put a rock cap on your butt to actually be like, This is the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. For me, you guys, when I see my women succeed when I see like the people actually doing the steps showing up growing their confidence. That is how I measure the success of my brand. What does success mean for your brand? I want to make a difference here. This is not what success means to your business, business. Goals and brand goals are completely different. Your business goals could be I want to acquire 10 new clients. I want to make X amount of money by the end of the year. I want to make X amount of money by quarter four. How does your success what does your success means your RAM, I just share it a little bit for me is when I see women confident I see women showing up on social media. I see women showing up for themselves. I see women actually launching their offers. I see women selling their offer somebody on our Slack channel. Yes, it was like oh my god. Damn, this is how I measure brand success. Right? Because my brand is not just about helping women show up in social media. It’s also about helping them be profitable. And a lot of people are not teaching that. So for me II, that’s important. So how will the new measure your brand success separated from the business part? More on that to come? How do you achieve this success? How do you achieve the why you started? This is going to actually lead you into the next thing. What is the word? So let’s talk a little bit about the word, right? Because the word is, what are you offering? And I want you to kind of think about this. So me as a brand strategist, right? I can sit down with somebody and I can see their whole business, like, I swear, that’s how my brain works. I see with Claudia. And I’m like, we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do this, or we’re gonna do this, you know of that, like Megan, the same with you, we’re gonna do this, or we’re gonna position you like this. Now, when we it comes down for you to say, what, what do I want to teach? Or do I want to actually be an agency? Or do I want to have people working under me that are creating brand strategies? I knew when I did this work at the beginning, when I was pivoting from shots, photography. For me, it’s all about teaching this right here right? Now, for you. I love doing I offer my power right now, because I love teaching. I not necessarily love sitting asking the questions, writing them down and tweaking them down to create a strategy for somebody else. Right? I love to empower people to do it themselves. Okay, so this is how you can ask some questions of you. Okay. What aspects of my brand do I absolutely love, this comes down to so I know that, for example, a lot of realtors, they’re like, I want to be on the luxury market. Okay, what do you love about that? How can you do you actually love showing the houses? They love doing the negotiation? Because that is what it’s going to help you with the messaging? Right? That is what’s going to help you to say they what stage? What products do we offer? What services do we offer? If you aren’t you, you love the why. But the word you’re offering you hate doing it? Are you going to be aligned. So I know a lot of people start a coaching program, or they start coaching because they’re like, oh, I can make a ton of money by having a group coaching program. Maybe your passion is working one on one, maybe you don’t want to be on social media all day long. And you do want to do some things in person, I want you to start writing that down. What is the best way for you to accomplish your why this is the word stage, what products you want to offer, right? Like for in I want to use a real estate example. Because I see Claudia here is maybe you want to have people that chose the homes for you. Right? Maybe you want to be the negotiator because that’s where you thrive. And that’s how you brand yourself. You can say My why is this. And what I bring to the table is a negotiation. You get a person that is for you 24 hours, that is your showing nation. They can answer all the questions, but I’m the one doing the negotiation. And I know this is not necessarily your case, Claudia, but I’m just I want to have examples for all of you. Okay, same with mindset coaching, I think what’s it Juliana? That is the mindset coach, right? That whatever it is, you’re not going to be able to represent your brand. If what you offer, it’s in aligned.

So going back to the photographer, she wanted to offer art and tangible albums. But what she was offering was digital collections, right? Is that align with what she wanted to set out to? Do you have hair loom pieces that go down from generation to generation. It’s willingly and alive, right? So I want you to truly start thinking about that. What tasks do you dread? Doing? Right? This is how you set up yourself? For The World. Okay, for me, my way of helping women entrepreneurs that are going through the same I went through being a coach is more on brand. I am passionate about talking about that. And it’s aligned with my own what? That’s why I coach and I don’t have an agency. Okay. Now I want you to know, you’re always allowed to pivot. Every time you pivot. Megan, you’re doing this right now I’m sure because you took a break every time new people, these exercise is key is key. Okay? They who, let’s talk about the cool, guys, if you don’t know who you’re serving, if you don’t know who you are, if you don’t know what you enjoy, this is why I said, you’re not going to be able to do this exercise in five minutes. This takes deep digging, but that’s okay. Because you understanding this is it’s, it’s going to come together for you, right? You have to start somewhere. So the who will let you know who you’re talking to? or who your target audience is. I hear all the time from people serve everybody. Oh, I can, sir. I especially with realtors. Where is my client? Well, that’s not necessarily true. So know who you’re attracting, allows your brand to dive into the details about what those people want to experience and how they want to experience it. Now, a few questions that can help you determine the who are going to be close to you want to work with, once you decide what are their characteristics, and we’ll talk more about that in a second. Their characteristic is who these people are, where they are in their journey. Now you can actually learn about them, what will be better served by your skills and what they want. So do you see how this is like a cross? Right? This is this is not just you, I want to work with someone so but that person that your ambition in in your mind? How you can better serve them with your what? Okay? And then ask yourself, am I committed to finding these people? Am I committed to only speaking to these people? Because a lot of us and I’m gonna say us, because we do it. We get on scarcity mindset. And we believe that we’re missing out. And the whole stage out of all the stages, I’m going to tell you, they why without a why you’re doing because now you don’t even know why you’re doing it. And you’re completely disconnected. Right? So now you’re running a business. And like there is no mortar to it. So this is a lot of people when they are like posting about their their business. And they’re posting I don’t know about their course. And they have no idea how to like, Okay, what else do I say is because they haven’t deep into the why they don’t have any stories to tell or anything, because they haven’t really realized why the real reason they’re doing what they’re doing? And the answer is not all because I need to make money. Now, there is a reason why you thought you could make money with this. And you pick this over something else. Okay, you could have picked anything else, you could have a business doing something completely different, but you pick this, okay? So on the what you’re gonna like, think of the products, how are they this person better served, and on the who you’re truly are going to start thinking, Okay, how do I better serve them? And who are these people? Who are who are they? Where are they? Right? What do they need. And now we’re going to jump to the house stage. Now I want you to kind of serve that every single one of these builds upon each other. Right, we have the y based on the Y now we’re like, Okay, we’ll look at the word, all these goes back to self discovery. All of these goes back to introspection, because you cannot build a brand around something that you don’t care about, that you don’t even like are connected to. And that’s what a lot of people like where a lot of people go wrong. Okay. So on the prowl stage, knowing your brand is how will define the avenues you take to attract and connect to your people. Okay, now, the house is all about the method, the channels, the platforms you use to get in front of your target audience. So this can actually we talk a lot about social media inside of my programs inside of the Facebook group. But what I want you to understand is this, not one brand fits all. And branding is not about the platform. All of the work that you are going to do all of these wishes wrote down is what informs what platform, especially the who, where is your person, where are they hanging out? Is your content marketing strategy in the same platform in the same storm, same locations, ask your audience. If you are on LinkedIn, I’m going to actually give a really good example for Megan. So Megan, she does all the pay For work for counseling companies for counsel counselors, right, like their permits, they’re like I’m butchering it a little bit. But you get it. Like she gets all the permits and all this stuff, though they can actually take on patients take on clients in their offices, wall. Do you think that counselors are looking for that kind of service on Instagram help? No. So she could be there all day long. But nobody’s gonna find her. Because her client, which is a very particular client, they’re a counselor, they just finished school, they’re opening their own office, that person is on LinkedIn. Okay, so we did a little bit of work. Now, this one is very obvious. But a lot of careers are not so obvious. For me, I teeter totter. My coaching client is on Instagram, but my photography clients is on LinkedIn. Okay, I do a lot of lawyers, i Women Lawyers, I do a lot of coaches, I do a lot of authors, right. So my photography client is on LinkedIn, my coaching client is on Instagram. If you don’t understand this, I see so many women, they are on YouTube, they are have a podcast, they are on Instagram, they’re on Instagram, they’re on LinkedIn, it’s so exhausting. You guys, this is how you narrow. And this is how you actually start making sense of what you’re doing. On the how stage, you determine where they’re at. You determine your messaging, and then you go and you stick to that. Like it’s a freaking life or death situation. Okay. Now, I want you to know, a few of the details, I would love for you to put in the chat. And I’m going to open it right now. What are some of the reasons that you actually join this workshop? Right? When you’re like here, okay, I’m confused. I want to I want you to pinpoint if you can, where are you confused. Because every single confusion in your business goes back to one of these stages is either you don’t understand why you started. You don’t understand who you’re serving, you don’t understand the what you don’t understand what it is that you’re actually offering. Or you have been fed all these stories that you need to be everywhere. And I want to put these in parentheses here. There is a moment and a time in your business where Omnipresence is needed. Or Okay, is not usually all the time and it’s not for every business. I want you to know this. Not every business needs omnipresence. Daniel says I need clarity on how to craft a strong brand. I need help fixing my message. So part of that go through this exercise. Because you said you’re a social media manager, right? But there is a diamond Dosen. Like there is social media managers galore. So it’s like, okay, why did you start this business? Right? Like, why did you actually decided to do this? And I wonder if part of that is because you’re trying to create content for your own business. And you know how fucking hard it is. And you know, that it’s time consuming. So

you write all those things down, guys, when you write down becomes your content. And this is where I see a lot of people that is connection, they write all the things down. Then they close the folder, and they never look at it again. Then they’re like, I’m still confused. What you’re writing down becomes your content. I wanted a refresher on brand clarity and brand purpose since I’m ready to start building my business again. I love that. Absolutely. For you. I feel like you have so much under that that brand. Why? Right because you were a counselor you your husband is a counselor, so many things. Sorry. I said I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’m offering and why I don’t feel like promoting my business. Okay. Where is the friction because cetacean disconnect. I know my why my who and I do one on one coaching, which I love. But it’s draining. I need another path. I’m also very focused on speaking right now. I have so many businesses that are not going to so that I feel part of the thing. Surya is like, you need to bring all these offers under one umbrella so they are all connected. Okay, bringing all that back to the why, right. I don’t think that you have many businesses I should think that you have different arms of your business. Okay, and we can chat about that. Now when you actually sit down and you do these work, and you go through the benefits of actually having run Clary, yes, but I feel that you and me kept talking. And this might be for off camera, the beauty business kind of falls under everything else, because there is a lot of integrity and all of that. And this is where I personally don’t agree with building too many businesses at a time. You can have arms of the business, and you can talk about it. But if what you’re because you’re in network marketing with your beauty business, and Megan can tell you she tried to do this, you’re shooting yourself on the foot on both businesses, because then people don’t understand what you’re truly doing. So it’s almost like that is where it goes making decisions is where it’s at making decisions where you’re like, Okay, for the next X, Y, and Z time, I am going to command to X, Y, and Z. And then I’m going to add this to the content. Okay. Benefits of building a brand clarity foundation will help you with content, you guys, your content, should we speaking to your ideal client, your content needs to be speaking to your hook every single time, there is no moment. Okay, I am a seven multi potentiality I hate doing just one thing, same with me. But I feel like you can be doing different things within one umbrella. Okay, you can be doing several things within one umbrella, you can still have different things that you talk about, you’re always talking to the same person, that person needs to receive this message. So maybe you’re talking to the person that is interested in all of those things. And you keep trying to compartmentalize them and have different businesses is not different businesses, it’s all the same business. Okay. Your story, your brand story, you guys, your why? Literally the reason I started here, and I told you my story at the beginning. It’s your why I started this business the way it looks today. Because I went through a year where it was so dark, I was so unconfident, I was like, this cannot be more difficult. And then when I figured it out, I was like, I thrive on formulas, when you can take these formulas and stick to them, and actually start talking to that you’re gonna have content forever, and the whole content is speaking to the same person. It doesn’t matter. So I’m gonna give you an example. Somebody just asked me actually all the time, they asked me, What do I drink for energy, because sometimes they see me that I have those little shots. Now, I’m not building my network marketing business. But I can even tell you how many times I send that link to people. Now he’s still making money. I send them my affiliate link, right? Because I talk about our I talk about my racing, I talk about me having energy in the morning about about not having coffee, whatever it is, right? You can bring everything under the same umbrella. But users need to commit to that, because it takes practice, instead of being like, Oh, I’m so confused and some confusion. That one is stories here on the other stories here. I think that it’s easier than that. And the third is you need to truly understand your audience. Because your person, the person you’re trying to speak is most likely interested in all of those. She is you two years ago, this is your kin. He is you while you were going through that process, okay? So the more you can understand yourself, and the more you can understand your client, the easier is going to be to promote all of these offers that you have. Okay. The other one is going to have confidence exactly the same. This is you Surya you’re the best example. For this because you’re confused right now you don’t have the confidence to actually put yourself out there and really talk about your business. And actually, you don’t want you because you’re so confused that it takes so much energy. Okay. Confusion is chaos and chaos is an energy sucker. Okay. And number six is really sharing your values. And this is where I feel like the values is what Bucha to bow to all of this, because you guys, you, we all want to work with people that they know, like, and trust us, we want to work with people that are like us. We want to work with people that we are not convincing. Okay? So the easiest way to do that is to speak or values through everything we do. So if community is actually important to you, and I’m doing this as an example, because for me, community is really important. I thrive in person, I love hugging my people I love like talking, and I love like having that energy. So I’m hosting a live event, at the end of the year, it’s on brand for me for the reason, I felt super lonely in that August of a year. So for me, part of speaking to myself five years ago, is actually creating an event where people are feeling connected, they’re connecting with other women on the same path than they are helping them overcome limiting beliefs, right, getting more confident. Do you see how it all comes down to that? Why they what is 30 stemming from there, and the exhaustion also may come from a pricing problem, like we can talk about that. There is so many layers to this one thing, okay. But you have to start somewhere, which brings me to this, which is brand clarity today is not blank, clarity forever. You have to start somewhere, you have to write these things, and you have to start committing to at least one of the things to telling your story. I remember somebody asked me a few months ago. So what do I do with my story? Now I wrote it. And I’m like, every time you go on a podcast, you want your story to be your introduction. This is how I got here. Every time you go live on social media, maybe you’re like, hey, here’s my story. And this is why I love helping you Is it because this is what happened to me. This is my story. And this is why I chose doing X Y and Z I had all these potential and it was being wasted on a nine to five helping nobody, right? Whatever it is, that is your experience. There is somebody out there that is going to feel like you’re talking to them. Okay, now your business do you remember we talked earlier kind of want to put these concepts out there? Your business is the car right? Like your business is where you say okay, my my business I want to make X, Y and Z money. Once you have your offers you’re like I have to get clients this is what the benefits of what I do. This is like I don’t know how many sessions they’re gonna get the features right? But your brand is the motor. Your brand is also the GPS if you don’t have the brand now you’re like literally I see these people doing this all the time. Drink my shake, buy my course do I don’t know. Claudia. Claudia knows this. Will Realtors open house just sold. What the fuck are you? Why are you doing what you do?

What what do you love, like dating these guys? People love what you do if you’re letting them know you still have to talk about your offer. Don’t tell don’t get me wrong. They still need to know how they come to work with you. They can work with you. But the thing is that the brand is the motor. So if you don’t have the motor and you’re still telling yourself I don’t know go back to your why. And make everything you do about your why and do it in a way that feels amazing to you.