Hi listeners! Welcome to the new episode of the Be You Brand Podcast. This episode is going to be fun and interesting because I am joined by the Unhinged LLC Founders, Johana and Jane. We will talk about bringing fun and authenticity into business. The conversation revolves around the importance of being true to oneself, embracing authenticity, and infusing fun and joy into business endeavors. Johana and Jane will share their personal experiences, challenges, and strategies for creating a business that aligns with their passions and values, while also encouraging others to do the same. They share insights on building genuine connections, embracing individuality, and finding fulfillment in both personal and professional aspects of life.

Listen and get ideas on how to spice up your business with fun and creativity.

“You think the most difficult thing is learning to just surrender with all the how and just holding on to that belief, even though it’s not in front of you, and just knowing that no matter what it is that you’re doing, you believe in it so much that it’s gonna happen.” – Jane Townson

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We’re the FUN-fkin-tastic duo behind Unhinged Growth LLC, co-chiefs of fkery. Our passion is guiding ambitious badass women to be their authentic selves so they can show up lit AF in life and business. We know a thing or two about uncomfortable growth and are now on a mission to remind women that fun is a requirement, NOT a reward. Because we struggled to find exactly what we needed when we were at our lowest, we figured more women like us were struggling too. So, we created what we needed. A space that’s all about having fun, and supporting other women in business so they can receive guidance and support, eliminate a stagnant AF life, and achieve their wildest dreams – even if they don’t know what that is…yet! With our off-the-wall take on the world, experience, and expertise, we’re leading the charge in helping women unleash their potential and live the life they’re worthy of.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Okay, ladies, I am so freaking excited to have you on the podcast today. Because you guys bring the fun. So before we get started, I wanted to I’m gonna ask you to introduce yourself. And then I’m gonna read like your super fun bio, but I feel like the bio doesn’t do justice like I’ve seen you. From the moment you kind of started this movement that you have right now. Let’s go ahead. Let’s have you take a note to everybody.

Johanna Sanchez  0:33  

Yeah, so at the core of everything, we are business coaches, but we’re business coaches with a twist. So standard, you know, come in and do these tasks and make money and do things right. Let’s eliminate the boredom and the burnout and the stagnant like, boring business stuff, and spice it up a little bit. And that’s essentially what we do. We spy so we

Ati Grinspun  0:55  

need to know who you are your name. Who are you?

Johanna Sanchez  0:59  

Oh, I’m Johanna.

Ati Grinspun  1:02  

And this is interesting. I never had two people on the podcast.

Johanna Sanchez  1:06  

Hmm. Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  1:07  

I’m like, like so. Okay, so you’re gonna Jane Introduce yourself?

Jane Townsend  1:13  

Yeah. My name is Jane Townsend. And I am the co-chief of fuckery alongside Johanna in unhinged growth. Here’s what I do want to say before we kick off as well, that we are all absolutely worthy of having our cake and eating it too. That’s going to preface the whole episode here of what we’re going to be talking about today. I lost a little bit of everything I love

Ati Grinspun  1:34  

that was one of the reasons why I’m obsessed with you guys is like you really are talking about something that is not really spoken a lot like people talk a lot about like yes, you can have it you’re worthy, but people are not talking about having fun, and I don’t know if you’re into the Enneagram but I’m an Enneagram seven manifesting generator fuckers, I am all about having fun. Okay, so when you guys talk about fun, like I’m like but my brain constantly takes me to strategy and I love his strategy. So I I have so many questions for you. Okay, so let me actually introduce you formally okay? Are they found fucking tastic duo behind unchanged grow LLC co chiefs of fuckery or passion is guiding ambitious badass women to be their authentic selves. So they can show up lit us fat in life and business. We know a thing or two about uncomfortable growth, and are now on a mission to remind women that fun is a requirement not a reward a fucking man. Because we struggled to find exactly what we needed. When we were at our lowest we fever more women like us were struggling to. So we created what we needed. I suppose that it’s all about having fun and supporting other women in business. So they can receive guidance and support, eliminate a stagnant as part of life and achieve their wildest dreams. Even if they don’t know what that is yet. We are off the wall take on the world experience and expertise. We’re leading the charge in helping women unleash their potential I’ll leave their life they’re worthy of I fucking love it. And I’ve got the right take back a lot. So it’s perfect.

Johanna Sanchez  3:33  

The perfect place to be

Ati Grinspun  3:35  

I absolutely love it. So okay, I want to start and you guys figured out who wants to answer each question? Like, I don’t care. Okay, like I so I kind of want to bring a little bit before we started recording the podcast, we were talking about my event and like how we actually met at an event. So I kind of want to like you guys. Were not business partners, nothing when I met you like you guys were something completely different. Can you tell me a little bit of like how this partnership got created, and how it has grown into what it is right now.

Johanna Sanchez  4:15  

We had actually just met in person, maybe two months before that event, and talked a handful of times before that, like we were new friends. When we got there. It was just it’s one of those friendships where you see somebody and you’re immediately you’re on the same level like this is my person. I don’t know how I spent my whole life halfway across the country from you. Like, I shit you not we were talking on the like, back and forth through messenger trying to like get together get to know each other and it just wasn’t working. And we were working on the same team. And one of the team members told Jane that I was moving to Texas so she messaged me was like Well, where are you moving and I shot have the address. And it turns out I moved 15 minutes from her house.

Ati Grinspun  5:04  

I didn’t know that that’s amazing.

Johanna Sanchez  5:07  

I synchronicities, just kind of like pop along along the way. And she’s like been life, a life force and a savior ever since I got here, showing me the ropes and keeping me from the Texas stuff. Jersey stuff,

Jane Townsend  5:25  

I got her like, she’s buttering my biscuits already. Here’s what I will say about that being in the online space, we meet so many people. And sometimes it’s hard to build that authentic connection, right. And I’ve been in this online space for I think over six years now, I can’t even count and the amount of times that I had gotten on calls with someone where it just feels like they’re trying to sell me something, or they’re pitching something. And it just feels disgusting. Right. But had we because Joanna and I had known each other in the space for I think we were we’ve been in the same network for over five years. Now the same people. Like she said, we talked a handful of times, but had we created or cultivated a relationship prior to that, I don’t think that we would have been ready for each other. I don’t think that we were at a place in our lives where we wanted growth. I know for me, I did not have any more time to waste on the fake friendships online. And I wanted growth, I wanted to be around people who also wanted growth who wanted to dream big and that weren’t scared to dream big.

Ati Grinspun  6:25  

Okay, I’m actually okay, let’s, let’s stop here. Because these I absolutely love because this is something that I went through. And I think that it’s it’s part of people’s growth when they come on the online space. And I know that maybe you guys do this with your people, I probably do this with my people to where like, hey, you need to get on connection calls, you need to meet people, whatever. But then you get on these calls, and they’re so fucking fours. And you’re like, oh, but then there is a moment where that kind of starts changing. And I see this with my people, too, which is once you kind of like kind of learn what to ask. And you’re showing up to these calls, with no agenda, right? You’re not showing up to like sell something, and you’re actually truly showing up to meet somebody and see where it takes you. Right to actually grow your network, in your

Johanna Sanchez  7:20  

setting, to when you get on those calls, so that the other person knows they’re not selling you as well. Like, if you decide to pitch me before we’re done having this conversation, I’m going to end the call, because that’s what we’re here for.

Ati Grinspun  7:32  

So who Yeah, I don’t say like that. But I kind of like, hey, let’s set the tone for the call. I just want to make sure that we’re not here to pitch each other for the next 30 minutes. Let’s really truly understand what we do. While we are looking for in life what we’re looking for in business, right? Like I should say, like I do say that, and some people are really taken aback.

Jane Townsend  7:55  

It’s it’s a little intimidating, I think when you’re so forward, but I think you get to a point where you just know that you don’t have any time to waste, you’re ready to either a make the connections or you’re there to do all the other shady shit and right like, and the people the shady shit are the ones that are normally like, Whoa,

Ati Grinspun  8:18  

oh my god, this is gonna be such a long conversation because I’m loving this. And this is literally their first introduction, you guys, ladies on the Facebook group, we actually started like 10 minutes ago, but the conversation is so freakin juicy. We are recording episode eight, I think I believe it is of the Beardbrand podcast. And ladies, this was so juicy. Let’s keep going and the people that are watching they can jump on and leave us a message and then we’ll look at them afterwards. So okay, so where are we were just like on the connection calls when they feel like fucking awkward. I think one of the things that made a huge difference for me was number one also been very well it would be the word picky on who I’m getting on connection calls with and not just getting on connection calls shots for getting on connection calls it kind of creating that relationship, even before, right and then be like, Hey, why don’t we explore Do you want to get an A connection called Let’s explore, like, what do you do exactly and see if there is any point of connection?

Jane Townsend  9:29  

Right? Yeah, absolutely. I think you have to set those boundaries.

Ati Grinspun  9:32  

Because at the end of the day, we do want to create business connections. Right like we right but but I think that that’s where the line is so gray. Right? Where okay, we get on a call. We’re making friends. We don’t want to be pitched but at the same time, right? Like we want to put the point across of what we do and what the other person does. So we can learn if they are either a collaboration appear or prospect, whatever it is, right.

Jane Townsend  10:05  

Yeah. And you know what, as we were talking about this, what we didn’t know at the time as we started setting those boundaries, as we started getting really picky about who, because again, the five closest people to you, right is the most important, as we started to realize, Oh my gosh, the ladies who are the closest to us actually matter in order for us to grow? Like, that’s how our fun framework kind of developed, right? So we defined framework is essentially Fuck it. I’m doing me, right, because you decide that it’s all about you, the you part is you’re either in or you’re out by committed to this decision. And then the end. Part of that is nothing off is off limits. Right. And I mean, right like that, because I’m doing the thing that I want to do, right, like, I do what I want. Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  10:55  

But I think that it’s crazy, though, because one of the things I just had like a coaching call, what was it, it was, it was in a call with somebody, I came to my house, this is a friend of mine that is kind of like people in businesses and I was like, just come over, you know, and one of the things that we were talking about, she said, well, but like what does this look like? I’m like, it can look like whatever you want. This is not like, I feel like if you’re like a CPA or something like I mean, you do taxes, whatever, like kind of looks one way, right? There is not a fucking law that you can do. Like if you do real estate, right? Like it kind of looks one way. But this, this person has a story of intention. And like this message, I’m like that can look, whatever you want it to look, it could be speaking, it could be coaching, it could be you creating a planner, it could be you having a podcast that you want to monetize, he could be whatever you want.

Johanna Sanchez  11:51  

It’s always evolving. Yeah. That’s what we tell people all the time. Like, there’s no rules, just because so and so does it this way, or this way, or it worked for this person this way. Or you think you have to do the funnel like this. And it doesn’t feel good. And don’t do it like this skip pool.

Ati Grinspun  12:10  

I already know. But I think the problem with that, and I’m sure so you know, like I love ping pong. Okay, because this is where I think magic happens. When especially with women, when they’re in their first few years, it’s almost like they need to try a few different things to even know what it is that works or that doesn’t for them, right? Because somebody comes into business. And they’re like, Well, I don’t even know how to get a client. They don’t even know what we’re talking like we are networking. And people don’t even know how to network. So it’s almost like those, I don’t know, what is your take on these because sometimes it’s like, it doesn’t feel good because it’s uncomfortable. And it’s out of your comfort zone, or it doesn’t feel good. And you don’t want to do it because he truly does in a line that the line is very gray.

Johanna Sanchez  12:59  

So we’d encourage everybody to try everything, right. But we also use human design within our okay. So it literally paints what’s going to feel good and not feel good. Like we can be talking to somebody and look at their chart and say, I’m gonna guess you don’t like DMS and they were like, Yeah, how did you know? Or I’m gonna guess you love DMS. And they’d be like, Yeah, I can totally have conversations all day long in them. And like your chart specifically outlines what’s better for you in terms of getting to know people and speaking and if you’re shy or not shy and things like that. So that’s been super, super helpful for the people in the community that way, but sometimes, like, I personally enjoy speaking more, I love going to live events. I love being in person. I mean, if I’m going to do a DM I’ll just do the voice recorder. Right. So I’m still doing DMS, but I’m not typing behind the thing. So there’s workarounds to everything, no matter how you feel about it. But yeah, definitely try. Try experiment. See what you what you don’t like and then like, reflect on it and find out why. Why didn’t you like it? Or why did you like it?

Ati Grinspun  14:06  

Because oh my god, I love this. Okay, I’m gonna bring us back to you met at a live event. You were in the same circle for about five years. You got on a call you were this is my absolute person, but then you actually went on business together. So when I met you, I think they met you one or two years ago.

Johanna Sanchez  14:24  

No, last year. So last year.

Ati Grinspun  14:26  

Oh my god, that 10

Johanna Sanchez  14:27  

Happy universe around this

Jane Townsend  14:29  

time. Actually.

Ati Grinspun  14:31  

I actually I want to say that it was October 16, which is next week.

Johanna Sanchez  14:36  

I believe I just saw a Facebook memory where I was packing today.

Ati Grinspun  14:41  

Yes. Yes. So like, have you Happy Friendship anniversary?

Jane Townsend  14:48  

Oh, full circle.

Ati Grinspun  14:50  

No shit. I love it. Okay, so then how did you come up with this idea because you were doing each you were doing a lot of like email marketing and stuff. I feel like that Johanna, and you were doing photography being like, Yeah, completely different.

Jane Townsend  15:08  

I was doing a lot of online business management for a lot of other different business owners in the online space. And then obviously local ones as well. But I think Johanna, and I like going into that event, we were at a place in our lives, where we just knew that something was missing, we were doing everything that everybody was telling us, you know, we created this business, we started this business, for what, right, the time freedom to be able to be home with our kids enjoy time with our spouses, yet, we were literally on the computer all of the fucking time and was miserable. And we were like that there’s got to be more. And so prior to that event, we had actually started, actually, let me backtrack, I knew that again, right? Like I was lonely, leading up to before we met, and I was like, I need more friends, all of my friends are online. And the ones that are here, they all have quote unquote, big girl jobs. And nobody ever wanted to go out with me during like my regular hours. And so I kind of voluntold her and bought tickets for her to go to this thing. And then it became a frequent I would say, every few weeks, we would go do something new. And then I remember feeling so much better. We did this whole experiment going into a haunted house, which is a story for another time in Chicago. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I want more of this. Right? We were at the event and it was just like that, like we were talking about earlier, that authentic, true connection. And

Johanna Sanchez  16:35  

we were like, speakers outside of the person setting up the event. It’s like, yes, me with people in the world that have gone there because they are similar to you. And it’s good friendship, you don’t have to do the whole awkward thing.

Ati Grinspun  16:50  

Well, I think one of the things that’s why I’m a chef hosted this event, and now I’m obsessed. Like literally some of these women are gonna be friends for life. Like and I think that one of the things that you’re saying that really resonates with me right now is this, that when we start our business, we cannot outgrow also our circle, right without like, this is nothing intentional. We do outgrow our circle. And all of a sudden we find ourselves in this eyeline, at least this happened to me. My friends were like, the fuck are you doing? Right? Like, who do you think you are? Like, you know, I always said, like, when I saw the possibility and and I will say I can change the world. Like I can help so many people and I kid you not. Somebody was like, Yeah, sure. somebody sitting at a coffee shop. She’s not my friend anymore. She’ll say, no, yeah. She actually went on and actually copied my personal branding photography business after that. I think I told you the story. Yeah, she moved away now. And like, whatever, that it was very painful. It was very painful. Like, you know what I mean, like, it was a process. This was something that somebody I knew for many, many years. Like, you know what I mean, like, and like, whatever, right? So my my friends kind of started like, like trickling down

Jane Townsend  18:12  

is you’re vibrating at a higher frequency

Ati Grinspun  18:16  

on a different frequency to because now all of a sudden, you want to talk about business, you want to talk with people that are interested about the same things you’re interested in. So that’s actually what I love of what you guys are doing. And that’s what we actually send people networking, that’s actually an exercise I do inside of like that. It’s a pillar, you need to networking person, and people are like, but I thought that we were gonna be all or run a line. I’m like, yeah, that to all of it.

Johanna Sanchez  18:45  

Yeah, yeah, you gotta go do it. Gotta go do it. So we finished that event in October. And I had another one, I think, like a week and a half later, that I had gone to for one of my clients, and she put out a challenge to everybody that went and was like, whoever can make the most money like you guys are on teams or wasn’t teams yet, or whatever it was, like, whoever can make the most money, let us know we’re gonna win a prize. And I’m like, Well, I don’t want another copywriting client. So I messaged Jane, I was like, Oh, we could do something. So I message Jane, like, how would you feel about like just hosting a little online retreat for like, a couple hours one day, we would do like breath work and yoga and whatever else, like we’ll figure it out. And she was like, Yeah, I guess I’m like, Cool. So walking up to my room. I typed out the post, and I sent it. I was like, just push this on your page. She goes today and I’m like, Yeah, we’re gonna do this today. We’ll see if people actually want to hang out with us. And we had so many people sign up that we had to split it into two days. Oh my god. Yeah. You split it into tendons. And we were like, we have something this is amazing. Let’s roll with it. And business.

Jane Townsend  19:51  

So it was just so wild. Because I think at that event for me personally, that was the first time I ever actually truly just let like the was come down and I was like, This is me, this is who I am. You get what you get, right? And then I think all the flux went out the window because I was like, no time for bullshit. Like, we’re all doing this together, you’re in or you’re out. Right?

Ati Grinspun  20:12  

Well, I think that’s what would resonate so much like, I mean, be you Brad, like, no fucks given right, like, be you brand. And I think that’s where that is so many are like so much alignment in our brand. Okay, so you put this together, and then you were like, fuck, we have a business. Yeah,

Jane Townsend  20:31  

yeah, I think we said we wanted to start a podcast to talk about the things that were happening behind the scenes, you know, with other business owners that were not operating out of integrity. And we were like, we have so many juicy things to talk about, like, why are people not talking about this? Yes. And we actually, we still have not started that podcast, because it’s evolved more into that building that community for other women so that they don’t feel so lonely, and helping support them and reminding them again, who they are and why they started this in the first place, right? Because we’re kind of just conditioned to be daughters, moms wives, right like that, we lose that part of ourselves. And we really wanted to shed light on that.

Ati Grinspun  21:10  

And I think that is a real going around right now that says like, you know, people say being ambitious is not sexy, or whatever. But I think that a lot of the times what happens is like, it’s our own conditioning, that we feel dirty. I actually just had a conversation with with my coach about these last week, that I’m at a point where I want to claim it, I want to make a million dollars, suck it, I want to make a million dollars, I want to retire my fucking husband now. That’s mean, like, if that’s what he wants, I wanted that for us. I want that for us. Right now. If he quits his job, or now whatever, that’s okay. I have no checklist working, but I want to make a million dollars. And I’m in a point where I can claim it. And I’m like, That’s my fucking goal. And if you feel like that sounds dirty to you. That’s it. All. Right, but and I want to do it while actually have fun. And I help people along the way. And I’m 100% on integrity with who I am. Because that’s another thing, right? Like, you can sell bullshit. Yeah, and make a billion dollars, or you can be on pure integrity. Yeah.

Johanna Sanchez  22:25  

And that’s what draws people to you and to us is because we’re also very authentic. We don’t just show the pretty colors. You show the stuff that gets really hard. And when we fall off track, and then how we get back on track. And that’s what people really resonate with, because we’re actual human beings.

Ati Grinspun  22:43  

Okay, can we talk about authenticity. Because it’s such a word, I feel like I was it, I was actually looking for synonyms, synonyms for authenticity, and like, I need to start using another fucking word. Because the word has been bastardized in so many ways. And I think that we feel like, and I kind of want to hear how you help people bring this out. Because for, for us, at least on the work that I do a lot of the self discovery people is not like they’re not authentic, because they’re being fake. But some people, let’s say some people, some don’t even know who they truly are. Right? So they’re showing up, they think they’re being authentic, but it’s hard for them to show up because they either in person or online, either what they sell, they’re not excited about or what they’re saying they’re just repeating from somebody else. Or they’re not really truly allowing themselves to truly be themselves, but they don’t know it. So how do you work through that, because I know that my people do a lot of like journaling and a lot of like self discovery. And a lot of people get stuck there. And they don’t want to do that work.

Johanna Sanchez  24:01  

Yes. So we have when, when we’re working with somebody within our mastermind, we the very first month is all about taking them out of their comfort zone. And we strip them down literally just about naked, literally, and then pop them right back up. And so much comes through from the little tasks and the actions that we have them take during that first month that they realized, like there is really anything that I can do. And it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks.

Ati Grinspun  24:31  

I love that

Johanna Sanchez  24:33  

it’s helpful for a while but again, like you get that high and you get that dopamine hit and then people fall down. So it’s just a it’s a wave of learning each person and how they react to each situation. You know, because it’s hard when you’re starting and you’re in your business and you keep hearing no and no and no and you get the fear from AI and maybe I started too late, maybe this or I don’t really have anything special and just Really working around through those things to help them pull out what makes them different? Because everybody has something unique. Everybody has some Oh, absolutely,

Ati Grinspun  25:09  

absolutely. And I think this is a thing that for me, it’s so amazing about building a personal brand having a business that it center on you like you guys are doing that right now, right? You’re building a business center on an idea that is unique to you. Like you’re still teaching business coaching, but this is like, based on your experience your unique feelings of like, What the fuck is going on in the world. I don’t want to do business like this. For me, it was the reason why we ran became the brand it was because I kept actually doing what everybody else was telling me to do. And then I was like, fuck this shit. And I was like, I’m gonna, literally is the same kind of shit, right? And then I was like, I want something that is me my story. And I want to be i at the beginning, I wouldn’t tell people I was a bartender, because somebody that I was mentoring with was like, Oh, you don’t need to put that in social media, because that’s gonna take your credibility away. I was like, Yeah, but I’m still barred at the time. I was still bartending

Jane Townsend  26:15  

number one, I do want to say like, Who the fuck came up with all of these rules that things have to be done this certain way? Right? Like, nobody fucking made up this role. And I think it’s like realizing there is no fucking rule. And seconds, that part like of your story, I resonated with that part, right? Because that was also part of my background. But here’s the thing, like, the more that we just are, who we are, that attracts the right kind of people and the people that are not for us, then like they’re gone. We’re not wasting time. On all of that, you know, what

Ati Grinspun  26:51  

was the one one turning point for me? I used to like, once I actually started telling my story. And I started talking about me being a bartender and working nine to five, I always I used to joke like nine to 5pm 2am, or whatever. Like, it wasn’t really my shift. I used to work like at 7pm. But like, you know, like, it became kind of this joke around my story. I remember I had a client I we actually she’s still in my circle. She came from France to the event. And actually, she’s a coach. Now inside of my program, one of the things that she told me and she’s been in my circle for quite a while now, one of the things that she told me is when you started telling your story, I couldn’t tell you, we’re not leaving a nine to five, until you actually said that you were a bartender. The whole time for months. I thought you left a corporate job. I never caught on that you were a bartender until I actually like went to one of your classes. And you did your joke. Like 9pm to like FiVER, yeah, I’m like bartending. And she’s like, what? So the whole time for me, you left some like fucking awesome corporate job. And I was like, huh, it’s the same fucking story. We all share that right? I want it because I want to take you I want you to talk to the people on the podcast, how you bring fun into business, because I’m not gonna lie. That’s something that I’ve been working on for a long time. And I, I believe I do a pretty good job. But I see you guys with all these amazing things in the world. So I will do that. So it’s been an

Johanna Sanchez  28:37  

absolute number one that we tell everybody to do is schedule fun first, and five to 10 hours a week. To Stern. Yeah, minimum weekend. But the goal is to have some of that sprinkled in during the week as well. Because once you have those 10 hours of fun set in your work, as long as you’re doing something that’s aligned with you that you enjoy, is going to be more enjoyable to get through. Because you’re like, I have these other amazing things that I’m providing for, that I’m capable of doing and going and being I’m not just my computer screen. And that’s I mean, it just granted even if I was still writing it, I do write a little bit it would still be enjoyable. And not so this is all I ever do. I wake up I open my laptop. I walk 10 feet to my office, you know and you know

Ati Grinspun  29:25  

what? It’s funny like for me people like I don’t know if you know this about me, I get up at four in the morning, go to the gym, like you probably heard me talk about this a lot. I literally like but I mean, and I tell people you do not need to do this. It works for my schedule. It works for me, because like I like to be available for my kid. You know what I mean? I like I love to be done by 330 or four.

Johanna Sanchez  29:53  

I’m done. Right?

Ati Grinspun  29:55  

I’m done IRA or dad already, like did all the things but like people Don’t choose those things. And I think that a lot of the times is because we don’t believe that we deserve them.

Jane Townsend  30:06  

And we’re taught the opposite.

Ati Grinspun  30:09  

I know I see my kid at school, you guys, he’s already conditioned. Yeah, he’s already conditioned. Sometimes I’m like, What do you want to do for fun? I don’t know. What do you mean? You don’t know? Do you want to go to a movie? Like yesterday, you know, there was no school. And we actually I actually took the day off, and I worked like two hours in the afternoon. And he was like, Oh, so you’re not gonna work? I’m like, No, you don’t

Johanna Sanchez  30:36  

want to work? Like,

Jane Townsend  30:39  

Oh, can we actually touch on that of what to do when you don’t know what fun is? Because, yes, I was in that spot. For those of you who don’t know who I am, or don’t know, my story, my mom has had Parkinson’s for about a decade. And so over the last few years, it’s just gotten so rough, right, like having to also be there as a part time caregiver for in between that, my kids and work, there was no time for fun. And then for the space that I did have, it was like, What do I even do for fun? Because I didn’t even know what fun was. Oh, my God, I went through that too. Yeah. And it’s hard because you would rather stay inside because getting ready putting your face on doing all the things seems like it’s more work to just even go out and do the activity. Right?

Ati Grinspun  31:26  

You know what happened to me? I just didn’t even know what to do when I wasn’t working. So I will just come back to the computer and keep working.

Johanna Sanchez  31:35  

Right? Or laundry sweep the floor?

Ati Grinspun  31:39  

Yeah, no, me. Oh, I’m I’m gonna go back to the office.

Jane Townsend  31:49  

But that’s but that’s the thing is like, sometimes it really does. You know, I had gotten to the point where like, I couldn’t do it day by day, I had to take it hour by hour to get out of the funk. And sometimes that meant get through the hour of feeling all the feels like I had to put my face on, I had to put my best outfit on, and then see, like how I was feeling. And then it also got to the point where I knew that I couldn’t do the same shit over and over that I thought was fun. Because when I would do the same thing, it didn’t light me up it there was nothing new about it, it didn’t recharge me. So I would buy the ticket for something that I had never done. And that to what we tell the ladies in our world is to write down the five top things that you have a always wanted to do, or be haven’t done, but have always wanted to do. And then within two weeks, commit to one of those items, buy the ticket, schedule it in your calendar, no fucking excuses, and just go do it. And then you go do it. You reflect you see what you liked, what you didn’t like, and then how you grew through that. And a lot of times 99% of the time within that activity. There is a business lesson that is also perfect for content.

Ati Grinspun  33:04  

Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Oh, yeah. Because you went out of your comfort zone, you did something that you didn’t I mean, you wanted to do it, you were scared all the things that happen every fucking day on business, in business, like literally, oh my God, I am loving this. Okay, so let’s say somebody’s stuck in the world of like, literally, I says, Get up, get my kids to school, sit on my computer, the first thing they need to do is write their first the five things they always wanted to do. And then we’ll fucking do it.

Jane Townsend  33:39  

Not okay. So there’s three core commandments within that list that has to happen. Number one, okay? So it has to be for you, not your family, not your kids, not your husband, something that you want it this is where you get to be selfish. And you don’t put a limit on it. No matter how little or how frickin small you dream big. This is your fucking list. Right? But within that list at all, you all always should have a connection to that one item, right? And then when you go do the thing, you have to allow yourself to play like a toddler year, round your kids where they just are free and they do not care. Right? Like, you see little toddlers at a playground. They’re always just rushing to each other saying, Hey, my name is blah, blah, blah, like do you want to be friends?

Ati Grinspun  34:25  

Well, what are you what I love about these frameworks that you guys propose is honestly like, I feel like if the people listening didn’t go through a lot of personal growth is my sound, kind of like off the cuff. But if you have been through a lot of personal work representing personal growth, right, this is literally like Abraham Hicks one to one. Go the shed that lights you up. Right? Then bring it back to your business and leave the life that you want right now. Don’t wait for when x happens. I’m gonna be happy when I make more money, I will do X when I have more money because a lot of the things don’t require money, right or the other require better little money.

Jane Townsend  35:13  

Yeah, the other ones who is when my kids go to school, or when my kids get out of this sport, then I can do blah, blah, blah. So here’s here’s the thing that I do want to pass on. And I say this to everybody that I come across. This is a lesson from a woman who is dying, literally. My mom said to me that her biggest regret in life was waiting for the ones waiting to take the vacation for you know, when she had enough money in the bank, right? Like when she had enough time off accumulated to start her business that she always wanted to do when she had more money like that shit never happened. Right? And so if you’re gonna learn anything from this, or takeaway, anything from this podcast is to stop waiting for the wind and just go do the thing that like, leave the house at the door and just go do it.

Ati Grinspun  36:00  

Oh, my God, the thing is that how that stuff always makes me kind of like cry a little bit. Because I know that I have done that repeatedly in my life. Like even choosing being a bartender, a flair, bartender when I was 19. And I left the country. And then I came here and people are like that. That’s who you are. I’m like, Yeah, but at the same time, then I had stories in my life of people that die super young. And I was like, I want no fucking regrets, man, like the day am I’m in my deathbed, is this gonna matter 99% of the shed won’t, including the number on your bank account. At a certain point, I have to do a lot of mindset work around money. And that was one of the biggest revelations that is like, most of the things that you want to do, they don’t require money.

Jane Townsend  36:54  

You think the most difficult thing is learning to just surrender with all the how and just holding on to that belief, even though it’s not in front of you, and just knowing that no matter what it is that you’re doing, you believe in it so much that it’s gonna happen.

Ati Grinspun  37:10  

Yeah, but that concept, I remember like that I’m all about that concept now. And it was so hard for me to wrap my head around it. And I was like, I understand what people are telling me. And it took so long for me to like, leave on that space. So how do you help people like get on that space?

Jane Townsend  37:34  

So I think for us, right, like, it’s, it’s really like Johanna said, it’s stripping them down. It’s incorporating their human design, it’s creating more of the disruptions in their life, and really disrupting their pattern because we operate mostly from our unconscious, right? And so it’s bringing that awareness to the forefront of here’s what you are doing that is currently not working. Right? Like you got to stop bitching about it if you plan on doing nothing about it. Now, how can we start intentionally having more fun and intentionally creating new habits and new change for you to get to this goal, or your big vision?

Johanna Sanchez  38:13  

And they have to constantly reevaluate their why I just Oh my god, yes. All the time. I just shared, I been on a fitness journey. And my goal was to have a rockin hot body. I wanted Carrie Underwood legs, like I wanted abs, I wanted the whole thing. And I found myself I kept falling off. I kept binge eating every couple of days, I kept not exercising every couple of days. And I’m like, I know I want this. I really, really want this. So I had to sit down and think like, Okay, well, if this isn’t what’s holding me to my goals, then this can’t be my actual why? What is it that I really, really want. And when I thought about it, it was I want a long and healthy life. So that way I can interact and play with my kids and my grandkids until I’m 115 years old without being in a wheelchair without God willing, nothing else happens, right? That’s what I want. And once I realized that, that I’m going to be letting down my family and my kids. Now I’ve been able to stick onto my meal plan and exercise more often and do the things that I you know what you mean? And that kind of comes even into business. I’m not doing this for the millions of dollars. I’m not even doing this for the impact on the women alone. But it’s generational. Right?

Ati Grinspun  39:26  

We’re changing lights. I know you guys the work that we are doing is changing business the way business is done and is changing lives.

Johanna Sanchez  39:37  

It’s it’s breaking down generational patterns, that women in this world have been so used to being stuck in that our kids don’t even have to even worry about know,

Ati Grinspun  39:47  

like my my kids or whoever marries my kid will never have to worry that he’s gonna be like, Oh, what do you mean you’re gonna go to work like she’s gonna be able to do whatever the fuck she wants because I I do whatever I want. Right? And that’s like, we don’t have checklists in this house. Like we love each other the way we are. Right? So, okay, so because I kind of want, I’m like blown away with everything you guys are telling me, I am loving it so much so because I didn’t even realize you guys are kind of like a baby business. But you’re not a baby business because you both together bring so much experience. Like, um, hinge is a baby business, but you guys bring almost what a decade of experience and kind of like your own experiences into this new framework that you’re teaching and you’re putting together. So tell me where do you see these three years from now? Five years from now? Did you talk about that? We are right there

Jane Townsend  40:53  

with you on that this is gonna be a million dollar brand one day.

Ati Grinspun  40:57  

We I can see it,

Johanna Sanchez  40:58  

I can see it. Last night, we decided that we eventually want to host retreats, not events, not conferences, but like holistic all about like redefining who you are as a human being stripping you naked in the beginning and clothing you by the end type of reach

Ati Grinspun  41:17  

for women in business? Yeah. Oh my god. Okay, I’m totally in. But well, because I think though it’s so needed, right? Where like, one of the things I don’t know if you knew this when we did this at the event, so day one was all inner work. Day one was breathwork, somatic coaching, we had my friend Laura, who’s a PhD taught like literally workshop limiting beliefs. There were like, women were crying like it was just crazy. And we literally broke them open. Right? And then we end the day with creating connections, like literally they did like do you know, Gabby from next generation network? Okay, so Gabby was one of the speakers and she did like a conga line. And people had Oh, my God, it was the most amazing thing I like people were like hanging out with each other, they all went to dinner together. And I was in a private community at the best like, thing. So retreat. Sounds amazing. Yeah, so

Jane Townsend  42:25  

to piggyback off of not only are we going to be a million dollar brand, but we’re also going to be impacting 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of other women, so that there is no other woman in this space that has to go through what we went through. Yeah, and they’re not going to settle for less, and then they’re not going to be okay with the burnout of hustling just to make a little bit of money, because that’s what some big name guru out there is telling them to do. So that they can,

Ati Grinspun  42:52  

I think the problem with that, too, is women don’t believe that they have, they don’t, they don’t believe that they have what it takes to actually make money

Jane Townsend  43:03  

when you have that support in that community. And that is why we are so damn passionate about making and creating this impact alone, because I got that belief, because I was not surrounded by the right kind of people. Well, if

Ati Grinspun  43:21  

you were sitting in the computer, well, your your two businesses were very specific to you were a copywriter. I knew Jane, you were doing OBM. So you guys were not on a business. Where was community? I don’t even like community fuel. You were working with clients one on one I particularly. And that’s probably why you’re so passionate right now. Because you went into the coaching world. And I think when you go into coaching, you’re actually sitting even though we sit on Zoom, we sit in community,

Jane Townsend  43:50  

and I think it’s also being able to have that different perspective of how can we open this door for somebody who is at this level or is in this role? Right? So it’s more accessible for those other roles.

Ati Grinspun  44:05  

So okay, what are you guys? What do you have right now for people? How can people like I feel like we need to do an episode number two, right? Like, I want to have our editor make sure that he actually also puts the first part, I don’t know how he’s gonna do that, where we were talking about, like the connection calls and all of that, because I think there is so much value here, you guys. I love, love, love what you’re doing. Like I am so proud of you guys.

Johanna Sanchez  44:34  

Thank you. That means so much.

Ati Grinspun  44:35  

Well, like I feel like I’ve seen you being born without knowing. And I have some of my view brown girls that they’re going through your Fenter mind right now. And they’re thriving. It’s awesome to watch. Yes, it’s really awesome to watch. So, yeah,

Johanna Sanchez  44:53  

that very quickly. That just goes to show that there is no scarcity. There’s room for everybody at the table, as for everybody is room everywhere, and will grow and thrive as long as you are true to yourself.

Ati Grinspun  45:11  

Okay, so I really want to talk about this before we close out because I think this was a growth path for me like to actually wait, especially because I was also a service provider as a photographer, and I feel like that is a world that that is like very cutthroat and people think that they’re competing all the time, like, people are competing at the bottom of the barrel for like, kind of like the cheap to not so cheap price. But then once you get up here, people are not competing anymore. So one thing that happened for us was I actually the person that opened the event. She’s a photographer, a personal branding photographer, and when we talked about it, she’s like, Are you sure you want me to put something on the books? I’m like, yeah, absolutely. Like, I’m okay with it. Like, yeah, she’s like, Oh, okay. Because I think that one of the things that people don’t realize is that people are attracted to us for our experiences. I people are I’m obsessed with you guys.

Jane Townsend  46:11  

Oh, keep buttering our biscuits. I love it. Keep going, keep going.

Ati Grinspun  46:17  

But right, because you guys are leaking. literally speaking my language. You’re speaking fun. You’re speaking like, that’s all the things that I went through. And I had to figure it out alone.

Johanna Sanchez  46:27  

Yeah, that’s correct. That’s correct. I know. No more.

Ati Grinspun  46:31  

No more, no more. Okay, so tell me where can people find you where they can go have fun with you?

Johanna Sanchez  46:37  

Yeah, we have a Facebook group called on hinge growth, we do monthly bingo. If you’re saying that you have no idea what to do for fun. Jump on the bingo card. It’s free. It’s posted at the at the top of the page. There’s nine different ideas of things that you can go out and do this very month to have fun. And then if you get three in a row, you win prizes, and squares and block outs like we have prizes for that stuff, too, to add a little extra dopamine to your life and encourage you to actually try some new things. And that’s pretty much where we’re at right I mean, we’re on Instagram to unhinge growth, everything is on hinge growth. So you can just find us wherever we are. Some experiment in with bingo because it’s a good time. So yeah, I need

Ati Grinspun  47:17  

to go into look into that. I want to be a part of that. Yeah. I love it. I love what you guys are doing. I cannot see how it unfolds to a million dollar brand. I like if you heard then literally the intro to the podcast is like how to build a million dollar brand and doing it while you’re loving your life and business. So our hearts are so aligned. I absolutely love it. And I can’t wait to have in the podcast in a few years and be like we hit a million dollars that next year. Let’s fucking play man. I love it. Thank you so much, ladies.

Thank you. Thank you This was awesome, because it’s awesome.