It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you this captivating episode featuring Rose Peterson, the visionary behind the Fit and Confident Academy (FCA), a profound mentor in the realm of weight loss. Rose’s clientele spans a diverse spectrum, ranging from dedicated mothers, diligent professionals, to elite athletes, all of whom have been empowered by FCA’s tailored fitness and nutrition programs. These programs not only propel individuals towards their health and fitness aspirations but also instill invaluable pillars of structure, consistency, and lifelong healthy habits.

What sets Coach Rose apart is her profound belief that enduring transformations originate from within. Consequently, FCA encompasses a unique dimension of mindset coaching, strategically designed to help clients overcome prevalent obstacles such as self-limiting beliefs, inadequate support systems, emotional eating tendencies, detrimental self-dialogue, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Rose’s profound impact extends beyond her academy, as evidenced by her features on prestigious news channels like Channel 5 Fox News and Channel 3 NBC News, as well as numerous editorial publications.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey and insights of Coach Rose Peterson, a beacon of inspiration in the field of fitness and holistic well-being.

Key takeaways from this episode:

Quote from the episode:

“When you feel good, you’re going to do better work. And you’re going to show up as your best self, in your at your business. So whether that’s a brick and mortar business, and you have employees, you’re going to handle life stress a lot better, you’re going to interact with your employees better. When you come back to that confidence piece of when you’re working out and taking care of yourself, when you’re not working out and taking care of yourself, that reflects on what you choose to wear. So like if you’re not feeling good in your body and not and like you’re saying it doesn’t have anything to do with skinny, it can be like you’re feeling confident, just from working on yourself from doing a little exercise from eating a little healthier by putting yourself first you gotta put yourself first on the to do list.” – Rose Peterson

About the guest:

Rose Peterson is the creator of Fit and Confident Academy (FCA) and is a weight loss mentor to everyone from busy moms, working professionals to elite athletes. 

FCA is a custom fitness and nutrition program that helps people of all fitness abilities reach their health and fitness goals while also creating  structure, consistency, and healthy habits for lifelong success. 

Coach Rose believes that true and lasting change begins from the inside out so that’s why FCA includes mindset coaching to help clients bust through common obstacles like self-limiting beliefs, lack of support, emotional eating, negative self talk and self-sabotage.

Coach Rose has been featured on Channel 5 Fox News and Channel 3 NBC News as well as various editorial publications. 

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Ati Grinspun 0:14
Welcome everybody to episode six of the BU brand podcast, we’re actually recording live, we want to make this bestie She not only is like, great friend, we have monthly meetings or we talk about business, fitness, all the things. But she touches on a topic that is so important for me in my life. And I really, really wanted to bring you so welcome rose Peterson to the V Ren podcast. How are you?

Rose Peterson 0:45
I’m doing great. Thank you for having me. Yes, I love all things business. And that’s one of the things that attracted me to you is that, you know, we don’t define ourselves by just what we do in our business that like we also love growing businesses and we love to be around other entrepreneurs. And so anytime I can talk business with somebody gets me excited. So that’s why I connect so well with you because you’re such a supporter of female businesses, and I love talking business. So here we are.

Ati Grinspun 1:13
So let me locate a background on how we brainstorm. We had a call a few days ago, and we brainstorm on what we wanted to share. So I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you her like her actual bio, but then I’m going to tell you why. For me, it’s so important to have actually this episode on one of the opening episodes of the V run podcast because I think that so many times we leave behind while we’re going to be talking about it, so I’m gonna read her full bio, which is so impressive. So Ross Peterson is the creator of feed unconfident Academy, and is a weight loss mentor to everyone from busy moms, working professionals to elite athletes. FCA is a Custom Fitness and Nutrition program that helps people of all fitness abilities reach their health and fitness goals, while also creating a structure, consistency, unhealthy habits for life long success. Coach rose believes that true and lasting change begins from the inside out. So that’s why FCA includes mindset coaching to help clients bust through common obstacles, like self limiting beliefs, lack of support, emotional eating, negative self talk and self sabotage. Coach Rose has been featured on Channel Five, Fox News, and channel three, NBC News, as well as various editorial publications. All my goodness. So anybody heard in their self sabotage, negative self talk, emotional eating, self limiting beliefs. And immediately you thought, Oh, it’s just like

Speaker 3 2:59
business. Right? Yes, exactly. So I will tell you,

Ati Grinspun 3:06
one of the reasons that I personally brought rose, I think that when we’re not moving our body, we’re not putting ourselves first or business as service providers face off our brand, suffered from the get go. And that is part of what we are going to be discussing. And one we both truly believe that if you’re not taking care of your fitness and your health, you’re actually leaving money on the table. So rose, let’s start with you. I think that I spoke so much already on these last few minutes. Can you tell me a little bit of your story, you you have an amazing transformation story yourself that brought you to build this business and this program that you do for a lot of business owners you work with a ton of business owners. So can you share that story with us?

Rose Peterson 3:55
Yeah, I’ll try to make it quick because I know there’s juicy stuff that we’re going to talk about but I think my story is a lot like a lot of other women where we spent our adult lives trying to get into a certain size right and when we look at what other people are doing, it’s usually crashed dieting, quick fixes, pills, tees wraps and a lot of kind of hating our way thin. And so when we think about Yeah, when we think about hating our way thin, we think that we have to do these punishing workouts that we don’t enjoy it you’re in a different category because you love long distance cardio and marathon and I anyone out there that’s listening that is has such a commitment to that. I want to first say that I admire you 100% Because that takes dedication to grow that craft but for many women that’s not enjoyable. You’re in the 1%

Ati Grinspun 4:51
and let’s actually set set this parameter really straight here also because it was I was reading you know your bio on we were talking about this Topic, I really want to address these from a point of view of how these can help your business make you feel better or make you feel healthier. And like sometimes people are like, oh, what you do is crazy. I didn’t start here, I started in a different in a very different place. And I don’t want people to kind of take me because I do. I don’t answer whatever as an example, because that’s not what we’re trying to do here. I truly believe. And I’ve done this self sabotage myself, think that I don’t have time to do these because I’m TBC My business is growing fast. And I can exercise, right? So that’s not where we’re going. I want you to kind of like listen to what she is bringing to the table from a place of like, How can I add this movement and this health into my life? So my life and my business can benefit?

Rose Peterson 5:53
Exactly. Yeah. And so thank you for that. Thank you for clarifying that. Because I always just want to say that it was through my journey of trying a lot of different diets, a lot of different hours of exercise that I didn’t like whether that was high intensity boot camps, or trying to fit myself into lots of longest since running, which was not my personality, but I thought that that was the way you’re supposed to get. That’s how the way you’re supposed to get healthy is through like long punishing workouts and not eating, like not enjoying eating. Well.

Ati Grinspun 6:26
Let’s actually face this from somebody that I’m taking a break right now from triathlon, you know, we talk this week, I can walk like two days the first day, but I can actually walk I went for a ride. And I’m like, yeah, oh, okay, I’m back. I’m a person again. But from somebody that like that long distance and stuff like that, it takes so much time that if you’re actually growing a business, you have to be in a place where you’re like, already a structure. And I don’t know, personally, right now, for me to even think to go do a 45 minute workout. It’s so easy. And it’s so exciting. Yeah, over a three hour bike. So yeah, let’s go there for 10 Mini blog, the 30

Speaker 3 7:05
minute walk how actually, let’s go

Ati Grinspun 7:09
to how is this go? Oh, let’s get your story

Rose Peterson 7:12
first. Yeah. So honestly, I hired a nutrition coach back in 2015. So I have three children. And they are 1614 and 11. Between every pregnancy, I tried some diet, some exercise program, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stick to it. And I realized later that I needed help and support. So I hired a nutrition coach. And from there, it really opened my eyes on how food doesn’t have to be very little, I actually could eat what I wanted, but in the right combinations. So that was very freeing and empowering, like, oh, I can actually still have pancakes with my kids on the weekends and still lose weight. And then from there, they educated me about strength training, and they educated me that I didn’t have to put all these hours in the gym. And I could actually see a result in just three times a week of some strength training. And I found that I really enjoyed it. Within 18 months, I was in the best shape of my life, I lost 30 pounds, I was super strong, I got my first chin up, I just felt that more women needed to know this, that they didn’t have to like sacrifice their social life, they didn’t have to eat things that they didn’t love. They didn’t have to be hungry. They just didn’t possibly have the right support or the right information. So that’s why I became a personal trainer is that like, the people around me had the same thoughts that losing weight or getting fit was a huge sacrifice. But it didn’t have to be you could like you were saying it could just be two, three times a week, making small tweaks to your nutrition. And you can actually see a result. And you can have a life and have a life. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be like an all or nothing situation like limiting beliefs. A lot of people think they don’t get started because there’s not enough time or I can’t be perfect. And so why even bother starting something until I can get it right?

Ati Grinspun 9:09
That is so many similarities between eating healthy fitness and business that for me, it’s always

Unknown Speaker 9:17
so fascinating,

Ati Grinspun 9:20
right? Because they’re the things that we grow up with all these ideas that I don’t even know where they’re coming from, right. Like we’re conditioned to believe all the things, but there is so many similarities.

Rose Peterson 9:30
Oh, and speaking of being conditioned, I actually just told my story recently to another group. And I thought Why did I start my first diet at age 13? Why was that? And I think that was part of the messaging that I had received subconsciously through teen magazines or, you know, thinking I needed to be smaller and then not on TV and all this. Exactly. And so anyway, thank you for bringing that up. And then when you parallel this to business There’s a lot of people that may never get their business off the ground because they don’t think they have everything lined up perfectly. And you and I click because I believe that misiak Yeah, you can build the plane while it’s flying. I tell people, I’m like, you know, I have this idea. Let’s just roll with it. I build the plane while it’s flying. Luckily, I have a team member that helps me like remember all the nuts and bolts? Yeah,

Ati Grinspun 10:26
I saw your speaking you know that my my brain always goes back to branding, right? But like, you realize who your ideal client is? Literally, it was you through sweat tears, three steps behind, right? Like, you’re like, Oh my God, I want to help people that thought like me. Now I’m two steps ahead. I want to extend my can. That is such a constant when it comes to business. And now that you have been in business for many years, you’re passionate actually about helping business owners? Because they are your people. Right? Exactly.

Rose Peterson 10:59
Exactly. Business owners are my people. And you know, when I first started in business, my first niche was, and it still is working with moms. And one of the transformations I saw with working with moms is, you know, moms have a hard time putting themselves on the to do list, but they actually need to be at the top of the to do list. Because if you’re not taking care of your health and fitness, one, parenting is challenging enough. But it starts to not be as enjoyable. If you can take care of this. Yeah, if you can take care of yourself. First, you’re gonna feel like a better parent, you’re gonna feel like you’re living the life that you want to live because you actually are taking care of yourself. And then same thing in business is, if you’re not putting your health and fitness first, how are you going to show up for your bit and you’re not going to you’re going to feel taken care of your nutrition and fitness. Just having that routine daily routine, you can start your day feeling like up here, right, let’s

Ati Grinspun 11:54
actually let’s dive into the science because I think that part of this is I talk so much about mindset, you and me talk so much about mindset. But there is so much proof, right for women. And I truly believe and I say this with all the love for people listening, or the people that are watching live is this. I know firsthand that I have MS workouts, my brain will tell me no, you’re too busy for these. And then we go on the spiral. And I have gone and even now on these commitments, please where I’m like I am first because I am the motor of my business exam every single month, like everybody that is going to be listening honestly, to this podcast. If you’re a service provider, you’re a piece of your business, you are the person that is putting the face on video on camera, serving your clients, you are the Mater. So you’re saying that you don’t have the time or you don’t have the money or you don’t like eating healthy, all these things. All they’re doing is literally making you leave money on the table. And I don’t say this lightly, we pick this title because we believe it’s true. Yeah. So rose, can we actually go a little bit into the science of why and what things happen when people start actually taking care of their body? Basically, under nutrition?

Rose Peterson 13:15
Yeah, I love being a nutrition coach. I love science, like I don’t just give people advice, unless there is something to back it up. But before I jump into the science, I want to say like these are all business owners listening to your podcast, and it’s like, why are you sacrificing your health for your wealth, it actually doesn’t work that way, you actually are going to increase your wealth. If you focus on your health, and what’s wealth, if at the end of it, and 10 years that you hustle, you are completely burnt out, don’t even want to be in your business anymore. And you’re not even enjoying the benefits of your business because you’re not healthy. So that’s one I just had to say that like, can’t be sacrificing your health for your wealth. It just doesn’t work that way. How can you enjoy it? Okay, sorry, how to get into that. But, you know, the science really says that you don’t actually need a lot of exercise to receive mental health benefits. And actually there was a recent study showed that exercise is actually one of the best prescriptions for depression and mood, and that if you had a exercise routine, that would actually be more effective and you will start seeing results sooner through exercise. Now, I’m not saying not don’t take meds because if you have emotional disturbance or not certain like emotional struggles, which we all do, and I don’t I think medicines very helpful, but it can take time. It can take like a month for you to start feeling better. When you can start to feel better with some exercise. Maybe part of your mental health plan is both but it’s proven that exercise is one of those things that can help with depression and anxiety. And I’m actually living proof of that. And we’ll do a podcast on that too. Absolutely.

Ati Grinspun 15:08
Well, you know, I mean to Absolutely. But there

Rose Peterson 15:11
is bodies of work out there that study our brains. And so it’s not even just our physical body. But we can think more clear that out, let me I’m going to cite this study, there was a study come out on 60 and 70 year olds, and how can they reverse the loss of memory function? And you know, your brain kind of shrinks in size. And they found that after one year of have two to three hours of walking per week, so per week, divided by minutes today, yeah, exactly, that their hippocampus increased in size by 2%. That might not seem like a lot. But 2% is like adding back one to two years of brain life to you.

Ati Grinspun 15:58
Let’s, let’s actually be real here, right? Like, not all of us, like, like me, like I love going running for like, two and a half hours, but that not I eat again, I didn’t start there. I used to I was a couch potato when my kid was born and triathlon found me. So it was kind of like this, I woowoo. But part of that was the endorphins, the serotonin, all the things that were happening in my body, that all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, my God, I’m a better person, I’m a happier person, I’m in flow. So like, the thing is that as business owners, we are dealing with hard stuff every day making decisions, having to be creative having to put ourselves out there. So what are some of these tangible things when you’re actually moving, that are happening in in our bodies that we’re like, ah, that we don’t even realize that it’s happening?

Rose Peterson 16:52
Yeah. You know, you mentioned hormonal responses. So those, those feel good chemicals in our body, that one? Yes, they’re going to be released after exercise, and you only need to do 10 minutes, and then it can start releasing, you get the benefit of that. But then you also get the benefit of a little bit of adrenaline so you can get excited about things. And what’s that other one that people are addicted to? They say serotonin, maybe that’s it. Yeah. So you get it. Yeah, that you get an increase of that serotonin. There’s like studies on like, how we’re all addict? Oh, I know, for sure. So

Ati Grinspun 17:28
it’s been now what, two weeks since I took a break. And I only did like that grueling workout last week. But I totally felt it. I was like, why am I blue? Like, I felt like I had a blues. And I would say, Oh, of course, I was training an hour and a half to three hours a day for ever. And then all of a sudden, I came back from my race. And all I did was kind of like walk and took a break. And my body’s like, Give me Give me my hormones. Give me mine. Yeah. Right. And I was like, Okay, I need to go back to my exercise that I studied, walking, going to the gym, completely different routine, actually, it feels amazing.

Rose Peterson 18:08
Yeah. And when you feel good, you’re going to do better work. And you’re going to show up as your best self, in your at your business. So whether that’s a brick and mortar business, and you have employees, you’re going to handle life stress a lot better, you’re going to interact with your employees better. If you have a business like it your eye where you are the face of your business, and you’re creating content, and you’re on interviews just like this, you’re more likely to say yes, okay, show up,

Ati Grinspun 18:34
we need to go into the aisle. And I know that a lot of people may hate this conversation.

Speaker 3 18:41
But this is a thing, how we dress, how we show up, or clothing, how we look

Ati Grinspun 18:49
all ties into our confidence and how we are perceived. Now this doesn’t mean I want everybody to be really clear. This does not mean we all need to be skinny, and like carry a six pack. That’s not where I’m going. But rose, can you actually talk a

Rose Peterson 19:06
little bit about that? Yeah. So I think this also goes back to those feel good chemicals, right? Like when you are working on yourself, you do get those feel good chemicals, but you carry yourself a little different. You do have that competence, you carry yourself a little different, like, I am taking care of me I know I’m important. And this is how I show up and I show up taking myself seriously. And we talked a little bit about like showing up for your business like you and I will do live just like this. But we’ll also go like right after a workout and we’re sweaty and we add our ponytail hair everywhere because we’re still trying to show the different parts of you. But if you’re not experiencing how it feels to feel confident in your own body, then you’re not going to show up and maybe this is even separate from fitness and I just want to talk about dressing up to Yeah, when you dress up for your yourself, you are going to show up better. And I have a client who says that every morning, she makes sure that she looks good because you never know who you’re going to run into at the grocery store. Yep. And you never know if someone is going to call you last minute. I had like some last minute videos I had to do for people who asked me to be on the video. I’m like, alright, good thing. I’m already dressed and good. They I know.

Ati Grinspun 20:23
I’m gonna tell you, I for me, like, it’s so important to actually change from my workout clothes, to what I call my on brand clothes. I’m always on brand, just so you guys know, this is me. Always we meet for coffee. Once a month, we rose and another friend of ours, Tara, I’m always on brand, like always, because I’m like, that’s who I am. This is how I carry myself. But I want you to know, I I dress how you I want to be addressed.

Rose Peterson 20:54
Right? Right. I love that. When you come back to that confidence piece of when you’re working out and taking care of yourself, when you’re not working out and taking care of yourself, that reflects on what you choose to wear. So like if you’re not feeling good in your body and not and like you’re saying it doesn’t have anything to do with skinny, it can be like you’re feeling confident, just from working on yourself from doing a little exercise from eating a little healthier by putting yourself first you got to put yourself first on the to do list. I don’t know how

Ati Grinspun 21:25
to actually go okay, because this I do hear these from a lot of my clients because they ask me all the time, like how they do it. And I know obviously again, right you guys like I was in triathlons before my business. And I kind of brought that into my routine. But can you talk a little bit how you work with clients that actually have businesses and are successful to start bringing some of these routines? Because I think that again, right you? You said 10 minute walk. But now how there is foods that, guys, it takes like five minutes to make a smoothie, but people don’t do it? Yeah. So can you actually like, like, go in depth on that.

Rose Peterson 22:07
So first of all, business owners are really lucky to be able to make their own schedule. And even if you have a brick and mortar business, you can still make your own schedule, you have an employee open your store. I have several business owners as clients that they know they can be a better boss and grow their business when they put their fitness first and make it happen. When you’re when you’re the business owner, you have control over your schedule. So you schedule when you get your workouts in when you’re doing your food. But your food doesn’t have to be complicated. I mean, I have a lot of people that either don’t enjoy cooking, or they would rather they would rather spend time doing something else, which is fine. Some of my favorite places I can put together a meal of five minutes by going to the whole foods counter. You know, they have like grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, it’s already preparing, you know,

Ati Grinspun 23:05
let’s face this. Most of us, every single person knows how to eat healthy. Can we actually agree on that?

Rose Peterson 23:13
I am I wrong? I think I think most people have an idea of like what’s bad, right? So they have an idea of like, well, I shouldn’t be eating in and out every day or I shouldn’t be eating like this every day. But they might not know they might think that eating healthy means that they can’t have their favorite foods and they might think eating healthy means I can never have anything white anymore. I just talked to somebody about that. And she’s like, Okay, I have any food listed. There’s pasta on here. Are you saying like like quinoa, whole wheat pasta. I’m like you can but you don’t have to. So I think there’s a little bit of confusion that people think eating healthy means that they have to cut out there’s all these forbidden foods like, oh, I can’t have this anymore. But you really only have to eat healthy like 80% of the time and you actually get a result.

Ati Grinspun 24:03
Yeah, something that I love doing is Monday through Friday. Me is like healthy eating like Monday through Friday, healthy eating. You actually taught me this even though something I knew. But you helped me a lot to be like every meal prioritize your Protein Protein.

Rose Peterson 24:17

Ati Grinspun 24:18
You said that and he kind of struggled especially you guys. I’m vegetarian. So um, before that I was vegan for 10 years. So that was so hard for me. But you were like, when you think of your meal, think of your protein first and then everything else goes around. I was like, Oh, what a what an easy swap of mindset shift. And immediately I think within like the first few weeks, right, I lost weight and I was Oh yeah. So much more energy. Yeah, like, yeah, a lot of

Rose Peterson 24:49
thing too when it comes to making changes to your nutrition and this is a parallel to business too. So we all think that in order for something to be effective, we have to be on our a game And a lot of business owners who are Type A personalities, they want to make everything perfectly. But not we’re not on our A game every day. What if we were on our B game? Could you do a B game? Could you do a B game every day? That is gonna, if you’re already if you see your health at a D, let’s say say you see your health? Oh, my I’m not working out. I’m not eating right. I would give myself a D. All right, let’s, what would happen if you acted a C? What is the

Ati Grinspun 25:26
best? Yeah, what is the next best I can do? Right, exactly. And

Rose Peterson 25:29
actually, if you showed up at a B level, every single day for your business or your health, how much farther would you get? Instead of waiting till you have your ad? You know, so it doesn’t have to be super complicated. I love

Ati Grinspun 25:42
that. Can you give us like three, like very concise takeaway. So for example, like that, for me was like, prioritize your protein for every meal that you’re going to have, right? And I don’t meal prep, by the way, like I don’t, but I’ll go to the refrigerator. And I’m like, Okay, what is it protein? Okay, here’s the tofu. Here’s the Tempe. Sometimes I’m like, I’m gonna have a protein shake, or I’m gonna have egg whites. Those are like my

Rose Peterson 26:08
four go to, you know, I’m so glad that you brought this up, because a lot of my clients don’t log their food, like on an app, and actually just have, are you okay with me mentioning a download that I’m giving away? Yeah, of course. Okay. So if you go to coach rose dot tips, it’s actually the way that I teach my clients how to make a well rounded meal without counting. And so I’m calling it like weight loss without calorie counting calories. So I use this method where you can use your hand as a tool. So even if you’re eating out, or you’re at a networking dinner, or you’re creating a lunch for yourself, if you use your hand as a tool and say I’m trying to like find a good spot on your on your plate, your palm should be your protein. All right, so the bottom of your fingertips to the bottom of your palm, this is your protein amount. Now, what’s cool about this is if you are a smaller person, you have a smaller palm, if you’re a bigger person, you have a bigger Oh, that’s true. That is your correct portion for protein. Okay. And then for your cup tan, your cup handful is your carbohydrate protein. And you could do one or two, I say one or two because if you worked out maybe you want two servings, and this is your fruit, your rice, your oatmeal, half of a bagel, right? And then the other half would be another the other half. So if it fits right here in your palm, that’s your carbohydrate serving. And then you Yeah, your fat serving is a thumb. So people get mad about this because

Ati Grinspun 27:35
because we want we all want to eat that alma mater like Exactly,

Rose Peterson 27:39
yeah, from the top, I would say one or two, right? So like, say you’re working on. So

Ati Grinspun 27:45
avocados like this. I know. Well, you know, I’m over eating that avocado for sure. Yeah, well,

Rose Peterson 27:51
everyone’s one or two, one or two. And the reason I say that is just because fats have nine calories per gram, but carbs and protein only have four. So that’s why the serving is so much smaller. And so you may have run into people that say they’re eating healthy, and they’re eating like handfuls of nuts. That’s a ton of calories. And so I

Ati Grinspun 28:13
was not I was that person.

Rose Peterson 28:14
I was that person. Yes. Me too. Me too. So if you could use that as a as a tool, so if you let’s say you’re in a situation where you can’t you didn’t make the food, you’re at a networking lunch, you Plate your food like that, like Alright, so there’s a maybe there’s a chicken for us. Maybe there’s some tempeh or tofu, making sure that that’s at least a palm size. And then, okay, how many carbs should I eat one or two, these an easy way to practice portion control, and also eat three times a day, at least women don’t like,

Ati Grinspun 28:47
let’s actually talk about that. Because the more of the women I talked to a lot of the women on my program, they’re like, Oh, my God, I don’t have breakfast, then I’m like, literally just grazing all day long through the house. And then their energy’s tanking. We see it a ton behind the computer. Right guys, me too. We see a ton behind the computer. And then we’re wondering why we have no energy and why we’re gaining weight.

Rose Peterson 29:16
Exactly. So what I see with women a lot is our first meal is not till after lunch. And a lot of times that’s because they’re doing they’re getting their kids out the door, they’re going to work first they’re not putting their meal. So then by one o’clock, they’re starving, and they’re accidentally over eating, they’re actually sending the eating like two or three times more than they normally would have had they just given themselves breakfast. And not to get too deep into this. But sometimes women are like when I’m just not hungry in the morning. I can’t eat I don’t have that. That’s actually not a good sign that you’re not hungry in the morning. There’s some type of hormonal imbalance happening. Most likely your cortisol is too high. So you’re under a lot Gotta stress all the time. And so you’re used to not taking care of yourself. So, and running on fumes, right. So if we’re running on fumes all the time, or our cortisol doesn’t go down like it should, it stays elevated. So you’re not hungry. Now hungry in the morning is cortisol.

Ati Grinspun 30:17
I kind of want to like tie this because, you know, we named this podcast while you’re leaving money on the table. And I really want to like, invite our listeners or watchers to really think about this. Most of the work that you do as an intrapreneur is creative. Right? Even if you are going through the motions, and you’re doing the same thing over and over, you’re creating content, you’re putting yourself out there, you’re speaking you’re maybe you’re going into podcasts, you’re networking, right, right? And has you been this motor for your business, but I actually had to really work on this myself. Because from somebody that came from being super extra super healthy. When I started my business, for the first two years, kind of my health went to crap. Like I was, you know, eating crap, it terian instead of vegan or vegetarian, I was just like, eating here in front of the computer. And yes, I do a lot of protein shakes, I actually enjoy drinking my shakes while I’m working. And then and now I actually think that that’s actually beneficial to me, because of my human design. I didn’t know this. But sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll take my shake, and I’ll go for a walk. And I’ll listen to a podcast, or I’ll go for a walk and like have my shake. And like, you know, decompress is literally five minutes, right? Yeah. And what I realized is when I don’t prioritize, I don’t have the clarity, also, to finish the tasks that I have for the day. And

Rose Peterson 31:48
if you’re not fueling consistently, throughout the day, you’re brutal, your brain runs on glucose. So it’s like, you’re not going to think, at your 100% if you’re not feeding yourself at a normal pace. And that’s probably why you said it by human design, you were having those smoothies through your workday. You know, I run into so many business owners that they’re like, you know, after two o’clock, or three o’clock or four o’clock, I just crash, I’m so tired. I want to take a nap. I can’t finish what I need to do for my bed or your

Ati Grinspun 32:16
eyes. I used to feel like my eyes were like closing, right. So I actually now what I do is I have a smoothie, and I put tons of fruit in it.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
And I’m like,

Rose Peterson 32:30
Yeah, and that’s the exact advice I’ve been giving to my business owners. I’m like, well, instead of taking a nap, why don’t you try having a meal? And they’re like, Well, what? And I was like, you’re probably hungry? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Are they federated? Yeah,

Rose Peterson 32:44
so I was like that, test it, I always say test it, see how you feel, instead of taking a nap. Or sitting on the couch? Why don’t you make yourself a meal. And, you know, if you’re not hungry enough for a full meal, then make it a mini meal. But make sure there’s protein, carbs and fat at that small meal that you’re making. I love that and nine times out of 10 they have that energy back that they needed to get through the next part of their day.

Ati Grinspun 33:09
I have a question, what is the difference between somebody or maybe is at a job or a mom or like guys that were business owners like, because I think that that same flexibility sometimes is that lack of consistency on our days, some people do have it by for example for me, these Monday and Tuesday, right? I was shooting all day. And I’m already know I’m always throwing protein bars, banana Apple, that’s kind of my go to in my camera bag or whatever. That is always, always always I have even this morning, my Kozani say, oh, there is no more virus. I’m like, I’m into my bag. And I was like, Oh, here they are. Right. But how do you think that like people can actually put this into place where important actually that routine on what time you eat, and all of that

Speaker 3 33:54
actually plays. So you,

Rose Peterson 33:59
you have a good routine and you look ahead. So I think some people that are really just so focused on their running, running their business forward. Again, they’re not paying attention to the motor, but and they’re also not planning ahead. So what I mean by that is like if you’re going to be shooting all day, you know, I gotta put this stuff in my bag to survive the day. That doesn’t come naturally to

Ati Grinspun 34:24
some people. She has made me think though, that that is a skill that I had to learn. Yeah, yeah, actually, that’s a skill I had to learn on my business. So I wonder right because you do a lot of mindset coaching. Yeah, they wonder if the women may be listening. They’re like, yeah, I try all the things but I always fail or I always like I go back and you know, I ended up self sabotaging. Can you speak to that a little bit?

Rose Peterson 34:50
Yeah. So well speaking to that. A lot of times it’s just either you’re trying to do too much like you think you have to do it all perfectly. And that’s what you Do you self sabotage, or you don’t have the right support. So you’re not, maybe there’s someone in your household that doesn’t like to eat healthy, or they don’t understand why you want to work out or, or eat healthy. So maybe they don’t have the right support, or they just haven’t had the guidance of someone saying, like, Hey, we’re gonna do this step by step. And also, you know, we just did this topic last night with my clients. It’s no one’s really taught us how to stay healthy. No one’s really taught us how to take care of ourselves, or put ourselves first, especially women. And women are usually taught to like, get things done, and we serve, we serve our families we serve, let’s actually also

Ati Grinspun 35:39
be real, like, I struggle with my kid we eat be super healthy at home, and he fights us. Because that’s not how other people eat. Right? So he’s like, I just want mac and cheese. I just want and we’re like, sorry, but now. And he’s like, wow, whatever. And I’m like, This is what it’s for food.

Unknown Speaker 35:59

Rose Peterson 36:00
so yeah. And so then, like, one of the things I teach my clients are these little skills of like, looking ahead at your schedule. So it’s like, you know, we meet every week, and I’m like, Okay, what’s coming up for you this week that we have to prepare for? And having taking a breath to stop and look at the schedule, like, oh, actually, I’m going to be out of town this weekend. Oh, all right. How are you gonna eat when you’re there? You know, it’s like, or? You guys is yeah, the same? Exactly. So planning ahead is super key. And it could even be in the morning or the night before. When you’re looking at all your To Do lists, you have to remember, you have to feed yourself too. So it’s like, what am I going to eat today? Am I going to be home? Am I going to need extra stuff? And you know what, moms are really good at this for their kids. Oh, they never carry something

Ati Grinspun 36:50
for them. I know. Yeah. Yeah. No. Because you know, nobody wants a hungry child. But then you’re like, oh, cranky. And like, next thing you know, you are spending 10 bucks at Starbucks for something that it’s like, completely not fueling you.

Rose Peterson 37:04
Yeah, I think really, if your listeners are wanting to take away something very simple. And that is, let’s just make sure you’re eating three times a day, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And let’s make sure that you’re having one carb, one protein and one fat. Oh, and I forgot the other one. Just because it’s, it’s important, but not like not, I don’t make a huge focus on it. But if you’re gonna have vegetables, let’s do a fist. Okay, so one fist of vegetables, so that’d be your other one. But if you cover all those other macros, you’re gonna have energy, you’re going to feel good. You’re, we thought we talked about, you’re gonna think better, more clearly. And also a little bit of movement. And it only has to be 10 minutes a day. And like when we were talking about science, there, when they studied people who live long, they had an average of 10 minutes of movement a day, when they’re studying, saying,

Ati Grinspun 37:58
literally starting your day by going to do a walk around your block, that taking nothing like, sometimes also, I know, because this has happened to me. It’s so minimal that we don’t do it. Because we don’t even think that it’s making a difference.

Rose Peterson 38:14
Exactly. So many people think it doesn’t make a difference. But it does just like making a different decision for your nutrition. Like, maybe maybe in and out is on the table. Right? But maybe you do it let us wrap that little difference does make a difference.

Ati Grinspun 38:31
I love that. Yeah. How can you make whatever is in front of you, I will be healthier. I used to play a game with myself about that when I really started eating healthy. I kind of like don’t do it anymore. But you reminded me of that. And I used to go to a restaurant. Okay, what is the healthiest thing I can order here? Yeah, like it was kind of like a game. It was cool.

Rose Peterson 38:50
I want to kind of bring this back to like, how does taking care of your health making more money, right. And we kind of touched on that a little bit too, about how you’re more likely to show up for yourself, and how you’re more likely to work better. So let’s imagine that if you’re not if you’re putting your health at the bottom, how you feel now, right? Maybe how you’re feeling now is like unsure, not confident. Maybe you have ideas, but you don’t know how to execute them. But when you are having a regular practice of eating to feed yourself correctly, and doing a little bit of movement, how much more productive do you think you’re going to be? And how much more further you’re going to be? We lost it, but I’m going to keep it going. And back when Archie was talking about making creativity. There are studies that show that only 10 minutes of walking a day, you know, opens up your hippocampus and your prefrontal cortex and the prefrontal cortex that’s where all of our creativity lies. So if we are able to have that creativity, imagine the ideas and the execution And then we’re able to have for our business and also when you are increasing our confidence because we feel good when we’re taking care of ourselves we feel good look good, you’re gonna more likely promote your business and promote yourself as a face of the business. Okay, I’m gonna communicating with Archie really quick. We’re having the tech Gremlins came out. Okay, she’s coming back. There you are, you’re back. That’s really where you got, like, you know what, like, I think it was your internet. But yeah, I

Ati Grinspun 40:31
was on my computer, my other computer die. I’ll deal with it later. But okay, I where where I left off, and I don’t think I have my Can you hear me? Okay. Yeah, I

Rose Peterson 40:41
can hear you. Okay. No, I actually kept talking a little bit. I was still here. But the last thing I left off is the other benefit, kind of going back to the science, the other benefit of working out at least 10 minutes a day, or having movement or walking is going back to that creativity. So your prefrontal cortex opens up to. So you can think more clearly. That’s where the creativity ideas come from. And that’s also where your emotional regulation comes from. So you can actually regulate your emotions a little bit better handle stress a little bit better. When you get just a little bit of movement. 10 minutes.

Ati Grinspun 41:18
Actually, I was sharing with you that I before I go on sales calls, sometimes before I go live, or before I did, I actually do like sometimes I do squats or sometimes I’ll go for a walk. But for me that like quick, like movement, explosive for like, even five minutes, like even three minutes for me is super important because it gives me glowing.

Rose Peterson 41:42
Yeah. So I guess so to wrap this up, I really want to thank you for having me, because this is so much fun. And you know, I can like, keep going on this all in all, but just imagine the difference of how you feel physically when you’re taking care of your body. But also confidence wise, when you’re taking care of your body, you’re more likely to show up, dress up and tell more people about your business. When you’re not feeling good in your body, you tend to hide, you tend to not want to dress up you tend to not pick out favorite outfits, you’re you’re hiding and then you’re not when you’re hiding. You’re not letting out those creative ideas. You’re not letting people know who you are. You’re not letting people know about your business. I mean, can you without feeling good about yourself? How do you How can you tell a complete stranger what you do when they might be looking for you, you might be in answer to their prayers, we you know, I write

Ati Grinspun 42:39
when you don’t when we don’t feel our best. Like this is amazing. So this is kind of what will probably stay resonating in my mind after this is like the creativity the 10 minutes of movement. Yes, the three meals a day that actually sometimes I like I personally do three meals a day, but like sometimes like I’m like, scrambling through it. Right. So that and then the other one is really less now make this about the weight and let’s make it about how we feel exactly how we feel is how our clients are going to feel when they connect with us. Right.

Rose Peterson 43:16
Exactly. Exactly. And you know, you were you said it earlier, like I wrote down, I wrote down you are the motor of your business because I just love that quote so much. And it’s like we really are Yeah, I mean, how much better will your business run if the engine is running smoothly? Right.

Ati Grinspun 43:36
So this is kind of like extreme right? I’m gonna share something like a friend we have in common with Kelly, the co working space here in town, like you know, she’s so amazing and she has all these businesses and then you know, she was diagnosed with cancer and she was out and she also you know, you guys she’s doing better and she’s doing really good. I’m actually doing photos of her this Sunday. But she was oh for so long. Right? Like if you are out and all of a sudden even if it’s not something like as extreme but if you have depression if you are feeling down if you can really manage your emotions, right or which is part of how we all start in business until we start doing the job right yeah. exercise and nutrition is your first line of defense right like people ask me why I take so many lines

food is your first line of defense and exactly. I love this. So rose where can people find you and follow you you’re so active on social your Facebook group is amazing. Your people is amazing. Where can people find you?

Rose Peterson 44:51
Well, first of all, I love making new friends so make sure you friend me over on Facebook at Rose Peterson and then on Instagram. You can find me at Coach rose Peterson and if you’re looking for support, and you need some ideas on how to get healthy, I go live inside my free group, which it just mentioned, every Tuesday, I have a ton of free resources in there and downloads for you to get started. And you can join that group at fit and confident moms.com. And if you’re not a mom, but you’re a woman, you can still join, you could be a dog mom or a mom of your house. A mama business. Yes, a mom of your business.

Unknown Speaker 45:29
Exactly like my business and my baby.

Rose Peterson 45:32
Yes. So yeah, that you can find me there and say hello, when you join, and we’ll make sure we get you taken care of when you join.

Ati Grinspun 45:39
Would you repeat you said you had a resource where people can download it and kind of learn how to create that perfect portion. While yes.

Rose Peterson 45:47
So if they go to coach rose dot tips, tip S P as in Paul, you can get a free download. And I’m calling it right now weight loss without counting calories. But even if you don’t want to lose weight, it still has that whole hand portion method that you can start eating three times a day, it’s got a food list on there,

Ati Grinspun 46:09
that perfect kind of like portion for you just say, perky and like exactly

Rose Peterson 46:14
have all the nutrients Exactly, yeah. And it has a printable grocery list that you could just check the box. And so you can print it out, check the box, bring it with you to the store, and it makes it easy to get started. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun 46:27
I love that we want all of you out there to be so healthy, because your health is your wealth. If you’re healthy and you have energy, you’re going to show up as your best self, which at the end of the day is going to like grow your brand. So I want to ask you one last question that I asked all of my guests, which is what does it mean to you to be your own brand?

Rose Peterson 46:52
Yeah, you know, I thought about this when when you told me you’re gonna ask me, I think the way you say it all the time about being your own brand is being the face of your business. And it’s really what do you want to be known for? And how do you want to stand out above all the same people who are doing the things that you do? And so back when I worked at a gym at lifetime, everyone had the same uniform? And I had to stand out from from everybody there. And I thought, how can I stand out? And how can you build a brand within a brand, and they encouraged it, which was awesome. And one of the things that people recognize me is I had this purple fanny pack. And so then I jumped off on that I wore a purple fanny pack, I had purple glasses, which just broke today. Then I went and bought purple shoes. And I was just known for that color purple. So that was like my first branding color. And that was kind of fun. Yeah. And that was how I could stand out from everyone wearing all black, right? Because we had to wear this uniform. And then I had to carve a way to position myself as an expert in the gym. And that’s part of branding is what position are you going to be in? Like? Are you just some everyday trainer? Like who do you work with, right. And so part of my positioning right now is that I work with female business owners, I work with people who are over 35. And if I’m going to call myself an expert, I also should have some things to back it up. And so I went and got post pregnant postpartum sort of certified because many female 80% of females have children, I need to know how to work with them. And so building your brand, I believe is just who do you want to work with? And how do you show up to attract that person? And so if you walked into a gym that I was working at, and you were looking around all these people that just looked the same, how would you stand out. And so that was I was forced to build my own brand. And you brought

Ati Grinspun 48:49
a part of you that was a color that you love in order to actually be your own brand within the brand.

Rose Peterson 48:56
Exactly. And then also because I worked at a gym that had a lot of equipment and a lots of people who wanted to work on their physique. At that time, I became known as like the glute person. So we did a lot of like, glue exercises. And that’s how when I worked there, that’s how I built my brand. So anyway, to me, it’s like if you want to build your brand, you need to stand out above the crowd and you need to show what makes you unique. And yeah, I’m just you’re busy. I’m sorry.

Ati Grinspun 49:27
Like you were really good at like saying, I don’t think in something because I think part of this is people are like, Oh, I’m not special. I’m like we’re all the same. I’m like number one we’re not but number two pick something.

Rose Peterson 49:37
Exactly. And you know what? You You got to find something and you got to find something and there is something that that makes you unique, but that can connect to others. So for example, like you know, I love Disney World and Disneyland and so I can talk about that and maybe that’s something that you can representing your brand by like you go live and you You were Disney stuff. So I mean, there’s there’s ways that you can connect with others and find your people. You have to I think building a brand is so important because you have to be speaking my language. Yeah, the visibility part. I mean, that’s why I was wearing wacky accessories is because I wanted to be visible at my club where we all look the same. So and that, oh, I also carried a backpack that had a purple squat sponge sticking out of it. So everyone knew that. So cool. Yeah, so everyone knew that was rose, because it was like, you could even if you could see me from behind, you’d see that thing sticking out. And so even if it’s just a color, that’s going to help you stick out from the crowd, you know, like, so anyway, that was kind of like building your personal brand. One, I think it’s important to position yourself as the expert. And then also, you want to show up in a way that you’re attracting your ideal client, and also your brand is going to help you stand out above the crowd. So I think that’s what building a brand is all about.

Ati Grinspun 51:01
I love bed. Well, thank you so much. You’re you were gonna have on the show notes, once these airs on Spotify, on Apple podcasts, all of that. And on our website, we’re going to have all the show notes. And I’m going to make sure to go back now on social media and to add all of our leads. So thank you so much.

Rose Peterson 51:21
Thank you for having me. I’m so thrilled for you and excited more people need to hear your message and get your guidance. And I think that the people that you serve, it’s just such an important building a brand. You know, I did it on my own, but had I had more guidance, maybe I’d be farther along. I think that’s building your brand right away from the get go is going to help you get business faster. And I think that’s what I did naturally at lifetime. It’s like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 51:52
you’re brown. So

Ati Grinspun 51:53
people were attracted to you

Rose Peterson 51:54
exactly, because I could, how long could I be there with no customers, you know, at lifetime? Yeah. So it’s like, I had to find a way to stick out and that’s what I did. And and I think that if business owners are listening, and they want to be able to stick out and they want to be able to attract the right customers, having someone as an expert like you to say, Hey, this is what works and this is what’s going to help you stand out above the crowd. I wish I had that five years ago when I started my business.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Right. I love that.

Rose Peterson 52:26
Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you guys. Have a good rest of your day. You too. Bye.