I’m interviewing Abby Young, a  certified fashion stylist, about the importance of personal styling and dressing for confidence in your personal brand. Abby shared her top tips on  how she uses clothing to help clients feel confident and express their personal brand. We discussed the importance of dressing to highlight your best parts instead of hiding ( this was so good!) what you don’t like and how to dress for different body shapes and colors. 

Abby also shared tips for styling photo shoots and the different services she offers to clients. Overall, this episode emphasizes the power of personal style in building confidence and making a memorable impression for your clients.

Find the best moments:

05:06 Dressing for Impact and Influence

10:26 Dressing to Highlight Instead of Hide how to

16:08 Working with a Stylist- what does it look like 

18:28 Investing in Personal Styling- how much does it cost in average

25:13 Expressing Yourself Through Clothing – How to

26:58 Discovering Personal Style 

29:51 Styling for Photo Shoots – Tips

31:53 Choosing Fabrics for Photo Shoots

34:19 Where to Find Abby Young 

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Well, hello everybody to another episode of The Be You Brand podcast. My guest here, she is amazing, and I’m going to tell a little story before I even tell you who she is. I was about to go on stage on a speaking engagement I can last year, and I was having the craziest wardrobe malfunction, and she was my savior, literally, you guys, she taped my whole dress so I wouldn’t follow my face like literally, made it so my boobs couldn’t fall out. She just was my fairy godmother, and I am so excited for you to learn from Abby young, welcome to the Beck podcast. Yay. 

Abby Young  0:48  

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. That was such a wild situation. I remember you’re cutting it. I literally had to cut four inches off the dress and then tape it all up. But hey, we made it happen. You looked great. 

Ati Grinspun  1:01  

Yes, and I’m going to tell you I got so many compliments from that dress. I kept telling everybody it could have not happened without Abby. So guys, I am going to tell you who this genius of helping women shine on their personal brand is. Abby Young is a certified and published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with a specialty in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial and editorial styling. Her goal is to equip clients with the necessary tools to feel beautiful, confident and have a positive self image. Oh, my God, Abby, I love this description of you, because I think, as a personal brand coach, strategies all the things, confidence is so important, and self image is literally key. How we see ourselves is how people see us. So can you tell me a little bit? How did you get into styling? Let’s go a little bit on a short story. Because story, because this is not, I mean, not a lot of people knows that what you do is a job

Abby Young  2:08  

Exactly, exactly. Gosh, well, I’ll say it’s one of those things where, ever since I was younger in like, elementary school, middle school, I was always one having so much fun, like figuring out what I was gonna wear to different events, or mixing and matching things in my closet, but then also always helping my family and friends figure out what they were gonna wear, what goes with what so it was this natural ability that I had are always done, and then I think at the same time as many people Are, I never fully felt confident in my own body, especially when, like, middle school approached, I felt like I was filling out more, and I’m like, like, this is uncomfortable. I never felt as comfortable in my skin as I wanted during those middle school and high school years. So I specifically used clothes as a way to camouflage my body in the way that I wanted it to be perceived. And then I also use clothes just to help me feel better. The colors you wear and the types of silhouettes you wear hold so much psychology and symbolism, and so when you wear those pieces or those colors, you can end up embodying what they symbolize. And so for me, it was that mental trick of figuring out how I was going to feel my best by what I wore. And then it wasn’t until college. So I’m originally from the Midwest, so Minnesota always love fashion, but being from the Midwest, it’s like, how am I going to get into fashion? Like at the time I didn’t,

Ati Grinspun  3:42  

like, literally have to wear coat everything

Abby Young  3:46  

exactly such freezing weather. Yeah, you know, I was like, All right, well, what am I? What am I good at? And I went into teaching English. But in my junior year of my degree, I watched the Rachel Zoe project on Bravo during some downtime, and that’s when it was like, Oh my gosh. What I’ve been doing all along is actually a career, because fashion styling is a generally new career. But that’s what inspired me,

Ati Grinspun  4:12  

that I told you, most people don’t even know they can hire somebody to add them with desk, yeah, but if you didn’t know, you know, and that’s how you actually found that with Isn’t it crazy? Because I think, well, now obviously I’ve been a personal branding photographer and coach for so long now, but at the beginning, I remember vividly women saying, Oh, my God, I wish I could just hire somebody to tell me what to wear. And when women tell me that now I’m like, oh, actually you can, like exactly, somebody can tell you what you wear, what looks good on you. But I think the biggest thing is with photography in particular, I’m gonna go into photography a little bit. Women are like, I don’t feel comfortable. They’re wearing clothes that maybe they want to fit in, but that doesn’t fit their body they have right now, right? So that is so. So many things in order for them to actually, I’m gonna pitch the name of the this episode, but it’s like, actually own your look, so you can own your brand and then dressing for impact and influence, right? Because women tell me, well, but that’s not me. I’m like, Whoa. We want to dress as your highest version. Yep, the highest version of yourself. So can we actually go into that? I would love for you to help us, including myself. How do we dress to highlight instead of to hide? Because every woman is different, so how do they actually so let’s go into that, because you have so many amazing tips.

Abby Young  5:40  

Oh, thank you. Thank you. But whenever I work with new clients or get asked this question or do presentations about it, I always say, figure out the foundational pieces. So what is your silhouette? If you didn’t know this, there are five different silhouettes for women, triangle, inverted, triangle, hourglass, rectangle and round. You might have heard different shapes for them, but those are the five. Maybe you heard pear instead of triangle, but that’s the What am i Oh, I’d have to see. I mean, generally I take the measurements, because we’re really looking at your proportion between your shoulder width, your hip width and your waist width. So I can, I can pretty much see it when I see someone, but I always like to take their measurements in those areas, just to be sure. But that’s super important, because depending on your body shape, there will be different recommended silhouettes of clothing to wear. Not all trends work for everyone. Oh, my God, I love

Ati Grinspun  6:38  

that. You had to say that. So for those of you listening, she actually taught a class inside of the Bureau Academy a few days ago, and she made us stand up right? And like, I was, like, measuring with my hands. I, like, she said, Well, if you have one hand in between your waist and and your your solar plexus, like, right, how do you call this, like, underneath your bust, your boobies, right? And she’s like, if you got one kind I was like, I have half a hand,

Abby Young  7:06  

yeah, very short torso. That’s the other thing. Figure out if you have a balanced torso to leg ratio, shorter torso, longer torso. Figure out your body. Everybody’s unique. I

Ati Grinspun  7:19  

my mom always says, like, what? What the cop with this whole pants? Like, what is it? What are they called highways? The Highways, my mom is like, literally. They’re like, cover my boots, because for sure. So, yeah, not all trends work for everybody. People like, so, yeah,

Abby Young  7:37  

that’s amazing. I love that. And then figuring out your colors can be so super important. I know there’s like, some Tiktok filters and tests and different tests online. I would recommend getting your colors done in person. I only test colors in person because that’s going to give you the most accurate results. But when you’re wearing the right colors, you’re going to be glowing, you’re going to be looking the most alive, and the attention from the viewers is going to be on your face. And that’s exactly what we want when you’re dressing for yourself, when you’re the front face and center of your business as well, yeah.

Ati Grinspun  8:14  

Oh my god, I love that well. But also I’m going to, I’m going to say, because I go to sometimes write events or networking events or whatever, women are all wearing black, yeah, I’m like, Yeah, literally, nobody can remember you. Yes. Like, you’re wearing the same thing that everybody else girl, and even when you’re wearing black, like, can you wear something that makes you stand out?

Abby Young  8:38  

Exactly like, grab an accessory that pops. Wear some bolder jewelry, earrings, if you’re going to wear black, be bold in a different area. Accessories, jewelry, yeah, yes. Shoes, other you want to stand out, especially at these networking events. That’s exactly right. And if you’re wearing a color, you’re going to stand out, especially if you’re wearing the right color that goes with your skin tone. And think about the psychology behind it. Maybe are going to wear blue, which symbolizes trust, and people are going to feel like they can trust you more, or wear yellow or orange to communicate more friendliness, depending on what you’re trying to convey. So

Ati Grinspun  9:20  

okay, I want to say this because when I went to lean with my orange and pink, I get this all the time. Well, you already you we met in person. You know me by like, it’s very rare that I am not wearing something that is on brand. Actually, I have orange pants right now. Like, I’m wearing orange pants, and I wear a lot of white here because I have my backdrop that is my my brand colors. But what I tell people is, when you have your brand colors, you need to think of what colors you wear the most, and they look better on you before you decide what your brand colors are going to be. For your for your website, for everything, because then you’re always on brand. Like, I literally, I wear pink, white, black and orange. And then I, like, sometimes I can off color of those colors. That’s all I wear. Yes, and it makes it so fucking easy. Like, if you take a selfie, you’re on brand. If you are in a networking event, you are called online. If you go to speak, now you know what your colors are. So you said dressing to highlight instead of hide. Number one thing is your shape, right? The body shape and then the hours, yeah. Then how do you use those to actually keep your insecurities at bay. Because I think that once you actually figure it out, what makes you feel comfortable, your confidence in that close goes to the roof. But like, how do you deal with this with like, your clients or stuff like that?

Abby Young  10:52  

Yeah, so that’s a great question. Most recently, I’ve worked with a lot of moms who are post maternity and a lot of them have been uncomfortable in their bodies because they’ve changed, or maybe they’re not back down to their original weight. They

Ati Grinspun  11:08  

and these are business women like that. They need to go back to work. Or, yeah, social media, yeah, it’s like that. Yep,

Abby Young  11:14  

yep. Entrepreneurs, they Yeah, and they don’t feel 100% confident to put themselves selves out there, even to go to the grocery store, let alone to hop back on social media or, you know, back onto their podcast. So kind of like I did when I was really getting into fashion when I was younger, you need to dress yourself in a way that’s going to make you feel good. And in that instance, like if you don’t feel 100% confident in your body yet. How can you dress to kind of overcome that or overshadow that? What can you wear that’s going to make you feel better on the inside, even though maybe you’re not confident or comfortable in your skin yet?

Ati Grinspun  11:56  

Oh my god, I’m gonna say that is key, though, because I there is dresses that are like, at this point, I have three types of clothes I wear, and I love them, and that’s what I wear all the time, but, and that’s kind of where you’re going, right? Like, having that style that you know works for you, but I I’m gonna say, like, there is dresses that I kept trying to like always I was trying to go for, like, super tight dresses, whatever that I used to wear when I was in my 20s. I had no boobs at the time, like no belly. Had no kid. I’ve literally donated all of that. I’m not going back to that. I don’t look good. I don’t even wear those heels anymore. So I feel that the day that I realized that I needed to dress for who I am today, instead of like mourning who I was when I was in my 20s. Oh, my God, that like, just skyrocket

Abby Young  12:44  

Yes, yes. That’s so important dress for where you’re at and who you want to be. And I love what you said, like, Don’t mourn the past. Like, get rid of those jeans that you’re hanging on to. A lot of our clothes hold memories, but we’re ever evolving. You don’t need to go back to the clothes that you know once made you happy, find new clothes that are going to I think that,

Ati Grinspun  13:06  

okay, you just said something that clothes at once made you happy or made sexy back. Then it’s not necessarily the clothes that make you feel sexy right now. Okay, I need to go and throw away the rest of the closet. No, I’m not gonna throw away. I’m gonna donate it, but like, you, you get it, okay. But I have a question around this, because so many women will come to like, they come to the photo shoot, or they get on a consultation with me, and they are like, Oh, I know I’m gonna book when I lose weight, yeah. And I’m like, Yeah, well, like, people need to see your business now, so you’re gonna wait until you lose weight to actually promote your business. Like that makes no sense to me. Yeah. So how do you deal with, like, a lot of and I know you’re gonna go back to the shape, but how do you deal with that when, when people tell you that, like, let’s say somebody reaches out to you, I’m like, Okay, I gain all this way. I need to do a photo shoot for my business. What do I do?

Abby Young  13:59  

Yeah, that’s such a great question, and I encounter this quite a bit too. I have a couple people who are waiting to do their wardrobe overhauls until they get, you know, to their comfortable weight. But I also have others who are like, You know what, I’m accepting my new body where it’s at. Maybe I’ll lose a couple more pounds, but I know that it’s it has just inevitably changed as I’ve gotten older, etc. So with those clients, I remind them, and this is important to know, if you don’t know this, of those five silhouettes, no matter if you gain weight, have a baby, lose weight, you always have the same silhouette. So once you find out what your body shape is. It’s always that, because you know weight, it deposits differently for each person, and so it doesn’t impact your silhouette. It just matters. Maybe you’re like a bigger version of that silhouette or a smaller version of that silhouette, but you still have the same silhouette. So finding those key. No,

Ati Grinspun  15:00  

I did not know that. Yeah, that it’s so key. I love that. Love it, love it, love it. Okay, so tell me, how does it look like for somebody to actually work with somebody like you? I think that a lot of the women that I work with, they are on the first few years of business, right? So at the beginning, investing in somebody like you may feel, like, over the top, right? Or like, oh, I don’t know, but tell me a little bit. Tell me maybe even a story or something where you’re like, Okay, this is what it looks like. This is the different capacities that you can work with people. Because even myself, right, when you help me, I was like, Oh, if she could just help me, like, pick stuff for the stage that would be amazing. Like, I don’t need, like, everyday styling, but hey, picking stuff for stage that makes me look my absolute self, that would be amazing. I don’t need to worry. So what are the different capacities that people can work with you? Yeah,

Abby Young  15:52  

that’s, that’s a great question. I’ve partnered with quite a few different branding photographers like you mentioned. A lot of people are scared to be in front of the camera, in general, let alone they don’t want to worry about what they’re going to wear or what they should wear. So I work with a lot of people styling them for their branding shoot, and then a lot of those people are like, you know, what, if I’m investing in spending money on a stylist to help me figure out what clothes to wear for my branding shoot. I might as well do this for lifestyle too. So I’ve done full wardrobe overhauls. I’ve also done more capsule wardrobe overhauls, where it’s like, okay, I need a set work out, like work capsule. I need my three go to presentation outfits, my five go to zoom tops, and so we get them set like you’re gonna wear these things on your branding shoot, and you’ll also be able to wear them afterwards.

Ati Grinspun  16:47  

Okay, I think that that would you just said something that actually ignited my mind. I always know what color I’m gonna wear for what So, for example, I know for my podcast, 90% of the times I’m wearing white and you’re either white or black, because I’m sitting here and I’m sitting against this right, and then I have like, three or four tops, even from Brenda runway, that I always pick depending on what I’m doing. Sometimes I repeat them, because I know they look amazing on Zoom, but I gonna wear those out, for example, exactly which is crazy. I Okay. I love this because I think also, from working with a lot of women, women will think that this is kind of like a Bougie kind of thing, like, Oh, I’m not going to spend money on that. So this might be a really weird question, and I just want to give people the disclaimer. I don’t know when you’re listening to this podcast, so I’m actually going to ask her about investment and how much it can cost. But let’s not keep Abby to the spicy, because maybe you’re listening to this podcast, like a year from now. So, but I feel like women don’t even know what this this was me, by the way. I was like, oh, there is no way I can’t afford this. But then I was like, Oh, yeah. So we even don’t know what to expect when working with somebody like you. Where do they start? Yeah,

Abby Young  18:07  

there are many different ways to start. You could start by getting specific recommendations for branding shoot. Maybe it’s not a full service shopping and returns and tailoring from anywhere which

Ati Grinspun  18:20  

that’s probably really bougie, right? Like, that’s like you doing everything for somebody, but it is to get their colors and their shapes for

Abby Young  18:28  

the Yes, yes, if you want a personalized style profile with your silhouette and recommendations and color analysis. Right now the pricing is around 575,

Ati Grinspun  18:42  

as a that’s not crazy. And I know some for some people, that might be crazy, but I think that is such a good investment, because then you’re gonna use that for your shoot, for when you go networking. Now you can go shopping on your own and look for the best. And do you tell people what is the best cuts or whatever for those body shapes? Exactly,

Abby Young  19:00  

that’s all included in the style profile. So they see specific necklines that are recommended for them based on their face shape, types of jeans, types of dresses. There’s pictures in their style profile, arrows and lines and like diagrams. So it’s and again, because your silhouette never changes, this is a guide for life, and colors generally stay the same for every 10 years. So yeah, it’s great that

Ati Grinspun  19:28  

it was okay, that I think that that’s a nugget, honestly for people, because I think that women, I mean, come on, guys, we spend money in so much bullshit, and you spending like 500 bucks into actually knowing your colors, because this can help you also find your brand colors,

Abby Young  19:47  

exactly 100%

Ati Grinspun  19:51  

this is amazing. So, for example, what is the Bougie est service that I love, the word bougie, by the way, I never used it. That’s a few months. How I discovered the word bougie. Now I use it for everything. But like, what is the Bucha is? Like, what is the service that, like, Pampers your people? I like, literally take the problem off the plate right on the other side. Yeah, I love

Abby Young  20:14  

that. So on the far end of the spectrum, the Bougie, a service that I offer is concierge service. So it’s an on call service for my clients who knew, who need ongoing day to day, work wardrobes, maybe different things pop up, like speaking engagements, and I’m on call for them to shop for these special occasions that pop up, house calls, video calls,

Ati Grinspun  20:41  

oh my god, that’s amazing. So say, for example, like, like, if I could have you on call, I’m like, oh my god, I’m speaking on Saturday. I need something new. You would send something to my house here, what to wear that? It’s, I think, okay, I need to get to that point.

Abby Young  20:55  

That’s my Yeah, yes, you

Ati Grinspun  20:57  

got it. You got it that? I think it’s so underrated. Yeah, the importance of this. And I know for sure this is something that I do. And I tell my clients, if you don’t know if you’re going to an event and you don’t know how to dress, dress like your best fucking self, like dress like the I want to be the best dressed person in the room. Now, while it’s still in my in my style, right? Like you saw my my outfit to open the beach club, I’m like, I didn’t know what Rebecca was gonna wear. Like I was actually opening for the host of this event. And I was like, I didn’t know what she was gonna wear. I was like, Whoa, but I still need I’m the first person these people see, right? So I was like, I need to look like a million bucks and and I think that people forget that you want to be memorable, yeah, what is your advice around that? Oh

Abby Young  21:56  

my gosh. I think to be memorable, exactly what you said. So wear something that makes you feel confident, go to that that piece or that color that makes you feel your best, wear something that flatters your silhouette, wear something that you feel comfortable in. Because when you’re comfortable, you’re going to feel more confident, and you’re not going to be thinking in your head like, Oh my gosh. Like, are my boobs popping out? Or like, oh, is this dress? See through you don’t you want to avoid that as well. So if you dial it in and really wear what matches your body, shape your face, shape your coloring, that’s that’s the best advice. Those three pieces, those foundational pieces, I think, are set for everything. Because whether I give someone their style profile, and they use it for their own closet edit or their own shopping, or whether I’m working with someone on a concierge service level, I’m using these foundational pieces for them anytime I’m styling someone or shopping for them. I’m looking at what their colors are, what their body shape is, what are their favorite pieces that they like to wear. I’m not going to put them in a romper if they don’t like rompers first. I

Ati Grinspun  23:03  

you know what I love about this? There is such a connection between these and actually a brand guideline, right where you’re like, Okay, these are my fonts. These are my colors, these. This is my tone of voice. This is and now you have one more tool to stay on brand, not only with your business, but all also with yourself, because I think that I’m actually going to tell a story, I’m not going to give names, but I have a really cool story. I met somebody at a networking event, and this person was super dressed down. She was in flip clubs at the time. This was years and years ago. So if you’re listening to a podcast, and you’re thinking that it may be you, it’s probably not like because this was like, 10 years ago, and I remember I had this feeling that this person, like, was just very new in business. I really that was, you know, you get like, uh, vibes from somebody, right? A few weeks later, I went to a different event. I didn’t even recognize this person, and she was like, Oh, I met you and so and so events, and it was like a different person. But the thing is that I remember thinking like, wow, okay, she’s a fucking rock star, but I could never shake that first impression, yeah, I’d always stayed with me. I was like, why did this person? Because then I became, like, close to this person, like, it’s somebody that I love and stuff, and I’m like, and I always start with me, and then I always have this idea, right? Like us, women, entrepreneurs, yes, we have days where we need to show up, and showing up is better. You know, it’s 80% of people say that, but if you have a guideline like that, you will always be on brand. You will always be your best, right? Just by having a guide like that, and every piece in your wardrobe would look like that

Abby Young  24:55  

exactly. Yeah, that story made me also remember. Or to add, make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the context.

Ati Grinspun  25:06  

You know. Yes. Oh, so my advice, of like, if you don’t know, dress your best might not work.

Abby Young  25:13  

Yes. I mean, dress your best, but also dress for the context. If you’re unsure of what people wear to this special event or even to this place on vacation. Go on Pinterest a lot of times when I’m styling my clients for let’s just say the Bahamas, for instance. Like, oh, what do people wear in the Bahamas? Like, take a look at Pinterest. You’ll get different inspiration. You don’t have to just draw it out of thin air. Oh, I

Ati Grinspun  25:42  

love that word. There is a saying in Spanish. Let’s see if I can translate it to make sense. But it’s like dead, dead over simple. But what it actually means is, go to the dress the dressing like you always dress your best. You always want to be the best dressed person in the room. It goes into that. I think for me, it’s not about like the heels or whatever, but I always want to be on my own style. And I think that is such a way to express yourself, how you how you use your clothing. So how do you actually bring that into people’s because not everybody is audacious, not everybody is classic. Not everybody, right? So how do you work with that? How do they actually discover that, too?

Abby Young  26:27  

Oh, that’s great. So once we do the foundational pieces, we generally will do a closet shop or a closet edit. So we get in the closet, let’s see everything that they like. Let’s see the necklines that they’re used to wearing. We talk about any absolute nose like perhaps a lot of people have a certain max for heel height they don’t want to go over. So we’ll talk about their gloves.

Ati Grinspun  26:55  

Well, I’m trying. I’m trying my best too, but yes,

Abby Young  26:58  

yes. And then from there, naturally, I feel like I’m able to synthesize what their style is from their style questionnaire that we go through in their closet. Sometimes people will share INSP, inspo photos. Some clients, they come to me and they’re like, I don’t really feel like I have a style. So I look at that was my next question, yes. And then we talk about what they like and don’t like, and then we bring, I guess, from there, I usually am able to just draw out what might be be their style. And, yeah, I

Ati Grinspun  27:35  

think a lot of that goes down to also self discovery, which is so much a piece of personal branding, right? Yeah, it is really allowing yourself to try new things like, I know that’s my personality. I’m audacious, I’m courageous, I’m fearless. People like people say all the things about me. I don’t necessarily think I’m fearless, but my style is more I am willing, right, to try new things and look dumb, if I have to. But not everybody has that. But I feel like everybody can actually come up with, like, a little bit right of their self clothing, and having somebody like you may help. Yeah,

Abby Young  28:14  

that’s a great point. Self discovery is a big part of it, a lot of it. And I love shopping for clients, because I bring pieces to them, they wouldn’t have picked out themselves. And then they’re forced to try them and discover like, wow, I do like this. Wow. I do like wearing this color. This is a new silhouette that can be a go to for me. Oh, how

Ati Grinspun  28:36  

fun. I love that. Avi, I love it, I love it. I love it. So you have done personal, commercial, editorial, wardrobe, I’m kind of gonna bring you back to to the photo shoot, because I think this is where most women that I they are in my work. Photoshoot, going live on Instagram, going live on Zoom. That’s where most of my women are. A lot of my women are starting to speak in public, and I think that the context piece that’s key too, because you want to bring your personality, but you want to keep it to context. But what are your go to when it is for a photo shoot? Like, what are the things that you ask? You ask people? What are the questions? What are the things that you ask? What they have to have in mind too? Yes.

Abby Young  29:25  

Oh, this is great. One of the big ones that comes to mind is, how do you want to be portrayed? How do you want people to view you and so happy? Well, tell me like I want people to view me as approachable or friendly, intelligent, and so based on how they want people to view them, I make sure that their wardrobe communicates that I love,

Ati Grinspun  29:51  

love that because I actually asked that dad, and that’s how I come up with different poses, different ideas, prop ideas. But. The clothing is key, the clothing. So this is where I think that when you and I talked about this episode, I thought it was so important to bring you because people will invest 345, $1,000 in a photo shoot, and they don’t want to invest five, $600 in a styling. They invest three, 300 bucks right on hair and makeup, but this is the same. This is part of that process, which I think brings that photo shoot to the next level. When people tell me, like, Well, what do you think of of makeup and hair? And I’m like, Oh, it’s a non negotiable. And they’re like, really? I’m like, Yeah, do you want to look like you look every day, or you want to look like the best the next version of you, the best version of you. Yeah, I honestly think that this is gonna be my next thing for clients too, having understanding of your colors, your shapes, all of that. Yeah,

Abby Young  30:50  

yeah, and it, but it lets the photographer and the makeup and hair stylist be in their own area of expertise, then the makeup and hair stylist and the photographer aren’t having to make sure the clothes are laying a right way or before the photo shoot, like, ooh, which outfit Should I wear? Instead, the photographer is finding the best lighting, the best spots to pose you. The hair and makeup artists are make sure, making sure everything is looking good on your face and hair. So we don’t want to take away from their jobs. And

Ati Grinspun  31:22  

I want to actually ask you one more question, because I have this thing come up with clients all the time, which is the different types of fabrics that actually work or don’t work for a photo shoot, because a lot of these fabrics, like show everything, even though the shape may look good, but some, some fabrics show every single wrinkle and and even though they are teased to you. So yeah, they are like, some tips for people there. Oh,

Abby Young  31:53  

well, number one, make sure everything is steamed. Because, to my knowledge, I I, I’m

Ati Grinspun  31:58  

gonna tell you girl, like, I bring a steamer, but like, I can’t even tell you how many women show up with their clothes now steam and I’m Yeah,

Abby Young  32:06  

and that’s the other thing. Like, if you have a stylist on your shoot, they will steam all of the clothes for you. Usually, I bring all of the clothes of my clients to the shoot the day of, so they don’t have to worry about packing what they need, steaming it, organizing it. As far as fabrics go, make sure you don’t have wrinkles in general. And then from there, I wouldn’t recommend, like any stiff cotton, anything with too much of like a sheen or shine, I think, will highlight the photos in a distracting way that will take care of your take away from your face. And then I also would steer clear of, like, bulkier items too, because I feel like, to me, it does seem like the like, the camera doesn’t lie, or the camera can add weight, which is so weird. So we want to highlight the lens. Yeah, okay, okay, yeah. So we want to highlight your silhouette, not have the big, you know, bulky jean jacket on top. So that’s awesome. Love that. But

Ati Grinspun  33:07  

I find that some fabrics actually, like, lay weird, and they create like, like, what is it, please, right? Like, pleats, yes, like, you know what I mean, like, and then you’re like, you’re trying to, like, lay it perfectly, especially like silks, and

Abby Young  33:21  

still like that silk and that’s where, like the double sided sticky tape comes into play. So we cheat some fabrics, yeah, but I will say about wrinkles, sometimes it’s not that it hasn’t been steamed or that it’s a bad fabric. It might actually be that it’s not fitting you, right? If something is too big or too small, that can cause many different wrinkles in different spots. I have a blog on this on my website. Oh, my God,

Ati Grinspun  33:52  

I am loving this conversation. Abby, I know you have the most amazing blog. Can you tell everybody where they can find you like all of it like, because I, well, I’m, by the way, when you book a shoot with me, I have my recommended people. Abby is one of them, so you can always find her there. But I would love for you to go follow her on social media, read her blog, all the things and yeah, tell them. Tell them

Abby Young  34:19  

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Find me on my website. Abby youngstyling.com there’s a freestyle guide you can download. You can also find my blog there with a lot of different different tips and tricks. I’m on Pinterest. Abby young styling with amazing things you can save. You can find me on Instagram at Abby young styling as well. So please reach out if you have any questions, if you want to inquire about working together. I am here. Styling is not just for celebrities, it’s for everyday people as well. I love,

Ati Grinspun  34:50  

love, oh, and I’m reading your notes that like for our B brand listeners, you will get a 15% off. Off their new client collection, which includes at silhouette and color analysis a closet edit personal shop, something like this, right? Yeah, gonna put all of these on the show notes, but if you’re reaching out to her through the podcast, let her know. So you can probably either save some money or allocate that money to extra services. And I honestly, highly, highly recommend using this service, because I think it’s going to bring your confidence to the next level. And I just love also how amazing to detail you are for somebody I am not a detail oriented person, so you are amazing at that. So I love it. Thank you.

Abby Young  35:42  

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me and thank you listeners. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  35:48  

thank you guys. Bye.