Welcome to our book Launch Series!

Our Ascension Mastermind collective book is coming out August 1st eeeeekkkk! And we are so excited! 

Each Book Launch series episode showcases a Mastermind client/author , their chapter, story and how writing a book has impacted their life, and what you can expect from reading their chapter.

A very insightful discussion with Cat Coley where we explore the power and importance of storytelling, particularly through writing. 

Cat shares her journey of writing her chapter, emphasizing the challenges and rewards of turning personal experiences into compelling narratives. 

Cat Coley is a Storyteller Coach | Keynote Speaker | Story Strategist with an amazing an empowering story to tell, her chapter will captivate you and keep you to the edge of you seat. She embodies the resilience and spirit of turning hardship into purpose.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Hello, my friends, how are you doing? I am so excited for today’s episode, because I am going to be interviewing one of the co-authors of Be You: Brand Your Business, Your Story, Your Way. She has such an incredible story. She was a speaker at the Be You Brand  live event. She is part of our ascension mastermind. She’s an amazing storytelling coach, but I think what I love most about her is her being open to always use her story to actually elevate other people. And as we are gearing towards the launch of our collective book, I will be interviewing all the co authors for you to really get excited about. What is it that you are going to get out of reading their story? Why I believe that is so important for you to truly put your words into paper and tell the story to the world. I am so excited. Hey, Cathleen, how are you? You’re next my friend, writing a book, you’re gonna be the next one to write a book. If there is people that have amazing stories, like Kathleen and Kat Koli are like, right there with them. Oh, my God, my my friend. Welcome. Welcome to the B run podcast. You’ve never been in it yet before. Welcome to the Instagram Live, and welcome to the opening episode of really starting to promote our book. I

Cat Coley  1:48  

know I’m so excited. It’s, you know, it’s like coming together, and it’s like, at first, it’s just like, an idea, a thought, and then a process. And now it’s, oh, we’re sending stuff in, and we’re forms being made. And

Ati Grinspun  2:01  

you know what also was like coming into my head? I it was all the crap shit and trying to figure it out Instagram, how crazy it is that we started writing a book in January, right? I mean, it’s like there is so many things on the behind the scene that people have no idea that need to happen, right? Like, you need to upload your video into what your photo. It’s not just like writing your story that is so right to share that.

Cat Coley  2:29  

Like, that’s like the last part, or, Oh, and by the way, you’ve got to write the story, and you’re like, God, we haven’t gotten to that yet. Like, I feel like I’ve gotten to that. I

Ati Grinspun  2:39  

love it. So let’s actually, let’s do a proper intro. Tell the world who you are, why you do and then we’ll go from there. Yay.

Cat Coley  2:50  

Okay, I am Kat Coley. I am a storytelling coach, a keynote speaker, a podcast host, soon to be a published author and soon to be a columnist, which I’ll tell I love that, and I help women, entrepreneurs and creatives unpack their untold stories so that we can repackage it to the world, into the right community, into the right audience, and they can have genuine, authentic, real connections and conversations that turn their followers engagers into actual clients, and loyal clients and loyal, loyal followers, and just somebody that will root for them. So that’s what I do, in an essence, and I love storytelling, and I’m compelled by storytelling. I’m compelled by people’s stories. I’m always intrigued by people’s stories. And I think we all have a story, even if sometimes we feel like much or not enough or nothing at all. I love that.

Ati Grinspun  3:48  

Well, obviously, if you’re listening to this right now or you’re watching on Instagram, you can see the connection between Kat and I. Because obviously we love to bring women to life. We love bringing their stories, and I’m 100% honest here, like we Shasta mean or first draft you guys, and I haven’t read your story yet, so I want to be blown away, right? I We’re not, not going to tell people your full story. They’re going to have to read the book for that exactly, you have an amazing story of resilience. You have this amazing story of overcoming something really hard that happened to you, and you turn that into a gem. What writing a chapter, what writing a book actually brought up for you, what has there was so much that moved for me by writing like my story. But I want to hear from you what happened to you when you had to sit down and be okay. I’m gonna put this in paper.

Cat Coley  4:52  

First of all, there’s a reason I’m a speaker and not a writer. Be. Because this was not everyone was like, You’re you’ve got it. I do have a story. And I think we all have a story. And yes, I have shared my story many times, hundreds, even 1000s of times, but writing your story and bits of it, because obviously, this is a chapter, was so much more difficult than I had ever anticipated. I didn’t know exactly where to start, how to start it, what which part, and I felt actually like a client of mine. Because when my clients come there to me, they’re like, here it is. Find the connecting things. And that’s basically what I did. And so the outlining of it really helped. The process in which we did together as a group helped as well. But the actual sitting down. And what happens when you story tell, and what happens when you write is that all of these different memories come and experiences, and you are able to connect those things. And when you start to see it on paper, it really does become, wow, I’ve done some things, I’ve lived through stuff, and then you’re trying to figure out, how is that related? How is that compelling? How does that fit into the story? So the process in writing, as somebody that knows their story and shares their story often was very difficult for me, and I will tell you, the first time I wrote it, I just said, I’m just gonna write it. I’m just gonna free flow. And I was like, You know what? I’m pretty sure I am so close to we have to reach a certain number, or it’s I’m like, I know I am close. And I was like, so I’m like, I fine. I’ll put it in the word counter. Oh, my God. I was not even close. I was like, so I was telling my daughter, I was like, and she’s like, when does it have to be two? And I was like, it’s due. And I was like, you know, of course, because, again, it’s the last thing that I did, because it felt like the easiest thing for me to do. I was just like, I’ll just write what I share in person. How easy is that I could probably convert something, a speech of mine, into this cannot, will not, does not happen. And so I was like, at 1800

Ati Grinspun  7:04  

oh my god, so done.

Cat Coley  7:07  

I was like, I am done. And I put it in. And I was like, wait, what? Okay

Ati Grinspun  7:12  

for backstory for our listeners and the people that are watching, we were all writing a minimum of 4000 to 4500 words, so but, or minimum was 4000 so you were like, 1800 words. I mean all that you’re saying that.

Cat Coley  7:29  

And I was like, I should be done. And I’m like, I said to myself, I’m probably over slightly over. And then I had to, like, cut and paste like three times to be like, Am I in a word work? Is it counting the right words? What are you counting? Anyways? Okay,

Ati Grinspun  7:49  

share something with me, because one of the things that was like, so inspiring to me. Okay, so a little bit of back story for our listen, and some for the people watching, is we have a publishing company called she rises. I’m going to tag them here that they’re helping us. They came and did a workshop for us, and also CAD did a workshop in our retreat that we did back in January. And it was so cool that it was you had different path, right? But the beginning was what you wanted your audience to leave with from your chapter. And I felt like it was just so amazing, because each of us could choose that feeling, that teaching, whatever it was, that we wanted the person to have, and write it in our own, on our own way. So what was yours? What did you be What do you want your people to get from your chapter?

Cat Coley  8:44  

What I want my people, anyone that’s reading my particular chapter, to get is that there really is a story inside of them that’s that needs to come out, even as if it’s, you know, that has no value, or it’s not worth anything, or their experiences. It’s just that everyone goes through it, or that it’s you know, that it’s not significant. Because everyone that I’ve ever spoken to, I’m in awe of some of the stories that they’ve gone through, how quickly they’ve managed to bounce back, how resilient now, how strong they are, and I gather information and lessons from them and small stories that they tell, those are the stories that they’re already sharing or not sharing. What about the stories that are untold? What about the stories we keep hidden? And that, for me, that’s the spark, that’s the inspiration, that’s the empowerment that I want from someone I share my story, and some people say courageously or bravely, I just share it, because I know that someone else is holding on to their stories, the way in which I was holding on to mine, like it was a burden, like it defined me, and

Ati Grinspun  9:53  

almost like, almost shame, right? Because for me, one of the things so this is the second time I said to Ross. Right? And the first time I had all the thoughts that this is literally the reason why I hosted this mastermind, I literally, but the first time that I started sharing my story, I felt like, who’s gonna care about this? I was sharing a lot of bartending years my childhood, and I was like, who’s gonna care about this? And then the moment I put it into paper, and the moment people started reading, so many people share with me, oh, my God, thank you for sharing that when I was a child, X, Y and Z, or this is what my relationship with my mom used to be. And maybe this is the reason why I’m having issues with X, Y and Z, or whatever. And there was so much healing also on the writing of both chapters.

Cat Coley  10:46  

And I think also there’s a point where in which we feel so alone in our stories. Of course, my story is, is very unique, very definitely unique. However, somebody else, the feeling, the guilt, the embarrassment, the shame, all of those things that’s universal and you don’t you didn’t need to experience my exact story to have the same feelings, to feel guilty and ashamed and embarrassed and no, that’s a universal thought and feeling for everyone. And I always think of that when I start to share my story. Is that people always walk away with their story, not necessarily mine. They’ll remember mine. But as I start to share, they are thinking about their stories every

Ati Grinspun  11:30  

time, every time, how what you are saying applies to that, yes, exactly what I remember the first time I heard your story, actually, I’m lying, because I heard your story for the first time when we did a zoom call, but when I heard your story from stage at bubra live last year, the whole time, I think on somewhere on the back of my mind was, what would I have done in that situation, that just because what we are doing as listeners or readers is we are taking the story and we’re using it as a mirror

Cat Coley  12:06  

exactly, and we’re always putting ourselves in people’s stories. We are always putting ourselves in people’s stories. And so even regardless if it’s you’re hearing somebody on stage, you’re reading a book, you’re watching a movie, right? Even if it’s a love story, or you’re always like, what would I do in that situation, or when that happened to me, or something?

Ati Grinspun  12:25  

Okay? No, right, whatever it is, no. And

Cat Coley  12:29  

that’s what storytelling is all about. It’s not about I use my story as as a vehicle for you to use for your own story. I just help guide you, but really the essence of my story, the details of my story, is really it’s important only to me

Ati Grinspun  12:48  

can you tell everybody the name of your chapter.

Cat Coley  12:52  

The name of my chapter is unscripted, finding beauty in the mess. So there’s definitely beauty in

Ati Grinspun  13:01  

the mouth. How your story is going to help other women really bring out their own way. How do you think that? Because we’re talking about storytelling, right? But at the end of the day, what we’re trying to really achieve here is, like, help these women do it the wrong way, and there is, and I know like when I look at you and when I look at the other authors that we have, we’re all in the same path of truly embracing how we want to do things and not be in a box.

Cat Coley  13:33  

And I think the running theme, of course, the running theme of the book, the running theme of the stories. And regardless of where each of us take the take our book or take a chapter, the running theme is just owning who we are. Really that, if there’s any, I think there’s any takeaway, aside from the inspiration to to share your stories and but really honoring who we are and being proud of who we are, despite, regardless, in addition to all of the things that we’ve gone through, all of the background, all of the history, all of the mess, all of the highs, all of the lows, but really embracing that and finding ways in which we honor ourselves in the truest form possible. Hopefully the readers will find themselves in all of our stories in some shape or form, and not just one, because I think there’s different versions of us. The version talking about in my story is Cat version 1.0 or whatever it is. I’m like 5.0 now, but back then, 1.0 could have never imagined what this version of me was, one about it. Two, that I shouted from the rooftops. I wanted to hide from it, and now I use it, as you said, as a way to empower, a way, whether it’s like self deprecating, whatever, however people want to put it, I use. My story, not for the shock and awe of it, but just as a way for other people to give way to their stories, to give them permission to start sharing, even if it’s in small amounts, and hopefully one day in big amounts. Because I believe the movement this is in our stories, the change everything stories, and the more we put that out there, the more we feel like there is a community. There are people out there, there is a network of people, and we are not alone. We are never alone in this. And the more we just share that, we just say, oh my gosh, yeah, I have felt that way, maybe not in the same scenario, but certainly the same feelings, the same emotions, and so on and so forth. That’s the takeaway that I want for the readers for our book, because I think all of us have such different and compelling and just really unique stories and

Ati Grinspun  15:49  

such diverse background. Absolutely, which I love, that I love that.

Cat Coley  15:54  

Yeah, exactly. So from a reader standpoint, you really are going to get completely different variations of backgrounds, of ethnicities, of history, of experiences, but all leading up to honoring ourselves

Ati Grinspun  16:11  

in your own story and doing this business thing your own way, right? And I think, though, like one of the things for me that was just so shocking. And one of the reasons I had bespoke in my heart and this mastermind in my heart is we tend to want to keep our businesses, and I say we, but I let’s actually be real here, you and I, we don’t do that like we preach bringing us who we are into what we do, but like we try to keep these things separate who we are, or stories like and then try to sell a business that it’s like this separate version of us, when in reality, that is only truly one version of us and

Cat Coley  16:54  

that, and that’s how I did business when I first started, because that’s what I felt everyone else was doing, and I wasn’t yet at a comfort level to be sharing that part of my story. I talk about story, but I was like, and there’s a way in which to create boundaries, which I think is really understanding for you and your business and for your life and your family and so on and so forth. But also there’s a way in which you invite people to really understand and get to know you and from a level of genuine and trust. Yeah, I lead with my story because I know my particular story is a yay or nay for some people, right? Either you hear my story and you’re on board and you want to support me and you want to or not, I

Ati Grinspun  17:36  

always I share. I Okay, you guys. I’m not going to give this story away. But when I first got on a call with her, I had a lot of judgment, and I told you this, and I actually, and obviously I do a lot of inner work, and I always, every time I judge, I start asking me, why am I judging this? What part of me is judging this? I actually love that piece of growth around myself and accepting you with your story for who you are, because then I got to know you, and then I get to know the person who the version 5.0 the 1.0 and the growth and how you became this person, which I love, that process for people. And I think that it was just like, even though it’s a yay or nay for some people, I think it can also be such a mirror for people. Horror stories in general are a mirror for people. I really

Cat Coley  18:35  

in the beginning. And as you, as an entrepreneur, you always want to be for everyone, because that’s this, that’s the world that we live in. Like we want to,

Ati Grinspun  18:45  

whether be accepted, and, yeah, accepted

Cat Coley  18:48  

and liked and so on and so forth, and whether that is because you know of the things that we you know that we need, or validation or revenue, whatever it is, like you just want to, you know, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself. But as you grow into this business, and I get to learn about yourself and understanding who you are and what you want to put forth in the world, I am here for the hell yeses. I am I because I am there for the hell yeses, I am there if I’m going to support somebody, if I’m going to love on somebody, if I’m going to be there to support and be loyal and all of those things, it’s, I want it to be a hell yes. And that’s the same for me before, I was like, I want to try to convince people. And I’m not in a business of convincing people.

Ati Grinspun  19:27  

Yeah, no, I’m business bag. And let’s actually be super clear here, this is a brand building, like, 101, this is key. When you actually are using your brand, your story, you’re differentiating yourself, you’re bringing your values, all the things. It’s so we are not having to convince fucking people. Nobody wants to convince anybody

Cat Coley  19:50  

athlete, but we feel like, in the beginning we have to, we’ve got to do the you know, that without that marketing thing. But I think the process in which you do this and somebody. Out there is looking to define themselves, if somebody out there is looking to figure out their own way, in their own world, how to honor themselves and be you. I really, truly believe this is a great process in which to start this, maybe from the beginning, but if you are, if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, this mastermind is going to be the one that point, because it really is full fledged. It’s not just write a chapter and then it goes. I honestly

Ati Grinspun  20:27  

think that I maybe I’m convincing myself that every single one of you will take your chapter and create a full book out of it. That’s my my goal, right? Like when I think of you guys spend 10 months with and I’m saying with me, when we spend 10 months together, we all grew together. A lot of the people that have book masterminds out there, they just do the intro of the book. And I actually wrote a chapter. And I almost feel like I probably write a chapter in every single mastermind, because I am a different version. Yeah,

Cat Coley  21:01  

and you’ve got so we have so many stories. This story, yes, it’s what I talk about. It’s the pillar of it’s a foundation. But I have 1000s of stories, and so does everybody else. But this is the gateway into that, and this is, this is the gateway into our world, to share with everybody and to bring them in, and then for us to be open to for others to share their stories. I think this is just as a whole. I think it’s a necessity, yeah,

Ati Grinspun  21:28  

what I keep thinking about, and I got that, is, obviously most books are actually written by men, right? If you look at all the business books, all in history, in general, most books are written by men, but I think that is something even more special the more we get into the women in entrepreneurship world. Because women we connect through stories. Women we connect through values. We connect through nurture. We connect through commonality. That’s human. But women in particular, we connect through commonality. And when you get to read somebody’s story, and when you read whatever it is that they’re trying to teach you, all of a sudden you can pick from that book or that story or their biography, or whatever it is. Oh, this is how people are doing it. And

Cat Coley  22:16  

I think, yeah, because through stories, it when we share stories, we remember them. When we share fat, yeah, nobody gives a shit, and they’re great. And believe me, numbers are great, of course, for for a business and everything. I’m not I’m not discounting that, but when we share stories, there’s something about that connects us to that person, to that book, to that movie, to that speaker, versus just spitting out facts and analytics. But there’s also a way to tell a story through facts and through

Ati Grinspun  22:49  

that right? I Okay, hey, what made you say yes to writing a book? It

Cat Coley  22:59  

has always been on my list of to do’s, but to do list, it’s on my to do list. Write a book. And it’s funny, it’s not on a lot of people’s to do list, but we surround ourselves with the same type of women where it’s like a book. Definitely on the list. Yeah, it’s on the wish sometimes it’s just on the wish list. It’s in the it’s on the vision board. It’s always been there. My My story has been published before, but not in this way. So this is a different take, because I’m I am sharing very particular situations about my story that I don’t believe I that I can go into in on a stage or even on a podcast or even something like an IG live. This is there’s things that came up that I haven’t thought about in many years,

Ati Grinspun  23:49  

and you know what I’m doing right after this? Right? Yes, yes, I need to go. So I We’re all reading each other’s chapters for you guys listening and watching. We’re all reading each other’s chapters because we think it’s so important that we are connected to our stories and to what we are putting in the world. And I know like, time is so constricted for all of us, and now, literally, you’re telling me this about, like, I need to make this happen, like, today. Yes,

Cat Coley  24:20  

exactly, exactly. But I think there’s, I invite anyone that’s listening to this, anyone that sees this at a later time, to really be open to the possibilities that you will find yourself in these stories. Because I really, I feel that in each of the stories being told, that there’s bits and pieces of all of us. I think that life just has a way of doing that. And I think it’s through stories. And I can’t wait for people to read the chapters, for people to read the entire book and to walk away, and hopefully, again, as I mentioned at one point, that they feel compelled to also share theirs, because it’s. Important that we do? Yes,

Ati Grinspun  25:01  

let me tell our audience. You guys can share now. That’s not what I want to say. You guys can actually join our book launch team. If you’re interested in being in the book launch team. What these will look like. It’s going to be you’re going to get early access to the book. I believe it’s going to be 99 cents, or something like that. I don’t I honestly, guys, I’m not a detailed person, so, yeah, sorry, but I believe it’s going to be 99 cents. You’re gonna have the opportunity to read it first. We’re gonna do a community call. You’re gonna have also the opportunity to be on our Summit in September, where all of us are going to be speaking. This is it’s going to be on our online Summit. And if you want to see all the authors live, speaking, signing copies, you want to get a copy of the book, you can also come to be brand live, where all of the authors will be together, and yeah, and I think for me, it’s crazy what I’m gonna say, I almost feel like the excitement haven’t even hid until we did This first live scenes.

Cat Coley  26:16  

You’re like, oh,

Ati Grinspun  26:20  

it’s happening. Because I think one of the things with the whole writing process, like, I know that the ladies are going to be hearing or listening, can actually connect to these and like the same to you CAD this is we’re constantly on to the next thing. We’re constantly the next pose. We’re constantly and the permanency of telling her stories, and the permanency of the book, and the book is going to be on Amazon, and the book is going to be all over the country, like, like, it’s going to be available on 13 countries. And I was like, wow, when and when I did the first chapter on another book. I can say this in English, but I totally threw my mom under the bus, and I so much healing since then, until now, and my mom has been asking for a copy in Spanish of the first book for a long time. That

Cat Coley  27:13  

is not happening. Sorry, mom, that does not exist.

Ati Grinspun  27:19  

But one of the things I am so excited for this to turn into that, and the permanency of a book of like, your story and your teaching, and I’m thinking of you, cut in particular, everything that you have been through, and how much people can learn from that, and like to and I’m gonna give a hint here, but like some and not, I’m not gonna give it away. But like something that you never thought you could do, you never know, like when you read cut stories, one of those things that you’re like, I would never but that’s not true. When you actually do a lot of inner work, you realize you coexist with your shadows, with the parts of you that didn’t even know they exist. You don’t even know how you get thrown into these situations. And I just love you. I am so thankful for you, like the connections that we created through this mastermind. And this is my first time, and how amazing not first time teaching, but first time doing a true mastermind where we’re going deep and dirty and getting shit done

Cat Coley  28:28  

and true and not fluff. It’s just not any of that. It’s and there’s at the end, there’s a product, not exactly, exactly a permanent one at that, but I think there’s when you’re talking about, I know we’ve got to go, but when you’re talking about, like, when you picture yourself, and that’s not something that I pictured myself doing years ago, when this all came about, my story came about. It just this was not a part of the A part of my agenda. It’s far from it. But I can’t imagine not doing this now. I can’t imagine not speaking to you. I can’t imagine not writing this book. I can’t imagine not doing the podcast or storytelling coach. I can’t or speaking. I cannot imagine but, and I want that for everybody. I want them to read the book, read the chapters and think, okay, I can do this actual possibility. And they’re seeing it because they’re going to see it because they’re going to see it in real time and meet the authors, having done the things that they’ve done and gone through the things that they’ve gone through, and see themselves and use it as an example and learn the lessons that we’ve had to learn. And it’s an exciting process. It really, truly is, and I can’t thank you enough.

Ati Grinspun  29:45  

So amazing, so amazing. Thank you so much. Where can or viewers or listeners, everybody, where they can find you, they can come like stalk you all the way until we launch the book and beyond.

Cat Coley  29:59  

They can stop me here. This is me, the real cat. Coley, I always say they’re like, is there a fake cat? Coley, I was like, no, but there are actually other cat Collies. And I just want to say the the real one, but there is, there are no fake cat out. There is real just not me. This is the real cat. Coley, I That’s my tat. My name on Instagram, on Facebook, on on LinkedIn, anywhere you find me on my website, is actually cat Coley, because there’s only one as the website, cat Cole and that’s me, and I, this is where I’m at. And if you have a question, DM me. If you have questions about storytelling, about the book, there’s going to be so many things that we’re going to be doing in the process of the launch that you will see your faces often, and you get onto the to the waitlist for the launch, and you become part of that community with us, because it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be exciting, and so exciting things that we can learn from each other, yeah,

Ati Grinspun  30:53  

and just for reference, the book will be, I believe We will have links and pre ordering links, all done by August 1. Our summit will be September 10, and that’s an online summit that we’re going to be sending invitations, but get connected with us. Comment on this video, send me a DM or card at the end if you are listening to the podcast, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Everyone Love you. Bye, you too.