Do you know your numbers? 

In the last few weeks 3 conversations, one with a client, one with a dear friend who also owns an online business and another friend who crossed the million dollar mark in 2023 and has not paid herself a salary the whole year, had me on fire for this episode.

If you don’t know your numbers:

1- you are most likely making decisions in your biz from emotion and not data.

You cannot grow like that…you will always be blindsided by your believes instead of what is TRULY happening in your business.

2- Your pricing as a service provider DEPENDS in the fact that you understand your cost, your hourly rate, so eventually you can start delegating. ( I know you probably hate that word right now, because you think you cannot afford it….that is because you dont know you numbers!)

Reading the Book Profit First 4 years ago changed my life and the trajectory of my business it invited me to re-wire and reshape my relationship with Money and go deep in the Money trauma I was carrying.

It MADE ME look at my money.

Main topics in this episode : 

👉What I did and you can do too, to  change your relationship with money NOW. once and for all and KNOW your numbers.

👉5 questions that will change your money perspective so you can GROW A TRUE PROFITABLE personal brand.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to another episode of The Be You Brand podcast, I want to preface you in this episode, you may get trigger while we talk about business, personal branding, I today want to talk about money, because it has shown up so many times in the last couple of weeks, with a current client of mine with friends of mine that are in business, the money topic, this is a little bit of a mix between the energy of money, money mindset, but also a takeaway of something that changed my life, like literally not just my business and my life, and I kind of want to give you a heads up because I have a lot of fucking money, trauma, money was a way for my dad to establish His power in our household. I was not poor, I didn’t grow up poor. Now, with that being said, we had stuff we had money, but it wasn’t available to me. I didn’t go hungry or anything like that. But I grew up with a deep sense of unworthiness when it came to money. So when I started my business, this is started showing up big, big, big, I didn’t realize, until then, before I started my business. And when I say started my business, I’m talking when I quit, and I went full time because my business existed way before I actually if you heard my story, I run a photography studio before I even went full time with my business the way it is right now. But I think that the poor money mindset and the unworthiness were already manifesting, but I didn’t know it because there was a lot of money coming in. And it was a lot easier to make the money that way that way than it proved to be when I opened my business, we’re gonna get right into the heart of this conversation. And as you know, I have some notes, but I don’t necessarily script my episodes, because I believe that God spirited my heart, it’s literally showing me what needs to be said about this topic. And I want to tell you a story around it. So I was in a call with one of my really good clients. She has a profitable business. She lost a few clients in the last few months. So we got on a strategy call. And we started talking about her numbers. What are her goals?

Ati Grinspun  2:32  

This is somebody who has been in business for almost three years, and she’s been in the academy now for over six months, I asked her how much is your take home pay? And she was like, wow, and no conversation you guys ever, ever, ever goes good when somebody asks you something? And your answer is, well, the same happens and said, Well, who do you serve? Well, or what do you do? Well, that means you have no clarity. Now, I’m by no means criticizing or judging this client, because I’ve been there. So I kind of want to break this down. And my thoughts around the situation. So the first thing that I want you to think is this, if you then know your numbers, you, my friend are making decisions from your emotions from your feelings. So let me give you an example. This is another conversation that actually happened in the same week. And these are the things that kind of sparkle. This idea for this episode, amazing friend of mine, she has a six figure business. She is amazing at what she does. So we’re talking about running ads. And I’m asking her some questions about it. And I’m asking her about her budget, and she’s telling me what we’re spending a lot. And I’m like, well, but what is a lot? And she’s like, well, I don’t really no. So red flag, right? So then she started telling me how she run this challenge. And she had 42 people sign up for this challenge through ads, but nobody showed up. So she’s telling me the story. She’s telling me how bombed she is. And how discouraged she is. So I started asking her all these questions about the outcome was she spending all the things number kind of like, okay, and how many people click on the replay all these data points, so I can give her my feedback. At the same time. She said, Whoa, this month, same month that this workshop or class that she was posting happen. You know, last week, I signed up a client into my program and the week before that, we sign up to clients into my program, someone listening and I’m an outsider, and this is a thing it’s so much easier to do these when you are an outsider because when I do these for myself, now a lot of the things that I do is I try to put myself on the outside. I try to detach myself from my business and go from data. And the reason why I’m telling you this is because what I heard on my friend was I feel shitty about this one thing, this is my answer to her. And this was exactly the same answer I had with my client a few days later, when this conversation arised, you might as well be having the best month in your business, and you don’t even know it. And she was like, oh, so I kind of want to break a few things for you. And I want to tell you a few stories. You know, I love stories. When I first started my business, I had this deep fear. I didn’t know it, though. I had this deep fear of opening my bank account that it was the thing where, at the time, I was still doing my own bookkeeping, I didn’t look at my numbers every, every single week or every single day, just so you know, I look at my numbers now, every single day, some days, I may skip it, but because life gets busy, but the minimum I will do is three times a week. Now, the reason for this, I want you to think about this. If you have big goals in your business, big goals, you want to make multiple six figures, maybe you want to grow to a million dollars. How do you know what is working? And what is not working? How do you know when you get to success? Because this is the thing to your definition of success. And we talk about this so many times on the podcast is probably so different than other people. So success is not just a number you, okay, this is another thing that happened all in the expanse of like two weeks, I got on a call with a friend of mine, literally, she has a million dollar business. She’s burning it to the ground, we started talking and I was like, okay, but like you made a million dollars last year. And she said, Yeah, but you know what, I haven’t paid myself a fucking dime. She’s like, I did do a real estate investment thing. But I actually didn’t pay myself dying, I was spending so much on subcontractors. And I was spending so much like grow. And I will say, Oh my God, because this is the thing you guys, you as the CEO, or the business owner, or whatever it is, you have a life. And you probably left your job to have freedom. What kind of freedom is if you’re not paying yourself a salary. So now I’m bringing you back to the beginning of my days when I also wasn’t checking my numbers. I also didn’t know what was coming in. And then one day I sat down with my amazing friend Cassidy, which I think she’s been on the podcast, I need to bring her here in the podcast. And she has multiple businesses. So this was free photography membership. This is when I was just starting now my business the way it is right now. Now remember, my business pivoted and changed so many times in the last 15 years, but the business the way it is right now. And we sit down and she started showing me how to break down how much I wanted to make with this product, how much time it was gonna take me if it was worth it, if it was not worth it. If that was like a top of funnel, so people would buy something else from me. And I remember I had an epiphany. Because what I saw on her it was this woman that at the time, I think she was running for different businesses. She had such clarity around her numbers, and she told me about Money Mondays, and she told me how every Monday she sits down, she looks at everything that came in everything that comes out, she all the things and then she recommended a book, which I’m going to show you right now. And she recommended Profit First by Mike Michelob. Now, this is a thing what I didn’t learn through this book. And I’m going to give you the very bird’s eye view of this book. Because I think even if you don’t listen to the book, what I’m going to share with you is going to help you what I realized it was this woman that had four businesses, she was on top of her number so she knew what it was worth her time what was not worth her time what was bringing her joy, what was not bringing her joy. And at the time in my business. I was still in a place where I was very insecure. I was constantly having anxiety around how much money was coming in. But now this is the thing though. When I think about it right now, it almost seems an oxymoron. It almost feels so freakin obvious, but it wasn’t. So I know that for a lot of you what I’m going to tell you is that I don’t even know what the fuck you should talking about. Or I don’t know Is this me? Right? For me. What I think now is I had all these feelings around money. I was feeling them, but I didn’t know it. I’m gonna repeat that I had awareness that I was feeling a stress about money, but I didn’t really pinpoint them at the time. Now these book profit first came to my life. And I’m gonna tell you why Because until Then I was running my business based on okay, whatever comes in, I pay all the bills from the business, whatever is left is my work, guess what, a lot of the time there was nothing left. And this is exactly well, literally, my two friends share with me in the last few weeks, my clients shared with me when I started reading Profit First to actually when I finished, the first thing that I did, by the way, was I listen to the book, I remember, I downloaded it on Audible, and I listened to the book. And then I was like, Oh, my God, this is speaking to my fucking soul. And then I actually bought the book, because I wanted to actually do it. And I want you to know this, it was a pain in the ass, because I’m gonna break down what he describes in the book. But before I do that, I kind of want to touch on a few things, which is it’s never about your numbers is never about how much money you’re making is about your money mindset. It’s about it’s not even just your money mindset is the energy that you have around money. So a few minutes ago, I told you, I knew I had all these feelings, I knew I had all these things happening inside of me, either when I didn’t want to look at my bank account, or when I was a scare around money. I’m gonna give you an example. When I first left my job in December 2018, my husband and I, we sat down and we slash or bills in half, we can solve everything in order for me to be able to grow this business without stress. With lash or bills, you guys, even though we did that, and my husband, I want you to know this. He has never wandering his life. Ever question anything I ever spend money on or anything that I ever wanted to do. We have conversations around it. But like we had to budget and I felt like a cat inside a frickin jail. And I started to realize that there were these emotions that were happening around conversations about money about when I had to talk about money in my business, that were not rational. And I really started doing the work. But the cool thing about Profit First is that it gave me a roadmap to do something and to really understand my numbers, because I knew in my heart that I wanted to become a true business owner. And my friend Cassidy who I mentioned earlier, one of the things that she mentioned to me was like, Well, you have to think of your business. If you were a restaurant, if you’re a restaurant, you are not the business. If your business was a restaurant, you would be looking at the numbers, you will be looking at the cost, you would be looking at everything. And I was like oh, and again, if these sounds like an oxymoron to you, kudos to my friend. But I know that this was not my experience. And this is not the experience of a lot of the women that come into my world, even the women that are making a million dollars. So I want to talk a few things about this, and a few things that I did. And then I’m going to give you some inciting insider Profit First and how you can get started like right away even before you start the book. But I recommend 100% that you go and read this book. And the other book that I want you to read if you’re watching in YouTube, I’m going to show it to you is the psychology of money. So these two books change so many perspectives for me, because at the end of the day, your believes I want you to listen very carefully to this. Whatever beliefs you have about money, it’s a point of view, you’re looking at the situation from a perspective that you have experienced since the day you were born. So in my experience, even though there was money in my home, my dad made really good money. My grandparents owned real estate, and everybody was always talking about money. Guess what? Money wasn’t available to me. So I grew up believing money’s everywhere. There were you know, like people say like, oh, money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, yeah, but in my case, I saw money everywhere. I didn’t see the money available to me because my mom and my dad were constantly fighting over it. So I thought money sucks like Money makes people fight and I was repeating those patterns. Now let’s bring that back to your business because I want you to understand this. This is not just about money mindset, knowing your numbers is about also you understanding how much you’re our cost if you know how much you want to pay yourself then you also know how many clients you need to bring in then you also know how many people you need to talk to it’s it’s a numbers game, it is these really good pasal where you can still looking at your business in a very creative way. I mean, how can I put myself in front of more people? How can I talk to more people? How can I put more offer in front of more people and the Here’s the thing too, you’re gonna hear me talk about visibility at Tom. In the next couple of weeks. We do have a standout masterclass happening July 1, I’ll talk about that in a second. But now you start realizing that you’ve just been in social media, you don’t have any control over how many how many people aren’t watching you how many people are seeing your content, how many people are seeing your offers. So what happens is it starts giving you this clarity around your business data. Because you can see where people are coming from, it’s not just about how much you’re paying yourself. So let me break down what Profit First says or what Profit First proposes and how I do it. So Profit First, basically what they told us to open several bank accounts, and I might butcher this, I want you to go read the book. But this is how I do it. So if you want to get started or you have any questions, send me a DM on Instagram, I can throw a problem walking you through what I do. Now, again, you’re a big girl. So you have to use your thought leadership, and discerning in this if this is the right step for you. But this was life changing for me how long we profit first. The other thing that was life changing for me was creating an offer that is based on recurring income. So having the beaver and Academy in my case, that’s my passion. That’s where all of my effort goes, I love having women in my world for a year seeing them grow all this stuff. For you, this may be cohorts for you, this may be a membership, whatever it is, but when I made a decision to stick to something, and having recurring income, because then you are not chasing sales, and you’re not starting at zero every single month. So I would think for yourself what what this could look like. So that was number one. Number two, Profit First basically tells you to open I think it’s believe, I think I believe is five bank accounts. And I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you right now, so we’re gonna realize right away, so basically tells you to move any money that comes in into your business into one account, I call that account, all income. So everything that comes into my business, from photoshoots, from one on one clients, or whatever it ends up in these one bank account with a nickname that is called all income, where all the money goes there. Well, why does it do that way is because then it tells you to create different allocations for different things in your business. Now, this is how I have it. And I don’t want to forget, I’m probably going to write it down. As I’m talking to you all income, all the money goes in there. So it’s almost like a trashcan right like that, like a pit, all the money goes in there, then you’re gonna allocate a percentage to your compensation. When I first started my business, this used to be 30%. Now it’s 35, you’re gonna see why. So I want you to follow with me. And then you can always ask me questions from the DMS. So you’re going to have all income, you’re going to have compensation, you’re going to have operations, okay. That’s how much money comes out of your business. For example, like if you’re paying for Kajabi, if you’re paying for a podcast hosting site for your website, hosting site, if you have an assistant, if you have a VA, all your subscriptions, whatever it is in your business is going to be under those operations, then you’re going to have taxes, then you’re going to have savings, and then you’re going to have a profit. Now I want you I want to warn you this I am not a tax professional. I’m not an accountant. These has worked for me exactly, because of those reasons. Because my emotions were so rough around money that I didn’t understand my money. And I don’t know you guys about when even my bookkeeper right now when they send me the end of the month report from QuickBooks, I don’t even know what the fuck she’s talking about, uh, you know why I’m on the on the green and why I make money and why I pay myself because I do it this way. So I kind of want to show you how I do it. Now. Once you read the book, you’re gonna realize that the allocations are different. For a lot of people. The allocations can be anything you want them those if you are not reading the book yet, or while you read the book, I want you to do these in a way that you are bigger and you’re making decisions. Now, you may have a few questions around this, which is well, how do you know what your operations are? Well, this is what happens though. You have to keep your operations really fucking low until you can see exactly how much is coming in every month. And if you have recurring income, this becomes a lot easier until you get to a point that you have recurrent income you may still be feeling very unsafe. Now, I want you to understand this every Monday. I sit down, and I do Money Monday. What that means is this, I look at all the money that came in literally all the money. And I actually do this. I have like a Google Doc. And it has been running for a few years now. And I just copy, paste, copy, paste. So I know the location, I literally copied and it says all compensation, operations, taxes, profit saving. Now what this has allowed me to do is to look at my money, and truly know how much money I have. So one thing that I realized when I started doing a lot of these energy work, and a lot of this money mindset work as with how unsafe I felt about money, I felt that no matter how much money my business was making, I was in luck, number one, because I didn’t know my numbers. And number two was because of the beliefs that I had grown up that they were so embedded on me. So anytime something around money came up, or when there was moment, a moment to like, look at the money. It wasn’t truly me it from today, looking at the money. It was a year old at the seven year old 12 year old that was driving the bus. So we actually posted a masterclass in January of 2023 called the 300k masterclass, and it was all about the energy around money and how to make more money from a place of your energy. I’m gonna like put it in the comments because this was like a 90 minute masterclass it was gold you guys. And like, if you want to go get that, like, you’re gonna fucking love it. Because it’s gonna open your eyes in so many ways of like, how are you actually feeling when you’re doing the things you’re doing? Okay, let’s go back to profit first. So every Monday, I do Money Mondays. Now, the book recommends doing these on the 10th. And the 25th of each month. For me, I like doing it every week, I don’t know, I just got in the habit of it. And now I do it every Monday. And I have realized it. And sometimes I don’t have the time. But like when I do, I actually I bring my matter. And sometimes I light a candle and I put music, and I truly ground around money. And I get a place of gratitude. And I look at my bank account. And I’m like, Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I think of my clients. And I think of myself and I think of the things that I have been able to do. And I also think of like each single one of those dollars actually means I’m helping somebody. So there is so many ways, and I can help you with this. But like we do this a lot inside of the academy, but like I don’t want to go into that right now. But I want you to really understand that when you don’t know your numbers. Again, you may be feeling broke, you may be feeling in lack, you may be feeling like a failure, and you may not be so I want you to really understand that. So you can start doing this. Now the hardest part of this process was to actually find a bank that was actually going to let me carry all these accounts without fees. Because when you start at the end of the year, when you start like doing your numbers, you don’t want to be paying fees for all of these accounts. In my case, in my state, I live in Las Vegas, this was US Bank, I’m not affiliated with US Bank in any way, I’m just sharing my story with you. But this was the hardest part because I had to go on I had to change then my debit card on my credit card or whatever I was paying people with were like, you know, in my CRM, how people were paying me so that took about a month to get all that settled down. But the moment I did then I committed to looking at nine numbers every single Monday. So all I do I go into my Google Doc and I put the total that shows up in all right that all income account you can call it whatever it is you can call it the bucket of luck and you’re gonna put all income and let’s say just for the sake of like easy numbers that is $10,000 in there on Monday you are going to transfer based on your business now, I want to give you a again at the beginning when I was making less money I also still had things I needed to pay right so I was putting 40% towards operations and 30% towards my compensation I do 35 and 35 now because my my operations stay kind of the same but my money has grown. So I my allocation is this so if you’re curious, I do 35% for compensation 35% for operations 15% for taxes again, consult with your tax professional I do 15% of the top so of the entire income okay, then I do 5% for profit and then I do 10% for savings now this is not person no savings, these are savings on my business accounts. And this is in the case, I don’t know something happens clients default, I get sick, I don’t want to fucking work, I want to go want to go on a trip, whatever it is. And so the 10% that goes into savings, I transfer out into a high yield savings account, because the money is going to sit there, I haven’t touched it ever, so why not, then every Monday, you’re gonna take the money, you’re going to transfer and then from there, you are going to pay your operations yourself, whatever it is. Now, if you’re just starting out, and you want to reinvest all of your money into your business, I get it, but pay yourself something, even if it’s 10%, even if it’s 20%, because you are running a business, my friend, and not only because you need it for bookkeeping, and for a tax season, and your fucking business long term, if you don’t do this, you’re gonna burn out, and you’re gonna want to burn your fucking business to the floor, just like my million dollar business friend is doing right now. Because she’s will build in this building this business for like five years, and she fucking hated it, it got so big. And you know, when she told me, she was like, I always wanted a business that had a huge impact. I didn’t want a big business with employees and all of this. And I actually can relate to that. We run a very lean business, we a VA in the Philippines, and my assistant here in Las Vegas, and myself a small but mighty team. So this is so important. And again, this is all insider profit. First, I want you to go and read it. And I want you to understand this. If you don’t know your numbers, you might as well being run by all of your emotions around your money. Because this happened even to me recently in the last I don’t know like month, even though you’re doing a lot of money mindset work, a lot of energy work is almost like there is this force, right? Like your subconscious that as you are reprogramming in doing all of this work is like it wants to go back to its roots, it wants to go back to what he knew before. And when you have the fact when you have the numbers, when you have the real understanding of what’s happening, you can come back and you can say is what I’m feeling true is what I’m experiencing. actually true. Because every single one of us has a filter. And that is the filter of our past or our lead experiences. This is actually everything that we talked about on the 300k Blueprint masterclass. Nobody in my family, anybody I knew made 300k In the life, I knew a lot of people outside of my circle that made that kind of money, but nobody in my blog, or even my husband like I didn’t know anybody. So I was the first person to BREAK Well, I knew my grandparents did, but I left Argentina, when I was really young, my grandpa died, I never really like experiencer because there was so much lack and scarcity around how they dealt with money. My grandma was a Holocaust survivor. So there was a lot of like luck when my grandma passed, they actually found money in a bag behind a mirror and like she was always like penny pinching and like she had all this money say the second book that I want to recommend, I’m not gonna go super into it, but I want you to get the schist of it, which is the psychology of money by Morgan Housel now why this book was so cool to me is because he started talking about how everything we do about money has very less to do with what we know and all to do about how we behave in a lot of areas of our life and it shed so much light for me into how I was behaving even though I’m very financially educated. Now, I want to think of the micro moments of your day when it comes to this the micro moments when you are not looking at your account when you’re talking to a client and you’re attached to the sale and you have that in your stomach right when you’re coming yet like maybe somebody’s payment defaults and you feel like your fucking business is all falling apart in reality is not business is peaks and valleys and sales and returns and I want you to think of this example and I’m going to close it with this if you ever been to the Cheesecake Factory I think that it’s a restaurants all over the US I mean I think now it’s a restaurant it’s all over the US at the end of your dinner or your of your meal

Ati Grinspun  29:40  

the server will come around we these huge tray with all the desserts and offering new coffee and the survey and some people will say yes some people will say no some people will be I don’t know I was a server for many years so like there’ll be a pain in the ass and they want to send their their food back whatever it is, but this server is is not attached to thinking, Oh, I’m a bad server or I’m a bad person. Or nobody likes me because they didn’t sell a dessert. It’s just a yes or no, whatever. Like, some people will say yes. And people will say no. And that’s the end of the deal. Well, that’s the same in your business. Now, one more thing that I want you to think about this is depth, this is going to help you so much understand how to price your services. Because I remember, by the way, when people come into the academy, I have them do this exercise. And people are like, Oh, but I found this was personal branding. I’m like, Yeah, but we talk about building a profitable personal brand. And in order for you to build a profitable personal brand, guess what you need to know your fucking numbers. So I remember this client, who is a bookkeeper, she came to me and she was charging, some of her packages were $150. So we started breaking these down, so $150, right, so a month, like she was charging for these, like, very small clients with I don’t know how many transactions, whatever. And I was like, Okay, so let’s actually do the Profit First exercise out of $150, you’re gonna pay yourself 30%. So out of those $150.45 will be for her 40% could be to pay for her software to pay for whatever for her computer payment, whatever it is, operations that she has 15% was gonna go to taxes. And this is a big one, you guys, if you’re not putting money away for taxes, I’m sorry. And you just start doing these right away, because that is probably creating an underlying uncertainty that you cannot even handle. And you don’t even realize that you’re going through that, right. So we go through this exercise, and she’ll say, Oh, so you always tell people like if you had to pay if you just told and you paid a few employees to actually get the work done. And this is on any service that you offer, it doesn’t matter. Would you be able to pay them? Probably not. But you are willing to take that pay thinking that, Oh, I’m growing the business. And I want you to ask a few things to yourself here. I’m gonna give you five questions that are the first ones that are coming to mind around your relationship with money. Number one, what do you believe about money? What do you believe about money? Last night, we were watching a show and my kid was like, why is all these rich people that they are like, nasty? And I was like, am I nasty? And he looked at me and I was like, you know, we have a concealed I’m not gonna share here. But like, we have a considerable net worth, I consider myself rich. We have real estate, we have several businesses, they feel like they think I’m nasty. He was like, No, and I was like, exactly. Where did you hear that? Because I was in school? I don’t know in TV in YouTube. When I was I have to be so careful. What do you believe? Now? He’s an 11 year old, you’re an adult? So you probably whatever it is that you believe around money? What do you believe I want you to write it down. I want you to take an hour, I believe every single thing you believe about money. If money was a person, would she want to come hang out with you? Oh, are you treating your money. So for example, if you don’t want to look at your bank account, and you thought money is a person this is a kind of like texting your best friend, you never want to see her would money want to come to you money is energy you guys money is exchange of your energy, your belief, this is all acting that you can control because it’s being controlled by your subconscious 95% of all our actions are actually controlled by your subconscious things that you’re not aware of. So when you start creating awareness around the thoughts, you can start recognizing them in your behavior. This is why I said, Look at the micro moments of your day, when you’re catching yourself doing the things you do look at your bank account for a week, go do it. The third question that I want you to ask yourself is how much you want to get paid? Because people have this random number in their head that comes from the internet, it’s a call, I want to get 10k a month. I’m not, that’s great. And you’re charging 150 hours or $200? Or whatever it is, how many clients that’s gonna take, how many conversations are you gonna have? Can you create recurring income to get there, so every month, you’re starting already at four or 5k. And now you only have to sell five, maybe you can get 10k on residual income and the rest is extra, whatever that is. Now you can start looking at your business in a creative way. Another question that I want you to ask yourself is what is the very first memory you have about money? What is the very first memory you have about money? This was so hard for me to actually find on my mind. I couldn’t find it because I didn’t see it as related to money but it was I highly recommend you that you go read Profit First that you started doing all the things now we like the 300k master plan, I think It’s $33 I’m gonna I’m gonna put it here. We run this masterclass. And then we run a high sell high income course that will run for two weeks in January, that change the way people were looking at money. Because the thing is, as long as you believe money is bad in any way, let me ask you this, do you want to be bad, I don’t want to be bad. So in our subconscious, a lot of the times we’re self sabotaging all of the things because our program is telling us well, if you make money, you’re bad. If you were money, you’re nasty. If you make money, your family won’t like you. If you make money, you’re a bad person, whatever it is, the belief that you have, I want you to get truly in touch with this because this is truly what is in the way between you having a profitable persona and there is more things around it. But this is the base of everything. So this went a little bit longer than I wanted, but this was such a topic that I wanted to talk about. Again, go read profit first. If you have any questions about these, please, please please, please send me a DM on Instagram. We are hosting a visibility masterclass. It’s actually called a standout masterclass. On July 1, this is $33. This is the thing if you don’t have a visibility strategy again, right? This is kind of like the money thing. How are people finding you? How are you putting yourself in front of more eyes, not just the I don’t know, 500 people, 1000 people, whatever it is that you have in your Instagram. And I want to show you how to do this without having to rely on social media. So I’m dropping all of the links here at the bottom. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this episode. I hope that this resonates with you. In so many ways. I encourage you to go know your numbers. Read Profit First, whatever you have to do, and I’ll see you next episode.