Such an exciting topic, moving from employee-mindset working on our business to becoming the CEO .

We talked about all the “un-sexy” topics that usually MAKE or BREAK your business like systems, delegating and building a business YOU LOVE not one that you are a slave to.

Become the CEO of your business and regain your freedom with Amy Traugh.

Amy is a Business Strategist and  the Author of The CEO Method: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success  , I read it and IT IS AMAZING and so many nuggets.

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Main topics in this episode:

  1.  How business owners can scale their businesses by adopting a CEO mindset.
  2. The importance of clarity and systems on desired business outcomes to ensure business success.

About Amy Traugh:

Amy Traugh is a business strategist, bestselling author, and the host of The Motivated CEO Podcast. Helps online service providers shatter their sales plateaus and generate consistent income by teaching them how to leverage data to drive decisions in their business using her signature CEO Method.

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It’s all about staying within your zone of genius so you’re doing the tasks that only you can do. What that does is it builds a sustainable business and a business that allows you to scale intentionally in a way that feels good to you without the 24/7 hustle, because it happens all so often that we quit our nine to five to work. 24/7, welcome

Ati Grinspun  00:24

to the be you brand podcast. I am your host ATI green, and if you’re looking to build a million dollar personal brand, sell out your services and do it all while living your best life and fulfilling your purpose, you come to the right place with no fluff, strategy, a tiny bit of a spice, attitude, F bombs for days, mindset and energy work, we will grow a life and business that you absolutely Love one episode at a time. Welcome aboard, my friend. I just had the most fire conversation with Amy trod. I’m gonna read her intro, but I’m gonna tell you, if you are in a moment in business where you feel like you’re doing all the busy work, you feel like you’re working a million hours. You are like frustrated because you can’t take yourself out of the equation. You want to hire. You don’t know how this is the episode for you. My friend Amy trot is a business strategist, Best Selling Author and the host of the motivated CEO podcast. She helps online service providers shatter their sales plateaus and generate consistent income by teaching them how to leverage data driven decisions in the business, in their business, using her signature CEO method. I am reading her book, and I’m going to tell you, she makes it so simple, so easy, and she demystifies truly what it is to create system so you’re in for a treat, my friend. Here we go with the episode. Hello, hello, hello everybody, and welcome to the BU brand podcast. I am so excited to be interviewing Amy Trott. I’m saying your your name her?


Yes, I’ve been harassed. No,

Ati Grinspun  02:26

well, I have a difficult name, so I try, I try hard, but so I’m gonna have her do a small intro. But guys, I am so excited because she is the author of the CEO method book. I just started reading it. Thank you so much for sending me a copy. But this is dear topic for me, because I think that as business owners, we really need to move into this position. And I can’t wait for you to, like, tell people how you got here, and truly what they need to do to step into their CEO mindset method stepping into their power. Okay, Amy, tell us how the CEO method was born, who you are and what you do.


Oh, my goodness, what a wild ride it’s been. It’s one of those. I look back and I go, there is no way I should be where I’m at today. But I say that because I am no different than you. I am here because I took messy action, because I bet on myself. I actually come from a career in healthcare, and I worked for years in that field. Thought I knew what I wanted to do. I had my degree, and I was just going through life, and it wasn’t until one day, when I woke up, when the world stopped, that I realized what I’m doing is no longer aligned. So long story short, started a business. Grew it scaled. It did it again. Grew it scaled. It started a third business, which I’m currently doing. And I love, I love, I did

Ati Grinspun  03:50

not know that part. And I love that, because that’s what actually, truly having a method and a framework, actually, I


eat well, and that’s, you know, how I accidentally discovered it. It was like, Wait a minute. This is working for me. I mean, I grew in skill quickly, and then others in my community were having success as well. So then I started getting curious and going, Wait a minute. This works. And so love that I do is I help service providers really strategically lean into systems automations, really leveraging data to drive their decisions so that they can promote themselves to CEO, so that they can make the money they want and create the impact that they desire.

Ati Grinspun  04:37

Okay? And also, because when I hear the word CEO too, and I was just having a conversation about this with a friend, is kind of like, maybe not removing yourself completely, because we’re talking to service providers, right, like you and I, like, we’re still a face of our brand, but I feel like removing yourself from this every single day operations where you’re like, in. Every nitty gritty of your business, exactly.


It’s all about staying within your zone of genius. So you’re doing the tasks that only you can do. What that does is it builds a sustainable business and a business that allows you to scale intentionally in a way that feels good to you without the 24/7 hustle, because it happens all so often that we quit our nine to five to work 20 470

Ati Grinspun  05:27

my god, I know. I know because I went through that the first two years of my business, and I actually okay. I’m gonna ask you questions. Yeah, I think that the questions that I might have my my audience will definitely so I know that for me, the first two years of business, sometimes it feels very crazy because you’re still figuring it out, right? So when do you think that is the right moment for people to actually start thinking, okay, now I can start scaling while I’m putting myself a little bit to the side where I’m not working all the time. Where do you think that comes first? The chicken the egg? Where is that moment?


I think that moment is right now. I think it all comes down to making a decision, to taking the time to pause and quiet the noise all around us, because we are in an era of information overload. We’re always consuming we’re always listening to podcasts, reading books, doing all of the things. We’re in that hustle mode. We have been taught and conditioned by society that more hustle equals more result. But I’m

Ati Grinspun  06:31

not about I want to tell you, I think you and I talked about this in your book I did last year the beginning of 2023, I was like, I can’t do this this way anymore. And it was my most freeing year ever,


right? And it all takes, you know, really having that conversation with yourself, really getting honest with yourself as to what do I really want at the end of the day, you are in control of your business, but all too often our business is controlling us because we’re busy being busy and doing all of the things we’re not actually working on our businesses from a strategic vantage point. So we’re in reactive mode, where, when you really promote yourself to CEO, then you’re in proactive mode. You can get ahead of things. You have systems. You have people to support you. Everyone thinks, Okay, yeah, go ahead. I

Ati Grinspun  07:27

want to know how somebody actually starts doing that, because I feel like I do a really good job, like even inside of the academy, of getting people started on that journey. So you and I were talking outside of before we started recording, we were like, Okay, this is perfect, because once people understand their brand, they have their story, they understand their content, they know who they are as a brand. They have their offers, they have their also their I believe that in order for them to really step into what you do, they need to have also what their business model is, yeah, definitely. I feel like people are super confused with that, yeah, because


there’s so much noise out there, right? Who wouldn’t be confused? And so

Ati Grinspun  08:11

when do they start building all of this? Tell me about this. Yeah.


So at the end of the day, all of those strategies, all of that noise, it all works. It’s about quieting the noise around you and figuring out what it is exactly that you want, so that we can build systems on the back end to support that. So the very first thing that I take every single client through is working on clarity. We want that massive clarity as to, what do you actually want this business to look like? Do you want 10k months, which, you know, if you go on Instagram as, like, the gold standard, it’s like, what do you actually want? Do you want to joke

Ati Grinspun  08:52

about that, right? So, definitely, because, I mean, I mean, I told you, we want to keep this at the 30 minute. And I don’t know, what about I know, right? This is the thing that, like, people come into my program, and the first thing they do, we do these six steps to clarity, and I ask them, what the life of success looks like. Yeah. And people are like, I don’t understand the question. I’m like, What do you mean? And I look back, and I can tell you that I drink the Kool Aid at the beginning of my business too. Of like, time, time freedom and take advantage. I’m way beyond that. But like, I even now right when I think of like, scaling, I’m like, okay, that’s scaling without me being able to be present for my kid, or if I’m, like, completely on stress mode.


It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work.

Ati Grinspun  09:36

I love that. Okay, I will. And can we talk about, like, how online, also that is these veil where everybody’s making money, and everybody’s making a million, and everybody and I’m like, Okay, I don’t know about this,


right? Exactly. I want to know, with all those people that are leading with those numbers, I want to know, what’s your overhead, what’s your profit margin? How much are you actually spending on ads like, what are you. Actually profiting, because you can be making a boatload of money and spend a boatload on ads, you

Ati Grinspun  10:07

know, what is really interesting last year, in November, we had a kilo launch, and I did a podcast episode about this, and I broke down like, how much it cost us? How much was actual sales, how much was actual revenue, how much was in sales and how much went into like payments. So what was the difference between cash received? And there were so many messages from people saying, Oh my God, thank you so much for doing this, because I keep going online and feeling less done when I see people saying, we had a $60,000 loan. We had $100,000 launch. We can in reality, those are sales number, but those are not cash numbers and all of these, that stuff. So you work on clarity with your people and what next? Yeah,


so we really work to unpack that, because what that is, it’s it’s your roadmap, it’s your GPS. It’s allowing you to see if your actions are aligning with that end goal. In order to calculate the most effective route from point A to point B, our GPS needs two things. It needs to know where we are and where we’re going. Yeah, it needs that information to calculate the proper route. So we really need to start analyzing. Okay, how am I spending my time? So step one, we start with a time audit. I want to have you start tracking. How are you spending your time in a given day? Because a lot of times, like we said earlier, you’re busy being busy. You’re doing all these trivial tasks in your business. I’m

Ati Grinspun  11:38

absolutely guilty of that we all do. We like and I fall into that. And every month I go back and I look at my calendar, I’m like, hey, what can I do better next month? Exactly, where can I be more strategic? And


that’s the key. Is that awareness of it, it’s just like, if you decide you wanted to go on a diet and to lose some weight, you might keep a food diary. So what are you doing? Every time you eat something, you’re writing it down. So by writing it down, it brings it now into your conscious awareness. So now the same thing applies to business. You’re consciously aware of how you’re spending your time, and you can analyze, I love

Ati Grinspun  12:14

this, yeah, yeah. What do you think that is actually stopping? And you work with, with women and men, right? Like I work with, like I work with both, yeah, I really think that is stopping or kindering business owners from actually gaining this awareness. Or when, when they get to you, where are they that you’re like, Okay, these are the things that actually are common denominator of the people that come to me, and they are not on CEO mode.


Yeah, they’re trying to do everything themselves. They’re not harnessing all of the wonderful technologies that is out there. And even if you are not tech savvy, I am not a crazy tech savvy person, but there are such simple changes that you can do in order to support even your life outside of business, that

Ati Grinspun  13:03

is such a good topic. Can you give us a few examples? Yeah.


So for example, business owners all the time say, I am so busy I just don’t have enough time. They go, Okay, well, are you going to the grocery store every week? Yep, yeah. I go, Okay, we’re going to have our groceries delivered. But that costs money, okay, but what’s your hourly rate? Is that underneath your hourly rate, then I just bought you back an hour and a half of your time. Because you think I get that concept,

Ati Grinspun  13:29

I’m actually gonna make you break these things out. Yeah, there’s a lot of the things. It’s a stuff that we touch on, on the academy, but that’s not necessarily what I do with people, and I think that every single person listening to this podcast needs to know their hourly rate. That concept, I actually heard it for the first time from Chris Carter, and it changed my life, right? So can you actually explain that concept to my listeners? Yeah,


absolutely. So what is your hourly rate? What is the rate you’re charging that? When you break it down, you will hit your revenue goal. Once you calculate out that rate, anything below that rate, I want you to consider outsourcing. See if there’s an automation available, see if you can get help somewhere. See if you even need to be doing that task, and this is where the data comes in, because now you have objective proof as to is this working or is this not? So now what I can do is work on the things that are working and push off the things that aren’t. Well,

Ati Grinspun  14:37

data driven decisions. Yes,


okay. Emotion out of it.

Ati Grinspun  14:42

Okay, that’s where I was going. Because I think that a lot of us, when, especially the first, like, two, three years of business, we are so driven by emotion. And I’m gonna say, I’m still gonna driven by emotion, and then I’m like, okay, human beings, yes, okay, my emotions are driving the bus right now. Know who is going to drive this bus, which is my business today. And then I’m like, okay, how am I going to make this decision? Can you tell people how they come up with their hourly rate?


Yeah. So basically, take the amount of money you want to make per year, take out your vacation. So if you want to take two weeks of vacation every year, okay, take those off the plate. So we’re just now focusing on, okay, how many hours a week do I want to work? You know, once I’ve broken down this yearly number, then break it down by month, then bring it down by week. Okay, what is this core number? Divide that out by how many hours you want to be doing, forward, facing client work per week. We’re not talking about back edge of the business. We’re talking about, literally, like, hands on, like, what are you charging, basically

Ati Grinspun  15:45

delivering your services. Like, exactly. So if you’re a coach,


yes, all of the forward facing things, that’s how you get your number. And so now we have to figure out, okay, do our offers actually support that number? Because it’s cool to say, You know what? I want to be $1,000 an hour. I only want to work a four hour work week. You know, there was a whole movement for a while. Yeah, right, right. But do you actually have products and services that support those goals? 99% of the time? Clients don’t, don’t, I do not have that. It’s like, okay, you’re selling a $20 a month membership. Okay, let’s look at the volume that you need in that membership to make it happen. Can it happen? Absolutely, it can happen. But look at this

Ati Grinspun  16:34

and this, and I want to know your experience on this. A lot of the people that come into my academy, we have them read a Profit First as their first thing. And they’re like, but, but I came here for branding. I’m like, oh, yeah, but you don’t understand what it takes to make the numbers that you’re telling me you want to make. And I think people like the whole Instagram thing, right? Like the 10k a month. I’m like, if you’re actually making 10k a month, and that’s your revenue. You’re only trying to make it like 3k girl, right?


Exactly? Yeah, you gotta take out taxes, you gotta take out insurance. You gotta take out healthcare. There’s all these other expenses that go into running a business that I feel like. Social media has really skewed our perception of reality and made us think that everyone out there is doing better than we are. But the reality is, no, no, they’re not. They’re just like you. They’re no different than you, other than the fact that they’re putting themselves out there, that they’re getting loud, that they’re standing out amongst ways so that you’re noted. Now, yeah,

Ati Grinspun  17:33

okay, so they so we have your people really get clear on their hourly rate, and then, what are some of the things that first like, again, right? Common denominator, what are some of the things people can start using, especially when you say technology, because, for example, I’m really good. I have an assistant. I have somebody called new content, somebody that edits my podcast, all the things. But when it comes to that, we only use Zapier. So you said that, I was like, Well, I want to know


sir, systems are one of those things that people are like, Oh, it’s yucky, it’s gross, it’s weird. Systems are nothing more than workflows. It’s just your workflow. So what I want you to do as a business owner, I want you to zoom way out and look at everything that you’re doing in your business. What is your process, from the time that someone gains awareness to the time that you end working with them as a client? What does every single step of the process look like? Now this can feel very overwhelming, but the next time you’re onboarding a client, just start to map it down, write down exactly what you’re doing. What this does is it lets you see the big picture. So now you can see, you know what every single time I’m having to send a client an invoice, whoa, wait, my CRM has something that automates that for me, or I can trigger something within my email system to automatically send it when something happens. So that’s the really cool thing. Once you identify those opportunities, chances are there’s technology on the back end that can help assist you, and that’s where it’s you not amazing for Google. You know, you can Google anything. I’m gonna

Ati Grinspun  19:16

tell a little story that I think you probably a lot of your clients come to you with so before I actually went full time, I actually went full time during the pandemic, also a little bit for the pandemic, but the pandemic really was the moment I business exploded. But I was running my photography business on the side for many, many years, and I literally was doing every email manually. I was writing every single email over and over and over. And the moment I decided I wanted to go full time and actually grow a true business, what changed everything is what you’re saying. Tell me if this is like, what you encounter, or how would you coach somebody? Because I hear these all the time. I don’t have time to actually do that. Yeah,


exactly. It’s like, okay, well, you’ve. Don’t have time not to do this seriously like this is what separates a side hustle from a true business. Every true business. In order to be sustainable, you need structure, systems and structure. That’s what gives you the freedom. That’s what gives you back that control. And it’s not the fun part, it’s not the part, but this is the part that creates sustainability, because now you’re not facing decision fatigue, because you’re sitting down at your computer, you’re going, I don’t know what I need to do today. No, you know exactly what it is. It’s keeping you accountable so that you’re doing the tasks that move the needle forward in your business, when running a business, especially as a solopreneur, many of us came from corporate. Many of us came from careers where we had someone above us. So in order to step into the CEO role, we really have to start acting like it. We have to take that radical accountability for our actions or lack there of because, oh my god, I just dropped that to do all of the things all of the time, we end up spinning our wheels in place and not gaining any traction. And it’s frustrating, and that’s where people end up burnt out. But at the end of the day, you have so much value to share, so it’s like, we need you to get out there and share, yeah, right, the world. So

Ati Grinspun  21:24

I kind of want to talk about this, because you, you talk like, in your in your bio, you talk about, like, overcoming sales plateaus, yeah? So I know I feel like I’m a broken record with people all the time that I’m like, brand building activities are sales activities. They are like, posting on social media is not an income producing activity, right? So people are like, but that goes against everything you’re saying. I’m like, not really. I agree. So can you actually break this down for people? What are those activities that actually bring the money they can leverage their time? How do you teach these inside of your book? Tell me a little bit about that. Yeah,


so sales plateaus. They happen. You will get to a point in business where you know what, everything’s kind of on autopilot. Now you’re feeling good, but just your sales are stuck. You’re not really getting through that next threshold. And the key is starting to track your KPIs, those key performance indicators, getting really, really curious and looking at your business from a different angle. So I want you to go into your analytics, and do not be scared by your analytics. Go into your analytics on social media, see what people are engaging with, see what your people want. Go into your email list, see who’s opening those emails, see who’s clicking on those emails, leverage that data, then to go and build relationships over on social media. I think so many

Ati Grinspun  22:53

same the same language like that’s actually something I do on a weekly basis. Yes, I look at open my emails, and I sometimes you can figure out by their email, but 95% of the time is their name, right, exactly, or their company name, right? Yeah. So then I go, I look them up, and I ask them, I’m like, Oh, I know you’re in my email list, so you were in a launch a few months ago or and here’s


the thing, you don’t have to go about it in a salesy way. Be a human, engage with them, don’t even talk about business. Get to know them on a personal level, because at the end of the day, we forget that people buy from people. We’re human. We want to feel seen, heard and validated. No, yeah, so if I

Ati Grinspun  23:36

knew demystify this that you’re saying, because people tell me, yeah, but that’s not a scalable I’m like, Well, yeah, but depending, like, if you’re a service provider, there’s always going to be a part of you that is involved on the business. So can you demystify or how do you help people scale when they are there? Like, if they’re like, I just feel like I’m sending messages randomly. I’m like, Yeah, because you don’t have a strategy behind it. Demystify this for for my people, a little bit, well,


what it’s doing, it’s doing a couple different things. Number one, when you’re in someone’s DMS, it’s actually pushing your content then in front of them on their feed. So the people that are in your DMS are actually going to see your your feed posts all the time. So that’s one little thing that a lot of people don’t even realize. So we’re talking about hair stuff, we’re talking about kids, we’re talking about the weather and vacations, anything but business, but they’re still getting that content, so I’m still staying top of mind. And the other thing too, that you know why, even if someone’s not going to buy from me, I’m staying top of mind, so now they’re more likely to refer me, because if they hear in a conversation. You know what? I’m really hitting this point where I’m just stuck. I’m stuck in my sales, and I can’t break through just what? There’s this one girl I follow on social media. She’s got a positive y’all got all the time exactly, maybe you should go check her out. So what that’s doing is targeted marketing. For me, it’s really. Mainly building those relationships, and we forget the importance of relationships or tension and referrals. You need to be asking and nurturing those that are already in your ecosystem. Yes, we need new eyeballs on us all the time, absolutely. But don’t forget to love on the people that are already there. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  25:20

girl, you’re speaking my language, in my love language, in so many levels. Because I think that people are obsessed with followers, with with their audience. And I’m like, well, but what about the people that are already in your audience?


Yeah, exactly. It’s like, you know, inviting all these people to a party, they’re like, Yeah, I want to come to your party. Yes, yes. I’m in, I’m in, I’m in, I’m definitely good dad, you

Ati Grinspun  25:42

don’t even say hello, great. Yeah,


it’s cricket. So by taking the time to just say hi when you get a new follower, to just make them feel seen can go a long way. I made a post about this a few weeks ago about how, you know, social media, we’ve forgotten that it’s actually intended for connection. We’ve become so engrossed in more more, more. I need more followers. I need more engagement. I need this. I need that. Well, how much you’re actually engaging with others, how much and content is actually converting for you? You know, I don’t look at social media as a top of funnel, way that people are going to come into my world? No, it’s a part of my nurture strategy. It’s a lot lower in the funnel I’m being strategic and how I’m leveraging it, versus trying to, Hey, everybody, come into my world. No, let’s be intentional and use it to deepen those connections and humanize my brand. I

Ati Grinspun  26:38

love that. Okay, so people like, they start writing down every time they’re doing a task, what it looks like. What are they doing first? What is that that client kind of journey from the time they come in? What is the second thing? What are the kind of like I want to get to those top three things that people, business owners really need to nail to step into this CEO role.


Yeah, so it’s really, you know, then knowing your numbers, really unpacking those KPIs, those metrics, and looking at that data to drive your decisions, because that’s telling you exactly, from an objective point of view, this is working. This is not working. This is where I need to spend more time. Or you know what? This worked really well. How can I duplicate those results? How can I run

Ati Grinspun  27:27

double, double down on what you’re trying Exactly.


So knowing your numbers, having clarity. Clarity adds to Who are you speaking to? Who is that? One person. So often we’re marketing to everyone, and when we oh yeah, everyone, we speak to no one, which, oh my god, counterintuitive, right?

Ati Grinspun  27:49

I’m not even gonna go in there, because that’s literally the bulk of what I do, and people are so resistant to it and the moment. And I don’t like saying niching down. I like saying narrowing down to the one person, the one problem, the one common denominator of their people. But I think one of the things that when you say CEO in my mind, one of the things that comes to mind is People tell me all the time I really can’t afford to hire yet. So okay, so now they found some automations. What would you tell to people that they tell you that, because I think that most of the time they can afford to hire even when they’re first starting out. Yeah, so what is stopping people? What is your process for that to help people to really start learning to delegate?


Yeah, it’s hard. I think a lot of times it comes down to ourselves. We’re afraid to let go of that control, and there is a learning process to it. There’s a learning curve, and you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to make bad hires along the way, but when you’re high clarity, worst, oh my gosh, I’ve had to fire people as well. I’ve made bad investments. We all have, but giving yourself permission to at least try. So I would really encourage you to start just recording yourself as you’re doing some of these repetitious activities over and over that really don’t need to be you doing them. Start screen recording so that you can use that then to help train someone, because there is that learning curve. But always come back to why? Do I want to outsource this task? Why do I feel like this person would be a good investment? Is this actually moving me closer to my goal, so that I’m freeing up time that I can spend in places that will move the needle forward that I can’t necessarily outsource things like, you know, engaging and building those connections, voice messaging, people, nurturing your current clients, really leaning into referral, which,

Ati Grinspun  29:49

interestingly, that’s the first thing that people want to outsource. It’s like their connection, like their lead generation. And I’m gonna tell. A little story. You know, I love stories, and one of the things for me is, like, I actually had hired a company that did that for me, and this was already, like, a year and a half ago. And then eventually I was like, this is not the part of my business. I want to let go off and and I move things around, and I still do lead, like I am the person on my DMs, actually, yeah, and I was it for a while, and it got so cold and so disconnected. And my whole brand is about connection, and I love people, and I love learning about them, and I, I personally love doing that same


say that is one of my favorite parts. I just, I love lead generation, I love prospecting, I love it all like, you know,

Ati Grinspun  30:41

I think that, but I think that it’s because we grew. I think this is actually really worth talking about, because what was the growth that you had to have to actually love it?


Yeah, you know, it was learning to let go. It was all really going back to my why? Why is this important to me? And what do I want my business to look like at the end of the day? We’re spending so much time comparing ourselves to others. But does it matter? No, this is your business, and you make the rules, and we forget that, we forget that we can choose. It’s all a choice, and we can choose how we’re showing up, how we’re running our business, how we’re helping others. We get that choice. So

Ati Grinspun  31:31

true. So true. So if you had to summarize the CEO method, be like a short phrase, yeah. What is it?


So the CEO method, in a nutshell, is really unpacking, packing, clarity as to what it is, what you want and what you want your business to look like, establishing systems and automations comes next. We really have to have that solid foundation in order to scale, in order to build out a business that is sustainable. And then we go into optimize sales and marketing strategies really diving into organic marketing, because for most business owners, you can scale to six figures without ever running an ad. It really Right, exactly. So let’s focus on building that out, because what we can do then is you can promote yourself to CEO. So now you’re running a business like a business. We are generating sales on repeat. We are acting like the leader, the visionary, and being able to create a bigger impact, because now we are running our business in a way that feels completely aligned to us.

Ati Grinspun  32:38

I love that this is so aligned with how I run my business and what I preach and everything, and I love you for bringing this to the table. And also I think that, like you, elevate the industry in so many ways, right? Because a lot of us, including myself, I came into business, I didn’t even know what a KPI was five years none of us did. But I think that is because we have the opportunity to run businesses on social media, and we have this opportunity of running these businesses from like, Okay, I have a Instagram account, I’m in business, and then eventually you’re like, oh, yeah, that’s not it,


yeah. And that’s why so many people give up, why so many businesses fail within the first year, within the first five years. Like, those statistics are just heartbreaking. Girl,

Ati Grinspun  33:24

I’m seeing people in the industry leave the industry, people that had a lot of success, and the reason is because they they drink the Kool Aid, right? Of like, jumping into I have to scale. I have to have all these employees. I have to do this. I have to do that. And I’m like, is that what you truly want


exactly? That’s it that comes back to, that’s what it because

Ati Grinspun  33:47

I can tell you, and I have subcontractors and everything, but I don’t want a huge team. I don’t want to use team. I don’t want to be managing a kindergarten. That’s just not like,


yeah, exactly. And then you get to choose, yeah, but

Ati Grinspun  34:02

I, I’m seeing so many people leave the industry. I don’t know if you have noticed, Oh, absolutely, like people that I reach out. I’m like, Hey, I haven’t talked to you in so long. I went to your Instagram. There is no movement. There are you? Okay? They’re like, Well, I’m pivoting. I’m doing something else. I went back to corporate. I’m doing my other whatever. I’m like, Whoa. These are people that are legit. Yeah,


entrepreneurship is no joke, and that’s why this is so so important. In order to build that sustainable business, you have to have systems and structure to create the freedom that you want. I

Ati Grinspun  34:37

love that. Would you tell people where can they find you? Anne, you have an amazing freaking gift. Thank you for my people. And I am so excited when I saw that, I was like, can you tell them?


Oh my gosh, absolutely. If you’re listening to this episode, just go to my website, amytra.com, Slack. Free book to grab your copy of the CEO method book, you can grab an ebook or a paperback if you visit the website. So I would love to give that to your listeners, just so you can see more of my method maybe a nugget of wisdom that I share with you will be the thing that helps you succeed. I wrote this book to help others make an impact. I’m not out to make millions off of this book. I’m telling you, that’s not where

Ati Grinspun  35:26

it’s at making millions, I know, because I’m starting to go through the process, yeah. And I’m like, but this is a thing. Writing a book and having your message out there is changing lives. I know everybody changing mine. And I’m like, like, tempracious it.


Oh my gosh. I love that. And to me, that’s what makes it worth it. It’s that impact. It’s seeing that ripple effect. It’s kind of because I was like, You know what? I’m just gonna put this into writing, like, it’s the coolest thing ever. So that is the best place. And then also check out my podcast, the motivated CEO podcast. We’re streaming on all platforms. I drop into my DMs over at on Instagram, at Amy tra, I love, love, love. When you say Hey, I heard you on addie’s podcast, and I loved it. This was a takeaway like, come say hi. It’s really me. I swear, yes,

Ati Grinspun  36:17

I love, love, love this. Oh, my God, I can’t. Thank you enough. This was amazing. I think that we jumped from thing to thing to thing to think, because there were so many nuggets. And I think that what you are teaching people, it’s so so needed, and also people resisted. So if you are resisting, become the CEO of your business. Go follow Amy. She makes it easy. Her book is so simple the way you make it that I’m in love with it. So thank


you so much. Oh my gosh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Ati Grinspun  36:54

Thank you. Thank you for tuning in to the BU brand podcast. When it comes to building a personal brand. No one size fits all. Our mindset is key, and there is a million things to learn, from social media, making videos and tech to storytelling and writing. So if you found this episode valuable, we would love for you to leave a review and share it, share on your socials, your stories, and send a link to your friends so more women can build million dollar brands by being more of who they already are. Not sure where to start on your personal brand journey, take our profitable personal brand quiz. This quiz was created with a service based entrepreneur in mind, it will tell you where you are at and even give you a next step for massive action, go, take the quiz and Power Charge your Personal brand@green.com


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