In this episode, I’m interviewing Amy Bartko, founder of Chatterbox PR and Marketing, and it was FIRE! She shares her expertise on PR and how to take your personal brand to the next level. 

She emphasizes the importance of community and building relationships in the world of PR. ( can you see how it all comes back to the community ?) Amy Is walking you through step by step how to pitch yourself for the media and actually GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED!

What you can expect at every step of this episode:

00:00 Introduction and Background

05:32 The Importance of Community

07:26 The Shift in the World of PR

14:50 Preparing for PR

17:30 When to Pursue PR

19:22 PR on a Budget

25:12 Building Relationships with Journalists

32:14 Crafting the Perfect Pitch

34:28 Subject Lines and Follow-Up

37:59 Online Places for Pitching

41:38 Pitch Template and Tracker

43:08 Cracking the Media Code

About the Amy Bartko:

Amy Bartko is a distinguished PR professional, juvenile brand expert, founder of Chatterbox, best-selling author, and a sought-after speaker. With over 25 years of strategic communications experience, she has become a global authority in building and promoting brands for families, from pregnancy through childhood. Amy’s profound understanding of how to engage busy parents within this unique niche has set her apart in the industry. Under her leadership, Chatterbox has flourished, strategically supporting both online and brick-and-mortar brands ranging from startups to global names. The agency excels in comprehensive brand development and digital strategy, alongside targeted product placement, influencer and celebrity marketing, traditional media, and consumer events. Amy’s innovative approach has consistently positioned Chatterbox clients in the spotlight, with features in prestigious outlets such as Forbes, Today.com, the Today Show, the New York Times, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and more. Before founding Chatterbox, Amy honed her skills in the baby and kids industry, working with small to mid-sized companies to craft impactful communication strategies. Her expertise not only in PR but also as a best-selling author and speaker underscores her unparalleled ability to connect with audiences and drive meaningful brand growth.

Connect with Amy:

Email: amy@chatterboxbrands.com

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Well, hello, hello, everybody, and welcome to the Be You Brand Podcast. I am so excited for my guest today because we met at an event. When was it? November?

Amy Bartko  0:12  

October, yeah, end of October, the weekend at the pitch club.

Ati Grinspun  0:16  

Yes, I was speaking at the event, she was an attendee. And we hit it off right there. And then we jumped on a connection call. And we have been connected since then. And I am so excited because this topic we’re going to talk about today, which is PR is perfect for all my girls building a personal brand, really doing all of the work, but how you take it to the next level. So Amy, do me a favor, introduce yourself and then we’ll get started. Oh,

Amy Bartko  0:47  

yes. Well, first of all, I am so excited to be here and I just love you and I love your energy. So I am so grateful to be here with you today and spend this time sharing with your audience all the juicy topics when it comes to PR. So I’m Amy arco. I’m the founder of chatterbox PR and marketing, I do PR influencer marketing and all of the fun stuff when it comes to PR. So yeah,

Ati Grinspun  1:17  

Okay, let’s go actually a little bit on your story. Because also you have a really cool transition that you had made in the last few years. How did you get into PR where you were where you’re at? Passion, all of that.

Amy Bartko  1:32  

So it’s funny, because back in the day, I was in medical sales. So But marketing has been part of my, you know, my history, my career for 20 years. And about 15 years ago, I was in a partnership with a woman that you know, she had a PR agency, and she introduced me to the baby and KidSpace. So about 10 years ago, I started chatterbox and really dove into influencer marketing, as well as celebrity seating, and product placement on movies. And so I’ve done all the things PR and over the course of the last probably really eight months, I’ve really found a need, because I’ve always focused on retainer clients. And I’ve realized that there are so many people that need PR small businesses that may not be able to afford or have the budget for to hire somebody like me to do PR because it’s expensive. I mean, it is absolutely expensive. And I get that. So I you know have developed a few other containers that teach people how to do where I teach people how to do PR themselves. So yeah, because I do it well. And I feel like I have this, this gift and I don’t want to keep it to myself. So I do I share it with other people. And I feel that the world

Ati Grinspun  2:57  

is shifting in so many ways. The world of PR is shifting the world of like how we do business right back in the day, most people that started for example, like a baby product, or something they may have started with like a huge budget, maybe even loans, whatever it is, but like now, a lot of us start our business on Scratch. And literally we open our Instagram account, we go on LinkedIn, we start building our business, and we don’t have those big budgets. Right. So I think that that is a you you saw a niche there, right? You saw like a need.

Amy Bartko  3:31  

Yes, absolutely. And and that’s what I’m excited to share with your audience today is PR is so easy, it can be

Ati Grinspun  3:40  

just like should be it so easy.

Amy Bartko  3:45  

It is if you if you have the right formula, you know, I mean, I talked about the PR formula a lot. The PR formula is building brand awareness, gaining visibility, which earns you credibility. So you have building the awareness, visibility, I’m

Ati Grinspun  4:02  

gonna say, I’m gonna say if the people that are listening this podcast do not know that they need to go back a few episodes.

Amy Bartko  4:11  

And yeah, in the credibility, which when you start to get the credibility repetitively, that’s what turns everything into profitability.

Ati Grinspun  4:19  

So I love that. Okay, I love that. Yeah.

Amy Bartko  4:23  

And you know, I mean, PR. So let’s talk about PR a little bit, am I jumping ahead? Or do you want me to dive in.

Ati Grinspun  4:30  

So I kind of want to hear a little bit of you were doing the baby space. But then you actually shared with me when we connected that like you actually found yourself in a place where you needed more community and I kind of want to go there before we jump into like teaching and all of that. And because I think that women in business, don’t realize that at the core, you may have a very successful business but at the core if you don’t have a community, you may actually feel really alone and not We love what you do, because that was kind of part of what happened to you. And I don’t want to jump ahead and like teaching PR, without giving people a little bit of like that. That story from there. How did you actually get here? Yeah,

Amy Bartko  5:14  

the Ross story. Okay, so thank you for bringing that up. Because that has really been a pivotal part of the last 12 months, being an entrepreneur or solopreneur can be the loneliest space, you know, I mean, it really, truly can. And what I found is, I found a community in the pitch club with Rebecca cafiero. And I found this community of women that really were there to help and support each other. And it changed my world, you know, I mean, to the point where I started in her collective, and I quickly went into her inner circle, which is more of the mastermind program, because I wanted to evolve my business a little bit more. But back to the connector. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  6:06  

where were you that you actually were in need of that community.

Amy Bartko  6:11  

So at the beginning of 2023, I had a client, and I’m just gonna throw it out there, I had a client that as much as I educated him and managed his expectations, he still didn’t quite understand PR, so it made me question, if I wanted to continue to do this, it made me question if I am in the space, you know, being this, you know, business owner, single mom of two kids, I mean, I did this through divorce. And you know, I did it very successfully. But you know, this one client after I had him in Forbes eight times, and he proceeded to tell me that he’s baffled that he didn’t get more out of the PR, you know, exposure that I got him. And Forbes A times was just one of the publications. That

Ati Grinspun  7:09  

sounds amazing. But so this kind of comes back like he made you doubt your ability, he made you doubt that you actually wanted to deal with clients like a lot of like, right? Like all these, like, you kind of went into like a little bit of like an inner world kind of, I was more willing

Amy Bartko  7:26  

to drain, I literally was circling the drain. And yes, he made me question, if I wanted to do this any longer. And, you know, I started scouring through LinkedIn, you know, thinking do I want to go back to a corporate job, because being a single mom, clients can be in dependable, right, clients can be unpredictable. And although I may feel like I’m doing this stellar job for them, clients could potentially feel baffled that they didn’t get more out of it. And no matter how much I managed his expectations, so that was really kind of the first half, like the first five months of 2023, where I was really questioning if I wanted to continue being a part of this independent world. And

Ati Grinspun  8:16  

let’s actually put this clear. So everybody knows this was after you have in the agency, what for 10 years? Yeah,

Amy Bartko  8:23  

yes, absolutely. Yeah. And it’s just to kind of touch on that. I haven’t worked for a corporate. I haven’t been in the corporate world since 2020. RT 2003. So like, literally for 20 years, I have been an entrepreneur, and I considered going back to the corporate world. Because

Ati Grinspun  8:45  

let’s let’s say God is like intrapreneurship is not for the faint of heart shed happens, it happens. Okay, so then you lean into the community, and like, Was there something that you were like, Okay, I want to be in a community of women, or did you choose I were looking for other options. You

Amy Bartko  9:07  

know, what, I wasn’t looking for it. It’s so funny. Because I went to a trip it was during my parenting time, I went to a trade show, and my parenting time for me is extremely sacred, because I only get my kids for 10 days, every, you know, other 10 you know, five days, but so I get my kit i and when I have my kids, I really I try not to travel, I’m present for my children. So during my parenting time last May I happen to have a trade show. And then I had an event mom to point out literally within days of each other. And both the both of them were on my parenting time. And so I was really trying to sell my ticket for mom to point out because I paid $500 for it. And I really wanted to go to it originally, but then I was like, I’m not sure I can sacrifice being with my kids. I ended up going because I wasn’t able to sell my ticket. And that’s where I met Rebecca. And I was captivated by her. You know, I mean, I sat in on her speech. She talked about podcasts of podcasting. She talks about podcasting and how to be a podcast guest. And that was on the first day, the first night that the event was happening. And so the next day, I had lunch with her, and then I sat in on her master class, and I was just captivated by her and I joined her community right away. And she just changed me. She changed my world. She changed my word.

Ati Grinspun  10:40  

Okay, this is what I love about what you’re saying. Because you were in a place where I my police tell me if these are not the words of how you felt, but you were kind of frustrated. You were in a place of like, okay, I don’t think I can do this anymore. But you’re not in that place anymore. Girl.

Amy Bartko  10:59  

Communion hot mess. I mean, let’s

Ati Grinspun  11:03  

but I love this because I think that women theme that when shit gets hard. And this was kind of like your go to was like fog, the shed, I’m sure we’re gonna do something else. But the thing is, though, that the world actually show you that that was in the way because I think one of the things for me, is I know, this is my path. Nothing is gonna take me out of my path. But you didn’t have a community until then.

Amy Bartko  11:29  

I didn’t. I didn’t. I had myself and I had my clients. And so I didn’t have people to bounce it off of, you know, I didn’t have people to help build me people to help strategize. Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  11:44  

Or even like, say, hey, because like, right now, when I’m hearing your clients story, I’m like, Girl boundaries. Like, who is this guy? Yeah, he needs to be fire. Right? I grew up like, that’s something that we will talk about inside of my program all the time. I’m like, your client is not your boss. Right? Yeah. But you didn’t have that support of anybody helping you through that.

Amy Bartko  12:06  

I didn’t. And I didn’t have you know, the the cheerleaders in my corner being like you should be so you know, proud of what you were able to accomplish. And I was you know, I was proud of that it but it’s deflating when the person that’s sending you your paycheck. Yeah, baffled. I mean, I think

Ati Grinspun  12:28  

it Like honestly, this guy traumatized. But I want to kind of fast forward a little bit. And so through that process, through that process, you found community, you tapped into a community of women, which by the way, I was part of that community for quite a long time. And I loved it. And I for those of you listening, if you go back, I believe it’s Episode 22, where I actually interviewed Rebecca, which is the person she’s she’s referring to. So that would be like a full circle moment for them to understand what we’re talking about. Yeah. But I think that like, okay, so you tapped into this community. And now you also saw a whole new world of people that actually needed PR, and nobody was getting

Amy Bartko  13:16  

it? Well, it’s so true. And I, in this community, I was able to really have other people help me look at my business from a different perspective, and give me feedback and give me ideas. And I built out additional offers, you know, from being in this community, because offers that I didn’t leverage as much as I should my celebrity gifting or the product placement, or

Ati Grinspun  13:48  

that they were like, mini offer that you were just doing, like we’d be clients on retainer, and they were just part of like what you did? Yeah,

Amy Bartko  13:55  

exactly, exactly. I mean, like, right now I’m in the process of placing a bunch of products on a big movie for that is starring Amy Schumer, and oh my god, how fun. I know, right? And I do it all the time. And I really just saved it for my clients. But I mean, everyone can be you know, my client, right? I mean, it’s PR its visibility. Well,

Ati Grinspun  14:22  

I Okay, let’s have exactly the PR visibility, credibility. Okay, that literally that’s what we all want. So, for the woman that is actually doing all this stuff, they’re doing the right thing, they’re showing up on social media, they have the right tools because I feel that for people to get to you please correct me if you feel like I’m missing something because I’m, I want people to know what I believe they need to have in place before they can ever get to PR because I do see people trying to get PR on their websites a disaster. Their photos are a disaster. There are many auditioning is a disaster. They don’t really have a strong personal brand. They can actually, like, tell their story, right? Like they’re like, oh, no, like, right, right. So once they have all the things like, I truly believe people need to work with me. And then they need to work with you in that order. Right? So they have all the tools for the woman that has the tools, they have the brand story, they have the photos, they have the website, why PR?

Amy Bartko  15:29  

Why I’m here? I love this question. Because not because I’m in it. But PR is really what is going to help you become more visible. Because if you think about it, social media is just nurturing your current audience. Chiar is providing you with visibility, it’s a third party, giving you an endorsement. So if you’re written up in Forbes magazine, or Shape magazine, or well and good, whatever the outlet might be, it is a third party talking about you, your social media platform, super important. That’s you talking about yourself, but a third party, that is what gives you credibility. And the more third parties you have talking about you, the more credibility you have, and putting it on your website, I agree with everything you’ve said, adding the website, the you know, the image that is super important to have in place, because a journalist or a producer, the first thing they’re gonna do, they’re gonna go to your website, and your website is a hot mess that’s going to be reflective on you. What

Ati Grinspun  16:43  

I always tell people is like, if your website looks DIY, it doesn’t matter if you actually DIY, right? You could you could DIY the right way, if you need that I have for the listeners, I have a ton of referrals. But if your website looks DIY, that person will go into click right out of there.

Amy Bartko  17:02  

They’re gonna swipe left. Yes,

Ati Grinspun  17:05  

yeah. Okay. So before we keep going, I love the answer of wipr is like a third party actually talking about you. Let me ask you this. Where do you think for that? Because you are you understand my client, you know, who’s listening to this podcast. For the women service provider, she is doing all the right things, when is the right moment for them to go pursue PR

Amy Bartko  17:30  

as soon as they have their brand leveled up? I mean, they do they have the look, the feel, and you have your social media in place, because that is something that they look at, because they want to count on you to repost, you know what the coverage is, yeah, immediately. I mean, they should immediately start putting their feelers out there to all of the publications that fit their niche, you know, I mean, if there’s a lot of service providers, if their health and wellness, you know, or a breath coach, you know, simply somebody like that. Let’s take that, for example. You’re going to Google, all of you know, breath coaches and media coverage, and then it will pop up every single publication that has that type of coverage. And those are your that’s your target audience. Or better yet, Google one of your competitors.

Ati Grinspun  18:27  

Ooh, that’s a juicy tip. Yes,

Amy Bartko  18:31  

Google, one of your competitors. And on Google at the top, you can put news, you can click on the news. So all’s it filters out is whatever news coverage they have. So I mean, you want to be where your competitors are, right?

Ati Grinspun  18:46  

Yeah. Okay. I love that. Ooh, that’s so juicy. Okay. They have their stuff in place. We know why they need PR, we know when they need to get started do’s and don’ts. So they know because I think one of the things is like, people do believe that this is like super duper expensive. But you told me, girl, you can do it yourself. So let’s tell people a little bit of like, what that looks like. And what are the do’s and don’ts of like, what do you need yourself? Looks like?

Amy Bartko  19:17  

Yeah, absolutely. It is expensive if you have somebody do it for you. Because, I mean, I’ve nurtured my contacts for years. I mean, I send my you know, I talked to my journalists all the time. I mean, I am in their inbox, you know, giving them the warm and fuzzies and on their, you know, everything all the time. So that’s why you know, PR is expensive when you hire it out, but to do it yourself. Well,

Ati Grinspun  19:45  

you’re literally leveraged and your own contacts. Yes. With your client. Yes,

Amy Bartko  19:50  

absolutely. Absolutely. I know my email will be opened in a second. Yeah. So when they see my name They opened my email. I’m confident of that. So let me show you how to get your email opened. Okay? Okay, first, before you do anything, like I said, I would absolutely Google your competitors, and look and see where they’re at where they’re being featured. And also Google, who you would like to be. I mean, this could be somebody way, somebody huge Tony Robbins, or whatever. It can be somebody just, that is a super out there. But that’s your goal, right? So Google, where they’re being featured. And then what you do is you pull up that article, and look who wrote it. Okay. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  20:50  

ladies, you need a pen. And you literally need to be taking, like note right now. Absolutely.

Amy Bartko  20:56  

And then Google, the journalist, and I would have Google alerts set up for all of these things, your competitors, what your spaces, you know, who you want to be featured. So Google, the journalist, and it will pull up a bunch of information, one of the things that we’ll pull up probably is their Instagram, their Twitter, and also Muckrock, which is a PR platform, it’s very expensive, you all aren’t going to be subscribing to Muckrock it’s something I subscribe to. But you know, that’s what I do, right?

Ati Grinspun  21:31  

Is it like the pro version of Harrow? No, it’s

Amy Bartko  21:35  

the back end, it is a complete database of all journalists. I mean, oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, I’m everyone you can think of is in there. Or if you want to look up who’s on, you know, who’s the producer for Good Morning America, or whatever it might be so, so yeah, so it’s a full, robust database of journalists, and editors and magazines. But that will pop up. And you can click on it, but and just to see what articles they’ve written, and it will show you what articles they’ve written without logging into it. So just go to some of their articles. But so that’s ways to find out which journalists are actually covering your space your beat, right. So then, before you reach out to the journalist, well, I guess I should tell you some tips on how to find the journalist email address. So you can friend them on LinkedIn, you should look definitely follow them on Twitter, and a lot of journalists have their Instagram pages not private. So you can who are following them does Instagram that these

Ati Grinspun  22:46  

mean, they need to be active on Twitter, it

Amy Bartko  22:51  

doesn’t necessarily mean that that you would need to be active on Twitter. A lot of journalists are active on Twitter.

Ati Grinspun  22:59  

Well, that by the way, for those that don’t know, Twitter is now x. I don’t know that we have Twitter. We refuse to call it x. But you know, X. Yeah,

Amy Bartko  23:11  

yeah, I still I still call it Twitter. So it’s kind of Yeah, it’s kind of remember when POSCO used to be Price Club.

Ati Grinspun  23:20  

Oh, my God, I don’t even remember me. Remember, I didn’t grow up. So yeah. Like I didn’t even know existed until like, my son was born like

Amy Bartko  23:39  

I love Yeah. So I love Costco.

Ati Grinspun  23:43  

Okay, this is where like we they throw ourselves and now we’re like, oh, I might work out clothes at Costco. Let’s Yeah.

Amy Bartko  23:52  

Oh my gosh, I love that. Okay, so Twitter, a lot of journalists will post what they’re looking for on Twitter. So what their current needs are, and that’s a great way to you know, follow your journalist follow you know, what they’re looking for. And you can also do a hashtag, hashtag journaux requests are hashtag. He our requests,

Ati Grinspun  24:19  

girls, these is gold.

Amy Bartko  24:22  

It is. And if you just do like, if you search on Twitter, these hashtags, then it will pull up all of these different requests that they’re looking for. So that’s Twitter, and often their email address will be in Twitter. If you’re friends with them on LinkedIn, you can get their email address there. If sometimes they’ll put their email address in their bio and Instagram and then there’s another platform called Rocket reach. If you Google their view was search their name and rocket reach it often it will give you their email address. I may

Ati Grinspun  24:59  

think so. They’ve done their research, they have all their ducks in a row, they have all their stuff, then they do the research who they need to reach out to. So then because I know this is where most women are going to be like, Ah, now what do I do now? What do you

Amy Bartko  25:12  

do? Okay, so this is the good stuff. So if you’re distracted, if you’re if you’re driving, you should absolutely listen to this again and take notes. Yeah, but this is absolutely when you want to get your pen out. So the first thing you need to do is read their articles. I love this,

Ati Grinspun  25:32  

okay, girl, because when I teach people to pitch themselves to podcast, I’m like, Girl, if you haven’t listened to their podcast, you can, you don’t have the right to pitch the

Amy Bartko  25:42  

thing, it’s the same exact thing, you have to know what they’re writing about you. They want to know that you know who they are. And this is gonna sound a little cringy. So that’s not lost on me that you should absolutely stalk them on Facebook, Instagram, whatever your platform is for social media. Because when you pitch them, you want to write and I’ll use I’ll use my friend, Nicole, who is a journalist, she had a baby. And you know, when I pitch her, I follow her. I’m friends with her on Facebook, I follow her on Instagram, Zayn is the cutest little baby. So I am always going to call out her baby. And that means when I call out her baby, every time she’s gonna read past and see what I have to offer her. Right, right.

Ati Grinspun  26:35  

Okay, this is the thing though, you’re going back to something that women forget so much, which is be a fucking person. Yes. Yes.

Amy Bartko  26:44  

You don’t want to be a robot. You want to roll into the pitch and be like, having a call. Oh my gosh, Zayn is getting so big. And I just love you know, the Valentine’s post that you made, and you just be human and be nice. You

Ati Grinspun  27:01  

want to really build relationships?

Amy Bartko  27:03  

Yes, yes. You build those relationships. I mean, Nicole just reached out to me. And she’s like, Oh my gosh, can I get another one of these cuddling kind dolls? Because Zayn loves it. I sent her before they were even my client. I sent her a cuddle and kinda when she when she just had him, you know? Ah, yeah, I you know, I mean, I do these things. Because that’s what I think

Ati Grinspun  27:31  

this is okay, this is what I’m hearing. And I kind of want to point it out to our listeners, you have been in business now, what did you say? 16 years.

Amy Bartko  27:40  

So I’ve been doing this for almost 17 years. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  27:44  

this is what I want to point. Point out 17 years, you build a business that actually was outside of social media, where leveraging relationships was the way to go. And we actually teach that and I’m gonna make another note on these for our listeners, which is, did you see how we met at an event, you met Rebecca at an event, if you are not going to live events and conferences in the women, world, girl, you’re missing out. So that’s number one. But number two, is you’re not going Shas for the numbers, you’re actually building through relationships. And this is something that I truly believe women are forgetting, because everybody is after the huge follower amount, but they’re forgetting that every single person that goes to your account counts. Absolutely,

Amy Bartko  28:35  

absolutely. And it’s, it’s so true. I mean, I you know, and it’s funny because and this is just, this is who I am. And this is why brands like working with me, because I am all about building relationships. I build relationships with my clients. I build relationships with influencers, I build relationships with celebrities, I build relationships with journalists, and I love it. I build my relationships with them all equally. I had a really top tier influencer, like, give me a voice memo on Instagram the other day, and she’s like, can I just tell you how much I love you? She goes, I have been following you. And you’ve been following me. She goes, I remember when you sent me flowers for Mother’s Day. And that was like her first Mother’s Day when she had her baby. And I mean if she remembers that and that was like five years ago.

Ati Grinspun  29:35  

You know what the and this is one of the things that this is funny because we still till this day I send handwritten notes to all my photography clients, we send out that gift for our coaching clients as kind of the norm but I actually signed the card right? That’s me signing the card. And like I remember like my assistant at some point was like, do we need to keep sending thank you card. As to the clients that they shared with you three or four times. I’m like, Yeah, especially to those Yeah. Especially to those

Amy Bartko  30:09  

because it’s, it’s when you receive that, it’s like, that was very thoughtful. It’s it’s yeah, you know, it’s thoughtful. And you’re not just a paycheck. You No, no. Just a paycheck. I should.

Ati Grinspun  30:23  

It’s funny that you say that because one of the conversations this week with my assistant was like, hey, for the because she was actually asking, like, the repeated clients that we have. And I’m like, you know, I actually have a different idea. And I, you weren’t at my van. But like, we have these candles that que de Palma filming for us. Yeah. And I was like, you know, I would love for clients that their repeated clients, like, instead of like sending a car every time, we’ll do a car the first time and then we’ll do something different the second time. So now is that sort of price effect that they’re like, oh, to really truly care. She is actually thinking, right of thank you for your business. Because the truth is that those are the people that build your business, your livelihood, your life. And

Amy Bartko  31:06  

those are the people that come back. Those are the people that give you referrals. You’re in it just in it trickles down. So yeah. And I love Katie’s candles, I have those too.

Ati Grinspun  31:19  

Yeah, I have to put another order. Like she made the most amazing, like send for Obi Wan live event? Like, oh my god, amazing. Yeah.

Amy Bartko  31:31  

Oh, that’s awesome. I love that. Yeah. So Okay, back to dollar relationships with the journalists. So you build relationships, I mean, when you are writing a pitch to them, you do not want to just be like, Hey, I’d like you to cover this. Because why that’s not well received. You know, like I said, you know, a few minutes ago, you roll into, you know, whatever the nicety is, you know, whatever you found them eating or last trip that they, you know, took with their family, or whatever it is that they’re doing on social media, call that out, as well as call out the last article that they wrote, and let them know that you’re reading their article, and then you roll into what it is that you’re offering. Because I love the city. First paragraph, that by far is the most important paragraph. And then the second paragraph is really what it is that you do and what it is that you’re you would like to share with them. Because they get 300 to 700 emails a day. And during I

Ati Grinspun  32:43  

hope that I hope they have an assistant.

Amy Bartko  32:47  

They don’t they literally filter through all of these emails for themselves. And which actually bring Yes, yes, and so it is very, very possible, your email is gonna get overlooked. And that brings me to subject lines. And it’s a great segue into subject lines, because your subject subject line needs to stand out, you know, I mean, if you’re talking about, you know, health and wellness, or breathwork, you can’t just be like, hey, you know, breath work, you know, enthusiast or something like that, it should be more like award winning breath work, coach, just it has to be something that is more that is going to grab their attention. And do not be shy about using chat GPT to help you with your subject line, or in line.com to help you with your subject line. I mean, there are oh,

Ati Grinspun  33:43  

wait, because I think somebody might miss that subject.

Amy Bartko  33:46  

So what you do with chat GPT is write out your rough version of your subject line, and then stick it into chat GPT don’t be afraid to chat GPT I promise you it will not bite, but you just tell them that you want to spruce up this subject line for a journalist, and you plug it in there and have them spit out like five to 10 subject lines. So that’s one platform. The other platform is subject line.com. And that’s

Ati Grinspun  34:17  

the one I don’t think people know about. I didn’t know like I’m writing down. We are talking I’m writing it down. I’m like, Yes, I’m writing this stuff down. And

Amy Bartko  34:28  

that one will absolutely both of those will help you with a catchy subject line that will grab the attention of a journalist because you have a microsecond to grab their attention. I mean, remember three to 700 and in the fall they’re getting because a lot of the health and wellness journalists They also cover products. So they’re being pitched products as well. They’re not just solely service and so in the fall From July to December, they’re getting over 1000 emails in their inbox.

Ati Grinspun  35:06  

That’s just crazy. Okay, let’s bring it back. So give me the three steps. Did you say three? So the first one was, the first one is they need to have everything in place. Yes,

Amy Bartko  35:17  

you have everything in place and your brand is leveled up, you’ve worked with Addy, or you’ve worked with somebody to help you level up your brand, to make it be to allow it to be presentable. Right? And then you do your research, search your competitors, search the people that you want to be alongside, yes, and figure out where they’re being covered, and who the journalist is that’s covering them. So and then search the journalist

Ati Grinspun  35:50  

and then go build that relationship. And then Yep, and

Amy Bartko  35:53  

then stalk them on social media yet know what they’re doing, what they’re eating, whatever it is that they’re posting.

Ati Grinspun  36:01  

Well, good, good familiar with them. So get to like them. I like them.

Amy Bartko  36:05  

Absolutely. And get them. Let them see you in somewhere else before they see you in their inbox. That way your email is destined to

Ati Grinspun  36:16  

be Oh, I love this. Okay. And then the last step is use either chat GDP or subject, line

Amy Bartko  36:23  

line.com to make sure that you have a really, really solid such subject line that will catch their attention. And

Ati Grinspun  36:32  

then you email them. Do we need to follow up?

Amy Bartko  36:35  

Absolutely. Oh, my goodness. Absolutely. But because

Ati Grinspun  36:39  

Come on, ladies, the gold is in the follow up.

Amy Bartko  36:43  

Here is my five star tip on following up. So a lot of people feel like when they follow up, they don’t want to add anything else to the pitch. They just be like, Hey, I’m following up on below. And yeah, I mean, literally with arrows. If you’re looking at me right now I’m pointing below that is a no, this gives you the best opportunity to re pitch yourself, repeat yourself. And if anything has happened in the world, if anything has, you know, anything new you have to share, whatever it is repeat yourself because that a lot of times the gold is within the follow up. Yeah. And times, you know, remember three to 700 emails in their inbox, they can very easily skimmed what I

Ati Grinspun  37:39  

Okay, I’m in love with this episode. I’m Natalia, already in love with this episode, you have given us gold. But one of the things that I’m loving the most is how much they can learn about actually pitching themselves in general, for anything for a podcast for an event for speaking at a networking event, girls use these format for absolutely everything anything, ever. I love it. I love it. So where what are the most remarkable on online places where women service providers should be pitching themselves right now.

Amy Bartko  38:26  

Forbes? Absolutely. Shape magazine? You

Ati Grinspun  38:31  

I didn’t know that one. You mentioned it a few times. And I didn’t even like occurred to me,

Amy Bartko  38:36  

right? I mean, it depends on what your beat is, you know, I mean, because service providers can, you know, be very widespread, but there’s well and good. There’s Fast Company, Wall Street Journal any of the Times New York Times you know, LA times if you are not aware, most people are probably aware, but those those newspapers are syndicated. So they really go out all over the country and now with the dot coms huge, right? Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  39:07  

I know. But the thing the reason why I asked that is because one of the things that I started looking into too is like sometimes we put so much work into like podcasts pitching or like PRP chain and then these publications, nobody sees them. So you are showing your audience Oh, I mean, published here. But then in reality, it’s it’s only truly for credibility with your own audience, but nobody else is seeing it. And I think that that was one of the things that I learned the hard way we like people pitching me or whatever. I’m like, no, no, no, no, you need to be published in places that actually people are reading

Amy Bartko  39:41  

well published in places that people are reading but also, who is your what publications are your audience reading? Sadly, you know, I mean, who who is your you take your audience and what it is, if you haven’t done your avatar, then If you’re like customer avatar, then

Ati Grinspun  40:03  

yeah, they need to hire me. But the reason why I say that we do such an extensive market research outside of the academy, because one of the biggest mistakes people make, especially with the whole follower account, like account followers and stuff like that, I’m like, Girl, followers and audience is not the same thing. If you have 1000 people in there, and nobody gives a shit about what you’re selling. Yeah, you need to start over. Yeah, no, absolutely.

Amy Bartko  40:29  

I mean, like, you have Parents Magazine, and you’re doing which, if you’re doing health and wellness Parents Magazine, very well may be a fit for you, right? Because, you know, I mean, it’s Yeah, but imagine

Ati Grinspun  40:41  

me trying to talk personal branding and Parents Magazine, it’s like, Girl, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Right.

Amy Bartko  40:48  

But is that your audience? You know, so Exactly, you have to take a step back. And that’s one of the things that the journalists will take a look at, too, you know, I mean, is this our audience is she our audience, and that’s if and if it’s not a good fit, then you shouldn’t be pitching it. And that’s a google google your, you know, your space and who your audiences. And that will give you a really good indication of what publications you should be targeting.

Ati Grinspun  41:18  

I love this, Amy, these these was fire, fire, fire, fire fire, I know you have a gift for all of our listeners, because now I know that they are going to want to want like one to go pitch themselves. So tell me about that gift that you are doing for the audience.

Amy Bartko  41:38  

So what I have put together for you today is it’s a pitch template. And it’s a template that you can customize yourself, as well as a pitch tracker. And this is a yes tracker, you should keep track of what it is you’re pitching, who you’re pitching. When you’re pitching. You know, you have to stay on top of all that stuff. So have fun with that. And yeah, happy pitching. Because you can do it, I promise you, you can do it. If you put together if you put aside the time to do the research. Don’t bulk pitch. I mean, that is a I want to leave your audience with this one huge negative, don’t do not paste 100 emails into a blind copy and send a blanket pitch out to 1000 people or whatever it might be, take the time. And you’ll reap the reward. I promise you,

Ati Grinspun  42:41  

you know what I love about this, we I teach something so similar inside of the academy when it comes to pitching yourself for podcasts, because I tell people like take the time, listen to the podcast, tag them on your stories, do all this. And for myself. I only do one pitch a week. Because it takes me several hours. I go listen to the podcast, then I’m like, okay, maybe I need to listen to a few more episodes. Because this one didn’t truly, like connect with me, right? Like, do I want to be on this podcast? Then I google the person? Then I’m like, Do you know what I mean? And I’m like, and I am obsessed with this. And you actually are launching a pitching Academy Correct?

Amy Bartko  43:25  

I am. So I’m in the process of putting together what’s called cracking the media code from pitch to placement. And it’s a digital Academy and it’s an at your own pace where you can teach yourself how to do PR and take everything that I mean. What I shared with you today is just a tiny bit but I really teach you how to dive deep into PR. I

Ati Grinspun  43:50  

love it. I love it. Love it. So if you are ready to frickin blow up and breathe everywhere. Go follow a me ad dummy your Instagram again.

Amy Bartko  44:01  

It’s chatterbox PR and marketing. I love

Ati Grinspun  44:05  

it. And we are going to make sure that she starts putting her face out there because she doesn’t. But I be nagging her so much that somehow we’re gonna make it happen. Well,

Amy Bartko  44:14  

I actually headed to my retreat for a inner circle. And we’re doing we’re doing a whole photo shoot. So

Ati Grinspun  44:23  

there you go. I love it. Well, Amy, this was amazing. Thank you so so much for your wisdom. I can’t wait to see you in person. I know you’re coming to be your brand live. I know I’m gonna see in the next few months. So thank you so so much.

Amy Bartko  44:40  

Thank you so much for having me. This has been wonderful and I yeah, thank you. I appreciate it.