In today’s episode of the Be You Brand Podcast, join me and Angelle Ferrer in a discussion on career advancement, personal branding and leveraging digital tools to enhance your professional journey. Angelle shares her insight on the importance of positioning oneself effectively in the competitive job market through skills like LinkedIn optimization and networking. She touches on the evolution of the job search landscape, especially with the advent of modern technologies such as applicant tracking systems. 

There’s so much nugget you can get from this episode so, tune in!

About the Guest:

Angelle Ferrer’s is a career coach and marketing strategist. Her mission is to educate professionals on the career Marketing Mindset, to market themselves as a product in competitive job markets.

She helps career changers discover transferable skills, strengthen their value proposition, and create a plan, which is the foundation where everything else is built– their resume, personal brand, LinkedIn optimization, networking strategy, and interview preparation.

She helps professionals increase visibility to compete for the jobs they want.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome everybody to the Be You Brand podcast. I have a guest with me today and I am so excited because she has been super present in my life the last year. She is a client of the Be You Brand Academy. She is a soon to be author, with our ascension mastermind, and she is like our reckon of freaking energy and action taking. I am going to introduce you to Angel Ferrer. She is a career coach. But I want to have her introduce herself like and go from there. Angelle, Welcome to the be round podcast.

Angelle Sanders  0:41  

Hello Ati, thank you for having me.

Ati Grinspun  0:42  

I am so excited would you tell the world who you are and what you do?

Angelle Sanders  0:48  

Okay, who I am? Well, I am a corporate girl coming from the ITE and product management space, who has had a just a passion. Over the years I have done some corporate training and mentoring within those roles. And I just have a passion of walking alongside women and their career advancements, Career Transitions can be very difficult, especially when you’re coming from some of those very competitive areas. And unless you have someone who’s walked those, taken some of those leaps and successfully navigated of it or navigated them, you end up delaying your transitions, delaying your successes. So I just have a passion of just sharing my background with them and hopefully helping make their lives a little easier in the process.

Ati Grinspun  1:32  

I love that Well, I am going to read your actual bio, because I think that that says so much about you. And I feel also that even though you work on the corporate reom and I work on the intrapreneurship reom our mission in life, it’s so allying so I kind of want to like give our listeners a taste for it. And her bio goes like this. My mission is to educate professionals on the career marketing mindset to market themselves as a product in competitive job market. I helped career changers discover transferable skills, and extreme FEM their value proposition and create a plan which is the foundation. Everything else is built. The resume personal brand, LinkedIn optimization, networking strategy and interview preparation, I help professionals increase visibility to compete for the jobs they want. I love this angel because I think okay, this is the first thing that came to my mind when I read your bio on this is is no longer a nice to have to be on social media. And when in this particular episode, we’re going to be talking a ton about LinkedIn because that’s where angel is fully invested in. But girl like now, if you’re going for a corporate job, you need to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. Do you want to start there when we talk about women building the resumes, their social media and all of that? Yes,

Angelle Sanders  3:06  

well, and thank you for sharing that. Because the one thing I’ve noticed is not as socialized and just spoken of in the career coaching arena is the fact that in this competitive job market, it’s really an employer driven job market. And if you want to get ahead in a sea of applicants to get noticed, we have to leverage the tools of the modern job search. And not everyone realized that it’s changed. If you have not been in the job search market in the last three years. Guess what, it’s changed. And so you know, we’re talking a lot about looking at yourself as the product and you are the product would you want what a company wants to buy you think

Ati Grinspun  3:49  

you are preaching to the choir here? So actually step back because you took a huge leap of faith when you came into the academy. And you were like you were toying with the idea of this business and you came in with a different idea. What do you do you want to talk a little bit about that you came in? Because you you do other things? Do you do real estate investing, you do flipping? So you’re like this very dynamic personality and go getter? So tell me a little bit about that. Yes. So

Angelle Sanders  4:18  

when I came into the academy, you know, I have with my history of coaching, leadership in my roles and even mentoring along the way, and I’ve been mentored, in my opinion, it’s difficult to mentor others and you unless you have first been mentored yourself. I’ve worked with some great mentors. And that passion for wanting to walk alongside folks and help them in their journey is you know, that all comes in. So getting into real estate investing was a desire, you know, it’s more from a heart of servant leadership. I wanted to get in there and help folks that were struggling with difficult situations and needed to possibly off get rid of their property or offload it or liquidate it in a sense to be able to improve their lives to solve problems, and very similar sharing my journey has also been a big focus over the years. So I also had a block, I am very spiritually charged my faith is very important to me, it’s my foundation. So I would share it was nothing that I intentionally tried to do or sought out to do. But I would share with some of the ladies in my circle, just some of the stuff that I’m learning and stuff that’s resonating with me and really helped me in different pivotal points. And I would constantly get you need to share that send me an email, send me an email, what’s going on? Well, I can’t send all these emails, how about I just put it in a blog and Facebook and I’ll just that way you can go access it anytime you want. So that blog turned into just me sharing my journey, and what has been helping me through different points. So I think a lot of the difference, so I have the passion to get out there and help. Even in my corporate roles. That’s where my sweet spot was,

Ati Grinspun  5:56  

okay, this is what I love, love love about all these, like, as you’re talking, I can see all the connecting dots of how you ended up here. But when you can mean you were kind of like doubting, okay, you should I go the career, the career coach path, or should I go this path, and then one day you made a decision. And literally, you are taking the leap of you took the leap actually, to do what you are helping your people to do, which is build their own personal brand. Do you want to talk about that journey? Because I mean, I know I mean, as the mentor in this relationship. But I know I see with you guys. It’s hard when you’re coming from corporate, to put yourself out there is hard. Do you want to talk a little bit about what has been your journey? And what has helped you? And what is helping you to put yourself out there? What is your your drive? And how are you navigating that?

Angelle Sanders  6:49  

Yes, well, even before, as I mentioned, I would mentor women along the way. And I came across some women just in my circle who were struggling with the idea of this was during COVID and single moms, you know, I need to get a better job. I need to be able to feed my son, but my company won’t give me a raise. And I’m afraid

Ati Grinspun  7:07  

women in like pretty higher positions still. Yeah, we’re not entry level positions. Yes,

Angelle Sanders  7:15  

yes, this particular woman was mid level it but to hear women who I know what they do, and for them to be so insecure, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do at that’s when the person it may springs up. It says absolutely not, let’s let’s connect, let’s talk about it. Because I guarantee there’s more to you than you can see. And,

Ati Grinspun  7:35  

literally you’re doing with these women that are incorporated, like what I’m doing with you guys, like you’re seeing through their soul, you’re seeing their true shine.

Angelle Sanders  7:44  

And I the way that I approach it is very, you know, I come from a project oriented career. So I look at it from a project planning standpoint, a risk standpoint, a, let’s poke holes in this and identify where your strengths are. Let’s also identify where your weaknesses are. And let’s come up with a plan to address the weaknesses. And we’ll even prioritize them. Because some weaknesses that you think are a hindrance really aren’t. You just need to be able to talk about some of them aren’t some of them you have, we are going to identify that, yes, you may need formal education, you may need to go look into some online learning. But let’s really take a realistic view of it in terms of what it’s going to take for you to compete. There are a million other things, there are tons of other people who are willing to go through those steps. And that’s who you’re competing against. Yes,

Ati Grinspun  8:33  

it’s pretty much like a business is pretty much like a business like these positions on corporate. They’re my target business. And you’re gonna love this, I just got a VIP client that came to work with me, you actually know her Michelle, she was at the VIP. And she does purely corporate training. And one of the things that occurred and I talked about was like it what intrapreneurs sometimes don’t realize when like not number one, not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Number two intrapreneurship would be almost impossible without all the tools that are actually our corporate and she started like mentioning Riverside is a corporation. Zoom is a corporation. I mean, Google, we all use Google Calendar. And I was like, I never even thought about literally intrapreneurship is supported by corporations. By corporate one of the things that is very interesting to me that I would love for you to kind of break it down. What is the difference that you see between maybe a personal brand like you are building your own personal brand as a career coach, but how a corporate woman a corporate person that is incorporated? What is the difference between building a personal brand incorporated and building a personal brand as an entrepreneur? There is no I didn’t tell her I when I was going to ask her.

Angelle Sanders  9:55  

That’s a good question. Because you know, I did not even think about building a personal brand and So I spent some time with you. And then I had to go through trying to figure out what the heck that meant, but from an entrepreneurial standpoint, so I will say how we build the brand is not different at all, we’re still going to go through very similar activities. I’m still when I work with folks who want to get out there and compete, building your presence and LinkedIn, showing that you’re a thought leader, showing that you have interest that’s going to set you apart, compared to other people who just have a basic LinkedIn profile and are not active, show connections, going through and finding connections through LinkedIn. All of that is very important. Because if you are, we have to think about it from the hiring manager or the recruiter, the customers perspective. And I think many incorporate, we all have customers, so we can all resonate with that. So think of it from their perspective, if you have two very similar similar candidates, and you go check out one who’s very active, who appears very connected, that’s going to be the one you just, you know, you don’t even realize it but you’re more favoring over the other unless there’s something in the skill sets that is completely standing out and more important, but we just have that natural tendency to want to go with you feel more connected, especially when it comes to the corporate culture. Oh, my

Ati Grinspun  11:11  

God, you just okay, you ended with what was my next question, which was like core values, right culture and core values, because a company or a recruiter may be more inclined to one person if that person is already showing those core values that align with the company. And there is no way for somebody to know that if you’re not actually putting them out there and vocalizing them. Now, this is so interesting, because if you think about this, before the pandemic, this was not I feel like it’s not necessarily the case. So what was the landscape then? And what is the landscape now, the landscape

Angelle Sanders  11:47  

prior to the pandemic, and then early pandemic was more of the employee driven market. And now it’s the employer driven market employees had, you know, the job seekers have more power. And that was especially true in the early stages of the pandemic. But prior to, you know, LinkedIn, and a lot of the technologies have just changed the landscape, even in the

Ati Grinspun  12:11  

professional, eroded, they exploded, because that was the only way we had to communicate.

Angelle Sanders  12:16  

Yep, we’re beyond the days of where we’ll go. And, you know, in most instances, we will not go somewhere to fill out a physical job application, there’s a difference between what many think of as a resume and what I would refer to as a modern resume. There you go, okay.

Ati Grinspun  12:36  

Yeah, because, okay, I remember vividly, when we were going through putting your offer together, and used to explaining this to me, so I could understand and I could help you. And I was like, Well, okay, can you actually go through that? Because I think that, I mean, a lot of our listeners do not necessarily are in the job search market, but they anybody here probably has a sister, a mother, or daughter, or best friend that they’re incorporating. They may not know that, because I didn’t know it. So well. Yeah.

Angelle Sanders  13:09  

And I would just say, for anyone who has not been in the job market for any length of time, the game has changed. And to be a player on the board, you have to understand the game. That way you can play and win. But yes, resumes, you know, a few years back prior to COVID. It was a native thing, if you had a resume that was more than one page, everybody wanted those visual two column resumes, those applicant tracking systems, that technology was still present, but it has advanced so much in the last three years, three to five years, especially but it was a negative thing. If your resume went over two pages, everyone wanted it around one page. And that was just the culture at the time, people were still networking very much in person, cover letters are still a very big thing. Now it’s very much agreed not so much and you get mixed. But even then now cover letters had been repurposed. And there’s the purpose of the modern cover letter. And the modern tip is now it’s okay to go up to one to two pages. But the focus of your resume is no longer to have your full employment history. That’s what LinkedIn is for your modern resume should have everything that it needs. Its job is to get you an interview. Your resume job is not to get you the job. So you want to have your branding and corporate logo. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  14:19  

that was a that was a nugget. Yeah, that was a nugget right there. Your resume is supposed to get to an interview. That’s the job, boom, bomb right there. Which

Angelle Sanders  14:32  

is why if you think about it, to get that call back first, it has to be formatted to not get hit by the applicant tracking systems. And all of the parsing they’re going to do, which in other words, reading it and being able to pull your information stored correctly, but it needs to be able to scrounge out to get that we can

Ati Grinspun  14:49  

talk about that because that okay, and for all the listeners, they everybody probably knows here. I never been a codebreaker. So I was completely oblivious to these process. But you always talk about what is it sh t,

Angelle Sanders  15:02  


Ati Grinspun  15:03  


Angelle Sanders  15:06  

how a lot of us regrettably you’ll hear it in different terms,

Ati Grinspun  15:09  

like resumes that people are sending that they’re getting literally, they never make it to the employer, because they are not tech friendly. Can you talk about that for a second? Yes,

Angelle Sanders  15:20  

if you have ever looked create access to a website, whether it’s a corporate website, or a, maybe a career placement company, if you’ve ever gone online and click Upload to upload your resume, that is an applicant tracking system at play, there’s some back and this is actually more coming from the tech girl in me. But there’s going to be some system behind the scenes that is going to try to take your flat, it reads it as kind of a two D Document it doesn’t know the sections the header, it doesn’t it doesn’t know. If I if I opened it in Word, I would see all the formatting that went into it, but in

Ati Grinspun  15:59  

vivo before anybody sees it, that is this tracking system. So if people are not,

Angelle Sanders  16:05  

and identify your information and a basic rule of thumb, applicant tracking systems do not know how to read a header. So if you have your contact information stored in the header, it will it will store all of your information, but you will not have a name phone number email, so they’ll have this wonderful resume with no one to contact. That’s a very basic, okay,

Ati Grinspun  16:25  

this is so freakin valuable. And this is where my mind is going right now. How much is the need of experts? Right now on your like, literally, you’re positioning yourself as this expert, you already had all this knowledge when you came into the academy, and you almost didn’t even know that you had it. You remember, we were like, it

Angelle Sanders  16:46  

was not the area that I thought I wanted to coach and support folks. I did not I remember telling you, I don’t want to be the resume writer. But the moment I started to educate myself on it, and because I’m the tech girl, the moment I saw all the technical implications in it, it was just Holy smokes. How do people not know this? Yeah, well, that’s when my ears perked. And then I became interested. I

Ati Grinspun  17:12  

love it. And in general, women are not as tech. So these may not be something that is on the radar. And I know that you have helped some men too. But I know that your heart is with women. And I know like this is kind of like, it brings me back, I have Michelle, which is my client, my friend. And then there is another lady, I can think of her name out of the top of my head right now. But like her whole thing is the intrapreneur. Right, the person that is driven that has the passion. And then I also see you so much in that that is that you have this passion to help people that not necessarily wants to leave intrapreneurship. But they’re actually still have that drive to grow and to make a difference within corporate. Oh, yes,

Angelle Sanders  17:58  

there are many women in corporate my observation and just being a woman myself is that we tend to come in a couple of different categories. There are very driven, professional women that are wanting to go out there and just be very proactive, to learn the best strategies and tactics to get ahead. And to present themselves, not you know, they want, they don’t want to have to worry about technology, they want to find out the ins and outs. And oftentimes, they’re very busy. And they just don’t know how to do it for themselves. Yeah, that’s what can come in personal branding, they can be very, they could be kind of the right or left brained and they need someone to come in and collaborate with them, and come in and offer the other side to help pull that together. And then there’s the women that, you know, they definitely want better, they’re ready to take action, but they’re very insecure with their ability to do so they’re very insecure with what they even bring to the table the value they offer. And in those instances, it is value for me to be able to be the outside perspective, just especially for women in IT business and product because I’ve worked across all of those spectrums. And to be able to okay, I know that job that you do, you’re saying you haven’t done this, but haven’t you been in these situations where this, this and this? Okay, you’ve done that? But that’s

Ati Grinspun  19:21  

okay, tie it in, because you do a lot of mindset coaching with your clients too. And that’s the piece that I know, it’s so different in the academy, right? Like we do so much of that internal work, but you’re doing that also with your clients. And do you think that is especially women that are maybe more insecure or is it across the board?

Angelle Sanders  19:43  

I think it’s across the board too, but just liminal. Like I said we kind of fit into one of two buckets guys, it’s a little more difficult to get him to open up to that. But women are more, you know, will open up to it a lot more easily to where we can make some steady progress. And because whether you’re entrepreneur or you are the driven professional, there is a lot of mindset that just goes into day to day life and especially trying to get ahead. Women are more open to mindset coaching, at least in my observation. Yes, men are there to be from a credible source with many men.

Ati Grinspun  20:20  

Well, I think they need to, like open like they need to, somebody needs to crack them open. As opposed women, we come on community and we open up to our community, I have, oh, my God, this conversation is fire Angel. So I want to get you a little bit what has been your like progression with your personal brand, and what has been like your biggest like shifts, internal and external, because externally, you launch your business, you’re having clients, you’re launching your first cohort of a group program these week, literally, to like next week, today’s Friday, next Monday. So I feel like those are very tangible. But what has been some of the shifts that you have had that you’re like, Okay, this was gold, but they’re not as tangible? Well,

Angelle Sanders  21:07  

I’d say, I mean, you were called just being able to write the I help, or my mission statement, you recall, oh, my goodness, it’ll be laughable at some point, going back to my first stab at it, because it was just, it was very difficult for me to look at myself as a product in itself. I wanted, I knew it was very easy for me to walk alongside women and to support them. That came very naturally. And I could spring into that, but to look at myself as offering a solution as looking at myself as as an offer. And then that in exchange for a cost that was for payment, right? For payment. That was a, that was difficult as well, because I haven’t to be able to do this at a more full time basis. Obviously, I need to be able to put food on the table. But on this because before I’ve only worked with them it just every now and then, as I would come across them, I would just work with them volunteer to know. So being able to do it more intentionally like this. The meeting took a mindset of being able to look at myself, as a business owner, as someone who was in it to make a profit, but not in a negative sense that just not able to do this to serve more. So.

Ati Grinspun  22:26  

Yeah, we’ve talked so much on the academy about like, you cherishing that intent, the fact that you want to help, yeah,

Angelle Sanders  22:34  

and impostor syndrome was a major thing for me, I am, I could go into a meeting and hold my own when it comes to what I’ve done the last 17 years. But doing it from this perspective, and going and getting, you know, I dove into what I knew to do go and get the certifications, go and get do the learning. But I just felt so insecure, they’re not going to look at me as a career coach. I’m the it girl, I am the product person. I knew I had all those experiences, I knew I had the foundation of it, but being able to pull it together and figure out what my voice is with all of that together. That is those are the light bulbs that helped me really get comfortable in my brand.

Ati Grinspun  23:17  

Oh, and we truly work with you like, and just so the listeners kind of have a background. Not only she’s a massive action taker, like she goes fast that you tell Angel go to these. And literally the next day on our Slack channel, she’s like, done checked. Like, it’s always like, amazing to watch. And you have done so much like not only the actionable step, but the inside work, the the mindset or the identity work, that it’s taken you to be there. Yeah,

Angelle Sanders  23:50  

that’s the foundational stuff. And I would say just even in my personal life, especially my faith journey, you have to slow down to speed up. And that has been the case even Well, before I started this journey. So I knew the mindset journey, the mindset work was going to be very important. Because the last thing I want, you know, we all know when we’re when we have a passion for something and that’s tapping into something that you genuinely have a passion with is where it’s at, right? Something that you just enjoy doing, and that you don’t mind doing it till 10 o’clock at night. Now that doesn’t mean to do it every night, but to find something that you have a passion for. And for some type of insecurity to completely throw you off and for that to pretty much put pause things because it’s gonna take me now the next week to get over this fear factor. And no one’s gonna listen to me all that impostor syndrome.

Ati Grinspun  24:36  

It when we knock that out of the park and that kind of rails

Angelle Sanders  24:40  

like weeks and you don’t want to have to slow down if I slow down I want it to be because I’m taking a break. And because it’s me time I don’t want to slow down because of internal insecurities that are throwing me off.

Ati Grinspun  24:53  

Oh my god. It’s so timely that you actually say that because one of the things that I believe Even like this, this whole month for January, all I want to do is talk about identity work and the mindset and who you are and who you step into the person that you want to be. Because I had been having conversations with women where that fear and that doubt they take them out for months. And they think they’re building a business they think, Okay, I’m doing the thing, but they’re not truly doing anything. Like when you look at like, how they’re progressing, they’re not progressing and what is taking them out. It’s not that they don’t know it’s not that they’re not good at something is the Dow the fear the end them not seeing themselves as business owners? Yes.

Angelle Sanders  25:39  

And I will say sometimes it’s very easy. If you’re a doer, when those insecurities or those mindset issues creep up, it is very easy to make yourself busy building the business and steady getting in there to be the business because just the way we walk

Ati Grinspun  25:57  

and to actually get clients or to actually talk to people to talk, um, Yesterday, you were in there yesterday, but we had this conversation with, I’m not gonna use her name. But I was like, until the moment that you step into our business owner identity, you’re still somebody that has a dream

Angelle Sanders  26:15  

for me to shift over as well, I recall, and a lot of that was fear factor. How do I get out there?

Ati Grinspun  26:19  

I didn’t realize how many people from corporate we have inside the Academy because this person is coming from corporate to say, oh, okay, like people that have corporate jobs, that you guys are so amazing at what you do, but then you turn around, and you’re like, Okay, I want to bring these knowledge into our business. And then you start doubting. Yeah.

Angelle Sanders  26:41  

Well, and I would say, coming from corporate, I reached a point in my life where, you know, I can be a go getter for somebody else’s bottom line, and serving their purposes, their and their objectives. Or I can be a go getter put food on the table, utilizing where my passions are at to serve the people I want to serve, I’m going to buddy, I’m going to serve their customers, and then some leaders, or I’m going to serve the people that I can go out there and impact and in and serve and help build their confidence up. Going through just a simple transferable skills exercise, I love being able to poke those holes, and in the end, have clarity. Okay, well, how about we considered these type of jobs, go do some research and come back, and then let’s share the skill sets. And then they come back energized, like, oh, my gosh, I think I know, I’m gonna consider these three jobs. Awesome. So I love that. That’s built as they go through the process. And it’s like, that’s what I’m in it for. I

Ati Grinspun  27:43  

cannot wait for your book chapter. We’re going to be writing literally together in less than three weeks here in Vegas, I am so excited on how you’re going to like, put the dots together and your story and your massive, literally growth and the difference that you’re making in the world for all these women. So Angel, this was a pleasure. Would you be a favor and tell people where they can find you. And also you have something coming up that and I don’t know exactly when this episode will come out. But I know that you’re going to be doing this cohort every month, every other month. So I would love for you to tell people what that is, how you can help them and where they can find you.

Angelle Sanders  28:25  

Yes, well, ways to connect with me, I am on LinkedIn. And I do have a website, eight F, career marketing.com and Angel career. So eight F isn’t Frank. And you can actually just look me up angel for rare AF career marketing, even in LinkedIn, but I can definitely share those. And those links are actually available on the website, but the cohort that you’re mentioning, so because of my my strategy mindset, my goal, not only can I do the resume writing, not only can I do the LinkedIn optimization, and I know the technology behind the scenes to make it more visible for recruiters. But all of that is great. But there’s all of the leading up to that that most a lot of people tend to overlook. There’s so many that just go trigger happy when they’re starting to look for a job. They update the resume and then they go and hit the Apply button. And I really hope that they’re not just taking one resume and hit the Apply button across or all that yeah, we have to tailor our resume, but they just jump right to that and you know, they’re planning is just what what type of jobs do I want? There’s so much more that goes into it if you want to compete in this market. And there has been many testimonials from different groups that are men that when women are getting no traction and their job search, and it has been months they recognize only then that they’re missing something and they go they step back, they re evaluate. They start thinking outside of their box, and then they make traction whether it’s in person networking events, whether it’s realizing they need to do networking in LinkedIn, whether it’s realizing Okay, I need someone to take a look at my resume, it’s so my hope is I can reach books are going to have the struggles. And the cohort is really just a four week thing. And it is a affordable option. But my goal is to bring women in to do those foundational steps. We have a random clarity, self assessment. And then we go through what I call that self discovery going identifying your transferable skills, because any skill that you have done in more than one job, or in started in college to develop, or maybe you developed it in a side business, or in volunteer work while true is true, because

Ati Grinspun  30:36  

you are your brand and we have so many skills. And this is the same with entrepreneurship. I absolutely love this. Yeah. So

Angelle Sanders  30:44  

we spend a week focusing on that. And then once we’ve identified guess what, these are all your true transferable skills, and we evaluate everything. Then we say, Okay, now go find that job you’re wanting to get in. Let’s lay that side by side. And let’s see, here’s everything you got. And let’s see where your gaps are. And let’s build a plan. And the difference between this and what someone else is going to make may try to do on their own is that this is going to be a solid plan to set you up for success.

Ati Grinspun  31:10  

This is so amazing. I am so proud of you. I am so excited for your future Angelle. Do you have a freebie? Yes, I

Angelle Sanders  31:18  

do. Right now I do actually have a guide for a simple guide to tailoring your resume. So for all of those who are still taking their resume, and doing what they’re calling, resume spring, where you’re going to take that one resume, select 50 jobs in indeed and just hit the Apply button. There is a simple guide to tailoring your resume just to what you should be looking at to update it for every job. That does not mean a full resume rewrite. It can be more simple. I will just caveat that to say though, if if you have a very, you know, if you have a very old style resume and maybe it’s not branded, it may be a little more difficult to make that simple. You may need to update your resume first. Well, we’ll

Ati Grinspun  32:03  

make sure to put that guide send it to me. I want to make sure that I we put that on the show notes. This is amazing. Thank you so much.

Angelle Sanders  32:10  

Thank you for having me.

Ati Grinspun  32:12  

This was awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye