I see these mistakes on clients and people I consult with all the time and I see so many people in my audience making them.

These mistakes are so easy to avoid and the only reason you are making them is because nobody pointed them out to you…till now … .hello it’s me Ati lol!

These 5 mistakes are killing your personal brand and reputation and your bottom line!

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Wow. Hello and welcome to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. I am so excited you are here before we get started. Today is Monday, April 22 is the beginning of our personal branding bootcamp. So if you’re listening to these this week, you need to be honored assume with the other hundreds of women getting their personal brand straight. Because if you are still confused who you’re talking to what your message is how to stand out on an offline these training is for you. So head to W. W. W. R T Greenspun like my name, Artie Greenspan, that comm forward slash branding bootcamp, it’s also on the notes and register for the personal branding bootcamp. If you use the code, podcast podcast at checkout, you are going to pay $33, if not, the price already went up to 111. So these training is five day lives, you’re going to spend five days with me getting your personal brand straight. This is for any woman service provider, that you’re already working with some clients, but you’re like, Oh, I’m so confused, and so frustrated, and posting on social media, this is not growing, why I can’t stand out, you’re still confused on your messaging, these training is for you. Okay, let’s get started my friends, I made a list of things that I see constantly, constantly, online and offline, too. So this is what is so so, so important, and is that some of the things you don’t even know you are doing, and they are actually hurting your personal brand, your reputation, they are confusing your audience, and they are hurting your ability to make sales, they’re hurting your sales. So I am going to go through these five things. Because they they’re such such an easy fix. Let’s get started. Number one on social media, I see these from so many people, you’re posting random photos, and random stuff, we know context. And this goes for Instagram, and Facebook primarily. And for your stories. Now, what does this mean? So for example, you go to a networking event, right, and you make a story, you take your phone out, you make a story. And then you bolt it straight to your to your stories, you didn’t say anything, you don’t pose, and maybe you tag a few people, and you don’t put anything on the stories. You don’t write anything in there. Now, this is why it’s so so so important for you to understand. Everything that goes on your social media should have context, you are posting this from your lens, you understand your business, you understand what you sell, you understand where you’re at, but your client has no idea you’re giving your viewer zero context of why this is in any way shape, or form brand building. Now a lot of you are still kind of like in the division between personnel on what is personnel and what do I share? And why do I don’t share, you can come to the boot camp this week. And we can discuss that. However, everything you’re putting in the account that you’re using to grow your business somehow

Ati Grinspun  3:52  

is there to bridge your no you’re like, and your trust with your people. It’s there to inform them of who you are, what you do, who you help what you stand for. So for example, if you’re at a networking event, and you do stories, maybe you thread that through what you do through community, maybe you thread that about visibility, maybe you thread that about you getting more knowledge about what it is that you actually serve your people with. But when you’re posting photos and things when no context, people get checked out. So imagine if you actually have a story with no context. And then the next story actually talks about your business. People may have already left your stories before they get to that next slide. The same happened with your post. Everything needs to thread back to who you are, what you do, how you do it, your service, what you stand for, why is it important for your viewer to actually see what you’re showing them? So I see He’s one all the time from people that are actually, like have a ton of followers and people that actually are doing good in business guys, this is hurting your personal brand. Okay, this is your communication. And yeah, you need to stop doing that. Number two sharing only inspirational stuff. Is there inspirational content inspirational stories is been a Janelle reels. This is the thing. I been through this where every post I was making, I was being overly inspirational. And people were like, oh my god, I love following you, you’re so inspiring. And guess what? I was making zero fucking sales. Okay, this was the beginning of my journey. Why this is so important is because you are on social media to grow a brand and a business. If you’re listening to this podcast, you are growing a brand and a business, you have big fucking goals. And being inspirational is only a part of the equation. Now, those posed are great at getting people engaging. So what happens is when you post the next pose, people are more likely to see it because of the way the algorithm works. And people are more likely to come back and look at your account because they want to see your content because it’s inspirational, but you cannot leave on any particular type of content. And you need to have authority creation content, inspirational content, sales content. So you need to be being very careful of not doing just inspirational content because it feels safe. And in some way, shape or form is actually feeding your ego because what happens is we all love having people comment on our stuff, right? And be like, Oh my god, I love these. I love these. I love these. Well, this is the thing though, I love these doesn’t feed your bank account. And that’s in field your big goal. So you can now leave on that type of content. So number three, this one is very intertwined with the fact that I do not believe that you’re going to build a brand just on social media. Now this is the thing though, social media has made it possible for us to have more reach to reach more people faster, to literally start building our brand right away when and share our journey and actually have people get really bodying into your journey or story what we are doing from ground zero from the moment that you even have a dream right you sharing the dream and people watching you go for it is already a way for you to build your brand. However, I feel like a lot of you are just focusing on social media. What I want to share with you is the approach that we take an RTG branding with our photography services, with our coaching services with your with our consulting services when it comes to helping women build a strong and profitable personal brand is we look at the foundations. So the foundation is like who you are, who you serve, what you stand for, what are the things that we put around all of that. So you stand out that they’re authentic to you that you’re going to share through your content, but also in person. So for example, this could be events, it could be you volunteering, this could be you a speaking this could be you doing trainings, these podcasts is a personal brand building and growth strategy, right and it’s outside of social media. Now social media again gives us the opportunity to do that faster, but a lot of you are just only betting on social media. And the problem with that is that I do not believe that the conversion time is as fast as when you are doing all the other things. And another key part for you to have a profitable personal brand is your offer. Sweet is what do you offer? Do you have a strong offer that people understand how it solves their problem, but a lot of you are just lollygagging around sharing your offer and your offer doesn’t make any sense to what you are actually selling. So I’m actually going to use an example for these. I wasn’t a call the other day I was doing a training and somebody in that training. She is mindset coach for people dealing with RA so romantic. I’m not even going to butcher that ra so that they’re going through like arthritis and pain and only thing and a lot of these women are out like younger to be dealing with these disease. Now, I was asking her what her freebie was. Now I want you to understand that your freebie is also an offer. Your freebie is your free offer. And she was like, Whoa, I have 10 tips to leave with a ra or something like that. And I was at war. But you teach mindset around that correct. And she’s like, Yeah, and I’m like a tweak that I would make is your freebie should be 10 mindset shifts for you to be happier living with AR A. Now the big difference between these two things is one feeds straight into the product that she offers, which is mindset coaching, around leaving with RA, right. So if she’s only giving summary, and I’m sure I’m butchering this, it didn’t fit. It didn’t lead people to what she sold. And I think that so many of us are focusing on social media, again, you’re only saying inspirational content. And then on top of that, you’re putting random things that people don’t know the context of is not building your credibility is not building your authority. It just people like oh, she’s just one person more that I follow on social media, they a lot of the time these people don’t even know what you do. So you need to be so freakin fucking clear. And your offers everything from your social media, to the topics that you speak on to the next step, which is I’m going to talk about networking, everything needs to make sense to their brand, and the business that you’re building. Everything needs to be connected. Okay, so number four, I’m going to give you networking in random communities. Now, what does this mean networking in random communities. I see Realtors go into Realtors networking events, I’m like, Okay, you want to make friends of people that are like minded that do the same than you. Now unless you’re looking for some sort of partnership, realtors are not going to send you business people are going to send you business, your neighbors are going to send you business people in the community are going to send you business people on social media are going to send you business. Now, this is not just for realtors, I see this also with women. So for example, for me, I only network in women communities. Why? Because I only serve women, right? So for me to go network, or events where there mix, it doesn’t do me any favor, because they’re not my client. Another thing I see these Aton when people are looking for women networking events, you go to these events, and there is a lot of like, I don’t know, network marketing, or I don’t know, women doing crafting and stuff like that. And the thing is, there is nothing wrong with that. But you need to understand who is that you want to connect with? So if those are your clients, that’s perfect. However, what are the caliber of clients that you are looking to attract? Who are you looking to attract? Where are they hanging out? Are you serving? I don’t know, service providers out there already established, maybe you need to go to the Chamber of Commerce, maybe you need to look for opportunities for networking in groups where there is a certain fee for the year, right?

Ati Grinspun  13:32  

Maybe you don’t need to go to the free ones anymore. Now, the reason why I say this is because when you network on the random community, when you’re networking, you’re wasting your time. And yes, you’re going to meet amazing people, but the people in that group are not going to be the people that are going to take you where you want to go. And if you have been following these podcasts for a hot second, and you can also go to the episode from last week. I believe that relationship marketing is your biggest fucking tool. Sometimes it’s hard to master these at the beginning of your journey. But the more you’re at it, and you start understanding the value you bring to the table, you want that value to also be in those rooms. So if you’re looking to work with women that they’re already making 100k Maybe the free networking event is not for you, right maybe you need to invest and be in a room where you can find people that are high level, maybe you need to invest and go into the conference. Maybe you need to invest I’m going to be real live at the end of the year right? So I want you to understand this you’re wasting your time and you need to stop doing this. And you need to be so fucking intentional about the room that you are putting yourself in and number five, this one is big vision, business building and these you are only working In two words, now goals, as opposed to looking at the big picture of your business. So I’m gonna actually give you the example of the freebie that I gave earlier. So if you are putting a ton of time into creating content, you’re showing up on social media, you’re even networking, but you don’t have a way to grow your business. To bring people into your email list to nurture your ecosystem, this could be maybe your ecosystem, if it’s very, very simple can be your social media and networking strategy. And then you have in your email list, right? So now you can nurture your people in various ways. Now, what I see a lot of people doing is a lot of those tasks, those big vision tasks, like creating a freebie working on thinking, Okay, how are people going to use this freebie? How am I going to promote it? Am I going to how am I going to collect emails? How am I going to grow my email list? Because this is a thing people will come into your business through different places. Some people will come through networking, some people will come through your email list, some people will find you on social media, some people will come through referrals, okay, when they find you and they come into your ecosystem, how are you actually moving them? The right people? Not everybody, the right people, the people that are ready, how are they moving through your funnel? Through your different step point milestones to get to your offer? How are you nurturing them? When I say big picture, this is also like maybe it’s time for you to start a podcast. Maybe it’s time for you to start speaking. Maybe it’s time for you to start Toastmasters. That is a mix of like speaking and networking. Now, this was me, you guys, this was me when I was only doing photography. When I did poetry photography, it was just always me and I never thought of like, okay, how can I grow this? How can this work without me when I pivoted my business into coaching now I have this big vision of like, okay, how do I make these a million dollar business a year, it can be just me part of that is you investing and reinvesting in your business in an assistant in an executive assistant, maybe a VA, maybe you bring somebody to help you with social media, your bookkeeping, all the things that you should not be doing as a business owner, because you are the head of this business. So I’m going to give you a recap, these are five things there is actually a lot more but I wanted to do like a quick and dirty episode with something that you can take with you right away. So let’s recap the five things that I know you’re doing right now that they’re hurting yourselves, and they are hurting your personal brand. Number one, posting random photos and random stories with no context on your social media that’s gotta go. Everything has to have some context or a reason why you’re doing it. Why are you doing it? Number two, leaving on the inspirational content train alone, because that is comfortable, and that is getting your engagement. Now, if you’re scared of selling on your social media, there is an Episode Episode 17 that I did that it’s everyday selling, selling without selling and how you can actually be putting your products and services out there in a way that it doesn’t feel sleazy and salesy episode 17. So go back and listen to that. Number three is only focusing on social media, okay, you have to grow a true business, where social media and the online world is the way you’re getting your word out. But it cannot be the only way we teach all of these inside of our academy. This is our approach. And this is literally you doing your self discovery, then start to create content, but then okay, what are the other branches that you’re going to be using? And this is usually like teaching educational workshops, networking, starting your own podcast, starting your own Instagram show, there is so many ways that we can do that. But like if you’re only focusing on social media, yeah, you’re leaving so much money on the table. And then when people go into the real world, you don’t even exist, okay. And then number four, networking in random communities, you need to be absolutely freaking intentional on where you’re spending your time. And then number five, not working towards the big picture and only focusing on the now the pose that I can make today the sale that I can make today and never looking at, how are you going to grow in and how this is is going to give you either more freedom or money, whatever it is that your ultimate goal for your business. So I hope that you go and revise all of these five things. How are you actually doing the things? What are you going to do instead? And then I would love for you to take a screenshot of the podcast put on your stories, let me know what was your biggest takeaway, or send me a DM and let me know which one of these you were like, Oh, shit, I know I was doing this. I know now what I need to be doing. And then again, come join us this week inside of the ultimate personal branding bootcamp. This is your five day live with me training, we’re going to be building your brand, we’re going to be tweaking whatever it is that you need to tweak in order to stand out on an offline and actually make six figures this year. So I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next week. Bye, you guys.