In this episode I am interviewing one of my favorite people on the planet!

Gabby Borrero is an amazing connector, host of the next generation network and one of the most giving people you will ever meet. She is an avid networker and we dove so deep on why building true relationships will skyrocket your business.

Listen to this weeks episode because the nuggets on how to find your tribe , your people and the best business connections are unreal!

Key takeaways:

01:17 Helping women to find their purpose and their people

02:55 Deciding against a conventional career path

04:00 Recognizing your true calling – community and strategy

06:15 The significance of supporting your partner in pursuing their passion

09:47 Networking experiences in different states

18:11 Virtual networking and in-person events how to

21:35 How finding the right community can help you time and money

24:03 Self-Awareness and Understanding your “Value”

26:49 Community over Collaboration

30:59 Networking and personal branding for women in business

About the Guest:

Gabriella Borrero is the owner of No Plan B Consulting and founder of The Next Generation Network. Gabby is a business strategist, business connector, and believes that no female entrepreneur should be left behind in their entrepreneurial journey. She teaches entrepreneurs how to build the foundation of their business and network. She offers biweekly virtual networking as well as in-person events along the East Coast to connect, educate, and empower female entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome, welcome everybody to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. And you already know this, I am so excited about my guest because I only bring guests into the podcast that I absolutely love. And Gabi is such an align, I don’t even want to use that word aligned. Like, I love you. I love what you stand for. I love what you do. I love how you build your community. And we are so connected in so many ways. So before we even get into it, can you please introduce yourself? And we’re going to teach you today how to build a million dollar network. So Gabi, take it away for me.

Gabriella Borrero  0:44  

Yes, I’m so excited to be here. I’m sure all your guests let you know that they love you so much too. We love it. We are Team it all the way. And my name is Gabriella Marrero. I’m located out of New Jersey on the East Coast. And I’m a Business connector and consultant helping amazing women build networks that can help them get to new heights in their business that they never imagined before with a new level of support. That makes it feel more like a family than transactional and weird and stuffy. So I host amazing events here on the East Coast. And then I also love to just help women find their their purpose help women find their people. My favorite thing?

Ati Grinspun  1:27  

Yes, well, I’m going to take the listeners a little bit back because you were a speaker, I’d be run live last year in September, and your portion of the training on day two was such a hit. Because I think women really truly a struggle with networking. And even with the word networking, because we when when you think about networking is transactional is going into rooms where you don’t know anybody. But the way you do it. It’s so amazing. And for me the fact that you’re teaching women to do these, again, it’s aligning right like we are in such the same wavelength. And can you tell me how you came up with this idea? Because when I first met you, you were doing more like fractional SEO? Oh, that was the biggest thing. You have been an intrapreneur for many years. Can you tell us a little bit of your story? And how did you ended up here?

Gabriella Borrero  2:28  

Yes. So I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 22. So almost the will be going into our seventh year in August. When I was 18. I met my then boyfriend who’s now my husband, and he was an audio engineer and a producer. And he had a music studio out of his bedroom. So I loved what he was doing. But I also realize that he was miserable in almost every single, every single job that he took, he only wanted to be doing music. And so then when it came to the point where I was in grad school for accounting, I started to realize that I had in my school curriculum, all the tools necessary to start a business. I was in business law. I was in marketing, I was in accounting. I was in almost every single class possible that could help me build this. So I did a a summer abroad. I worked for Ernst and Young and an accounting accounting internship where I worked in London Oh, yes, I worked in London, I was gonna get my CPA I had a, an amazing job offer to work for Ernst and Young out of New York or out of London. And when I came back, I realized I didn’t want any of it. I had everything right. So I was going to be graduating my master’s degree, I was gonna go right to Ernst and Young, it was too perfect, almost. And when I worked for Ernst and Young, I sat down, and I said, this isn’t where I belong. I will be caging myself, if I stay here. This is not where my talents are supposed to be used. But I traveled every week

Ati Grinspun  4:08  

what um, what a wise already vision at such a young age.

Gabriella Borrero  4:13  

Yeah, when I did that I was 21. And I realized that it just I could feel it. I could feel it that it wasn’t where I belonged. And it wasn’t the work that I was truly meant to be doing. And I always had known the work that I was meant to be doing was supposed to be in community and strategy within community because I grew up playing soccer my whole life.

Ati Grinspun  4:34  

I was gonna say that that’s kind of your background. So you because I knew that so can you actually like go very briefly into that and how that played? I believe in your decision. Yeah. So

Gabriella Borrero  4:46  

when I grew up on teams, and playing soccer was the place where I found my home. So I found some of my best friends, all of my best friends. through playing through different sports teams, and the feeling of being on a team, when it’s right for you, it’s almost like you can start to cry because it’s such a beautiful melody. Like, it’s like it’s such a beautiful equation supported

Ati Grinspun  5:16  

you feel. Yes. The reason why I made you go into that is because truly when we talk about brand story, when we talk about building your personal brand, the reality is that in all of those pivotal moments or things in our life, that’s how they came up, usually in our purpose. Yes, yes. And that’s how we came up for you at such an early age. Yeah, yeah. And okay, so you said no, yep. I said, I you’re back in New Jersey. Yeah.

Gabriella Borrero  5:48  

I said, so I came back from from my internship, so I come back. It’s amazing. I made so much money. This is great. And I then stumbled upon to seeing my boyfriend, right, who we actually broke up while I was away. Because it was such a life changing thing for me, that I said that if you are not ready to get to this level, and see that this is possible for you to I can’t see us together. So I came now. I said if you’re not gonna meet me where I’m at, right, so you have a girlfriend that’s getting a master’s degree in accounting, full ride, who’s doing a, you know, a, an, an internship with Ernst and Young in London, getting flown around different places?

Ati Grinspun  6:33  

Yeah, yeah, he needed to step up. He needed to step into into his big, big boat. Yes.

Gabriella Borrero  6:38  

And so meanwhile, I’m there, right. And he’s home in New Jersey working in a factory making no, yeah. Make you you had already graduated. He had graduated a year earlier, with his degree in music. And so he had his music studio still at home. But then his main gig was was working at a factory putting together components for different recording pieces. That wasn’t what he wanted to do like that, that he hated it. And so I said, You know what, you need to go out and you need to go build a studio of your own. You need to go out and you need to build a studio full time. You need to be working full time. So came back in August. He found a space and was moved in, like within two weeks. And I came alongside you blew

Ati Grinspun  7:26  

it up like you guys are still have that music. Yes. Yeah.

Gabriella Borrero  7:30  

I’m in our studio now. That’s where I am. Yeah, we have two floors here in New Jersey and Bucha in New Jersey, and we’ve had it for in August will be seven years of the

Ati Grinspun  7:40  

studio. Amazing. Okay. So from there, yeah. You came in? And did you help him build like all the business side and all of that everything? Okay. And what happened next? Because I feel like then the the next thing that I know was Gaby was it wasn’t CMO. It was a fractional No. Yeah, CFO, kind of like, okay, I can come in and help you with your systems. And you’re amazing at that. But then you blew everybody out of the water with MGM? Yes.

Gabriella Borrero  8:13  

Can we talk about? Yes, yeah. So I decided I had my first while still building the studio, I would do all the fundraising all the I would do everything. So that way, my husband could just sit and do what he loved all day. And so then after doing, which was

Ati Grinspun  8:28  

actually making Yes, yeah, yeah.

Gabriella Borrero  8:30  

So that’s what he’s been doing. For the past seven years, I love making music full time, supporting our, you know, helping support our families. So I had my first child. And then when I was pregnant with my second, I realized that I needed to be doing this work for others. So that’s when I started to become a business coach, consultant, and a fractional CFO. So coming and doing the work that I’ve done for my husband, the business was now solidified, I was able to come out from that business, and then sit alongside others as we were building there. So which was great. And it was fun. But there was a lot of misalignment, a lot of issues with people not really conducting business in the way that I would. And it kind of quickly went against what I knew. So I am Oh, I

Ati Grinspun  9:14  

think that I think I asked her coach, I’m gonna say this is core values and integrity and all of that. And this is why thing You and me are so like, we love each other. It’s because we do we are in integrity, we, we are the same person on camera off camera, like when whatever, right, and I think that that that’s really hard to find. It’s not especially

Gabriella Borrero  9:36  

in the online space. It’s really hard to find. So I started MGN because I realized that I would go to these different networking events, and they’re all there would either be an income requirement, there would be some sort of unspoken requirement on the car that you had to drive or the outfits you had to wear, or there would be It’s a requirement of your beliefs, right? So especially here in New Jersey, I would then go out to all these networking events. And first of all, would be one of the handful of women in the room. Second of all, one of a handful of women in my age range in the room. And there were so many nuances to who I was. So not only was I super young, but I was a mom, like people couldn’t figure me I am loving

Ati Grinspun  10:22  

this, because I feel like my experience with networking with a tad different. And I wonder, right, you’re on the East Coast. I’m on the west coast. So can so I totally agree like the income like that, like, yeah, the other one. But you also said Billy, yes. Tell me about that.

Gabriella Borrero  10:41  

So here in New Jersey, we are a different kind of state in that we are I mean, similar to Nevada, I guess. But in New Jersey, we’re so small, we’re a really small state. And we are so diverse. We have to be in the tri state area here, New York, New Jersey, I forget the other one that’s in the tri states, Connecticut or something. So I mean, you’re talking about New York City, right? Like you’re talking about Ellis Island, where somebody

Ati Grinspun  11:10  

feels like them, the ethnicities and the groups like the Latinos with the Latinos and the women with the women and the men with the men and if you’re making money with that people are making money, etc. That’s what your like

Gabriella Borrero  11:22  

beliefs as in do you believe in immigration? Okay, so a lot of political like, I mean, these things don’t really current political. They’re human. Like, do you believe in immigration? How did you get here? Right, like,

Ati Grinspun  11:36  

not me? Yeah, no, yeah. I mean, like you say, Don’t ask me. Not even you, but like, how

Gabriella Borrero  11:40  

did you all? Yeah, no, no, no. Yeah, all of us

Ati Grinspun  11:43  

immigrated here, like, Yeah, we all come from like anemia. I’m like grandpa, or

Gabriella Borrero  11:48  

great grandparent, where you can look back and see where your people came here. So a lot of those questions to me were very odd. And there would be comments made, things said that would almost try to test you on where you stand.

Ati Grinspun  12:06  

But also, and this is it, this is per question, part of servation. I think that I want to say people in general not gonna say women, people in general, that we’re probably doing business be before the pandemic and before the online world. They network in a way. Yeah. And the people that have an online business that they’re also building in person relationships have a completely different way of networking. Is this something because I think that’s where, what do you were? What do you drive that? Where he comes? Yeah, yeah.

Gabriella Borrero  12:46  

It’s, it’s, it depends on community. So something that I share a lot about too, is that so I kind of found my space, I can’t, I found my I created my space with MGN. But I was still a part of other communities. So I’d go to the events by other communities. And I would see, even if I was among women, I would see some of the same things being mirrored. So what again, what schools are your children going to like? It’s, it’s you’re walking into the room. But they are and a lot of this is because the way that I was raised because I was raised, mixed, because I was raised, barely middle class, barely where I lived in suburban New Jersey in northern New Jersey. I like I can see these things because I had to experience it growing up. So I couldn’t be better because I lived in a condo. I didn’t live in a house so I couldn’t be friends with the popular girls. Because I lived in a condo. So you it and like, I this is what when you’re talking about Northern New Jersey, we’re talking about new new New Jersey. I was one of the first in our town, like my sister and I were the only ones that were Colombian. And

Ati Grinspun  14:02  

this is so interesting to me, because as an immigrant Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you a little backstory. Vegas is so Cosmo cosmopolitan, kind of like New York. And with the casinos, making, like anybody working at a casino is probably making equal or more than an executive. So that is very known here. Like I made more when I was bartending. I made more money than my boss, that you know what I mean? That’s a very common here. So it is common for a dealer, for example, to drive. I don’t know, BMW or, like I had a bartender, a bartender that work with me. There was a moment when one of the bartenders had a Lamborghini. Another one had a Corvette. Yes. So, culturally He, this is so different than what I see here in Vegas. Now, again, this is a little bit of a bubble. Yeah. But I feel like there is no so much differentiation. Again, I feel like there might be a little bit of privilege that I am not understanding. Yeah, yeah. But my, my experience, right from networking was from the other side, like, I would go network. And I like people would actually be curious, where are you from? Like, oh, my god, your accent, right? And but when I live in DC, because I don’t know if you know that I live very shortly in DC, the experience was completely different. I didn’t have a base. But I felt like from ARPA, like, I was like, what is happening? And then in Vegas, it’s almost like each state is its own code.

Gabriella Borrero  15:58  

Yes, yes. And that’s exactly. And that’s exactly it. And the work that I do now, having lived through, so like, you’re talking about someone who, right, okay, so I mix so I can exist, and I can live in each different community. And here in New Jersey, we have the chambers of commerce, we have localized small localized networks, we have like, there’s a hierarchy, essentially, when it comes to things in New Jersey period. And I don’t like that it’s It’s ancient, but you learn to you learn to find your place, and you learn to find your space. And so that’s why the stuff that I’ve created now, and the networking event that I hosted yesterday, in central New Jersey, with 50 Women showing up all have different backgrounds, age ranges, diversity.

Ati Grinspun  16:50  

Yes, we’re gonna give people a little bit of like, glimpse on what you do. We keep talking NDN. And these are like, maybe some of our people don’t know. Yeah. So when I first met you, you were with the whole rational COO and stuff like that. So MGN it stands for next generation network. And I’m gonna toot Gabby’s horn for a bit here. This is where I felt we had so many things in common. So when I was hosting power tribe, one of the reasons what I wanted to close power drive, and I wanted to hold something is because me coming from bartending and me coming from such a pivot. And my business was already taken off. When I put together power to tribe, I started seeing how a scare women were networking, I started going to other groups, and everything was like, hi, what do you do? And I was like, okay, but I don’t need to become best friends with equals women. But I want to create relationships. And then actually, I get to pick who’s my people and who is not who do I align values? Right? And who is not, it’s very easy, very quick to actually realize what aligning values were the ones who started having conversations. Right? And I remember I was like, I don’t like the way anybody fucking that works here. Everybody’s trying to shove like, and for those of you who are watching in YouTube, like I have a piece of paper, they’re trying to shove their their car up your neck, right? Yeah, then they send you an email. Hey, when are we doing? Right now. This was very foreign to me, because I’m a people person. I mean, guys, as a bartender, but this was fucking foreign. It was very aggressive. And what you bring with MGN I think and I’m sure people tell you this all the time is the freedom for people to actually tell people what they do, feel free to talk about what they do. Only if you actually feel the other person is a good fit. Not just for your business, but I’m we’re gonna go into that, like, you’re gonna kind of give like a quick run of how to build your million dollar net. Yeah. But so Okay, so you had this idea you started creating this? And did you started doing this in person first.

Gabriella Borrero  19:22  

So I actually I had hosted and I always have hosted events and Masterminds since I was 18. But when I started and Janet was in 2021, so ng NS premise and Foundation is to be completely virtual. So we would do our bi weekly, you know, two times a month virtual speed networking. So we started MGN as just an online network, and then started

Ati Grinspun  19:47  

because of like people coming out of the pandemic, because

Gabriella Borrero  19:50  

we were still in the thick of the pandemic, especially here again, on the east coast, and especially in New Jersey. Our regulations were a lot tighter. And you know, similar to New York. So even though it was 2021, we were still primarily indoors. And even

Ati Grinspun  20:06  

I don’t remember, I feel like I blocked all of that. And I don’t even know when that happened. I

Gabriella Borrero  20:10  

know that. Yeah, it’s so interesting.

Ati Grinspun  20:13  

It’s definitely changed. It’s definitely selective memory. No, it’s selective memory. I don’t even remember anything about that. I was like, it was sterile.

Gabriella Borrero  20:21  

I know. I remember go to the park. And it’s like an apocalypse that happened. It’s like the swing is swinging by itself. Like it’s like a movie, see? But we’d still be at the park. I’m like, we got to get these kids out. And no one else would be there anyway.

Ati Grinspun  20:35  

Okay, so go

Gabriella Borrero  20:37  

so started online. And then we started bringing back our in person. So I did a Oh, she can Britt she can brand was one of my first years I

Ati Grinspun  20:49  

remember. Okay, so that’s when we first met because somebody was like, You need to meet Gaby, I think you would be a great fit to speak at her event. And by the time I talked to you was already passed or something like that. Yeah. And I was like, I, we did a connect call. And I was like, I don’t know what it is. But I love this girl. And there was something about you, you. There was nothing not even a moment that you’ve tried to sell me into anything or to try to. And I was like, we were genuinely both of us trying to see if we could find a fit for the

Gabriella Borrero  21:21  

Yatir Yeah, like a lot. Hey, is there even is there alignment here? Like what’s you know, where, where? What kind of things do we both agree on foundationally. Almost right, like things that we love things that we don’t love, like in terms of in terms of business. But that’s where MGM has been around in October, it’ll be three years of having MGM be open. And now we fully do in person connection we do in person events with all women owned venues, women owned everything. And

Ati Grinspun  21:55  

that’s when you came into my life. And I was like, Gabby, I need you. Because insight. And you know this, we are so aligned on the way we teach networking. But and this is what is so crazy. I didn’t really know exactly how you were teaching network. Yeah. Until I actually heard you speak on mine. Yeah. And I was like, I mean, I knew because of what you were doing and the conversations we were having. But for me, I actually started teaching women to build their brand from a networking standpoint, because I’m like, Girl, this is about you. You are the niche, you are the person you want people that actually like you, not just what you have to offer, you need to be doing business with people that you’re excited to see I was I didn’t I text you last night when I was going through? I’m so excited to talk to

Gabriella Borrero  22:49  

you. Yes, yes. And, and I don’t, so that this is the most interesting thing from those that are on the East Coast. Their interaction with MGN is that I could have if I knew about of ng ng was around earlier, I would have saved myself years and 1000s of dollars of networking in places that weren’t made for me. And so it’s so right. It’s so interesting when we share our different like East Coast versus West Coast and New Jersey verse, Las Vegas differences, because honestly, there’s nothing like MGN here.

Ati Grinspun  23:26  

No, but I’m gonna tell you I think that the foundational value is acceptance. We can talk about community we can talk about anything for those listeners. I don’t know if you can hear it, but my landscape guys outside I don’t know why. Like, I’m like, does kick up on Friday. So um, but my biggest thing with this is is accept Yes, yes. is looking at the other person and trying to see a person first.

Gabriella Borrero  24:02  

Yes, you’re gonna make me cry, but not $1

Ati Grinspun  24:05  

Fucking dollar sign on their forehead like okay, is this person gonna buy from me? I’m like, does it worse way? Yes. So I want you to break down your three things that you teach all the time. Yeah. So like, yeah, I want you to tell them what are they looking for? When they’re going to a networking event? Where are they already betting that okay, I love this place. These are my people. Yes. So once they do that, what are they looking? Yes,

Gabriella Borrero  24:34  

I’m like you’re mentioning to build a million dollar Yes. I’m like you’re mentioning the three I’m like in my head. I’m like, Is it is it only three what’s the three?

Ati Grinspun  24:40  

I think we there may be another one in there but you can go you can go free.

Gabriella Borrero  24:46  

Okay, okay, freely? No, no, no numbers needed. So I always say when you go into a networking event, I want you to understand the strategy that you have right like what are you bringing to the table? What is your value, who are you? What makes you different? And so whenever I go into an event, this is a lens that I like to put on. And I like to ask other people to put on is, how much value are you bringing to the table? Because you should know that first, you should you know your value first, because someone else seeing it is going to open you up to several things, I think we’ve all in some way, shape or form been taken advantage of, unknowingly, even if it was with no bad intent, whatever whatsoever, because we couldn’t see our own value. And I think when I meet each human, you have so much value that you are literally sitting on and I’ll tell people, how bad does it hurt to be sitting on the diamonds, and the cash? That is who you already have in your corner? Because if you’re networking out of lack, right, you you think that you’re no one, you think you’re when you does

Ati Grinspun  26:01  

that I had this conversation with a client recently, she she may be supposed and her post was like, You’re never like, literally, she started her post with like, you’re never gonna get this pricing anywhere else. This is my introductory portfolio making. I can’t remember I was like, Girl, no, number one, nobody knows you’re new. Number two, now you’re talking to the person who really doesn’t want to pay you. And she’s amazing. She’s been actually doing this work for an agency for 10 years. So what is the difference of you actually charging this, or the agency that was charging 1000s and 1000s of dollars, but you were doing the work?

Gabriella Borrero  26:41  

And exactly, it’s the first impression, and that’s what happens in networking, is you’re gonna go up and you’re gonna make a first impression. And that needs to hit the it needs to hit the mark. Yeah, it needs to. So I always say audit yourself, what’s your strategy? What’s your value? But you have to know that based on the room you’re walking into, right? What kind of women are in this room? Let me do some research on this network.

Ati Grinspun  27:08  

Shameless plug here. We do all that work inside of the academy? Well, I think that’s why we’re so aligned. Yeah, like, Yes,

Gabriella Borrero  27:17  

I know, I remember when you were sharing it with me before we decide like, what would the speaking, the speaking topic B, for B brand live, when you were walking through the way that you teach people to network, I was like, That’s exactly like I believe in the same exact things. And so number one is the audit. But number two is going to make sure that there is alignment. So make sure that you know, so you’ve audited yourself, you understand your strategy, you know your value. But you also have to know your mission and your beliefs and your vision. Yeah, and where you’re going, where are you going? Because, again, we are amazing women, but even I have walked into rooms, where all I shares the value that I have. And all of a sudden someone that actually has polar opposite beliefs. And mission for me is saying that we should collaborate, we should refer together. They shouldn’t. Yeah, it’s a no, you shouldn’t, you should not. But sometimes you don’t know that, because you never articulated. These are my beliefs. So I will always say

Ati Grinspun  28:17  

these are my beliefs, or these are my values, or what I see most of the times is they don’t know exactly. So an example of these is I actually had a conversation with somebody, I actually went on a networking, coffee chat in person with somebody and her offering, it’s pretty similar to mine. And, you know, what I told her was, like, Hey, I love that we’re here, I love you as a person. And I told her, like, you know, one of my values is community over collaboration, because collaboration means we have to do something, right, like, Oh, we’re gonna offer something, we’re gonna do an event, or we’re gonna go live or whatever. But community truly means that I can support you, you can support me because I’m not going to be able to serve everybody. We don’t have exactly the same ideal client, and I can support you because I know my value. I know your value. And there is people in the world for all of us. And not everybody has that value,

Gabriella Borrero  29:17  

though. She must have been blown away. Was she surprised by you saying she

Ati Grinspun  29:21  

was like, she was like, Oh, my God. And then we actually started brainstorming how parts of croffer were not in my offer, and how maybe she could actually just offer that meanie part as something right for my people, or and we had all these ideas, because I was very honest and blunt how I’m always right. But I told her, Hey, I don’t see a way for collaborating at this moment. That this is the other thing that we can do. We can support each other but I don’t necessarily see something right now. And I was honest about it, but I like her a

Gabriella Borrero  29:56  

lot. Yes, yes. So it’s I love that you said that because that’s almost like, I mean, I’m not sure which step that would be at the point yet because number one is always you’re going to audit right? You’re going to understand where your value is, you’re going to bring it to the table. Number two is you’re going to check like you’re again, almost going to audit. It’s like a triple check system, right to make sure thing is a

Ati Grinspun  30:17  

people. I feel like the the people who will networking, hoping they’re gonna get a client on the first try. You guys. Yeah, she I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not gonna be there. But we can you talk about that before I cut you off?

Gabriella Borrero  30:34  

Yeah, because that’s the third like, that’s the third part that I was gonna say is you determining where does this person fit? Because if they pass the first check, right, okay, they loved what you said they loved your first sentence, they loved your second sentence, the energy is going now you know, the missions aligned, the beliefs are aligned, things are aligned there. The third question always is that really hangs up a lot of relationships. What do we do now? We get along so well, we know each other so well. And a lot of people just like you’re saying they step right into, let’s go do a class together. Let’s go do an event together. And and now knowing what I know now, I say, No, no, they might, you might not you might pass these checks. But you might not even even work together on an event whatsoever. You might literally hate each other, by the time you get done with that collaboration, and the relationship is done. There goes. So

Ati Grinspun  31:28  

another thing, and I’m gonna I love what you’re saying? Because I think okay, so, you know, they can be peers, they can be somebody that refer yes, they can be give the relationship time. And I think that people think that this is like an overnight thing. And I think you and I talked about this so much, which is I pick three organizations, and stick with them and meet people inside. And they’re like, I just had a conversation with somebody, and I thought they came through you. And they’re like, No, I saw you in somebody’s page. And it was somebody from MGM. But that person was an engineer. All right. And I’m like, the thing is to a lot of people come to these networking events with like, a very high ego. I’m gonna say it, I said it. Did I say it. But I want to I want your opinion on this. Because I think this was actually a question somebody asked me, she said, How do you know if a group is right for you? And I’m like, What do you mean? Like if the women if I love the women that are in there, right? Like, yeah, but like, you’re a little ahead in business, I’m like,

Gabriella Borrero  32:45  

it doesn’t matter. And that’s Oh, my, when you understand the third step, right, which you understand. So it, you understand that you can own any room, right? You can own any room and everyone, regardless where they are in business, everyone can add to you. Right? Everyone can add to your I’m

Ati Grinspun  33:07  

always learning from everyone it can because if I’m not learning from their experience, I’m learning from their background. I’m learning from like I was talking to Lydia right from the little studio is her name Lydia, from which know where you did the event? Yes. The studio Ligaya. Tiffany? Yeah, Tiffany. And she was telling me like all the things that she had going on, like her struggles and stuff like that. And also her Williams, and I learn from that.

Gabriella Borrero  33:43  

I can’t tell you, I already know someone’s not for me, if they’re not willing to sit in rooms because they think they’re better than higher than at a different place than others. I believe I believe that every room that you’re aligned with that the missions are aligned, you need to be in those rooms. And if you think that you no longer deserve to be in there, sit with yourself and asking yourself, why do I no longer belong? Why am I now better than them? And I think that so many people lose access to the million dollar network, because they think they’re,

Ati Grinspun  34:23  

they’re too good. They’re too ahead. They are too big for the room.

Gabriella Borrero  34:27  

Those are the exact rooms you need. And this is the weirdest thing for me is that you always need to be in those rooms. Because let’s say hypothetically speaking, you are too good. You need someone to effing check you every once in a while. You need to realize that

Ati Grinspun  34:41  

I feel like the same happens when you first start Yeah, you go to a room and you’re like, Oh, I am too new or I’m no because you need people to expand you.

Gabriella Borrero  34:52  

ache and you need people to expand you and people to ground you. Right because there can be someone who you’re too good but you Get on the call and that person has to when you say to goodness,

Ati Grinspun  35:02  

I’m thinking more of like Moroccan investment. Yeah. And the way I think about it, it’s always like I always gonna be in touch with the woman that studied the business right with me a few years ago, I never want to lose sight of where I come from, I never want to lose sight of building a fucking business is hard. Right? So what is going on in the world? How are people like there is always new things. And as our business grows, now, all we see is our business.

Gabriella Borrero  35:38  

And you can lose out on market research. So it’s like network, like using networking isn’t working, it’s not advice, or what’s going on in your life and all meet the coaches and the consultants that stopped going into those rooms. And they’re so out of touch with current reality. They, they’re living in their own bubble. And I’m like, Wait, what are you?

Ati Grinspun  36:02  

Well, there is people that used to do consulting in like, 80s and 90s. That I’m like, Ah, yeah. Yeah. Like, have you been to Instagram? People are making millions of dollars they are you have no idea what’s happening.

Gabriella Borrero  36:15  

I think. And that’s why I love some of so many of the people that we have together and that we know together. Because regardless of where I ever go, I want to take the people around me, me to the ones that are able, I mean, that’s

Ati Grinspun  36:31  

my mission. And that’s your vision. Yeah, that’s your your vision and mission. And my vision and mission is like really bring women, right. Okay, so we’re gonna close this. So you have a present for everybody. Because I think that women struggle with networking. And I heard this from so many women that they feel like they’re wasting their time. They, you know, all these things. But you and I obviously believe wholeheartedly in and so you have to present Yes, yeah. Tell me what they so

Gabriella Borrero  37:05  

one is going to be a YouTube replay of a masterclass that I did on literally breaking down, how to audit your current value, how to write it all out, seeing your value on paper, also seeing what kind of spots you have open in your network, right? Who can you onboard, effectively into your network because you really should be purposeful and intentional behind the people that are collaborating, referring or even in your atmosphere, and then all so it kind of breaks down how to build that network from a few different points of view. It’s a video but it also has a PowerPoint attached. So whatever kind of learner you are, I try to really make sure we serve you it’s so and then the second one is a mini workbook that goes along with it. So that way you can learn how to build your intentional network, like how can we build an aligned and intentional network? Yes. And

Ati Grinspun  38:00  

this is a thing I truly believe that in building your personal brand networking is a key component that we teach inside the academy and like we brought you in for VIERA live because we love like all of our girls are in your group. Yeah, I am so excited for them to be there. And where they can find

Gabriella Borrero  38:21  

Yes, you can find me either at no Plan B consulting or we are the next generation network on Instagram and on LinkedIn at Gabriella Barrera.

Ati Grinspun  38:32  

Yes, and this is a skill that every woman in business needs to have dialed in. Not only is going to make you millions of dollars is going to make you so happy. Yes, yes. fulfills. I love Yes. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank

Gabriella Borrero  38:47  

you. Thank you so much it I love being on here. I love your people. I

Ati Grinspun  38:51  

love you my friend. I’ll talk to you soon.