In this episode, I am going deep into  the importance of speaking directly to your ideal client and differentiating yourself from others in your industry. Why and how to make your ideal client problem aware and show them how you can solve their specific problem. 

I actually “audit” and account ( Which I don’t disclose ) and thought it was so important to have this things talked about

I shared What you need to be sharing so people are reaching out to work with you and why it works.


Key highlights to explore:

00:00 Introduction and Recap of Previous Episodes

02:14 Speaking Directly to Your Ideal Client

06:31 Differentiating Yourself in Your Industry

12:15 Creating Content that Solves Specific Problems

13:52 Embracing Your Unique Opinions and Perspectives

18:51 Giving Your Process a Name

20:10 Promoting the Personal Branding Bootcamp

22:10 Conclusion and Call to Action

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. This episode is part three of the building of your personal brand. On episode one, we talked about brand strategy or unique SEMA method, which is a strategy, identity, marketing, mindset and accountability. We also talked on part two about our ideal client and mastering content. But today, when I came here to record these episodes, I had another idea I was very strategy focused. One of the things that I realize is sometimes, or looking at somebody from the outside, somebody that you know, they’re your absolute ideal client, and you can help them and how can you actually help that person, see that you have what it is that they need. And I actually went and I was like, looking at a few people on my Instagram that I know for sure, because I had conversations with these people, that they are ideal clients, I can literally come into their business and help them get clarity, and be seen as an authority and actually, really position them as the person that their clients need to hire. And I realized that there is a part of this process that I kind of left out. And is that twofold. One is when your client when our client is not a problem aware, they don’t know that they have a problem, we are the expert, right. So they don’t necessarily know that what you have is going to help them. So it’s our responsibility, as the owner of the business is our responsibility as the expert to explain that in plain English, to explain that in a way that the other person is going to say, oh shit, this is what I’ve been missing, or this is what I’m not doing. Or this is what I don’t know how to do, or this is what’s going to help me. So we have to help our people self identify, before they can ever want to become a client. Now, I’m not just going to talk about ideal client avatar, I’m going to talk about something a little deeper, that actually ties back into self discovery that we talked on part one of this series. So let’s get started. Now, I’m going to tell you why you should listen until the end is because you’re actually going to master something that is very simple, but it’s not easy. And I kind of want want to warn you about this, because people make it seem like it’s so easy. All you need to speak to your ideal client. But the thing is, it takes time. And it takes these connection between you knowing who you want to work with you understanding the concepts, but then also understanding these are ideal person that you want to work with in order to bring it all to life. So I’m going to break it all down for you. And that way, you can speak it straight to your ideal client. Okay, so let’s get started. This is what happened, I was just scrolling. And I want to look at this particular account. And this person is posting this person is posting several times a week, several times a day, sometimes she’s on her stories, this is a professional, this is not somebody that is new to her craft, I was like, I’m gonna look at her content, why would I do different. And this is what I realize is that this person is probably putting a ton of time in social media, thinking that she is promoting her business. But the truth is that when I went into her content, she’s just posting aimlessly. I actually know what this person does. I’m not going to throw this person under the bus. But hopefully you’re listening and you can self identify. But this is I want you to think about the situation you are posting every day you’re going on social media. So you have this feeling that you are present, right? And I can guarantee you that if you’re not getting clients, so if you’re not getting people to reach out to you asking you how they can work with you, if you’re not getting people telling you, Hey, what are the options for me to work with you if you’re not getting people inviting you to speak if you’re not getting people inviting you into podcasts, most likely people are not seeing you as an authority. Now, we touched on that on several episodes. I’m not going to go exactly into that. But I want you to understand that posting and actually promoting your business and building your personal brand is not the same. So we’re going to get into that right now. Now when your social media in this particular person that First thing that I thought is oh my god, it looks very DIY, right? I have a lot of like selfies and a lot of pictures with bad lighting. So no, this person is a professional that has a practice. And then on top of that she is promoting coaching. Right now, this is the thing though, like the first impression of somebody trusting you comes through the eyes. So it’s not just the photos, but there is things that you can do right away to make your feet look a little bit better. And I always tell this to people and I actually shot when through a similar situation with a doctor, I’m gonna tell you the situation, these doctor I had to go see a neurosurgeon. And this person walked into the room. He is I don’t even know what they’re called, like he’s wide thing that doctors were I don’t know, the word was kind of like offset his shoes. She was actually wearing sneakers, I’m okay with that. But they were dirty. And the first thing that I saw when this guy came in, was his hair was kind of all over the place. He looked very tired. And I asked him, Are you coming from a surgery? He’s like, Oh, no, no, I just started my day. And I was like, oh, and he was very not put together. And immediately my thought was, there is no way this guy will ever perform a surgery. And me on top of that, he actually was very dismissive. But this is something for a different story. But my first impression of this person, which is a neurosurgeon, boom, bad. So the same happens when somebody comes to your feed, to your Facebook, to your LinkedIn to your Instagram account, it doesn’t matter. So it doesn’t matter which platform we’re talking about. Good lighting, professional photos are going to give you an edge. Now, that was not even part of where I was going. Okay, but like what happened was, that was a first impression. So then I see that she’s constantly posting, she’s constantly posting on stories. And I was like, Oh, my God, this lady. And I’m actually reading something because it’s like, I knew what she did. But like, literally the first four, four post, you could not tell what she did. There was nothing in there that was telling me what she did. She did have a title like say, for example, bookkeeper or realtor, she was not any of these. So don’t get on your head, you’re not gonna figure out who he was. But I’m like, okay, but then it was all stories about her. It was the staff that she was reading. It was a staff that she was doing it. And I was like, how are people benefiting from this post.

So when I got there, and I hardly knew how she changed her clients lives, if I was an ideal client, an ideal client is somebody that is all ready looking for what you have, I want you to understand this, if you have to convince this person is not your ideal client. Now, there is a caveat to that, which is a lot of people may be looking for what you have, they don’t know it. And this is where we’re going to talk a little bit deeper on problem awareness, because we talked about these on the last series on the last part of the series, but I want to go deep into this because this is where people can again self identify, right? But imagine if I am looking for a bookkeeper, but my situation maybe is very exclusive. And I it actually is right we have I have this business, we have a real estate investment business. My husband has his job, which is a W two. We also have our parents are codependent on top of my kid. So it is a very specific situation. So if I see a bookkeeper, and he doesn’t say anything about what they specialize on, or if they work with intrapreneurs, and the advice in there is very vague. You probably saw on Instagram this week I talk a lot about you need to move away from being vague, right? It’s not going to have people stopping the scroll is now going to have people say oh, she’s talking to me. Now your job as a service provider is to make it so freakin clear how you transform their life. Now the reason why he said this is because on the last time that we talked about this, I talked about you need to understand how this is manifesting for her you have to talk about how you have to know this. And the problem is that people are not speaking about this because they don’t know when I still sometimes I asked my clients, what do they really want At the end of the day, people want either more time, more money, more freedom, more happiness, it’s the same across the board. So you have to speak to that through the lens of how you help somebody, you will learn how to speak directly to the problem making them problem aware. Now, again, when we’re making somebody’s problem aware, we’re not telling them that we can fix everything. We talk specifically about that person. So in my case, my ideal client, she is amazing at what she does, she probably left corporate, she started her own business, she has a few services on the table, she already works with a few clients, but she’s not gaining traction, she doesn’t have the authority where people are reaching out to her people are not inquiring in her DMs people are not asking her to come speak anywhere, so she can put herself in front of other audiences. She’s not being asked to speak on podcasts, she is not being seen as an authority. And in return from that, she’s not making the money that she wants, right? Even though she’s amazing at what she does, like she knows that she can help people. So if this is you, and you’re thinking, fuck, that’s me, right? Like, I know that if I work with somebody, I’m gonna get them results. But why aren’t people reaching out to me, this is for you. Right? Because at the end of the day, we all want to have a business that we can rely on that we have an influx of clients that we don’t constantly have to be chasing, that we are attracting with our content, with our visibility with the things that we’re doing. If you’re not making your people problem aware, hey, this is the problem you’re having. This is how it’s manifesting for you. And in order for you to speak in that language, you need to understand everything about them. But you first need to understand what is it transformation that you offer. And I think this is where a lot of you are getting stuck, you do not know what is the transformation that you offer up. So that is one part of the equation now create content for them, that actually shows you how you are the solution. What I see with most people is this crossover, right, so we talked earlier, so we have the self discovery, we have you understanding your ideal client to the core, but also you do not know how you are different, my friend, this is the crux of the episode. Because when you are talking to this person, you understand exactly the transformation you offer for them. And then you tell them hey, this is how I’m different from everybody else. So I’m gonna give you an example. We always talk about the SEMA method, right the SEMA framework that we have inside of my academy, within that framework, we actually have what we call the BU brand power messaging method, the B you brown power messaging method, why? Because it stems from you your opinions, your unique way of approaching the problem that you solve. So in my case 99.9% of the time, be you okay, the more you you are, the more you let your opinions come up, the more you start thinking okay, so I see everybody teaching personal branding from the lens of you need to do more video you need to go more on Instagram a lot of like the you know aesthetic has not started heads but like talking heads videos, more more output. Even Alex or mosey talked about these more output more output will triple your visibility will do this for you will do that. And I’m like for me, building your personal brand. It’s about becoming more you your personal brand power messaging, like what makes you different for me, this is it is going into who you are, and really discovering what’s your genius how you do it different how we can word it in a way that people are like, Oh my God, that’s what I need. And a lot of you are deluding this and that is why people keep scrolling because you’re just like everybody else. You’re just like the next bookkeeper. You’re just like the next realtor. You’re just like the next therapist. You’re just like the next whatever dad doesn’t stop the scroll. And that is why people are not reaching out to you on the DMS to have you in front of a room when they put out an event together to whatever Very nice to present your expertise. So when you actually create content for your person that shows them you are the solution to their problem. It’s not about you, it’s about them. And what I saw in this particular person’s feed, she was talking about her without realizing, she’s like this can do these, these can do that. But like, how can these solve my problem? Okay, so I want you to kind of like understand that when you actually start talking about how you’re different, not just how you’re better, because this is the thing, people don’t pay premium prices, Shas for better, but they will pay premium prices for something that they absolutely believe this is what I be looking for. And your unique take your personal brand power, right, your personal power messaging, is the difference between people’s crawling by or stopping reading, and actually reaching out, Hey, how can I work with you? What are the options? What do you have coming up, and you do not need? We talked about this last week, all over my Instagram, my email list, you do not need 10,000 followers, or a huge audience to do this. These particular method, me talking about how I am unique and I actually my unique take, right I started as a photographer, I understood how people thought they were coming to me to get like photos. And I’m like, who’s your client who we’re trying to attract and people didn’t know. And that’s how it all started for me. And I started asking questions about themselves, who they wanted to attract who they wanted to work with these particular methods and their approach made me $10,000 Just on the first week of April, because you do not need a million people to make that kind of money. And these will make me probably 4050 grand this month. And the reason why I’m sharing that with you is because when you actually master a speaking astray to your the client in every capacity that we just share, and you Master, what is your take and and I always tell these to my clients or to the people inside our academy, I want you to think of your personal brand power messaging, like your Wii U brand personal power messaging, as the flag that you put in the floor, and you’re like, This is my truth. This is how we’re doing this is the problem you’re having. This is the reason why whatever it is that you’re doing is not working for you. And my truth is what’s here to fix it now. There is nothing to fake. Also here.

I guarantee you that you already have an opinion that works like that. But most likely, they’re still hiding, you’re still so afraid to be insane. You’re still so afraid of saying something wrong. I remember when I first started teaching personal branding. I was new on it. Now, again, I’ve been doing this all my life in different capacities. But I didn’t even realize that for a few years after I started doing it formally the way I’m doing now, but I remember thinking oh wait, what if I say something is wrong, there is no right and wrong girl, like you or your opinions or your opinions as long as you’re teaching or you are using whatever method and you know it works with your people. Your opinion is fucking gold. Your opinion is what makes you you your opinion on the matter. Whatever it is you’re an expert on is what actually makes you different. Now I want to give you a hint of something that I love to do with my clients which is either give it give your process a name, give your system a name, people can recognize when they see something that comes from you. Right that is different. And then they start hearing over and over and over and over and over. So this is so important for you to be able to give it a name because you don’t want to be selling the process you want to sell the N transformation. So for example, I always tell people hey, when you are done working with me, you will have a functional business where people are constantly reaching out to you. You’re going to be seen as an expert you’re going to be get be getting invitations to either be on podcasts to speak to present, you should have a business and a business model where you can rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. And you are well known in your industry. Okay, so what is yours? What is yours? What is your secret sauce? How are you giving your clients got a taste of what it is working with you. And for me this week. So today is the 15th. But next week we are hosting or signature personal branding bootcamp. And that is how I am going to give you a taste of how can you find your personal brand power messaging that be your brand power messaging behind who you are and what you do. And I’m going to be a taster for just $33. Now it was 17. Last week, it went out to 33. It will go up one more time. Before we go live on Monday, we have our upcoming personal branding bootcamp is starting April 22. And I’m going to give you a taste of what it is for you to find your own personal brand power messaging, your B you brand power messaging on our upcoming personal branding bootcamp. Now, this is going to be a five day training. I’m telling you right now we’re going to have some additional sessions. It happens at 10am Pacific Standard Time with plenty of recordings, plenty of options for you to rewatch it to keep it go to www Artie greenspan.com. Forward slash branding bootcamp www. At the greenspan.com forward slash branding bootcamp, the link is also on the show notes. And I want you to think how your business will change if actually, you showed up online. And you could speak right straight to your person. If you would show up in person to an event and you could articulate with eloquent like eloquently, and with the power WHAT IS IT transformation you give to people and people will ask you, oh my God, I need you like I need you. Right? So because you have your own way of explaining people how you give them results. These has been life changing for me life changing for my clients, and now it is your time. So I hope that this has helped you immensely that you enjoy this episode, and that you take a screenshot and you share it to your social media and you let me know what your thoughts are. I’ll share it and I’ll shout you out in my stories. I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you soon.