In this new episode of the Be You Brand Podcast, Lydia Bagarozza & Bridget Sicsko join me to discuss the strategic importance of public relations (PR) and media exposure for personal brands and businesses aiming to expand their reach beyond social media and personal networking. 

We touch on the necessity of understanding one’s unique value proposition and effectively communicating it to align with media interests and audience needs. We delve into the value of authentic and personalized pitching, leveraging existing content, the long-term benefits of PR for brand credibility and growth, and the importance of choosing the right media outlets for genuine engagement.

Through a strategic, patient approach to PR, businesses can enhance their market position, reach new audiences, and solidify their brand’s presence in a competitive landscape.

Key points to discover in this episode:

00:00 Leveraging media exposure for business growth

02:31 Positioning personal brands for media and clients

04:32 The use of PR for Personal Brands, Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Growth

08:01 ​​Podcasting as a long-term marketing strategy

11:48 The potential of Micro-podcast for long-term success

13:05 The business perception gap between Social Media and the Reality

15:48 Time is a valuable resource to invest in business

18:40 The importance of education on pitching to the media

22:26 The effectiveness of paid press vs. organic press for coaches and entrepreneurs

26:02 PR best practices and authenticity in media pitches

31:26 Building a personal brand and media presence

35:34 Conclusion

About the Guests:

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

So they have the brand, they have the story, they only tell it, they know what they’re doing. They’re feeling great. And now they’re ready to actually be seen beyond just social media and beyond networking. So

Bridget Sicsko  0:15  

where do we begin? Do they do so I feel like what’s important is now the business owner has the competence of, okay, I have like a strong brand, I have a great message. I know, my target audience. And they probably started to think about, you know, what are some things that I could speak on, maybe they’re thinking about podcasts, and they’re starting to come up with topics or areas of expertise that they already have. And the easy thing about this as it’s already in their content, like they’ve already been making social posts on this type of content for probably years at this point. And now they have something to maybe present to the media, and what does that mean? So we’re thinking about this in terms of podcasts of TV networks, and TV channels, as well as publications and magazines. And an important thing to think about is kind of this crossover point, this value intersection between what does the media want? Like what are they already putting out content on what are the what’s the TV channels like your local TV station? Are they talking about health and wellness, I saw an Ayurveda someone on morning talk show talking about Ayurveda, I was like, Okay, we’re here, everyone. So start to notice, like, what they’re putting out content on, you know, what are the magazine’s talking about, especially ones in your industry, and then starting to think about, okay, based on what the media wants, and based on your expertise, how can we meet in the middle and start to define what is your value proposition? And you’re going to hear Liddy and I talk about this word, value until we’re, you know, blue in the face, because that’s really all that it’s about, you know, these stations, these networks, they have listeners in mind, they have their viewership in mind, like they have numbers in mind, they have their audience in mind. And we have to think about we have value and how can we simply present it to these contacts who might not know about us? Otherwise? They probably don’t?

Ati Grinspun  1:52  

Well. And if you think about it, I think that people completely miss the point when they don’t look at that intersection. Because even for me, right, I’m thinking, okay, the people that listen to my podcast, what are they interested in? Because obviously, they listen to personal branding, I talk on social media, as speaking all that stuff, like getting to networking, whatever, well, okay, what else is happening in their life that is important to them. So for all of you listeners out there, this is not just about what you want to talk about, you need to start thinking about your person. And that’s when in all the social media to in VR in all of that. I love that. Yeah. And

Lydia Bagarozza  2:31  

I think also to like, when we’re thinking about how to present our value. And I know that you had mentioned too, that some of your clients like their, you know, their businesses working might be even four years and they’re making money, they’re able to sell themselves, but when it comes to promoting themselves, or we call it a pitch, that’s how you introduce yourself to the media, how do we pitch ourselves? So we want to think about like almost brand positioning and don’t get scared by the big words. But it really is positioning yourself like Where do I sit in the market? We want to think about like, what we call ourselves with titles like Bridgette mentioned in Ayurveda person talking on a TV show, she might call herself an Ayurvedic practitioner. So that might be her title, then we want to think about what service we provide like a one liner, we want to think about the differentiators the results that we create for our clients. This is for like service based entrepreneurs. And we can talk about product too. If you have any product based clients, I honestly

Ati Grinspun  3:29  

99.9% of my people are service because I don’t have the experience and product. It’s so the friend. Yeah, it’s very

Lydia Bagarozza  3:37  

different. That’s why I was like, let me know if you have any product based ions. But for personal brands, it’s really about like, what value are you providing to your audience members that’s unique. And what is your story, a lot of us are teaching what we learned what we know you guys heard my story at the beginning, I was talking about where I was in the media and how I realized the difference between pitching top tier brands and pitching startups and what that intersection is between there. And so what we want to think about is like, how do we present our expertise in a way that’s enticing to the media and what I want to encourage everybody to do if they’re sitting there like I don’t know, I do the same thing as somebody else. I’m a coach in this area. That’s not true. Go back and read your testimonials. Talk to your clients and see what it is that they’re telling you because odds are there’s parallels between what is special about you and the reason why they work with you.

Ati Grinspun  4:32  

It’s so interesting that you’re saying that because even in me right I teach personal branding and I have no desires of being like a mindset coach, but in the last like year I’m Richard you, you experience it. I have brought that in because that’s what my clients say all the time. Oh my god, I came to it. i She was telling me all the things to do I couldn’t do them but then we did this work and like and that has become such a staple for Because but the thing is, that is my story, right? Even though I will never become just the mindset Coach, obviously my thing is personal branding. Like, as you started looking at what your clients are getting from you, it’s just so amazing. So I want to know why you believe that every personal brand needs to have PR, because I think that a lot of people I actually okay, guilty here, I personally didn’t think that it was important for a while for a while, because I was like, I have my website, I have all these leads coming in my social media is pumping, okay, like, I don’t need it changed my mind. Oh,

Lydia Bagarozza  5:34  

my gosh, and there’s like a million things that we can do. I’ll start with social media. Okay, so a lot of us started our businesses on social media, because that’s our warm network. That is our network. So when we start a business, where are we going to start, we’re going to start with our current network and social media. But what we see with a lot of personal brands and entrepreneurs is you get to a plateau where you’re like, Alright, I’ve been selling my audience for, you know, a few years now, I’m not really moving the needle, I’m not really scaling in a way that I want to. And I’m frustrated with the algorithm because I can’t grow my account. Listen, I’m not an influencer. And I know, most of us aren’t influencers out there. We haven’t been able to business owners, or business owners, we’re not out here being creators with a lot of us. So if that’s the case for you, and you feel like oh, my gosh, this is me right now, why don’t we start thinking about other ways where people can find us. So these are new entry points to our business, if I’m going to borrow your audience, tea, and speak to your audience, now, your entire network is going to know who I am. And then they’re going to come over to my social media. So I feel like when we when we think about audience growth, we’re not really thinking about like, what these platforms are used for. Social media is more of a nurturing platform for your Korean audience than it is for a growth within a growth strategy. So PR is sustainable growth over time. It’s such a big growth strategy in that we’re networking with people that matter in our industry, we’re finding new audience members. And then there’s a million other things to do, like credibility and trust with these bigger logos. Actually, you can you can even get verified on Instagram, having a certain amount of press pieces, because that’s one of the questions in the verification submission form. If you want to get verified like for free, I know you can buy it now actually, I don’t even know if that’s a thing anymore. It might be. But they still do reward the verification for those that have press what else brand awareness, we can really go on and on.

Ati Grinspun  7:32  

About these, a few one for me, which is actually being able to grow your network while you are not there. And you’re actually doing nothing. That was a huge one. For me, I’ll say like, obviously, podcasting is huge for me, and I go on other people’s podcasts, and I’m on a podcast store right now. But having publications people are like, Oh my god, I found your own eggs. That’s it, I wrote it. One I pictured they got it. And then people are like, Oh, I found units was part of it a year later. Because,

Bridget Sicsko  8:00  

you know, I got to a personal point with social media where I was getting a little tired, I was reaching that point of burnout. And I’m like, Okay, there’s gotta be other strategies. And I think social has a time and place in it very high importance, like people are writers sometimes even will go to your Instagram channel, they want to see what you’re putting out, you know, especially if you’re sending the pitches. So it’s like, we absolutely need to have that looking sexy and professional and like be aligned with our brand and our values. But there are also these other strategies that are just long term or sustainable strategies that you can always be incorporating into the marketing activities. We’d say it’s like a cousin of marketing maybe of your business on a weekly basis. You know, you’re getting on a podcast tour, like that’s a really great and we consider podcast, a form of media and like Lydia with her business eight, her PR agency, she’s, you know, agency that’s doing podcast pitching, which not every agency does, but that’s because she realizes that podcasts are such a great needle mover for your business like you ought to you’re getting in front of new audiences, you’re having great conversations, you’re laughing people get to see your personality. And

Ati Grinspun  9:02  

I think it’s so important because I hope I’m not deviating here. But like for me, one of the things that I realized is people are like, Oh, you have these particles are so small, yet but people are listening know exactly. Because the thing is, if you are interview I don’t know by Jenna Kutcher, right? Like, that’s amazing. But the thing is, people are listening to micro podcasts like people are listening to the coaches that they are following in social media. They’re listening to the people that maybe are in their town to the people that they know, and it’s evergreen. Yeah,

Lydia Bagarozza  9:35  

with podcasts. Podcasts are kinda like TV on Netflix, right? When somebody likes a show they’re gonna go back and listen to the first episode and they’re gonna work their way up. I’m so guilty of this. I have found shows where I’m like, This is amazing and binge the entire frickin thing as if it’s like me binging Netflix. Right? So we have to remember that this is an evergreen thing. It lives on the internet forever. I want Bridgette to go in on SEO because she’s been like talking about this. I was

Ati Grinspun  9:59  

actually and that because

Bridget Sicsko  10:02  

of you, if you’re typing things on Google at this point, Apple podcasts and Spotify, they are highly trafficked. So whenever you are linked on any of those, that’s also supporting your SEO and supporting backlinks to your website. So like this is this whole other world of PR that Lee and I’ve been exploring more and more, which is this idea of linking and backlinking and search engine optimization. And the idea is that, like, we’re borrowing other platforms, audiences and their credibility and their trust, and how many millions of people are sometimes going to these big media sites. And that’s linked to our website, which then helps our website SEO, because that almost is telling, you know, anyone who’s searching on Google for reading our name, or even keywords that we are trusted already by this big new site meet. So it’s boo boo, like, lifting us up in the rankings. So it’s like a little bit techie. But like baseline, this can support you getting seen with search engine optimization. And if we’re talking about like, ways that we don’t need to be on social media all the time search engine optimization, I mean, it’s a great way. That’s what all local business owners do. Well,

Ati Grinspun  11:05  

I actually love this conversation, because I personally, like she just started learning about SEO for myself. And I just started implementing a little bit more SEO, and I’m like, what, six years into my business, but this is the thing, this is what I tell my clients, I’m like, start get some, get your product out there, get your your services, get yourself out there, get yourself making income. So then you can sit and actually learn all the things, because all of these are long term strategies for the woman that actually is building a true business. And I think this is where people get so confused with. Oh, my God, I have to do this. And I have to do that. I’m like, take one thing at a time. Yeah,

Lydia Bagarozza  11:48  

I think that’s such a great reminder. And honestly, I want to go back to like what you said about micro podcasts? Because this is like a big question that we get like, oh, I want to be on Jenna Kutcher podcast. And yes, of course, we want to be on the big ones. We all want to be there, guys, don’t worry, we all want to be there. But what’s great about the micro podcast is that every podcast has a dedicated fan base, like podcast listeners are like no other, they’re not just skimming and moving on to something else, they’re gonna listen to you for the entire duration of the show if they like the host. So right there, you have somebody’s attention for what, 30 minutes to an hour. So that’s 30 minutes an hour to convert them to either a lead a client, a fan, whatever it is. Now, these micro podcasts, they compound over time, we actually just did an interview last week, and somebody like painted the most amazing picture, I literally was like, ah, oh, my god, he was talking about relating it to like to the stock market and how we invest a little bit, and then we invest more, and then we invest more. And that number is compounding at the highest number. So over time, it’s compounding so much that like, and when we say long term strategy, we’re not talking like 100 years down the road. Now it’s just longer than the immediate gratification. We’re used to

Ati Grinspun  13:05  

Okay, can we talk about that for a second? Because I Okay, we are so allying in, in this particular concept. And I think that in this world where people like go on social media and like, oh, I have a business and they probably don’t, I mean, I’m not I’m not saying they need the LLC, I’m the one which they do. But like they don’t have an LLC, but they have an Instagram account, and they’re already like conducting business, right? And they’re like, Oh, I’m in business, people think they’re gonna post five times, and that’s gonna pay off. And I’m like, it’s a business, actually, because the way I always tell this to people Yeah.

Lydia Bagarozza  13:43  

I think we all go through that we were like we posted five times where’s my six figures?

Ati Grinspun  13:48  

This is where I tell people though in mashing, if you actually open a brick and mortar, you had to go in there you put a ton of money to actually get the actual place then you had to go in there you had to pay you have to brand and you have to put the sign outside and you had to put the product right you have to think what you want to sell same concept like that already alone to commands and you’re not going to quit because you just invest in their

Bridget Sicsko  14:15  

success thing. You know, social media has made it so easy to get the likes to like have that feeling. Oh, I win. I win. lose someone DM to me, oh, a sale like ooh, the magic is in the long game. And like it I remember when we had our interview, like maybe a year ago, maybe two years ago, we were talking about like triathlons and endurance running and like all of these things that pattern that in our body because we have like entrepreneurship is such a roller coaster at times. You know, I think all of us

Ati Grinspun  14:42  

coaster but also it’s a long game. You don’t you don’t get into intrapreneur intrapreneurship to run a business for two and a half minutes or for three months and I’ve seen I’ve seen people change their mind in like six months three times. I’m like girl, if you got to put a brick and mortar people will have no idea what this is. Making places I actually use that example, all the time, because people really are like, I didn’t even think about that. Like, yeah, you’re right.

Lydia Bagarozza  15:08  

Yeah, I think in the online space too, like, because we don’t have overhead, we’re not buying, like, if we open a brick and mortar, we have to buy all of the materials to like, make it run. And then we have to buy the product. And like you said, we’re 100 grand in or whatever. And then we started and we’re in the negative like, online, you can really start a business without almost no overhead. So I think a lot of us get to a point where we’re just like money hungry a little bit. We’re like, we’re like how I didn’t have to do anything I have to spend and have to whatever. And so I’m making money and like, where is the instant gratification? Like I’m making it? Let’s go. Let’s go live. My salary.

Ati Grinspun  15:42  

Yeah, where’s, right? Yeah, no, no, sorry. Yep,

Lydia Bagarozza  15:48  

yep. And so when we think about, like, I keep talking to bridge about this, I’m like, time is money, but it really is. So if we think about money as just like a resource, it doesn’t actually like whatever it’s like, we have to invest in all of the things that make our business abundant, like the time it is to put this to write the posts and the time to send out the pitches so that we get things back. And then over time, I don’t know if I’m like making sense right now. But over time, all of this investment, I guess, that we put into our business, whether it be quantitative, not quantity, but like whether it be like money related or not, these investments will pay off. And every big company, we talked about this a lot, every big company immediately they’re going to budget right away for marketing, for sales, or whatever it may be. And we’re what we’re teaching you inside visibility on purpose, like you buy once and you have the program and you can teach your team or yourself, we really don’t care. We can teach your team member like, it doesn’t matter. But like we’re teaching you how to do this in a way where you can save like 60k a year you’re like,

Ati Grinspun  16:48  

Okay, so let’s actually talk about that for a second. Which people don’t even I think this is the reason why people think PR in so unattainable. Yeah, yeah. So if you hire this, okay, so if somebody needs to hire you today, Lydia to do their pitches for them? Yeah. How much do they need to invest depends

Lydia Bagarozza  17:05  

on what they need and what they want. But my numbers are anywhere. They may change everybody. But anyways, my numbers are anywhere from 2500 a month to 5000 a month right now. Okay.

Ati Grinspun  17:16  

And I know because I told you, I interviewed somebody else that does PR, I think she said something between like six and 8k, right. So this is what I love about visibility on purpose of so let’s talk about that. Like, where how can they do it themselves? Because I think this is like we talked a little bit last time about like, PR best practices. And people are like, Yeah, but who’s gonna listen to me? Right? Like, who’s gonna listen to me? Let’s take these people there. How do we make people? Chili’s? We

Lydia Bagarozza  17:44  

have two kinds of clients. Right? Now, we have the client that is in that in between phase, right? So they’re on Instagram, they’re plateauing. They’re like, I want to scale my business. I want to move out of like, this cute business and into long term brands. Like we actually talked about this a lot like business versus a brand. When you’re building a brand. It’s like a look, feel a community you’re in somebody’s like, whole vibe, right? We love branding. It’s different moving out of a business into branding into building some, like legacy building mode. Okay, so that’s that client that may not be ready to go third party and hire somebody like me. And so they just want to start implementing a new strategy in their weekly tasks, just like posting on Instagram, they’re gonna send out some pitches. Then we also have another client bridging talked about, like, Yeah,

Bridget Sicsko  18:39  

well, we wanted to make this information accessible. And that whole idea is like, I’ve been pitching myself just for years, because I didn’t even realize it was a thing until I realized it was a thing, like getting on podcasts getting featured in the media, I was like, Oh, it’s just something you do, right? It is a learned skill, right? So what we want to do is extract the knowledge from me and Lydia and give it to you so that you can teach yourself or your your team, this learned skill, and the whole idea with your team. And we have someone going through a program right now who bought it for himself, but his team members actually doing the pitching for him. So it’s like this is a really low cost effective way for you to train a member of your team to be pitching you to the media, like there are other options and resources and alternatives. And we just wanted to make this information known because Lydia and I have had, you know, in starting visibility on purpose, a big thing that we realized right away was there was a massive need for education because no one actually knew like what this was and then there was paid press where people are saying hey, we want to think for you. Yeah, okay.

Ati Grinspun  19:35  

Yes, I want to go there. Because how many fucking DMS are people getting? Getting to 30 over 3030? Under 3040? Under 40, whatever, like, and it’s all paid.

Lydia Bagarozza  19:53  

Yeah, this like makes us nauseous. Number one, I mean, 30 under 3040 under 40. Those things are cool. But I’ve heard this from multiple people. And I think it is true. And I’ve heard it from like people it like, writers, if you do pay for one of those placements to be on, like the Forbes committee, they will not feature you organically. I’m pretty much like, like ever. So I would personally I mean, listen, everybody buys, well, everybody has different goals for press, like saying you’re a service based company that has a good tech company, you don’t really want to get in the media, you found that advertisements, which really paid press is more like ads works best for you go for it. I’m not here to tell you that that’s a bad idea. But organic press is really what we focus on, which is where you showcase your value. And you are seen as valuable to these publications to these podcasts. So they want to future you for free. So if you are paying for me, as your publicist, you’re just paying for me to come in as my expertise, right, and pitch you and coordinate, you might not want to do that yourself. If you want to come in to pitch party, we teach you all the tools like for me doing it for years from Bridgette, doing it herself. So we really like hit all areas because I might not know something as somebody who’s pitching themselves to the clients, right. So that’s where Bridgette comes in with her expertise. And she’s like, here’s how you do X, Y, and Z. She’s also an international international speaker. And so she comes in on those friends and the author, friends and all of that. So we’ve really hit like every piece of personal branding. If you’re an author, if you are a coach, if you are a speaker, if you are a health practitioner, we also have a real estate investor.

Ati Grinspun  21:36  

I’m paying question about pay price and all of that, because I recently read a post about what golf magazine

Lydia Bagarozza  21:43  

Oh my God, that’s another one. No, don’t do.

Ati Grinspun  21:46  

They just post a post up that is like, hey, we always strive for transparency. I didn’t even know that it was a paid one. And they they made a huge post about that. And I know a ton of people but there is also a lot of huge people that are being like they have one that is not paid. And then the other ones are paid so that he’s like all these like

Bridget Sicsko  22:11  

about you getting in front of a new audience, which is like the purpose of podcasts, you literally getting in front of this highly engaged audience who is reading gace magazine, if it’s if the structure of it was just to pay, like it doesn’t make sense, and the way that it’s being put out. Like I don’t think people are reading that nicely. I just don’t think it’s

Lydia Bagarozza  22:29  

I think, Okay, I’m just gonna be like, hopefully no one gets mad at me. But I feel like when you,

Ati Grinspun  22:35  

you, you can tell your truth in here. Like

Lydia Bagarozza  22:40  

I’m like, Alright guys, hopefully you don’t get mad. But this is my truth. I

Ati Grinspun  22:43  

want you to know, I have interviewed people that I don’t agree 100% With what they do, but I think it’s so valuable for people to be exposed to all

Lydia Bagarozza  22:52  

things. Yeah. So I think that gauze, it’s a coaching magazine. It’s like, that’s what it is. And I think a lot of people in the industry see it as a way to get credibility and clout in their industry. To me, it feels a little bit vanity heavy. Sorry, this is just how I feel. But when we think about like, what Brigitta had said, What is our audience like, it’s actually going to move the needle, you don’t want to say for guy,

Ati Grinspun  23:16  

because if you’re looking maybe for for peer recognition, and that’s how the code the other coaches are doing it, right? Maybe golf is for you,

Lydia Bagarozza  23:25  

right? Maybe it maybe it is for you. But if we’re looking at like, here’s transparency to like everyone in the industry, they know that it’s paid, right, so really, where’s the value. So when we’re thinking about value, if you want to be you know, if you pitch yourself to Forbes and you get past their gatekeepers and a full feature on Forbes for free, which I do all the time for my clients, like you can do that, then you can say for the rest of your career, I’m a Forbes featured coach, people are going to listen to you and they’re going to know that it’s an organic placement. And to me, that is insane value. And if you get yourself on podcasts organically that have a big reach, that again shows your value, it’s just the credibility and the trust. I think that’s where it comes to it comes down to the trust factor when we’re doing organic press, because I have seen where people you know, I had one client that got a feature on Forbes and somebody messaged underneath Oh, I know you paid 10,000 For that, excuse me? No, she didn’t. But people are doing that somehow. Or maybe they’re going through the committee. And another thing to realize too, is paid press is extremely expensive. So most of us are not Coca Cola, right? If logging so we don’t have these like ad budgets of a million dollars. So if you’re looking for a local magazine, and again, I don’t think this is wrong for certain businesses like real estate, you know, people they do this a lot for their local market, that’s fine, but like local market magazines, it might cost anywhere from $500 to you know 5000 For An ad now we’re gonna go to the big national publications, it can go up to $500,000. I’m not kidding, you can look up the media kits.

Ati Grinspun  25:07  

The same you guys who’s reading visit, you know, like here in Vegas, we have these like super fancy neighborhoods that they have the magazine that goes to the people and be like, and when I was talking 10 years ago, when I was doing baby photography, I put an ad in there, I never even know one client from there. And I remember I would get clients from Google, right? that live in those communities. And I’m like, Oh, I have an ad in there. Just like nobody reads those magazines like literally. And it’s true, like the magazine comes to your house, and you’re like, brown out. Okay, so

Lydia Bagarozza  25:39  

I’m gonna like play devil’s advocate, because I’m that nerd that picks up all the magazines. But, but the market is local market. So if you’re somebody who does a lot of business online, and you’re buying an ad in a local magazine, it’s not going to make any sense. So for me, I’m reading the local magazines. I’m reading the Atlantic half magazine in Delray Beach, because I want to know what’s going on with the restaurants. And that’s what I’m interested in. So always thinking about the end game. And I know that you mentioned this in our podcast, and it was so fire, but like, what is the end goal in mind, and let’s start from there. So if we want to, you know, have more credibility, and maybe we go to our big publications and pitch ourselves first, organically and see how we can move the needle there. And if we want to network, and that’s something that we really want to do. And we feel like that’s valuable. Maybe we go to the podcasts and books, authors. TV is really great for that TV segments. So it’s really just about like thinking about your value, think value, I’m gonna say it 600 times, thinking about the audiences and like, what makes sense for your personal goals?

Ati Grinspun  26:48  

I love that. And I think I can another Okay, so we talked about earn, versus paid, which that was a hot, hot, hot. And then what are some PR best practices that because I think that again, right, like, these people are like, Okay, I am ready to go right off

Bridget Sicsko  27:06  

the bat. And then let me I feel like you have a bunch. But we’ve been trying a bunch of writers on our show visibility era, because we want, we want people to understand from the writers perspective, what they are looking for, and what’s important to them. And we had this writer just wallrock on who does a lot of like finance writing, and she was like, Do not send AI pitches. And I think this is really important for everyone. Yeah. Ai like Gemini? I don’t know, I’m getting picky on it. But basically,

Ati Grinspun  27:36  

oh my god, I’m getting bombed on that Gemini. I’m like, I don’t learn anything more.

Bridget Sicsko  27:43  

Do the standard. They can tell. I don’t know if they have like some sort of reader. But I think most people can tell when it’s aI generated. If you’re going to use AI, like get an idea, but write it in your own words. So that’s like just a little tidbit. Best practice. And then I feel like Lydia is gonna homeland Yeah, oh

Ati Grinspun  27:57  

my God, I feel like I like people should like get in front of the resume, like pitch themselves to like their best friend or their client, and then use those words, right to create a pitch. Okay. I’m so passionate about doing X, Y, and Z and like, talk about it, have people ask them questions, I don’t know if this is a thing. I should.

Lydia Bagarozza  28:18  

I mean, this is a thing now you heard it here. That’s a great idea. I think when we start writing our pitches, it’s so funny we can again pitch ourselves all day to our friends and whatever and in the room we can get in the room, we can talk about our business but when it comes to like writing it down for the media, sometimes we freeze up we’re like, oh my god. So we have templates to help you like extract exactly how to do that. So you can, you know, showcase your value and the best way possible. But what I what I want to come back to is the most important thing is authenticity. When we are pitching ourselves to the media, whatever you are authentically like authentically passionate about or whatever makes your business stand out that’s different from others like that’s gonna want to keep

Ati Grinspun  29:03  

you because you

Lydia Bagarozza  29:06  

be you and when you’re not being authentic it fucking it’s flat it falls flat like you know if you’re a manifestation coach and you’re like I help people achieve their dream life like okay cool like no serious gun but if you’re gonna come in and you’re gonna say like, we transform like you’re I don’t know You know, I’m gonna not even go here cuz like yeah, because we’re not Yeah, we’re not gonna visitation so we’re not gonna go into that but what I’m trying to say is like authenticity, bringing your fire to you’re so good at this like, even just like reading your bio that you sent over to us like I was like, Ah, this is so good. Like it’s so juicy.

Ati Grinspun  29:50  

IG crafting that for two and a half years and my my bio was like, I help women build personal brands. You know, I started You’re true. We’ve all started there. We’ve all started. What are one thing that I love about my clients? They’re dynamic. They are, you know, they’re passionate. They’re like, when somebody told me how did you come up with the word dynamic? I’m like, somebody told me you, how are the people that you work with them? Like the people, I work with these dynamic? And I remember going like, oh, I need to make a note of that. And I wrote it down. And then I put it into my bio. Yeah,

Lydia Bagarozza  30:21  

I think to like when you were even talking on our podcast about how you give your clients a different experience for a brand photoshoot. And it’s like a whole day and you bring in the right props and all the things like if I were to write a pitch about like, what you need for the perfect brand photo shoot that feels like you like that was exactly whatever we talked about. So everyone has to listen to the episode because it dropped this. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  30:44  

I’m gonna put the link the day that I dropped this one. I’m gonna put your podcast again. That will

Lydia Bagarozza  30:49  

be perfect. Yeah, yeah. So everybody listen to this, go listen to that one. But the way that you talked about, like how you do your photo shoots differently, like that is exactly what you should be, you know, pitching, if we’re gonna be pitching something about branding photo shoots, the way that you described, it was so different from what I’ve experienced with other photographers, and maybe like, oh, well, I only do photos on the beach if you want to come to the beach. Right, right. And you’re like, you know, you find the right location. And we even talked about doing photo shoots for authors, like how you create a mock up stage, because normally the stages that hotels are super girl

Ati Grinspun  31:25  

I have working with a lady right now that she just launched a CBD brand. And now we’re building her personal brand. That was her whole product. And now I’m helping her with her brand. I’m literally going to Colorado to grow house to the knowledge. Yeah.

Lydia Bagarozza  31:43  

And I love that you talked about to her like the Grow house. She wanted to not look like a pothead. And so there’s a special

Ati Grinspun  31:51  

last time. Actually, I should have gotten a call with her social media people on her website person because they put a stock photo of a lady smoking. And I’m like, you want to be so fucking far from there after we talked about it. And it was already in our documents. They still put that on her website. And I was like, You need to get that photo down now. Yeah. Because the woman that she wants to work with is not looking to be a fucking pothead. Exactly.

Lydia Bagarozza  32:20  

And this is, right, right. No, no, no. And this comes back to the authenticity piece of like, understanding that you could be a CBD brand that literally is here for like the wellness aspect and doesn’t have to be somebody that it’s in

Ati Grinspun  32:34  

a pot of Julie photos on her kitchen with like healthy food. And then she has patches and all the things I like her putting the patch is like a spa style. Like that’s what we’re going for not for you can’t have that. No. Sophisticated and beautiful, you know, with that with an amazing crazy story. Yeah,

Lydia Bagarozza  32:58  

yeah. So this is where we come back to. And this is where this is where there’s that like perfect crossover between our core values and branding and how we present those core values and our pitches. That’s gonna get you like, yeah, and that’s what’s gonna get you the big features and it’s very, very possible for we’ve our clients are technically in places where like, people would say they have no business being there like our clients get on really big magazines like they’ve gotten themselves on Time Magazine, NASDAQ what else she finds bustle, amazing.

Ati Grinspun  33:30  

I actually read your email, I think it was a few days ago about medium. I’m like, I think is genius. And I see a collaboration Bridget and I we have been talking about it for a while, we need to actually sit down do a zoom, because I think that there is so much synergy here for my clients for my audience, like so everybody. Stay tuned for that anything that you want to close with, because we can see

Bridget Sicsko  33:56  

it’s like, you know, like, like an imposter syndrome is something that we talked about with you too. If you’re feeling like everyone else is doing the same thing. You know, lean into those values, lean into your story, lean into your expertise, lean into just like everything that brought you to where you are today. And that’s what’s important when you’re going to be introducing yourself anyway. So just that little reminder for everyone, like you have something really valuable to share. Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  34:22  

I remember when I first started teaching social media, and I started like, I remember one of my openings was like people tell you to post value and people aren’t like what the fuck is value? Okay, let’s talk about it. Right so now you just learn everything about what value is and how you’re actually present a valuable pitch. I love that anything that anything else that you have that maybe you want to leave or people were trying to

Lydia Bagarozza  34:48  

think what are personal brands and want to know so I think when it comes down, I think what it just comes down to if we could just sum this up is like you should absolutely look at the Media if you’re looking to bring your business into that long term mode where you’re looking to build a brand because it’s also going to really help you stand out, it’s going to help you reach new audience members. It’s going to help you with your credibility, your trust your brand awareness. We’re not here to just you know, create a brand and sit on Instagram and make the same salary forever like we’re here to build something that’s going to make an impact and if your goal is to make an impact you need to reach more people. This is the way to do it.

Ati Grinspun  35:29  

I love it. I absolutely love it. Love it love it. We are where can people find everywhere

Bridget Sicsko  35:34  

on the internet so like Instagram are on Pinterest via YouTube channel so we have some like really great like educational? Yeah, we have some really good videos on YouTube. I didn’t know that you some certain paths. We highly recommend to our clients and yeah, visibility on purpose. We have a free media personality quiz if you want to take the first steps toward media. So

Ati Grinspun  35:53  

fun. So so fun. Well, thank you so much. And I’ll be talking to you soon. Thank you. Bye