In this episode, Ati. discusses the importance of having a personal brand strategy and the steps needed to build that strategy.

Building authority and trust are key components of a strong personal brand and she went on to explain how to build that expert status. What you need to know and have in place after you have your first pieces of your personal brand strategy  in place , in order to Create content ( on and offline) that solves problems and resonates with your target audience 

She talked about the two types of content your strategy should include and why documenting your brand strategy is essential for future growth. 

Here is what you can expect to take away from this episode:

01:21 Why Personal Brand Strategy

04:04 How to Building Authority and Trust to demand higher prices and attract more clients

05:49 What you absolutely need to know about your ideal client./dream client or target audience to succeed.

09:09 Creating Content that Solves Problems

14:57 Content Creation and Platform Selection

22:18 Why and how articulate the problem you solve and why this is crucial.

25:25 The Process of Creating Content

29:14 Documenting Your Brand Strategy for Future Growth

30:31 Recap and invitation to her upcoming training in April

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And the thing is that most people don’t go this. This is one of the reasons when you sit down to create content, you don’t know what to say. Because all you have to say is example. Hey, here is my service that last 12 weeks, we are going to meet an hour a day. And in that time, we’re going to talk about X, Y, and Z. And it cost X amount of money. This is the thing.


People don’t buy that people buy the result. Welcome to the Wii U brand podcast.


I am your host, Artie Greenspan. And if you’re looking to build a million dollar personal brand, sell out your services, and do it all while living your best life and fulfilling your purpose. You’ve come to the right place. We no fluff strategy, or tiny minimal space or detailed F bombs per days, mindset and energy work, we will grow a life and business that you absolutely love. One episode at a time. Welcome aboard my friend.


Welcome, welcome everybody to this episode of the B run podcast. So this is part two of the building of your profitable personal brand. And I’m really excited I was working on the bones of this episode. And one of the things that came to mind is, I think that it’s so important that I’m breaking this down because so many people are confused on where to start. And most of us, like I said, in the first series, we start on the marketing, right, we start going on social media, and we start getting on our head because we started thinking, I’m not good at this, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to post, I’m not good with tag, we are giving all these meanings to the fact that we don’t know what to say and what to post. And what it comes down to is not having the personal brand strategy, the strategy, the identity written down in a document for you to constantly go back to and actually know, what are your guidelines? Why should you be talking about and today, I am going to give you these example, I love working with this analogy. You wouldn’t go to build a building right and build the walls, you would actually go and have a blueprint, you would have a plan, you would break ground. And you would be working from an actual blueprint, right? The same happens with your business. And I think so many times we forget about these, because we are in the era where starting a business is easier than ever. Most people can go on Instagram, Hi, I’m in business. And they feel like all the things are in place. But this is not truly how it works. So I’m going to talk today specifically about ideal client and content. However, if you haven’t, listen to episode 28, I highly recommend it because in there, we talked about self discovery, your core values, your mission, your vision, what plays do they have in your personal brand strategy? And how do you actually go in to use them, and a lot of these pieces of the puzzle are actually gonna get used once you get to the content. So we’re gonna get there in a minute. But let’s get started. So one of the things that I see all the time, okay, building a powerful and strong personal brand is all about building our authority and building trust. So if you’ve seen on my emails this week, if you saw any of my content, I talked a ton about this. Because this is a thing, building a personal brand is actually positioning you as the go to person, it’s something around these lines. You go to a doctor and they tell you, Hey, you have to have knee surgery, and you actually go in and looking for the best specialists that you can find, as opposed to you going to just a general surgeon or a general doctor, right. So when we position you as a service provider, as these go to person, we’re building your authority people that find you they trust you. You can demand better prices, you’re going to be more in demand, you’re going to have more business and at the end


end of the day, this is what building a strong, profitable personal brand comes down to. And there is all these different parts of it, right? So one of the things that I see the most is women that have been in business for a long time that they come to me. And they’re like, You know what, I’ve been stuck at the same income for several years, or they’re always struggling, right, they’re not being seen as an authority. This also has a lot to do on how they introduce themselves. So if you listen to the first part, we talked about you having a very strong personal brand statement. And one of the things is really understanding who you serve. So we talked right on the last part of one of the series, we talked about your mission, your vision, all of that, today, I want to break it down. And the first thing is your ideal client avatar, your target audience, who do you want to serve my friend, and I see these with so many of my clients, they come to me and they’re like, Yeah, but I can help so many people, this is the thing, even though I know you can help so many people, that doesn’t mean that you should because your dream client, the person that is actually going to get the best results out of your work, the person that is going to really take action, right. So in my career, I’ve seen so many clients either come through the B run Academy, we’re one on one. And every single time that I took a client that I maybe thought, well, I don’t know, I don’t know if she’s is the right fit, but I can help her.


She didn’t get the results. I was frustrated, she was frustrated, it’s not a good relationship to be in, you don’t want to take clients just because you can help them, you want to take your absolute ideal client that has all the characteristics of the person that is going to have most success with you that she’s ready, she’s ready to take the leap, she’s ready to get the results that you help her get. So this is kind of like a love story, right? The fact that you can get along with somebody doesn’t mean that you should marry them. So this is the same thing with your ideal client. And one of the things that I also see is, people don’t understand the client, they don’t understand their problems, they don’t understand why people should buy from them. So let’s actually start breaking this down and unpacking. Because there is so many details to you really understanding your target audience and your ideal client avatar. I teach these a little bit different than other people, because I don’t believe that you necessarily need to shut niche down. But I do believe that you need to pick the group of people that actually can benefit from your service. So I’m going to give you an example. I’m a personal branding coach, personal branding photographer, I can’t even tell you how many gurus mentors that I ever had. They’re like, Yeah, but you should be niching down, and one of the options was always niching down to real estate. But that’s not in my heart, right? However, my ideal plan the person that I help, okay, it’s very define the characteristics of the woman, she is a go getter. She is she’s looking to build success in Chrome terms. She also has a huge message, and she knows that the message needs to get to other people, because she is eager to help others. Okay, so she has a heart Feld business. The only problem is she doesn’t know how to put herself out there and actually be seen as an authority. She’s already seen some success. She’s working with some clients, but there is a little bit of frustration. And she’s usually in year 123 of business where she started making some money. But the success that she’s looking for is not they’re very, very specific. So if this is you, listen a lot. Okay. So for you what this means is you need to understand, number one, the characteristics like you know how I just told you, right, like, Who is this person? What is the problem that you solve? And again, I’m going to use an example for these. At the end of the day, people buy to solve a problem. And I have a particular client, she is an emotional intelligence coach and consultant, right. And she worked with companies and I was asking questions to her, because she was I asked her, What is the problem that you saw? And she said, Well, when they come to work with me, they are going to be more empathetic. And I’m like, and why is this important to them? Well, because they are going to be able to be more empathetic with our team. But the thing is, that the company that we


A hire a consultant, in that reality most likely, is struggling with something. So for example, maybe they’re having a lot of quiet quitting. Maybe their culture is not great. Maybe people are actually quitting people, they’re having a lot of turnover in their employees. Do you understand what I’m saying? When you say you need to identify how the problem that you solve is showing up for your people. And the thing is that most people don’t go this deep. This is one of the reasons when you sit down to create content, you don’t know what to say, because all you have to say is example, Hey, here is my service that last 12 weeks, we are going to meet an hour a day. And in that time, we’re going to talk about X, Y, and Z. And it cost X amount of money. This is the thing.


People don’t buy that people buy the result. And let’s actually go back to something that I talked on day one is like once you start talking about the results that you offer, we talked about your opinions, right your conviction, your mission, your vision, a lot of the times every single one of you, I’m almost like going to put my hands on fire around this is you offer something that in some way, shape or form change your life. So for example, for me, everything in my business changed. Actually, when I decided I want to work with this type of woman, this is what I’m going to offer and I’m gonna start educating people around, why is this going to take their business to the next level. And it took me about a year, okay, it took me about a year to start being seen as a authority. And in that year, I started making more money, I actually like double my income from the year before I started being invited in podcast. So do you understand how when you’re actually seen as an authority, and you are using who you are, and your point of view, to actually bring all of these to the person that you’re meant to help. And this is why talking about ideal client avatar, or you can call it target audience, whatever you want to call it, your dream client, it’s so important. Because when you talk to everybody, people cannot self identify. So if we’re talking about the roadmap, or the foundation, or the blueprint, right, we have at the beginning of the journey, your mission, your vision, your core values, who you are as a person, that’s self discovery. That is you understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it the way you’re doing it, and explaining that to your ideal client. So do you understand like, now you have all these details, you have all of these guidelines, and you have all this language that you’re going to use. When you get to the content phase, when you get to the implementation phase, when you get to actually put yourself in front of your clients. I’m gonna tell you a little story. I was at an event this weekend, and I had a booth and I was also speaking, and this lady came to my booth. And I was like, Hi, how are you? I’m like, what do you do? And she will say, Well, I’m still on my nine to five. However, I also have a side hustle, and I help leaders. And she said something. Here’s the thing after she say I have a nine to five, and I also have a side hustle. Do you think that that is our authority driven?


No, there is nothing authority driven about that statement. However, the same person could have come to me and be like, hey, like when I asked her, What do you do? She could have said, Oh, I help leaders. And I believe her specialty was also building teams. And she’s a speaker and she’s building her speaking career. She could have say, I’m a professional speaker. And I also have a consultancy business for leaders for companies, right? The way you position yourself is everything. Okay? So let’s actually go from ideal client avatar, to content. So unpopular opinion. For me content is everything that you produce, to actually promote your business. So a piece of content can be an eBook, a piece of content is a blog post a piece of content is email, a piece of content is an Instagram post a piece of content is a newsletter on your LinkedIn. And this is where when you start seeing these


In this way, this is completely separate,


then you actually just picking one platform and going with it. Because, again, let’s go back to your ideal client actually going to pick your platform based on your ideal client. So have you ever heard of the saints as you’re barking up the wrong tree? So this is like, let’s say, this lady who’s a speaker, and she worked with corporations promoting her business on Instagram, right? Now, it may be valuable in some way for her to have some sort of presence there. But that’s not the platform where her ideal client is hanging out. Do you see how this is so, so, so important that you understand every single step of these foundations because people get to content and now they want to write, or they want to do a video, and they’re like, I’m not good at this. But it’s not that you’re not good at this, you don’t even have anything to get started. Right? Because this is not about just creating a video, this is not about just creating a better post to understanding a specific platform, this is about you talking to the heart of the person that needs your help, and is actually the person that is going to hire you. Okay? So going from the premise that in my opinion, content is everything that actually puts your business out there and is helping your client in any way shape or form. They’re consuming this content, okay, they’re reading it, they’re seeing a video, it could be a YouTube, it can be this is a piece of content, this episode is a piece of content, okay? So in order for you to be able


to write, or to bring an idea for, what are people going to get from working with you. So I know that when people were with me, number one, they get clarity, because clarity is like the gray cloud of every business owner, if you don’t have clarity, you’re fumbling. When you don’t have clarity, you don’t even know what your strategy is, you don’t even know where your sales are coming from. When you don’t have clarity, you sit down to write a piece of content, and you don’t even know where you’re going to put it. When you sit down to write content. If you don’t have clarity, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall. By the way, let’s actually talk about this for a second. All the people that are creating content. And I know that if you’re listening to this, you’re probably creating some sort of content. Now my question to you is this, are you creating content, or you’re just posting because posting my friend


is not making you money. So if you’re sitting down on Tuesday afternoon, create all the stuff that you’re gonna put on Instagram or whatever, and it’s not making you any money. It’s not content, if it’s not nurturing some sort of relationship. If people are not getting educated, entertain, inspire, they don’t know how you can help them and going to fucking work. Okay, so I know that when people come and work with me, they have absolute clarity. So then they can go and create content that is specifically for the person that they help. Now I want to give you another nugget when it comes to ideal clients when it comes to your offers. One of the things that we love doing inside of the academy is you have two different bodies of work if you want to call it one is the content that is specifically builds your brand right that talks about your mission talks about your vision talks about your overall message so in my case is like the BU right I have my bu everywhere my event is called rebrand. My mastermind the book is actually called be you brand, your story, your business your way, right everything is be you. However, the other content is your offer based content. And this is where most people go wrong. Because offer based content should be answering the questions of the person that is the ideal absolute ideal client for that offer. So let me actually give an example. Even though I can help a lot of women with different services that I offer some of my services. They are for different people. My mastermind is for a more advanced woman, right? We’re writing a book we’re going in a podcaster we are doing a seminar online summit we are going to be speaking in different events right that’s a fully blown visibility mastermind now might be your brand Academy is for you to build your personal brand and your business and to literally scale right now.


And then my photography membership is for people that are posting on social media, a lot of realtors, a lot of people that they need a lot of images all the time, we also have a lot of coaches that need different photos and videos and stuff like that. And that is, so all of those are for somebody different. Now.


This is where it’s so important that you understand these concepts, these concepts, because the dream client can be a different dream client for all of these offers. And if depending where you’re at in your business, you need to understand these with so much clarity, because then you can actually market each product, each service for a different person. Now if you have a product, so for example, I was just talking to the person that I bought this from which I love her, go follow her, her Instagram is hair beautiful, and her name is Vijay, and we were talking about who is her person and what is the heart of a beautiful, right what is to be beauty nista. Right, and it’s going to be more broad, right? Because jewelry can be for the same person, a lot of women can actually be on that description. But if you’re offer a particular service, you may in your business card different ideal clients, and that’s okay. What is not okay is that you do not know


their characteristics that you don’t know their pain points, you don’t know their desires, you don’t know what they’re going through, you don’t know how the problem that you solve is manifesting for them. I know that the number one thing that my ideal client experiences is they are in the same place over and over and over month after month after month. And they’re still not producing the quality of content, they’re not being seen as an authority and not being able to sell, they’re not being able to make more money, they are making money, but not the money that they want to make. So a few things that I want to talk about when it comes to ideal clients understanding their pain points, and using the wording in your content and really creating content that solves that problem. Because your company’s kind of like a mini version of working with you, right, people should find value on reading your posts through either storytelling, or you teaching them something you entertaining them, them being able to self identify in your content. And one of the things that I see a lot and the more bold my own messaging gets. And the more I push my own clients to be bolder, and to really speak to the problem, or of the people that they want to help. It’s a lot of resistance to talk to that because it’s almost like, Oh, but I don’t want to bring up the pain. But this is the thing, you do not bring now that pain by I don’t know kind of like going in the wound, you bring out the pain from a place of help, hey, I know this is the problem you’re having. And this is how you solve it right through your own lived experiences and the way you and only you can solve that. So when you’re having this resistance, I want you to think about this, what you’re doing is you’re actually dimming your light, you’re deeming the power of your work. And in order for you to look and feel and show up and actually be higher paid as an authority. People are looking for your opinion, people are looking for what you have to say about the problem that they have. And I want you to start paying attention to the people that you follow to the people that you buy from, how our day articulating


the problems that they solve for you. Are they hiding? Are they downplaying their brilliance? Are they downplaying how this is helping other people? Right? Because if you’re thinking, Oh, but I don’t want my content to be controversial girl like


you are unique. So most likely you already have these opinions about how things are in your industry, that they’re not being handled the way you would handle them. That is the way you need to show up in your industry to be seen as an authority to be seen as a disrupter. Okay? So let’s actually do a recap of all of this. Because also one of the things that I want you to kind of keep this in mind when we talk about content, we’re not necessarily talking about visibility this comes. So if we have the roadmap that we talked about right at the beginning comes the strategy, then it comes to your ideal client then you start creating content


And under this content creation, this could be you writing a blog, you go in to speak, all these different things. But I want you to start understanding this, it’s going to take time for you to get good at it.


Even though you may have all the pieces, right, let’s say we’re working together, or you’re working with somebody else, and you have the mission, the vision, you have your offer, and you start creating content and you’re using that information, you have your ideal client, you’re using that information to create content, even then, it’s going to take time for you to actually get good at it. And I think this is where I see a lot of women get so freakin frustrated.


I want to tell you a secret, I still go back, I look at the wording on my post, look at the wording on my emails. And I’m like, How can you say these different? How can I say these in a way that is more empowering? How can I say these in a way that is more activating? How can I say these in a way that my client wants it? Right? So I’m constantly tweaking, I’m constantly learning. And I’m, what, six years into my journey? I’ve been creating content for six years, I have a course. Right, I have we run Academy, we have courses, I have spoken on stage.


That’s how you get good at it. And I think that there is these bales of fantasy, where people think that are going to be amazing from day one, right? That they’re going to create the most amazing content from day one. And even till this day, I look at some content. I’m like, wow, I thought that was gonna do great. And it didn’t ship, right. So that is part of it. The other part is your content usually is consumed by most of the people that are not actually liking not actually commenting. But it is being consumed by the people that it’s supposed to be consumed. And those are the people that then get on your DMS and actually say, hey, what about these, or they respond to an email, and they ask for help. Or they inquire in your website, because they have been following you for a while. And now they’re ready to take the leap. So I want you to understand that all these process all these foundations, right? All this information will leave literally no document. Okay, another story in Euro you know, I love stories. So actual, my husband is starting to learn how to grow YouTube channels. And he’s gonna start with me. So hopefully, eventually, I will have a cool YouTube channel, right now you can actually find the podcast on my YouTube channel. But we’re going to start working towards that. And we have a date set up on our schedule next week to go over all things about my business. And guess what everything is already in a document where I can sit down and I can tell him, Hey, this is the person I am talking to. This is the problem this person has. This is my mission. This is my vision long term. This is like where we’re heading as a business, everything he needs to know, from my business, from my operation, all the platforms that I mean. So everything right? My mission, my mission, my why my content strategy, my ideal client, everything is in a document for him to dive in. So I want you to think about this, as you are growing your business. Eventually, you may want to hire, eventually, you may want to have an assistant eventually, you may want to have somebody helping you with social media. If you ever tried this before, and it didn’t work. The reason why it didn’t work is because people are throwing spaghetti at the wall, creating content that is shitty because they don’t actually understand your brand. They don’t actually understand your personality. They don’t understand your ideal client and all they’re doing is creating the sales proposal is okay call me. Send us a DM discovery call all the things that they’re not really helping anybody. So people are not seeing these polls as like, Oh my God. Yes. I want that. I want what she has to offer. I’m raising my hand. Yeah, here. It’s me. So recap. We did two weeks ago, Episode 28. It was the building of a personal brand. For one. And we talked all about self discovery, all about what you need to know in that realm in order to Dan, calm and putting into your content put into your implementation. Now. This episode, we talk deeply about your ideal client avatar. Again, it could be ideal client avatar, target audience, dream client, people call it all sorts of things. You can call it whatever you want. I love to


Talking about dream client, because this is about me working with people I absolutely love working with as opposed to working with people that I have to chase that, like, they’re not doing the work, because self discovery, right, I can do the self discovery for you, I can ask you, but you are going to have to dig deep in order to really know who you are, why you’re here and your own definition of success, and so many of the things that are included in that. So I hope that you enjoy these episode greatly. We are having our personal branding bootcamp, it’s happening April 22, through the 26th. Literally, we’re going through a lot of the things that I’m teaching you here on day one, we are talking about the phases of building your brand. And what are the pieces of information within that, that you need to have in place in order to move forward on that foundation, they two were actually talking about all ideal client avatar. So if you felt like this episode was like, Whoa, but I don’t even know how to do that. I will teach you and I will show you how you get absolute clarity about this person that you want to serve on that class. And then they three were talking about your personal brand statement, the formula for brand clarity, they four and five is all about content creation, messaging for profit, and we’re going to have some bonus days. So just be ready. But head to www I think ringspun forward slash branding bootcamp, or you can go to the show notes, and you can register there. And if you haven’t taken our quiz yet, this would be a great time for you to take the quiz and see where are you on your personal brand? Where are you they literally the quiz is based on the seven pillars that we teach on personal branding inside of our academy so you will truly see what pieces you do not have in place, what pieces you need to have in place and what is the next step for you to truly build a powerful and profitable personal brand. Hope you enjoy this episode. Take a screenshot share on social for a shout out and will reshare you we’ll give you a shout out on our stories. And I love you and I’ll see you on the next episode.


Thank you for tuning in to the video brand podcast. When it comes to building a personal brand. No one size fits all, or mindset is key. And there is a million things to learn from social media making videos tech to storytelling and writing. So if you found this episode valuable, we’d love for you to leave a review and share it share on your socials, your stories and send the link to your friends. So more women can build million dollar brands by being more of who they already are not sure where to start on your personal brand journey. Take our profitable personal brand quiz. This quiz was created with a service base intrapreneur in mind, it will tell you where you are at and even give you a next step for massive action. Go take the quiz and Power Charge your personal brand at rt greenspun.com forward slash quiz. That is www. RT Greenspan. We then ai.com forward slash quiz. You can also find the link in the show notes