In this new episode of the Be You Brand Podcast, Ati invited Amanda Benson,a Business, AI+You Expert, she was also a speaker at our Be you Brand live event,  to share her expertise in helping women and business owners to leverage it in their business to grow their brand and really add that extra stream of income saving a bunch of time.

They discuss  the power of personal branding, leveraging AI technology for business growth, the importance of authenticity in branding, and fostering genuine connections and community.

They also touch on  the importance of staying true to one’s uniqueness, the value of networking and community-building, and the strategic use of AI and software to enhance personal branding and business efficiency.

Overall, the conversation aims to empower entrepreneurs with knowledge and tools to leverage AI and digital marketing for business growth while emphasizing the importance of authenticity and personal engagement in the digital space.

Highlights to explore in this episode:

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:46 Building a Real Community of Women with the same Mind

04:17 Importance of AI in Personal Branding

05:04 Amanda’s Journey and Experience with AI

7:00 The Importance of Understanding How to Build and Manage Brands

10:25 Aligning Personal Branding with Core Values

12:18 Long-term Vision and Staying True to Your Personal Brand Values

14:17 Sustainability Social Media Girl in Stockholm

15:57 Finding Passion and Pursuing it

16:43 Creating an Agency that Merged Businesses in Sweden and in USA

21:17 Scaling a Business, Personal Branding and AI Integration

27:58 Using AI Tools for Business Growth and Brand Building

31:33 AI Use in Marketing and Personal Branding

35:45 Utilizing AI to Streamline Business Task

40:57 Creating Safe Space for Women Entrepreneurs

43:43 The Importance of Community and Breaking Down Complex Concepts into Simple Steps.

45:03 Conclusion

About Amanda Benson:

Amanda Benson is a Business, AI+You Expert. She has over 15 years of experience in online business and marketing and is the founder and CEO of the agency What’s New Media. She’s also the creator of the ‘Making Magic’ Podcast and AI+You program, helping female professionals leverage systems, software, and life hacks so that they can save time, make money & become their best self.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Hello, my beautiful people and listeners of the Be You Brand podcast. My guest today is such a treat, because she brings the tech, the AI, the personal touch, the expertise, all of that. And we actually became really good friends through the power of personal branding. So we’re going to tell that story in a second. But like, Amanda, yeah, welcome my friend. Good. Introduce

Amanda Benson  0:27  

yourself. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. So I’m Amanda Benson. I am I call my myself an AI plus you expert because really, in the past year, since Chad TPT came on the stage, I’ve just seen the amazing opportunities that lies for female professionals and business owners to leverage it in their business to grow their brand and really add that extra stream of income saving a bunch of time. We all need to do that. Right? Yeah, yep. So but my background is in business and marketing. I’ve been working in this space for almost 20 years. So that’s a little bit

Ati Grinspun  1:07  

crazy. Okay. Do you want to tell the story of how we actually connected? Yes.

Amanda Benson  1:11  

So it was, let’s see, almost a year ago. Well, we’re in February now. And I went to the mam 2.0 conference in May. And I remember just like being on Instagram, you had commented on a photo that I posted from the event I was wearing, like hot pink slacks, and kind of like an orangey. I call it like my Vuv t shirt, which is like the champagne that I was wearing the combination of colors that is a part of your brand. Yeah. And I think your comment was, I was like,

Ati Grinspun  1:46  

Yeah, I’m like, are those your brand colors like you’re my girl? Because in general, I don’t find a lot. I mean, that is people out there that have bright colors, but usually never that exact same combination. Well, what ended up happening is we had a mentor in common and then we started connecting and then you ended up being a speaker at my be real live event in September, you blew everybody’s mind. And I’m going to tell you a little story. Originally you were supposed to be a panelist and then you came into the be ran Academy, you did your ai plus you training and you blew me away I was people need to have this training. I’d be your brand live, I’m gonna give you right now, if you’re listening to this podcast, you’re going to be blown away. Because as a personal branding coach, one of my biggest values is that you stay true to who you are and to your uniqueness. And that is exactly what you brought to the table. Also, she moved from being a panelist to being a full presenter and a speaker be real live and people loved, loved, loved your presentation. And then that was just the beginning of this friendship.

Amanda Benson  2:57  

Oh my gosh, it was so awesome. I was so honored first of all to be asked to speak at your event but going there and meeting all the people in your world like it was amazing and I’ve I’ve honestly stayed in contact with a lot of the amazing women that came to the event so I’m definitely this is a yearly thing now I’m coming back next year, because

Ati Grinspun  3:20  

we are truly building real community right and I think without going to choose sideways on the topic because thing one of the biggest realizations that I had was I my community now could run on their own like it was this level up of their notch shocked. It depends on they’re not just connecting with me. My people are now connecting with each other.

Amanda Benson  3:43  

Yeah, no, absolutely amazing. In fact, one of the other women who was a panelist, Stephanie I’m training in her program later this month there you and then in April, I’m going to Cassidy’s event, which is another

Ati Grinspun  4:00  

I’m gonna be speaking to

Amanda Benson  4:02  

so we’re gonna have to get together Yeah, so yeah, I know a lot of these women have become not only business friends, but actual friends personally as well. That were we like touch base weekly. So amazing. Amazing. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  4:17  

I love it. Well, let’s get started because we have a lot to cover. And for those of you listening, I’m going to tell you the way my brain works I really want to like have Amanda break down for us truly how to leverage AI and software to start and grow your personal brand. Because yes, there is an opportunity to use AI to save all this time, but I see us so fucking poor lead. As a personal running coach. It freakin hurts. Like sometimes I’ll get an email. I’m like, Oh, girl, you need to stop using AI and just talk from your heart. So let’s dive in. So give me a little bit of your story because you You have a marketing agency. So let’s start there. Like, how did you get started all of that. So

Amanda Benson  5:04  

let’s go way back. First of all, I grew up in a family, my dad was a software developer from the 80s. So literally like in its infancy, and he would always bring me in on all the projects that he was working on and the clients that he had. So I think already there, I had like kind of an affinity for tech and understanding how these types of systems worked. So come, what was it 2005 2006, when Facebook kind of like came on to the space, in fact, I had been on it was like the Swedish version of MySpace. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’m actually I’m Swedish American. So back then, when I was a teenager, I lived in Sweden. So I was on this platform, I think it was called Luminar. Storm. And that was the prequel before Facebook. And already there, I started seeing how like, oh my gosh, like this, when you grow a circle, it doesn’t really matter where it is. And whether it’s in person or online, if you’re growing a circle, you have influence. And so no matter what it is that you’re looking to do, whether it’s have your voice be heard, or you’re selling a product, or you’re promoting an event, it doesn’t matter. Like if your people are there, you should be talking about it there. And so I think very early on, my mom saw what I was doing there at Lunars, storm. And then on Facebook, when that came to be she connected with me with some of her friends who were running small local businesses. And I started freelancing already when I was still in high school. And this was long before. Yeah, this was long before Facebook business pages even existed. So they were using their own personal profiles. But hey, you want somebody to come to the opening of your little dance studio, tell your friends about it, and what better place than a free community like Facebook. So that’s kind of how I got started. But again, this was back in the olden days, when social media was so new, it was kind of frowned upon getting into college, I was like, I felt this affinity like I was better at the science subjects than you know, the fluffy, whatever social social studies subjects, but I was also like, I don’t know, I had grown up being like, Oh, you can become a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher. And I’m like science, that’s like becoming a doctor. So I definitely don’t want to do that. I’ll just study Business and Economics. Because that that looks seems like something that I can apply to anything, right? I can still leave all the doors open. So I got into business and economics and further into marketing. And it was also the very early days of sustainability coming in as a part of, or corporate social responsibility. And during the business scene, I was really I think I’ve just always been into the new stuff, right? So I was like, Yeah, social media and sustainability. I just really saw this, like, with social media comes more transparency, which really, really encourages organizations to do better. You know, they better because otherwise,

Ati Grinspun  8:13  

I got I feel people say so many things about about social media, but I think social media, it has been Yeah, no, I mean, the chance change in so many ways. Yeah, it’s

Amanda Benson  8:23  

a chance for us as normal people to amplify our voices by coming together. And we see that happening all the time now. But 1015 years ago, that was still very new. It was a very scary area for these big businesses. But thanks to me having this very specific, like focus niche, I got some amazing opportunities to intern at Sweden’s biggest, most successful communication agencies up in Stockholm, which is our capital. So I was there for a couple years as an intern. And then I got my first job. And this like I said, this was like the biggest most successful communication agency. I remember feeling like I was in madmen, like literally, it was, yeah, it was like that. That’s when I was able to work with these big brands, all of them Swedish, by the way, but IKEA, h&m, Spotify, and it was a great opportunity to understand how we build brands and manage brands. On a very, very high level, right? This was investor relations. It was a financial communications firm, which means you’re really dissecting and looking at, you know, how do we keep this organization growing and projecting these amazing things on the future, but also make sure that we keep the brand nice and clean away from crisis away from you know, the potential threats, which in our case, I ended up working on the CSR or sustainability team and our job was to really make the organizations look good from the person Effective of their social. Aha, yeah. And so that was really fun. I mean, seeing how the trickle down effect of coaching these teams, these teams that run these global brands, and then have them implement strategies and see that trickle down effect that is literally like all across the globe. That was amazing. I love

Ati Grinspun  10:25  

this because in general, when it comes to personal branding, right, we never really talk about like, and I’m talking personal branding, when it comes to women and entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. We don’t necessarily talk about the crisis control. And one of the things that I believe is we don’t talk about it, because we are not seeing it as a huge company. But like, everything either brings you closer to that ideal brand, or like, like even one post can, how somebody sees you, right?

Amanda Benson  10:58  

I don’t really don’t know if the listeners have this insight when it comes to business at that level. But I know that it was shocking. And to me, even though I had gone to school for Business and Economics, when I started working for this corporate communications firm, understanding the role of the investors, and how the businesses really the companies are looking to please the investors, more so than the clients. So the people coming in and buying the T shirts in an h&m shop. Sure, you know, like, they need to be happy. But essentially, the conversation was always about how do we make the investors happy? How do we make them feel safe in investing in our business, because that’s where the big money is. And that’s you could view as a personal brand, you could view your investors as those strategic partners that you have. It’s your reputation amongst your peers, the ones who would be ready to back you up, right? Because if you lose that, if you’re this little, lonesome, just you, you lose momentum. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  12:01  

I’m gonna say this. He’s so in tune with. Okay, so we are both speaking at the creative marketing Summit. And I’m sure you probably already submitted your presentation. Yeah, this goes back to core to core value, this goes back to your core values as a personal brand. And I think that because a lot of people that come into business, that way we know it now, they actually do not have that background in big business. They don’t understand how all the things come together, which that’s kind of my job, right? Like when people come into my rebrand Academy, and I’m like, Hey, this is a reason why we need to lay down your core values. This is a reason why we need these strategies. And they’re like, What the fuck is she talking about? But then as you started growing, you actually go back to that, and you’re like, oh, and it’s so funny that you’re bringing it up, because, okay, this is kind of sideways. But I’m like, I’m actually really limiting the guest that I actually bring into the podcast, because I want the people that come into the podcast, my listeners, right? If they hire you, Amanda, right? Or they hire somebody, maybe they hire AVI or somebody that was in the podcast, it needs to be aligning with my core values. No,

Amanda Benson  13:15  

absolutely. I think that that is absolutely right. Yeah, you bring that up, because that was a lot of the work that we would do would coach these big global enterprises on really distilling what their core values were. And then taking that intern and making promises making projections for the future, because that’s what investors want to see. Where do you see yourself in one 510 years, oh, my God, because they want to know that you’re heading in the direction that they want to go. And so why don’t we do that ourselves? Why don’t we do that with our personal brand? You know, let’s

Ati Grinspun  13:49  

really bad because I think, Okay, this is so resonating with me, but I think for the women that specifically listen to this podcast, I think the biggest lesson here is long term vision, long term vision and how you’re going to stay true to yourself and to what you want to create. Let’s actually get into the next step because you Okay, so you learn from all these amazing companies. Yeah, and you move to the states, right?

Amanda Benson  14:17  

Well, so let me finish that. So when I was in that space, like I said, I found a very specific niche. I was the sustainability social media girl and I managed to with personal branding there find such a unique space that I was asked to speak on stages already in my early 20s. However, I was in this tiny country and tiny space, Stockholm, Sweden. I don’t even know how many people live in Stockholm, but in all of Sweden, there’s like 10 million people. It’s about the size of LA County. Right. So quickly, I started to become recognized, like out on the streets and stuff and I remember not feeling Ready for that? So in a way, even though I ended up taking a break, before continuing to build my personal brand, per se, in that way I had experience early on. But at that point, I was like, No, I don’t want to be known for anything specifically right now, because I’m still finding myself, I still want to just float around, I wanted to try different things, which honestly, is also I’ve come full circle now almost 40 years old, in that what I’ve learned through all these years of self discovery, is that I’m a manifesting generator. I am all over the place. Okay. So that’s what I just have to embrace. And anyone who, yeah, anyone who follows me, just be prepared, okay. Sometimes I’m going to be a little squirrely because what really is the essence of me is that I am super curious. I am so curious about everything. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  15:53  

do that curiosity is one of my core values. Oh,

Amanda Benson  15:57  

my gosh, I love it. It is one of mine to curiosity, education, like I can’t help myself, I have to constantly just like, absorb. Now I feel ready to also share because throughout all these years, I left corporate because I just felt like there was still more for me to discover. I wanted to discover myself. So I mentioned before, I’m Swedish American, I had always had this dream of living in New York, I don’t really know why I grew up on the Swedish countryside. So maybe it was just that I wanted to do the exact opposite of where I came from. So I just left everything. I did not have a job or anything like that. I think I had $20,000 saved up or something like that. And I just moved to New York

Ati Grinspun  16:39  

$20,000 More than I had. Argentina,

Amanda Benson  16:43  

I want to just, yeah, I had nothing, I did not have a place to stay. I did not know any people. But I spent 18 months on Manhattan garden apartment, found a bunch of friends started a business, in fact, with a couple of ladies there and hosted a few successful events. So you know, I and again, it was still within marketing and communications. I was doing a lot of work at that time, because there is a large Swedish presence in New York City. So what we did was me and two girlfriends, we created an agency that was all about merging the two. So business in New York, with business in Sweden, different initiatives. So we did kind of like TED Talks. And we did it on the five major areas of like industries in New York, which is like fashion, Media Tech. I think food I can’t remember now, but it was like the five major. So I appreciated. This was 10 years ago. Okay. So but it was so much fun. And we were Yeah, we were just having fun. Just

Ati Grinspun  17:50  

so you know, like sometimes we say oh, that was 10 years ago, but like 10 years is nothing, it’s a blink of an eye. Again,

Amanda Benson  17:57  

we did some we did something very, very, I would say niche. And I’m going to tell you guys a little secret here. But so what we did was we created the concept for this event, right? And we we found some really cool speakers, it was actually one of the first times that meta wanted to I can’t remember what the business was called that created the headset for meta. It was a business before and then meta bought them. But they asked us if they could demo their headset at our event like virtual headset. So we had them there. We had some game designers. It was one of the girls that was running this event with us. Her husband owned this huge like gaming company. So they spoke so we kind of like pulled friends and stuff like that, but really high level speakers. And then we sent personal invitations. Like I’m talking like, you know, letter, like beautiful letterhead in, you know, beautiful envelopes, and we sent it to all the major people in the city like to their office address by like their name. Again, digital was already a thing, but it was also already something that people would ignore. Oh, another email. Oh, another message, you know, so we were like, how do we stand out and make this seem exclusive? Right. And it worked out? We had a couple 100 people show up and it was like very high level people from the biggest companies in New York City, Manhattan at the time. So yeah, that’s uh,

Ati Grinspun  19:28  

so when did you open your agency? Because you so have your Yeah, SQL, right?

Amanda Benson  19:32  

Yes. So I didn’t open my agency. I continued to freelance and stuff like that. And then I moved to California. I’m in Southern California, San Diego. I moved here in 2015. And I honestly took a break. Well, no, I did work for another sustainability company. I did their marketing here for a bit but I took a little bit of a break from the whole agency side. And then once I had My first son in 2018. And he No 2017. Sorry, 2018. I was just getting this hunger to get back in the game. I was like, No, I know that this is what I want to do. Because I was burnt out. I think after New York and doing working all these different agencies and stuff like that I went, I had to kind of take a step back to figure out what was it that I wanted to do? And after being in that baby bubble, I was like, No, this is my calling. So that’s when I decided to start the agency because I knew I have a baby. Now I’m settled here in San Diego. So instead of continuing to work as just me freelancing, and doing projects here and there, I actually want to start growing a team, I was envisioning something that was greater than just me. So that’s when I started my agency. And it first went by the rise factory, which I do not know what I was thinking back then naming it that I knew that I liked, like rice, and I think I thought about Rice collective, but that was already taken. So I was like, Oh, the rice factory because we’re literally like creating all these successful. Yeah, but everybody always thought it was the rice factory like, yeah,

Ati Grinspun  21:11  

yeah. Yeah, that’s what I thought. So

Amanda Benson  21:15  

I was like, No, don’t with that. We use that name for a few years. And then now it’s what’s new media, which again, is an homage to me, just being a manifesting generator and realizing that what’s new is always what I’m into.

Speaker 1  21:29  

Yeah, these, okay. And that ties into AI.

Ati Grinspun  21:36  

Because AI literally I don’t even think isn’t a new thing anymore. Now it’s it’s here to stay and stuff like that. But I actually have a question for you. Because you went from having the Asian CBI wants something that is greater than myself. But then I feel like in the last year at least entitlement you right? Now you’re kind of coming back to these personal brand to you to having been the the intrapreneur you and stuff like that. So what kind of like what happened? Like, what was your maybe your revelation? Or maybe it’s a stage of life? Where you with that? Yeah,

Amanda Benson  22:15  

it’s multiple reasons, actually. So when I started the agency, I didn’t necessarily have the vision that I was going to be working with coaches and course creators and stuff. But that kind of ended up being becoming the niche for what’s new media. And so I’ve worked since 2018. So what six years now, that has been the main types of clients that I have served. And typically I’ve worked with a select few clients, and almost in the, in the role as a fractional cmo now bringing along my team, so a plug and play marketing team, for other personal brands. And from the start, when I started working was actually this meditation guru that I started working with in 2018. I remember thinking to myself, I could do this, or I could do this better. But I had a little baby or Quinton, my oldest, he was about one. And I also knew that you know, we were starting a family, I knew I was going to have at least one other kid which I now do vago. But so I was in this phase of like, because I also saw, it does take like, if you want to take a personal brand to that level, which I am aiming for now, it does take a lot of work, you need to show up, you need to be able to commit to consistently showing up. And I did so even if I knew I was like I’m gonna do it. At some point. I also knew that at that very moment, it was not the time to do it, because I was very focused on being with my babies. And I mean, a lot of you are gonna know,

Ati Grinspun  23:56  

the work would be done by somebody else. Yeah.

Amanda Benson  24:00  

So my focus those first few years was honestly to scale my business to a point where I was stepping in as the strategist I was the one coming up with the vision and ideas. But I built a team that we’re then handling the fulfillment of

Ati Grinspun  24:15  

it. Yeah, like Yeah, graphics or whatever.

Amanda Benson  24:18  

Exactly. Exactly. And while you know, that was really fun, but that it also builds complexity, right? And I don’t want people to get this wrong. I love love, love, love, love my team, the people that I work with.

Ati Grinspun  24:33  

When you have employees that is that is a completely different set of challenges you need to rise to also be a leader and handling situations and I had positioned

Amanda Benson  24:43  

myself in a way where I was the person connected with everyone. I was the number one contact person for the client, and typically also their team because they would have a team of people you know, they’re busy. This ops manager and there may be VA, who was doing stuff for marketing and stuff like that all these people would come to me. And then I would have to turn around and go, you know, delegate to my team. And I was like, Okay, this is all becoming very messy. I don’t see myself scaling this. This is not how I were the bottleneck. Yeah, business. Yeah. So even if I had put all these systems in place, and had all these people, I was like, this is just not how I want to continue to grow and how I want to continue to show up, I had also started to feel as like, I’m sitting on all of this experience now. And all of these solutions, all of these templates, I had stepped into many businesses that honestly, like I’m, I view myself as a little bit of a vigilante, and just like an anarchist, in the space of digital marketing, because I have helped so many clients, in fact, most of them who have had awful experiences working with other people in this space before, whether that be agencies, or professionals who have stepped into their business or organization, and honestly taken advantage of them. And I was so

Ati Grinspun  26:06  

stunned at agency world. It’s crazy, crazy, crazy. So

Amanda Benson  26:11  

many brands out there who promise you the world? Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  26:15  

So when did you see this whole new thing with AI, and you were okay. This is what I want to bring into the world. Well, so

Amanda Benson  26:25  

I was actually working my major client. Last year, I was working with him, and I was helping him reinvent his brand. He’s in real estate and chat GPT launched, and I played around with it over the course of last Christmas, you know, it was kind of break, we were up in the mountains, and I’m just like, Okay, I’m gonna dive into this. And I came back in January. And I’m like, Blake, I know how we found your blue ocean, you’re gonna be the AI expert in real estate. So that so that’s what we did, it was super successful, we immediately launched a lead magnet, we had a group on Facebook, he grew like crazy running ads, he now has a program. So he is a real estate coach. He has a successful real estate business. And he started coaching a few years ago. So he’s still doing that. And it was kind of the same thing. And like through that I was having so much fun with it. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like I can apply this to all of this stuff that I do. And I can create systems to teach women like, especially women, I want to empower the girls out there and my ladies to do master these things that might feel complex and overwhelming. That’s the thing. I’ve figured out ways systems processes, templates, and ways of using the software’s and using AI to really be able to build your business and your brand online, in no time at all. And without breaking a sweat.

Ati Grinspun  27:58  

I love that. So because we are 30 minutes now, and I want these women to actually take at least three takeaways of how they can get started. Because I feel like you not only saw the gap with your client, you are bringing all this experience. I’m building high level brands, to the little people to that people like the coach the the girl that just came out of like life coaching school, and like she’s trying to build a business and she’s trying to differentiate herself or the girl that is a realtor. And he’s like, okay, so I’m going to judge the P and Chad GDP is telling me three tips for selling your first home. Okay, that doesn’t make you any different. So how does the person that maybe she’s already in business, she’s growing her personal brand, what is the first step for her to use AI? Plus you plus herself to really stand out in social media through her email on her brand, all of that? Well,

Amanda Benson  29:01  

the first thing you want to do is follow me on Instagram. Yeah, what’s new, Amanda? Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  29:07  

no, shameless plug in the best fucking way. That was great.

Amanda Benson  29:11  

No, but honestly, like you said, we have limited time on this podcast. So I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more free content on how to get started over there. But if I’m going to summarize real quick if you haven’t already jumped in and started using chat GPT there are many other services we have Bard we have Jasper, there’s so many different API’s that

Ati Grinspun  29:33  

you can use. We were using Jasper the first year of AI and it was great to kind of format things but chatted up blows them all out of the water in my opinion. What is your opinion?

Amanda Benson  29:46  

No, absolutely it Traci Beatty is what I use. I use Jasper also just to play around with it last year. I’m not subscribed anymore because again, I didn’t love

Ati Grinspun  29:56  

it. I felt like it was very overpriced for what they weren’t delivering Yeah,

Amanda Benson  30:00  

and then also you can get started with, with Chad TPT for free. So I always want to make things very accessible, just understanding that a lot of people are just gonna want to get on board and try things out before they commit, right. So I don’t like this thing of recommending a lot of clunky and expensive software’s and tools, because there is so much out there literally for free that can get you started. And

Ati Grinspun  30:28  

I know, this is a time we were talking out of camera earlier. And you were like, literally, this was meant for the girl, that maybe she’s just starting her business, she’s really scrappy, she doesn’t have a lot of money to invest, right, but she wants she has the vision to be let me the dollar brand,

Amanda Benson  30:45  

build a team of tools and software’s before you start building a team of people because from my own experience, people are awesome. But you’re gonna have to do the work to take care of those people to write and you have to train them. So before you even start thinking in that direction, really take the time invest in yourself in learning these tools and systems, because not only is that going to empower you, and it’s going to push out the time before you have to actually put money down on growing a team or outsourcing the work. But it’s also going to equip you to really understand what it is that you’re doing so that you don’t get taken advantage of when the time comes to hiring an expert. I

Ati Grinspun  31:32  

love that you’re saying this one of my biggest thing when my clients when they come into the Beaugrand Academy, they’re like, this is great. But I don’t know why I need to learn all this because eventually I want to have somebody to do all this for me. I’m like, great, hire that person, have them go through the academy, this is the thing, you cannot supervise what you don’t understand. So if you don’t understand content, if you don’t understand social media, I’ve seen these over and over and over with agencies where they’re pumping content that looks pretty, right. They put your photo in in three tips to do these three ways of doing that. And nobody is engaging with their content a resonates to know but nobody’s seen

Amanda Benson  32:16  

them. No, that is literally what has happened to the majority of the clients that I stepped in and worked with. They have spent we’re talking hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Oh, yeah. Yeah, with experts that were leading them down a rabbit hole that was like it was just a complete waste. To be honest,

Ati Grinspun  32:34  

I actually have my own experience through these with a very known marketing company in the online space. We spent about two and I don’t know if you know this story with minimum 25 grand in ADS. And then I’m like girl, like this is like horrible. No,

Amanda Benson  32:48  

so that and that’s honestly like to tie it in again, shameless plug. But that is everything that we’re going to be doing in my new making magic membership is all about equipping you to understand. And again, you don’t need to become the ultimate expert on all of these things. But you need to have a grasp and you need to know the things to look out for so that you can ask the right questions when you’re looking for somebody to take over your Facebook ads. You know what to look for the right questions to ask how to vet them. Funny

Ati Grinspun  33:19  

thing is I after all that bullshit this year, now I am going through a Facebook ads course. I’m not gonna do the ads myself, but I’m like, Okay, I need to understand a lot of this terminology, I need to understand what I’m going to be paying for well, girl

Amanda Benson  33:36  

off camera later, but I have a Facebook ads girl who is amazing. So okay, I’ll give you I’ll give you her contact.

Ati Grinspun  33:45  

Lens. Okay, so they get started by actually learning some of these tools. How do they get started with AI? And you what is it what are the best practices, but also kind of want to talk a little bit about you talk a lot about many funnels? How can people actually make more money with digital products and how they can leverage all of these. So all of this comes together.

Amanda Benson  34:08  

I’m actually thinking maybe the best thing to offer your community here is the recorded workshop that we did within your program. So let’s let’s offer that to the people down here as a freebie because that oh my god, I love that. That is where we talked about how to get started with chat. TPT Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  34:29  

um, this is the thing you guys I already told you at the beginning. This blew my mind. And I’m super picky because obviously I teach personal branding. I help women bring their uniqueness and the way you they I’m using it. I use it in everything we did together. I’m using it on charge GTP and I literally like it was life changing. To

Amanda Benson  34:51  

tie it in with what we just talked about though. I think the important thing is your approach and your mindset when it comes to using AI. It is not Your opportunity to just like slack off and just outsource everything to an AI no matter what software you’re using, that you still have to be the manager, you need to have quality control, whatever you’re creating with AI. And again, unless you’re looking to run your channels as some type of a robot and never share any of your personal story, and yeah, I was gonna crank it all out with Chad GPT. But again, don’t expect your brand to be growing and people to really be connecting with you if you’re not putting yourself into it. But that goes the same if you hired a social media manager, and you didn’t share about you and they’re just like, automatically priced

Ati Grinspun  35:45  

out. Yeah, you are. So it’s really the same thing. That is such a value to what you should share, which is this in order for chat GTP to create something for you or to spill something for you, you the ideas need to be original. Oh, absolutely, still coming from you. And I think that is one of the biggest issues that I see with people like Summit. Also, and I don’t know if this is still happening. But at the beginning, I used to see these emails were like, um, the unicorns and the dusty fairies. Like, there was this excitement on the way things were verbalized. And I’m like, I know this person, and you don’t talk like that, ya

Amanda Benson  36:28  

know, I usually compare chat GPT to like having an intern or having an assistant, right, really see it as your right hand, they can do the first draft, they can, like, help out with all of this supportive work so that you’re not sitting there for hours creating the structure of the workbook or whatever. But that doesn’t mean that it’s done there. No, you’re still the one proofing, you’re the one doing the final touches, you’re the one doing the run through it. But again, so it goes both ways. It’s like, Don’t abuse AI in the sense of letting AI just take care of everything. But on the other hand, if you’re not using AI, you’re still wasting your time spend this, you know, a couple hours on something that AI could now do for you in a few seconds.

Ati Grinspun  37:15  

Oh my god.

Amanda Benson  37:16  

So there’s the balance there. You know,

Ati Grinspun  37:18  

I one of the things and I don’t know if I share this with you how I am using AI, is when I have one on one clients, and with the VIPs. I do these interviews with them. And I bring everything out. And this used to take me hours and hours and hours because I would interview them, then I would go back through their calls and kind of write down what I heard. And then from there, I would create brand strategies, content Pilares ideas, I would present them in our actual VIP day. And then from there, we would create Whoa, that process that used to take me days got down to like hours.

Amanda Benson  37:56  

Yeah, no, it’s amazing, we do the same client work has been reduced. And I really would I say I guess it depends on your personality. But I’m really going to encourage people not in a stressed out way. Like I don’t want people to fall into the hustle culture. But I also want to encourage you to be more you take this opportunity to not get stuck in the busy work use AI as that assistant that takes care of that so that you can spend your value the core of you your amazing brain with ideas and experiences to figure out these bigger problems and bigger questions. And whether that is you taking a walk and just pondering your core values? Or if it’s you jumping on another call with a potential client like it’s making space for you to actually be more of you and show up more authentically so done the right way. It’s an amazing way to like almost run a business as if you have a team even if you’re still that solopreneur getting started.

Ati Grinspun  39:01  

I love that let me ask you these because you kind of went hibernated for like a month and a half and you guarded several products and several things that I’m blown away by now my people can the podcast No, I don’t promote anybody I don’t truly fucking believe in that was actually a conversation we had earlier off camera like only people that are aligned with our core values and that their work is like absolutely top notch but you came up with all these ideas based on needs of people. Can you share a little bit of that and how you’re solving some of the problems that you saw in the industry from watching it from somebody that grew these million dollar brands? Bringing it to the little people like us right like the multi six figure enterpreneur that is like maybe running a business her on one VA and maybe one assist? Absolutely,

Amanda Benson  39:55  

yes. So what I decided I actually We settled on this about six months ago that I felt the best way to serve this community was to create a membership because so much is happening in this space with AI that creating a course now, two months from now, that might just be outdated. So what I’m launching what I’m launching now is the making magic membership. And the name for it came from first it was modern magic, because I’m like, what better way to describe both like AI, it feels like magic, right, but also when

Ati Grinspun  40:30  

I will, because I want to stay relevant, right. That’s the thing, though, if we are in this space, we need to stay relevant.

Amanda Benson  40:38  

Absolutely. And so that’s what we’re going to be doing. So there is going to be some pre recorded content that I release on a monthly basis. But then there’s also going to be to live opportunities, so 60 to 90 minutes, twice a month, where we can meet with the peers, and we can really have a discussion about what’s going on, I’ll do a little bit of training, and then again, open up for any of the women who have questions or need hands on help with using AI

Ati Grinspun  41:06  

because women are generally more resistance to tech.

Amanda Benson  41:11  

Yeah. And the thing is, I’ve gotten this question, because I’ve actually worked with a lot of male clients before and they’re like, why are you excluding me? Like, why would you want to exclude 50% of your potential clients? And I’m like, no, like, it’s important to me to create a safe space where these women can come women, even in business, the way that we run our business and the hurdles we have. So maybe juggling a family and your business. Yeah, it’s different. And I want to create a really safe space where you can come and you feel comfortable asking the questions you need to ask or bringing up, you know, because we’re we’re going to cover personal life to AI is not for business. Well,

Ati Grinspun  41:48  

I mean, women we do not compartmentalize, that is part of the thing, okay, so you have the membership, but you also are dropping like something that has to do with digital products. And I kind of want me to you to talk about that is this, I think that it’s something that everybody wants to do, they start their business, they’re like, oh, I want to have passive products, but then they never get there. Yes.

Amanda Benson  42:14  

And again, I’ve seen this abuse so many times. And I feel like it’s kind of like there’s there’s this new wave with the what’s called the MRR, you know, I don’t even get missed. Yeah. So that’s why I wanted to put this out, I have a I call it a quick and dirty magic mini funnel course, it’s all about learning how to create a lead magnet, which is how you get people on your email list, create your first digital product or service, and then setting everything up, we call it a funnel. It’s how you get people from your Instagram page all the way to actually purchasing what it is that you’ve created. So I’ve created this mini course, I’m actually doing a workshop next week. But I know that’s going to be before this episode comes out. But everything will be still available in this mini course. It’s completely free, it has tutorials, it will have the recording of the workshop. And it has a 20 Plus page workbook,

Ati Grinspun  43:16  

on what I’m going to have both links for you guys, we are going to have a link to the AI plus u class that she did inside of the academy, you also get to see what being inside of the academy is. And then we’re also going to have a link for you guys to get these final mini course I think it’s so important for people to really understand that it’s so many ways to Yes, monetize a personal brand. And

Amanda Benson  43:43  

I want to add there Yeah, and I think this class is valuable for if you’re the mom still at home with your baby nursing and you’re looking for a way to add an income stream it’s for her just as much as it is for the woman who is a couple years into business but you’re seeing just like me, oh, I want to add this other level another income stream that maybe is not your brick and mortar or is not this like very high touch way of making money, a more passive way. And then again, it’s also for the more seasoned entrepreneur who might need to understand what to expect from service providers building these systems. So yeah, so again, it’s a very like quick run through of the things the components that you need in order to build your digital products services business. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  44:38  

I love that. Oh my god, this call was packed with wisdom. I think that like literally hearing your story. I think that there was again right so much wisdom on what you brought to the table. I am so grateful for you. I can’t wait for say it again

Speaker 1  44:58  

making magic making Magic membership yaki magic membership I

Ati Grinspun  45:03  

think it’s gonna be amazing the women that you are going to have in there because the women that you attract are amazing. I’m so excited. This is gonna. Yeah, well, and again, core values community, right that it’s like a very important value for me anything that is community where women are supporting each other. So I can’t wait to support you. And what do you tell everybody where they can find you?

Amanda Benson  45:28  

Yes. So the best place to connect with me is on Instagram, I’m at what’s new, Amanda. So that’s where I hang out all the time. And then obviously, the links in the show notes will be a great place for us to get connected and for you to just take my products or what I offer for a little test run, but I want to leave Yeah, and I want to leave your audience with this. It’s not rocket science. It’s not. So please like Come Come into my world. And I will help you demystify all of this because I think in many times, it’s put out there and made way more complicated than it needs to be. So I love that. Okay, I just want to say one last thing, ladies, it’s not rocket science. It really is simple if you break it down in each of the components. So we’re talking funnels, we’re talking creating your first lead magnet, your first digital product or service, and then putting it all in a funnel, and blowing it up with content marketing. It does not have to be complicated. I literally have a roadmap for you. So I really hope that you take advantage of this opportunity. I know that you can all go out there and be your own amazing personal brands.

Ati Grinspun  46:46  

I love it. I love it. I love it. Thank you. Hi Fred. Thank

Amanda Benson  46:50  

you so much.