In this podcast episode, I’m digging deep and  discussing the importance of both content creation and visibility for businesses and personal branding. 

Both are vital to a successful brand; they are functionally useless without each other. 

Increasing visibility can draw potential clients or followers, but weak content will ultimately lose those same individuals. 

Ati  stresses the  importance of networking, maintaining an engaged following, and creating quality content which includes education, conviction, and inspiration. 

Tune in to today’s episode to learn the 3 strategies Ati teaches her clients to get visibility, her 90 day sprint strategy and to  learn the cycle of content that brings it all together. 

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Content vs Visibility

00:45 Understanding the Concept of Personal Branding

01:50 The Difference Between Content and Visibility

02:04 The Role of Content in Your Brand

02:52 The Importance of Visibility in Your Brand

03:34 The Challenges of Being Omnipresent on Social Media

04:12 The Concept of Visibility Beyond Social Media

04:34 Understanding Your Audience and Ideal Client

05:52 The Misconception of Making Money on Instagram

06:04 The Importance of Email Lists and Networking

07:32 The Concept of Relationship Marketing

08:52 Leveraging Borrowed Audiences for Visibility

12:32 Understanding the Difference Between Followers and Audience

17:30 The Cycle of Content and Visibility

20:00 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Beautiful people. Welcome to another episode of The Be You Brand podcast today, I want to talk content versus visibility, the key to standing out in your niche. Now the reason I chose this is because I hear people complaining about not getting content engagement or their Instagram not growing all these different things, I kind of want to shed some light on what is the difference between actually creating content and actually having visibility and why you need both? And how do you need it. So let’s get started. Because your dream is going to go fucking build itself. So we have to do things in order to build your dream your business, and this is one of those. So this is the thing now more than ever, building your personal brand is a frickin mass. Now, people think that building a personal brand is going to happen in like three and a half minutes that you’re going to put three posts out there. And actually people know who you are, what you do, where you stand for how they can work for you. This is the thing I want you to think about this every time you post literally that is another 100 people, 200 people 300 people posting at the same time. Now, I am not saying these to actually freak you out. But I am saying these. So you understand that the person that is on the other side of the phone, right? Like if you’re watching on my phone, and there’s crawling, they’re not necessarily number one seen every pose that you put out there actually is in the country, about 3% of your followers and your audience see your post. So even if you feel like you are posting a lot, and that you are doing a ton of content, this may not be true. So the other thing is people confuse putting content out there, we’ve been visible. So I want to explore today the difference between content and visibility for you what role each plays and how you can benefit from using both. So you can actually stand out in your niche. So let’s fucking go. So let’s talk about content. First, your content is there to do a few different things, your content is there to inform your audience of who you are, what you do, what you stand for, it’s there to nurture the people that find you is there also to create that know like and trust between you and a possible client, maybe a prospect. Now, this is the thing, we always talk about three different types of content, we talk about educational content, inspirational content, and we talk about conviction, yes, you need all of these types of content. And you also need this content to be of quality. Now you can be doing all of those things, and still having your content not be seen and not be found. And this is where visibility comes in you understanding this potentially can change your whole fucking business. So let’s think about this. There is a few ways that you can do these on the platforms, right? Through SEO, and keywords and hashtags, and all of that. And yes, that will work, we’ll get the actual platform. And again, I want you to know that I’m not talking about these platforms as a specific platform. The reason why I’m actually saying this, and I think I’m gonna go on a tangent here. But the reason why I’m saying this is because so many people are trying to be everywhere, but you don’t even know how to use the platform. So you are trying to be like, Oh my God, I need to be everywhere. But I need to be omnipresent. But then if you actually don’t know how to be found in the platform, it doesn’t even matter. Now, I want you to know this, the visibility I’m going to talk about today has nothing to do about that. That is a completely different training. But I want you to understand this, you can be creating amazing content, you can be creating educational conviction, inspirational. You can be sharing testimonials, all of the things and still not be found on social media. So let’s explore now what am I talking about when I am talking about visibility? So visibility, is you consciously bring in more eyeballs into your content and into your world? Not just your content? Okay, so in all of the different ways that I’m going to break it down, and of course, there is no answers to these because we don’t just want any eyeballs. We want the right eyeballs. What does this mean? We want the right clients. We want our our ideal client listening to our content, look into our content reader through our content. And why am I saying that? It’s because again, Nuance is people think of content as she just Instagram. She just Facebook. Right now you’re listening to this podcast or you’re watching this video. This is content so anything that you put out In the world where you are providing value you’re educating, you’re putting your thought leadership out there is content, it’s supposed to inform people about who you are, what you do what you stand for. So I think that there is the idea that if you are just on Instagram, you are going to make a million dollars. And it’s absolutely possible. However, you get to do it in any way that you want, whatever feels right for you. But the thing is, if you can be writing the blog, put in the video, doing the podcast, doing the content, doing the videos, doing the reels, and nobody’s seen them. So basically, is you’re constantly bringing in more eyeballs into your content, whatever that content is, and into your world in all the different ways. So the way we teach visibility inside of the view brand Academy, because we don’t want you to just rely on Instagram on LinkedIn on tick tock, because those, they can go away anytime. And I’m not going just to talk about your email list, which is super important, by the way, but what I’m what the way I’m going to teach you visibility today is in this way, we actually inside of the Academy, we teach a 90 day sprint, and when we talk about is how can you put yourself in front of more people? And how can you leverage even those people to bring more eyeballs into your into your content? So we do this in three ways. Number one is coming from you visibility to your audience. This is where content comes in. So is you hosting masterclasses you hosting lives on Instagram or LinkedIn or whichever platform you have you hosting conversion events, you maybe your podcasts, maybe your blog, this is you how you are putting stuff out in the world to be seen, okay, now, why am I putting these here is because you still have to do both. When I talk about content and visibility, they go hand in hand together. And I’m going to actually explain this to you towards the end. But I want you to understand that you still need to create content, okay. So this is where you can do trainings you can do in person trainings, you can present in front of other audiences, right? So number one is you creating content for your people. Number two, is actually what I call relationship marketing. This is where you are growing your network. Okay, I was just talking to an actual friend of mine, like he’s actually really, really new in business. And he was like, but I don’t know anybody that like I just became a life coach,

Ati Grinspun  7:49  

I now I have this certification, I have this passion, but I don’t know anybody. And I was trying to explain this to him. I’m like, I am seven years into my business. And I act as if I didn’t know anybody, I am constantly growing my network, I am constantly meeting new people, I am constantly putting myself in new rooms with bigger and bigger people bigger than me. Now, I want you to understand this, you have to fill in your network with people you are aligning with, we go in Super depth depth on these inside of the academy, because I know how hard it is to maybe go to networking events and be like, but these are not my people. So it’s super, super important that you understand how to find your people. This comes down to you understanding what kind of collaborations you can do, what kind of people you want to build your business with, what kind of clients you’re looking for, and who is your ideal client. And number three is leveraging borrow audiences. Now this is where what you’re actually doing is you’re leveraging the relationships that you created when you are expanding your network. So what this means is you going into other people’s podcasts, maybe you teaching on others people’s Facebook groups, you are speaking at other people’s events, you supporting other people’s products, or launches and stuff like that, where these people have a completely different audience that you have. So I want you to think about this. When somebody comes into my podcast and you as a listener, you don’t know them. That person just got exposed to a completely new listener to a completely new person. And if those people and they sure are that people are coming to my podcast, they usually are people that you are interested in because that is how I’m curating this immediately. You may be curious about what they have to offer and now you go to follow them either on social media Media download their freebie, whatever it is that they are doing to bring you into the world. Okay, so until now we talked about content needs to be there because people cannot see what’s not do it doesn’t exist. And then the three types of visibility that we teach, okay, so I’m gonna recap them for you. Number one, you creating content so people can see it, I love about a lot of you creating educational content, like master classes, workshops, mini trainings, all of that, because that is position you as an expert, and that is bringing people into your audience that are all ready or interested in what you have to offer. Now the second one, we talked about relationship marketing. And the third one, we talked about leveraging the audience’s of your network. Now, this is my favorite one. And I actually want to give you an example of this. In October last year, I spoke at a live event, this was the biggest event that I spoke to. And there was about 300 women in the audience. Well, out of all the people that I met, about four of those people in that audience became clients, these are high ticket clients, one person bought a VIP. And then I got hundreds of new people into my email list. Now why this is important is because this was the perfect audience for me. So you have to make sure that you’re putting yourself in rooms, where you are absolutely align with the host with the person that is hosting the event, even if it is a net working event. And let’s talk about audience for a second the quality of your audience, people frickin matters, the audience that you cultivate freakin matters, because I think that a lot of us and and this actually happened to me when I first started my Instagram Instagram account in particular, I think that one of the things that happened, I had so many coaches kind of predating on me because he was a new account. Now, I came from having all these other accounts, but people didn’t know that. So I was being targeted by a lot of other coaches. And one of the things that I did is I was very good at creating relationships. And I actually started meeting a ton of people that would come into that account, because I wanted to see who was finding me, I wanted to see who were these people why the people that were my actual clients were not finding me. So I want you to understand that followers, an audience is not the same thing. Followers, an audience is not the same thing. Your followers can be your 5000 friends from your previous career that you pivoted and you have nothing to do with that anymore. Hello, my name is Artie and I used to be a flirt bartender, I stopped growing an account with over 6000 followers, because they were not the right followers. And when I people think my business, I started at zero because I only wanted an audience, I was interested in building a personal brand. They were interesting in becoming more of who they already are and build a business that was heart centered. So those people in that other account, not my people, okay, so I want you to know these because I think that so many times we obsess over followers, I’m going to tell you a secret. I didn’t even intentionally it started growing my Instagram until about January this year, we’re in February. But the reason for that is because my account was growing from these efforts from me going to others people particles from me speaking from me, really putting myself out there. And what happened was, these people are super engaged, because this is people you meet in person this is people actually care about what you have to say. So for me, this is the most beautiful way of building an actual engaged following. I love thinking about social media as a huge networking event. This is kind of how I tell my clients, I’m like, if you had to go network every single day, you would have to like get ready or you will have to do your hair and you will have to do your makeup and drive to the venue and actually meet maybe three or four people that are aligned with you. But in social media and online, you get to meet so many people I actually one of the biggest investments that I ever made in my business, I invested in a $20,000 mastermind and it was because I wanted to be surrounded with those women that were there. I’m from those relationships came sales, speaking events, Paul, the cars, visibility, collaborations, all the things that I’m talking about. Because you always want to be growing your network with people that are either just like you or they’re way ahead of you. I personally like to in rooms where I am the dumbest person in the room, because I always want to be growing, I always go into rooms. And I’m like, okay, there is a person there that she’s doing what I want to do, I want to learn how she’s doing it. And then I want to make it mine, right my own way. But I want you to understand that followers and audience is not the same thing. Something we do on the viewer version academy that I love, and our clients love is we run a 90 day visibility sprint each quarter. Now what this is, is literally a spreadsheet where we have the three types of visibility, right, that we talked about, and we challenge or students or clients who actually make sure that they’re doing one a week, minimum, every single week. So this will look something like this for you next week. Do you have a podcast in your schedule? Or do you have a networking event? Or are you hosting some sort of live masterclass mini training for your community that you are inviting people into? Now, ideally, as you grow into your business, you want to have these free weekly in your calendar, but we teach people to start where their ad because we want to make sure that it’s hard to be everywhere. And as your business grows, your focus needs to grow too. Because the thing is, you start creating content, and then you didn’t create alive and then you didn’t go network and all of a sudden you start you stop growing. So we do this and we love, love, love the results that our people are getting from these because it creates a structure. And then also you can track your progress, right? Because you have in an Excel sheet so you can see, okay, how many podcasts have I done this year? I’m gonna give you an extra tip in here. That is I personally have a specific freebies and things that I give people away depending on the podcast, so I can say okay, how many people came into my world through me podcasting at the end of the quarter? Right? Because that way you can start tracking Okay, are my efforts paid off? Is maybe civility, do I need to change the kind of politics Am I going do I need to change the networking events Am I going my time and my activities actually turning into clients. So I want to kind of bring all this together for you to close these super Monday, motivation go grow your visibility, and content and business. So to bring all these together for you,

Ati Grinspun  17:30  

I want you to imagine this, I call this the cycle of content. Now, if you’re listening to the podcast, you can later go to YouTube because I’m actually showing these on the screen on the YouTube channel. So I want you to think of all the activities of your business as a as a wheel, okay? So when you’re in your business, and you are doing all of these activities, right, you are posting you are creating video, you are doing connection calls we talked about you go into podcasts, now people are coming into your world from all of these visibility activities, right, you’re doing B, you’re you creating the content, you go into podcasts, you go into speak, on stage, et cetera. Side note for you, all of these activities are demonstrating your expertise, they are giving people a sense of repetition, we make them know like and trust you for a particular thing, in my case is personal branding, in our work, being yourself or growing a profitable personal brand, all of those things. Now, people are coming into your world from all of those places. Now, I want you to think about that you meet somebody at a networking event, or somebody sees you a speaking engagement, or they listen to you on a podcast, and then they come to your social media, and there is nothing or your content sucks, guess what you just lost them. And this is where these two things collapse. So content without visibility is nothing. And visibility without content is nothing you need both in order to constantly be growing. And something that we’re not going to talk about these today. But I have an episode plan on these is having a clear offer. Do people know how they can work with you? Are you talking about what is that you are selling right now at this very moment and how actually you can help people truly grow or change or transform, or have a solution with what it is that you offer. So this cycle of content, it’s something that I explained to people all the time. And the reason for that is because people in general, a lot of my clients, they come to me and they’re either doing all of the networking, they’re doing a lot of the things but their content sucks, or they don’t have any or they’re doing the content they’re posting. They’re posting they’re posting, but nobody’s seeing it. So Um, I hope that these episode was like a lightbulb moment for you because I know it is for a lot of my clients. I would love if you can take your favorite, like, takeaway from this and tag me on your stories or go leave us a review. i My goal is to get this podcast to as many women building a personal brand as possible so they can build a life and a business that they absolutely love. I hope that you have an amazing week. I’ll see you next Monday. Thank you.