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In this episode, Hazel Brown joins me to talk about the power of collaboration and networking for your personal and professional growth. Hazel and I both discover the value of working together and leveraging social media to connect with like-minded individuals.

We delve into the importance of creating spaces for women to discuss deep issues, share their experiences, and support each other’s growth and the need for self-comparison and self-worth to be based on personal progress rather than societal standards or the achievements of others. Moreover, this episode promotes the idea that true success encompasses both professional achievements and personal satisfaction, highlighting the role of community, self-care, and authentic branding in this journey.

Listen to explore:

Entrepreneurship, networking, and collaboration

Women’s empowerment and creating safe spaces for deep conversations

How Self-care can improve productivity

The importance of having emotional intelligence

Key highlights of the episode:

00:00 Introduction

00:57 Women’s Empowerment Conference

01:23 What starts the “Redefining the Future You” business?

05:26 The Importance of Collaboration and Connection

07:16 The Power of Social Media for Networking

07:56 The Fear of Women to Collaborate

10:30 The Value of Self-worth and Self-comparison

13:10 Using Other’s Success as an Inspiration

14:40 Creating Spaces for Women

15:28 Providing Platform for Higher-Achievers

17:27 Figuring How to Build Wealth

18:43 Prioritizing Self-Care

23:07 Emotional Intelligence, Reframing Negative thoughts

25:07 Putting Your Energy on What Really Matters

27:42 The Value of Self-authenticity

28:52 Conclusion and Closing

About the Guest:

A Purpose-Driven Healthcare Leader who uses her human resources & hiring manager experience to serve as a Career Alignment Coach to passionate, result-oriented professionals. In 2003, I began my journey in healthcare- first working as a home health aide, later as an ultrasound tech, then deciding bedside was NOT for me! After 7 years, I made the switch, I started working in healthcare administration support roles and quickly started looking at what roles paid the MOST money. After much research, I thought I’d found the perfect career for me, an Anesthesiologist Assistant. What?! I could help put people to sleep and make six figures, OH MY! I completed my pre-requisites and then decided to have baby number two during the time it would take for the next program to begin! Boy, was God looking down laughing at me! I ended up pregnant with twins, yes TWINS! However, it was that experience, being vulnerable and sick that led me to pursue a double master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Public Health. From my personal healthcare experience, I quickly realized there were gaps in the healthcare system. In simple terms, it was missing the CARE in healthCARE! On a quest to make an impact, I took on roles in HR, Healthcare Operations, Healthcare Management, Patient Experience Management and now Healthcare IT supporting hospital systems throughout the US. I remain in the healthcare setting because I still have a lot of work to do in order to bring the CARE back to healthCARE. With our premium quality services, you not only get a healthcare professional who has the inside scoop; but you get a leader who is passionate about making a difference in your life and the lives of others! I am here to help you navigate your career alignment journey as an Expert Resume Writer and Career Coach. We help our clients reclaim power over their careers and pivot with purpose- on their own terms (so they can love life inside and outside the office). & of course, provide service excellence! 

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome, everybody to the Be Your Brand podcast, I am super excited about my guest today, because not only she’s local to Vegas we just met. And then we realize how aligned we are when it comes to business to live, how do we want to show up in the world, she’s going to tell you all about it. And what we’re talking about today is the amount of craving that we see within the intrapreneurial world, not only human connection, but also the need for inner growth. This is something that we’re very aligned in. And I’m just gonna let you introduce yourself, and then we’ll go from there.

Hazel Brown  0:40  

Yeah, thanks so much it for having me. So hi, everyone, my name is Hazel, Atkinson Brown, I am a child of God, a mom of a business woman, career woman, I am all things. I also have a podcast called se human experience. And I’m having a conference coming up a women’s empowerment conference in Las Vegas on March 23, of 2024. So lots of hats, lots of things. But I’m Hazel. Oh, and

Ati Grinspun  1:08  

that is how we connected. So let’s actually start like going back a little bit about how because you run your business, and they’re redefining you correct? You do career coaching? Or do you coaching? Can you share with me a little bit more about that? Yeah,

Hazel Brown  1:23  

so my business is called redefining the future you, I do career coaching, but it’s holistic career coaching, as it relates to whether you’re trying to grow your business, or whether you’re trying to grow your career in terms of your nine to five. And so when I started out doing that, it was really because of my own nine to five career that kind of led me to realize like there is more need when it comes to helping people understand how to brand and position themselves with their resume, and on the interview. Right. And then after I did that, I started to realize some of my clients that I would help get jobs making 3040 $50,000 More than their previous job, they were coming back to me because they didn’t feel happy in their job. So I realized that alignment was missing in my program, though, I was helping them get the job, get more money, get all the things fulfillment wasn’t there. So then I had to add the component of making sure we pull the layers back, figure out who we are as people before we move forward with actually trying to find another job trying to find that good income, if you will. And so with that, that is kind of what led to my podcast, it’s the human experience, because I felt like a lot of people are on a journey of trying to become and trying to go after six figures. But since they didn’t know who they were, they were kind of struggling through that personal development. And then also hitting a barrier or a fence, if you will, feeling like oh my god, I’m the only one going through all these things or not. But

Ati Grinspun  2:56  

it’s so interesting. You say that because my whole thing this year is I went through something similar, where I felt so heavy on my business, and I felt like I’m doing all the things and nothing is happening. And he was all about doop doop doop doop doop as opposed to who I was being. And last year, I shifted a lot of that. And I also kind of moved away from just like just mindset to a lot of like, inner spiritual like also like subconscious reprogramming and all the things right, like recognizing that there is so many things in our mind that we don’t even know they’re there. So

Hazel Brown  3:32  

it’s tapping into it when we feel it right. Not just dismissing it and saying, you know, not now, you know, maybe another time being able to realize when something is really coming for you in a sense that you’re being called to do it. Well,

Ati Grinspun  3:46  

and the truth is that, that work is hard work. It is because people are like, Oh, I’m gonna meditate, I’m gonna do all the things, it’s gonna feel amazing. And I always tell people like, kind of

Hazel Brown  4:04  

while you’re writing, and I appreciate your transparency and honesty around that, because it’s funny, I did my first hypnotherapist session last year, and I bawled the whole time. Like I cried the entire session, and people make it sound like it’s just supposed to be something that’s so zen. And I’m like,

Ati Grinspun  4:20  

yeah, it could be at some point, right at some point. Like I do a lot of the things in my clients now because that was kind of my journey. Right at the beginning. It was like reading all the books, doing all the things but then I was like, okay, there is something missing here that I know it’s there, but I can pinpoint it right. And I think there is so many women going through the same but tell me a little bit about because how we connected is specifically through the conference, you actually reached out to me on Instagram, and then I was like yeah, sure, let’s jump on a call and make sure we’re aligning like all the things and then we were like Dude, we’re like so allying and we’re loving this. So tell me what Oh how, like from you having your business, all of that? All of a sudden, you’re like, Okay, I’m gonna do a live event. Yeah, no,

Hazel Brown  5:08  

absolutely. And so with that, like, there was a process of having my business since like, 2016, I started doing like meetup events. So I would do like coffee and conversations, painting tips, vision board events. And so they will be at a smaller scale. Or maybe it’s like, 2030 women, right. And so I love the intimacy of all of that. But what I realized is that one of the biggest things that I feel like I’ve learned over the last five years, is that you can do so much on an island by yourself. But you can actually get more impact and more done when you collaborate with other people. So though, I was going to networking events, and I was creating networking events, I didn’t necessarily believe in teamwork or group work, it was bringing it back to school, right? I was always the kind of person in school, where I would do things on my own. And I knew that if I did it on my own, it would turn out well. So over the last five years, I started to realize like you’re going to these networking events, you’re doing all these things and creating all these avenues. But how much would it make an impact and a difference in other people’s lives and your own life, if you started collaborating with people and really connecting to help bring that voice and bring that improvement in the lives of others further along. And so to your point of how we connected the algorithm was algorithm during that day, and so I came across your profile, and I’m looking at it and I’m like, okay, okay, and something in my spirit, to your point of kind of following your instincts. I’m like, she really seems like she has the same value system that I do, you can tell that everything is authentic and pure. And I’m like, that’s really over here on my wavelength. And I’m like, Okay, let me reach out. And so I reached out to you, because I am very much big on following my instincts and making sure. And so it was a really good conversation when we connect it from that point. And I was like, wow, like social media can really connect you to some awesome people, especially when you’re new in a different area, you don’t really have been here before yours, you don’t necessarily have a big community here. And so regardless, if you’re like someone that lives somewhere that you’ve lived your whole life, or you’re new in our area, things like networking, through going in person, or just online, through social media, whether it be LinkedIn IG or whatever, it really helps to connect those six degrees of separation. And so people are there that are fully aligned to your value system that you feel alone in your world. And so I just had to learn to come out of that. I

Ati Grinspun  7:35  

love that, okay, I want to go back when you said, you were like networking, you are doing all the things, and then all of a sudden, you’re like, Okay, we need to collaborate more, because I feel like a few things. I’m gonna throw you a few thoughts. And so you guys, like we kind of like talked about what we’re talking about. It’s just like having a conversation. And it’s so juicy already. I feel like there is so much fear within women sometimes to collaborate, right? Because they’re like, well, there is only clients for a few, which I don’t believe, I think that we all had, number one, if everybody that needs her services would start lining up outside of our door. Like we would all be like,

Hazel Brown  8:15  


Ati Grinspun  8:16  

We can’t take on those clients. Right, like, like, that’s the truth. But I think there is like a growth that actually happens when you start tapping into collaborating versus you doing things alone. Can you share a little bit of what happened to you there? Because I truly believe that people at the top are collaborating people at the bottom. They’re like bickering, right. Like they’re like trying to, like do their own thing. So tell me a little bit about what changed in you how you grew. And you got to like that conclusion, then you were like, oh, I want to do an event. Yeah,

Hazel Brown  8:50  

no, absolutely. I feel like the reality is like, initially, I was the person trying to make the connections and the networks for other people. And I necessarily didn’t think that I needed it right. So I’m creating an audience and avenue for other people to come together and become their best self. And then over time, I started to realize, like on this solopreneur journey, I was alone often and I say things to my family and friends, like no one understands what I’m going through. So then I had to realize, like I set it up that way, though, I’m creating these avenues for other people. Like how about collaborating with other people, and to your point, I’ve never been a gatekeeper. So if I ran across the entrepreneur solopreneur whoever and I had insider information to help them grow, I’m gonna give it to them, but it just never really dawned on me that hey, you can actually work with them outside of co working and really helped to push your thoughts and your brand further as well as push their thoughts and brand further and you will see that in the same way since you’re a coach I know you know this, as you’re kind of listening to people your thoughts just go on steroids. You’re like, oh, they could do this, this this and when you come Come together with women who want to win as well. That’s what happens within each other so that you realize like, Why? Why are we collaborating from the very beginning, because we would have been so much further because there are things that are gonna be blind spots to me that you’re going to see. And they’re going to things that can be blind spots to you that I’m going to see. So kind of staying in your own island, just trying to help those people, you’re not actually making a impact on the lives of those people, because you’re only using the information in your mind your books and your podcasts useless. So

Ati Grinspun  10:30  

that’s kind of like the whole concept of masterminding, right like that you’re tapping into the knowledge and into the minds of other people that are in that group. And I just love that. So obviously, I love the whole idea of live events, because I posted my own and there was a lot of that you’re like you’re saying that I’m like, oh, that’s exactly what happened to me. So and another thing I wonder, okay, so I got because I actually want you to share how you came up with the idea and the concept of your women empowerment event, because I love Okay, so can you share the name? Yeah,

Hazel Brown  11:04  

so it’s workplace therapy, because we need therapy outside of the workplace. And to your point, and kind of to answer your question, I feel like I’m someone who’s gone after all these degrees, societal standard, check the box and all the things and people would then try to move towards, I want this degree, I want this title, I want this status. And I started to realize like, we are really starting to define ourselves around what we do and who we know. And the reality is, if you’re someone that’s genuine, you actually want to see others when you’re, you know, you’re God fearing or you’re not whatever the case may be for you. But your intentions are pure, and you’re showing up in the world every day trying your best, like your self worth should be on 10. But what we often find as people that maybe they hadn’t gone after their goals, or dreams that they had 1020 years ago, start to beat themselves up and comparing ourselves to other people. And it’s like, why it? Have you been doing the best you can? Have you used what you had in your hand to get you as far as you are now? And if the answer is yes, then you’re winning, you’re really doing it. I

Ati Grinspun  12:12  

feel that is a huge thing with that not only like the school system, number one, because the school system already set you up for that, right? Like not only on the pointing system, but like, you know, if a sports and like, what are your titles, right? Like, if you are good at sports, then you are the capitan and you’re this and and I’m a I’m a high achiever, and you are too. But I always, especially on my on my adult years, my goal is to always do better than I did yesterday. And I always tried to tell that to my kid, right? Like, you need to compare you to yourself, because the moment you start comparing with others, what happens is you don’t know their standards, you don’t know where they started, you don’t know how long they’ve been doing it. You don’t you don’t know anything? And I think okay, so to the point of how good social media can be that is kind of like the downside, right? Because before you used to like compare to your neighbor, now you compare to everybody.

Hazel Brown  13:10  

Yeah, no, absolutely. And that’s definitely a thing that happens. And to your point, you have to use that for me, it’s being able to see someone else do it, that lets me know that I can do it. So use it for inspiration, instead of comparing yourself to that person and saying, Oh, my goodness, I haven’t made it that far yet. And I hear clients say that a lot. And it’s like, you don’t know what they’ve had to do to get there. You don’t know if you’re willing to make the same sacrifices that they’ve made to get there. And so so many times, like you’re comparing yourself to something you have no idea about? Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  13:42  

And they might have I think that time is something that especially in the online world, a lot of people don’t realize, people think people are an overnight wonders. Because they just found it on the internet. But that’s not how things usually go. Like I always tell people, I started my business in 2008, because even though it wasn’t the same name, the same format, the same that I’m teaching, like my intrapreneurial journey started in 2008. When I started my photography studio, it’s a different business, but it’s the same me. Okay, so work like work life therapy workplace. How you came up with this idea? And because I know that we’re going to be talking a lot of deep conversations, and this is all for women. Actually, I want to talk about that a little bit. Because I think that within women, we have the craving to actually create these spaces and really, truly curate spaces for other women. That is sort of calling but it doesn’t seem to be the same with guys. Now events are a thing, right? More like conference like, but not so much going deep and really like talking about our fears. So tell me a little bit about that. And what is the whole intention behind the event? Yeah, no,

Hazel Brown  14:59  

actually literally so in terms of like coming up with like the the name, as well as kind of what I thought the event would be like, really as weird as that sounds like it was something that I felt like I was called to do. Like the name just came to me one day I wrote it down. And then over time different components of what the event is supposed to be, like, started coming to me. So I have a huge whiteboard in my office kind of behind the study. And I would just every time I got a quote, unquote, download, I would go write it down. And then maybe about eight months ago, I said to myself, well, Hazel, these things keep coming to you. At this point, you know what speakers you need to have at the event? You know exactly what everything is just. Exactly. I’m like, I need to do it. So to your point of kind of not knowing what goes on behind the scenes. From that point, I said to myself, God, why, like, Why me, I’m already a nine to FiVER, I’m in healthcare IT, I have my own business. I’m doing a podcast, I’m a mom of three kids and a husband. I’m like, I’m done. Like, I’m doing everything already. Like, it’s just not enough. And I have to say to myself, like, okay, so it’s a blessing that you’re being called to do this, you’re already doing events within your business. To your point, like I’ve been in business since 2014. Initially, it was called just be you 24/7. And it just eventually evolved into other names. And so with that, I had to say to myself, you know, what, if he didn’t want you to do this, it wouldn’t be a thought it wouldn’t be a thing. So the next thing that I did was I reached out to all the speakers that was written down on my board, and they all said, yes, absolutely. This is great. And then the

Ati Grinspun  16:38  

magic starts happening. Exactly. The same happened to me. People were like, yes. What do you need? Yes, yes, yes. It’s like, okay, so tell me, specifically, who is this conference for? Yeah. So

Hazel Brown  16:52  

this conference is for us higher achievers that want the most out of life, but also want community they want connection, they want to be able to get developed that support, and they want to be able to get the strategies to help them get to the next level. Maybe they’ve gone after degree after degree after degree. And they’re still feeling stuck. But they know that they want to do more whether it be just creating that balance for themselves. Because as you think about just the way that the work world is going pension plans don’t exist anymore. 401 K’s you cannot retire off of a 401k. So trying to figure out how to build wealth. Separate from that is figuring out how to put yourself first while you’re doing all these things. You’re not a yes person to your relationships. But more importantly, you’re showing up for yourself as well as yourself. Right? You’re yes person to yourself. And as we age, things like self care becomes important in terms of being able to even be mindful to figure out is this my decision? Is this something that makes sense for me? So I’m not only talking about go get a facial because I actually did my first facial last year.

Ati Grinspun  17:57  

Actually, I feel like that kind of self care. And this is this might differ to a lot of people. I mean, and I love a great massage, and I love like going and getting like things done. But my whole thing is like I think sometimes those are these guys. And we don’t truly do the self care, like, like the meditation is spending time alone because we’re people pleasing, right? So it’s easy to tell to a husband or to somebody in your family, hey, can you watch my kids while I go to the gym? Because it’s socially acceptable. But sometimes it’s not socially acceptable to say, I need time alone. Right?

Hazel Brown  18:35  

Absolutely. Or I need to go to therapy, or whatever the case may be, I need a journal, I just want to be outside in nature. So I could feel it one way.

Ati Grinspun  18:43  

By the way, like I actually spend a ton of time alone for somebody that is a kind of social butterfly. I spend a lot of time alone I journal I don’t know walks by myself. I have done trips by myself. Like I love doing that stuff. But that was actually a conversation to be had. Right? Because imagine like when I told my husband the first time I want to go on a trip by myself like he was fine. But then the conversation was great. But a lot of women won’t even do that.

Hazel Brown  19:12  

Yeah, no, absolutely. I completely get that. Because what I did this year is that every month I have one day that I have carved up for self trips, where it’s just me by myself one day in a new city that’s not too far to where I can get on the plane. Go do my thing. Come back next level to my sister who’s I have several sisters. But this one particular sister was like, I can’t come and I’m like, No, I’m going by myself. So it wasn’t even my husband that came up with it like Well, it’s

Ati Grinspun  19:41  

kind of weird, like people feel like and I think that obviously self care looks different for everybody for me, but now you put me a notch for for a while. I was taking one day a month and I would go 24 hours to a hotel and be by myself. And I haven’t done that in quite a while. I’m gonna retake that. That was To glorious,

Hazel Brown  20:01  

you need that time for yourself and to also to reset and to remind yourself that wow, like I am actually living the life that I’ve aspired to live, and being able to reflect in that moment and reward yourself. And then it also gives you something to look forward to, right? We’re working, working, working, working, working everyday, and I can say, working 12,000 more times, like, at what point Don’t you have something for yourself that you can look forward to? I think that with that you can be more productive, because of the fact that, you know, you’ve created this environment for yourself, where it’s like, there is some time for rest separate from the weekends, but this is my loan time separate from the evenings. This is something that’s just for me, and I am going to be able to live the kind of life I want to live. And so to me, I’m

Ati Grinspun  20:46  

gonna say, I actually think that that is almost like a recipe for success. I think that self reflection and having your thoughts in order without the noise without having other people to tell us right, like anything, and it’s just like us and been inspired by the world.

Hazel Brown  21:04  

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely not.

Ati Grinspun  21:07  

So I’m going to be a panelist in your event. And I am so excited. Tell me a little bit about all the other speakers what people can expect, like all of that, like, maybe go through a little bit of like, what did they do. So

Hazel Brown  21:21  

I don’t want to give you everything. But I will say that I have seven speakers lined up, one of the speakers I will share is Perez Hilton, he’s going to be talking about authenticity and branding and all the things. He’s also going to be on a panel where he’ll talk about paint on branding, and how to really put yourself forward in terms of getting to the next level, whether you’re doing your own business, or you’re in a nine to five either way, you have to brand yourself and I know

Ati Grinspun  21:49  

right now is like not even an it’s a non negotiable. Like I was talking to a client the other day, and she’s like, I never thought that I would actually hire a personal branding coach. But she’s like, I need to stand out on LinkedIn. I have all this strategy, right for on my resume. I know what I’m doing. But I’m like, I need people to see me how I want them to see me. And I’m like, let’s go. But yeah, that’s that’s a thing now.

Hazel Brown  22:15  

Yeah, absolutely. And so then to your point about the panels, I have separate panels. So I have one panel on self care slash balance. And so it’d be topics and strategies all around how to provide the right kind of self care to yourself, but also allowing the panel’s panelists and speakers to be able to share their journey through self care as well. So that you can see that every glam that you see on social media in terms of oh my god, I’m living the best life. Like for example, if I only post post, every time I was on my one day trip, you’re seeing that one day trip, and you’re like, Oh, my God has always somewhere because I make all these clips of all the different places I went in that one day, in the conference, you’re actually able to get a better sense of how people are creating that balance for themselves, and see a better perception of what their journey actually looks like. As opposed to just looking at social media.

Unknown Speaker  23:05  

So you

Ati Grinspun  23:07  

know what I love, you just said something that sparked me because it’s so important to see the journey, the real journey. So many people talk about failure, but failure looks so different, right? Failure doesn’t need to be like I went broke and everything like this appear and everything went down. But it’s like the daily kind of like the daily grind of like, in one day of a business, you can have like a super win, and then a client that like payment, the fall and then one client, you you sold another pipeline. And then like the same day somebody was like, I don’t want to do this anymore, right? Like whatever it is in like one day of business. And I think people don’t realize that. Yeah, I

Hazel Brown  23:46  

think what you’re talking about is emotional intelligence. And that’s something that we’ll definitely all have stories around. Because I feel like that is a mindset thing in terms of realizing what really should make it a bad day. I think we hear this myth and when people say things along the lines of oh my god, today’s a bad day. No, you had a bad minute, you had a bad five minutes, you’re choosing to make it a bad day. Literally an example I can give you is yesterday, my phone broke as soon as the day started. My phone broke and I said to myself Well guys, that’s better than accident. That’s better than I quickly changed my mindset.

Ati Grinspun  24:22  

I think that a lot of and this was kind of my journey so obviously coming from experience of my own experience, right? Is like I feel like I was constantly dysregulated right like there is so much talk right now about nervous system regulation, which I think it’s it goes very hand in hand with emotional intelligence to really understand that like if everything triggers you. The answer is inside of you is not outside the world. Like we all go. My mom always tells me like your your guy’s life is like, I’m like no, it’s because you don’t hear about every little thing that actually happens, because it’s not a big deal.

Speaker 1  25:02  

Right? Exactly why things happen? Yeah, absolutely.

Hazel Brown  25:07  

I think it’s just like, what you focus on is what kind of become something big in your life. And it’s like, what are you going to put your energy in on something so small for when you have bigger fish to fry, you have bigger things to worry about. And so it’s like, why even focus your attention there, like you’re gonna create more hype and anxiety around whatever it is that you’re concerned about. And I’d rather use that time to put it into positive things. Like, I’m not worried about that, to your point, things are gonna happen. You’re

Ati Grinspun  25:35  

thinking I’m gonna happen regardless. And I think that people think that they don’t happen to other people, they happen to them. So because we’re going to start wrapping it up, I have, I want you to say again, name of the event, so people get it, I also put it in the comments, and I will put it on the podcast on the show notes. But I want you to say again, the name of the event, the date where it is, also it’s here local to Vegas, but it’s open to everybody. So go to that. And then I have one more question for you.

Hazel Brown  26:07  

No worries. So it’s workplace therapy, women’s empowerment conference and event. It is in Lake Las Vegas, if you’ve been to Lake Las Vegas, you know, it’s gonna be a vibe, it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s gonna be from 10:30am to 3pm on that Saturday, afternoon slash evening to be able to allow you to do your mom thing in the morning and not have mom guilt. Come on out and pour into yourself network, but still be able to get back home if you decide to do general admission versus VIP. Because our VIP folks are going to go on a yacht cruise and we’re going to do all the things and enjoy the

Ati Grinspun  26:42  

afternoon after 3pm Yes, that’s after signing up for the VIP.

Hazel Brown  26:48  

It is after that we’re going to have a nice mixer that we’re going to be able to join together and really collab network and enjoy ourselves. So a whole vibe, everything that you’re looking for in terms of wealth building, personal and professional development, networking, self care, even learning how to use life insurance to get you to the next level, like we’re talking about everything. Wow. You will be full. Yes.

Ati Grinspun  27:14  

Okay, I have one more question for you. And I do this, I ask these to all of my guests because you know, we are the B brand podcast and my coach that that was by the way, that was the first thing that we were like when she said my first brand was be huge Shas be you 24/7 Just be like my brand is all be your brand. We’re like Okay, let’s go girl, we’re in the same way. So what does he mean to you to be your own brand? Yeah,

Hazel Brown  27:42  

for me, it’s being authentic to who I feel that I am. And so it’s making sure that anything that I do is truly aligned to myself. And that sounds so general. But if you’re the kind of person that you like candles and sunflowers and walks on the beach, and trips to Disney World, whatever that looks like for you, if that lights you up, don’t stop doing it. I’m a planner, I’m a to do list or you’re gonna always have a notebook or sticky note around me. And you’re gonna see other people that girl Why are you so professional? Out the womb, I probably had it. Exactly. So do that. Whatever makes sense to you and makes you feel whole do it. I listen to gospel music, whenever I feel any kind of anxiety, or I’m starting my day, I’m gonna do that I’m gonna light a candle. And I’m gonna be honest, that’s also a part of me being myself is I’m not going to hold anything back just for the sake of oh my god, I don’t want them to think this about me. Like, this is me. I’m going to show up as myself who loves it. They’re gonna love me who doesn’t they’re just not for me. This was

Ati Grinspun  28:52  

amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for coming to the podcast. Thank you so much for having me in your event. And where can people find you?

Hazel Brown  29:02  

Absolutely, definitely go to redefining the future. you.com you’ll see everything about the event career coaching the podcast, all the things are right there. So just search redefining the future. you.com Online and you’ll find me and I’m Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  29:19  

Yeah. And Instagram. Yeah.

Hazel Brown  29:21  

Ram. I’m everywhere. Listen, Instagram, Tik Tok LinkedIn. I’m everywhere. Just search.

Ati Grinspun  29:28  

Thank you so much. This was awesome. And I can’t wait to see you soon.

Hazel Brown  29:32  

Yeah, see you soon. Thank you so much it my love. Bye, everyone.