Hey Be you branders!

In this episode, I’m  interviewing  Jen Vasquez about the main trends in marketing for 2024 .

Jen is known as the pinterest queen and teaches  female service providers to use Pinterest and marketing workflows to make marketing easier .

Today she  gives us how  to make best use  of short form videos making it  EASY and effective.

We  also explored the value of Pinterest for marketing and the idea behind the Creative Marketing Summit she is hosting for the second year in february and why you should attend!

( I’m a speaker…so you should attend ! LOL)

Listen to discover:

Best marketing trends going into 2024.

How to make your short form videos  highly engaging and effective.

How to  improve searchability and reach on various platforms.

What to do to drive significant traffic to your website and more!

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Time stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Excitement

05:29 Main Trends in Marketing for 2024

07:59 The Power of Short Form Videos

09:01 The Importance of Text Over Videos

09:16 Using Keywords in Video Text

10:48 The Benefits of Saving and Liking Your Own Reels

11:13 Utilizing B-Roll in Short Form Videos

12:49 The Power of Pinterest for Marketing

13:31 Pinterest as a Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Platform

15:38 The Importance of Pinterest for Repurposing Content

16:52 Using Core Values in Marketing

17:43 The Idea Behind the Creative Marketing Summit

19:37 The Purpose and Format of the Creative Marketing Summit

21:53 The Importance of Marketing for Business Success

23:11 The Value of the Creative Marketing Summit for Business Growth

26:42 The Transformational Insights and Strategies at the Creative Marketing Summit

27:40 Where to Find Jen Vasquez and the Creative Marketing Summit

28:45 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Take Action

Register for Creative marketing summit for free https://creativemarketingsummit.com/24616805850491?am_id=andrea708

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Jen Vasquez  0:00  

A lot of people go to Pinterest or the people want to market their business on Pinterest. And they pay almost too much attention to that analytics versus seeing what’s happening with your business because of Pinterest. So I am all about growing your business. On Pinterest. I don’t care about growing Pinterest. I don’t care. If Pinterest grows, I just don’t. I care. Because I’m booking clients there. Why do I care if I have 3 million views? I don’t care if I have I think I have 50,000 views maybe on my Pinterest account I

Ati Grinspun  0:33  

on clients all the time. Welcome to the Be You Brand podcast.

Ati Grinspun  0:43  

I am your host, Artie Greenspan. And if you’re looking to build a million dollar personal brand, sell out your services, and do it all while living your best life and fulfilling your purpose. You’ve come to the right place. We no fluff strategy, a tiny bit of a spicy attitude, F bombs per days, mindset and energy work, we will grow a life and business that you absolutely love. One episode at a time. Welcome aboard my friend. Hello, my friends to them be your brand podcast. And today’s guest is so amazing. And I’m starting to do something a little bit different. So I am going to give you before we started the conversation, a little bit of background on why am I bringing this guest and why do I think that the nugget from the episode was. So you listen till the end and you get the most out of it. So my guest today is Jen Vasquez. She is literally the marketing queen. And she teaches female service providers to use Pinterest and marketing workflows to make marketing easier and who doesn’t want marketing in the online world to be easier. So our conversation was amazing. She is putting together a summit. It’s called the creative marketing Summit. And we’re going to give you all the information for that. And it’s actually free. And I’m going to be one of the speakers. But I’m going to tell you like I am going to attend everyday she has so many speakers talking about topics like legal on social media, like how to create behind the scenes for your videos. And overall all the tools that as online businesses, we need to market our business. But here are my three top takeaways that I want you to listen for. Number one, she’s going to go into the magic of the reels that are three to seven seconds and how to use them. She’s also going to go in depth on some Pinterest goals. So if you’ve been wanting to use Pinterest, on your marketing, you need to listen to this episode all the way to the end, and then all the details on her creative marketing Summit. Now one of the things that I wanted to share with you, my audience, my women, is that I’m making a very intentional approach to Who do I bring into the podcast as a guest. And that is why I want this introduction to be so special. Because I think that as intrapreneurs, right, like we get pitch all the time we pitch to other people, but I am here for the real relationships. And I want to bring you people that I wholeheartedly believe in. So that’s the reason behind these heartfelt introductions. So I hope you enjoy this episode, and I’ll see you next time my friend

Ati Grinspun  4:11  

I’m so freaking excited. One of the things that I’ve been sharing with you guys is I’m only bringing people into the podcast that not only I’m super aligned with but I am super excited to collaborate and I am super excited to expose you to so our guest today as you heard in the intro is Jen Vasquez and in a little bit over a month I’m going to be talking in her creative marketing Summit. That is happening February 13 14th 15th. Now this is the thing you’re in for a treat because she is the marketing queen. And Hi Jen. Welcome to the VO brand podcast.

Jen Vasquez  4:59  

I am sorry excited I it took me forever to get you on mine. I’m now on your podcast. I’m like, Whoa, we’re done. Because we just I wonder if it personalities, so we’re wise.

Ati Grinspun  5:09  

Well, so number one, I want to definitely get people to come to the creative marketing summit because I think that there is so many new trends, they’re going to be able to learn so many new things. So what I want you to kind of walk me through right now is what are the main three trends you want to seeing for 2024 when it comes to marketing? Yeah, when it comes to like the Pinterest queen, if you talk a lot about blogging, but I want you to give me your overview of like what’s happening this year when it comes to marketing in the online space.

Jen Vasquez  5:51  

Yes. So I don’t know if this is I’m just going to be honest like I always am. I don’t know if this is like the trends coming up or more so what I see happening and I’m like all for it so numbed out, okay, I like that everyone says authenticity, right? That words told it’s like done. But I feel like when people who own businesses can show up online, comfortably as themselves. Not only were they get more engagement and more people listening, and it’ll get spread farther on social media, but people people can smell fake a mile away. So if you’re saying authentic, I’m just gonna say showing up as yourself, like the warts and all, like just everything, whether you have makeup on whether you have your hair done, those things are not mattering as much. And I think that’s a trend truly, that’s going that’s coming. In terms of short form video, which I am very, like laser focused on because Pinterest has short form videos, we’ve got YouTube that has shorts, we have tick tock, we have Instagram.

Ati Grinspun  7:02  

I mean, everyone right now is focusing on short form video, so we can ignore it.

Jen Vasquez  7:10  

No, but what I will say that’s so exciting is that instead of like mouthing what somebody else is saying, or doing dancing, or doing any of those pointing things like any of that stuff, right?

Ati Grinspun  7:25  

Yeah, that yeah, that was kinda like the trend last year, like everybody pointing out,

Jen Vasquez  7:29  

we’re borrowing other people’s content, instead of just delivering the goods right there as yourself. Here’s the cool thing. three to seven seconds are a sweet spot that makes everyone’s account get better. So I have shortened form video editing it as a new sort of product in my business, and work. So we’ve got multiple clients that we’re working with right now. And it’s those three to seven second short form videos that are getting all of the engagement, they’re getting the shares, they’re getting the everything. And the reason for that is because videos have a watch time, right? And the algorithms on really, all the platforms are really heavily leaning toward getting through the all of the content. So the longer that you were at tea, yes, the longer your short social short form video is, the harder it is to get that awesome juice from that algorithm.

Ati Grinspun  8:28  

And I’m wondering, and I unlike please correct me, now you have that super short video, you put the actual info on the caption. And now you got people to stay in your pose for repeat, like almost like the repetition of videos. So you get like more play a

Jen Vasquez  8:47  

lot of people are getting are out there on social media right now talking about make sure that you you know, have a hook on the front, right? Keep in mind, and this is something people don’t know and is really important. Use keywords in the text that you put over that video, whatever it is, in whatever platform that’s a search area. And so you want to use out because okay, yes,

Ati Grinspun  9:12  

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, they’re all searchable now, all of

Jen Vasquez  9:16  

them even tick tock so the words that you put over the video in the platform, so a lot of people create their videos in Canva. So they don’t have to type which I get because it’s takes less time. But I’m telling you to ignore that and put the text actually over the video in the platform. Even if you’re repurposing content. You still need to put text over that content. It is really important.

Ati Grinspun  9:42  

A little secret. Yes. So I have a VA that does all the letters and we use Riverside to do all of that. But when we go to Instagram, which is our main platforms, we still do the captions and we hide them and we do all of our keywords for whatever caption we use, and

Jen Vasquez  9:59  

we hide them yeah Is it it is really helpful. But the cool thing about this, what I think is a trend that’s coming that the shorter form videos is that if people if you hook them with the hook, then they read the caption. But what I’m seeing a little bit over the last month here in January, is that anybody that delivers all the information in the actual video in text versus having a long caption people, while they go sometimes to the caption to read the people that don’t like to read like myself, they love seeing the information. And I will if it looks good, like good information, I’ll just save it. So I can go back and watch it later. Whether I go back and watch it later or not. It doesn’t

Ati Grinspun  10:40  

matter. It’s telling the algorithm and saying that. Here’s the other

Jen Vasquez  10:43  

thing that I’ve heard that actually I’ve been testing on my own account, and it works. So well. I’m liking my own reels. I am actually saving my own reels.

Ati Grinspun  10:53  

I bet the same people saying somebody said it looks desperate. I’m like it was a message I love. It’s often like, ah, and I’m the first one to celebrate myself. I’m even looking works to be yes, it it

Jen Vasquez  11:09  

does fucking work, literally. So. So the fact that it’s organic, and it’s three to seven seconds, you can do the whole taking a sip, and the living like really wrong and deliver Yes. I’m telling you everywhere. Right now I tell every one of my clients, this will be a tip that you will so enjoy. And you’ll remember it from her podcast audio, oh my gosh, is that if you for all of these reels that you’re creating, when you create that video for it, put it in a folder on your cell phone, I use Apple products, but even the other different types of products also have the notes section or they have whatever it is, but save that information. I have a folder full of B roll and they use them over and over and over again. And nobody really notices.

Ati Grinspun  11:58  

We actually we actually do that for or low ticket membership that we have for photography we give B roll now to our class, like on a lot of our girls who like hey, honestly, I shouldn’t be like five photos and the rest. I just want videos of me getting in and out of the car. Typing on my phone drinking my water Ayesha’s like the the Jaipur trips me out that like if you’d and then literally they walk away, like instead of like photos, people are like, give me the wrong key maybe wrong. I’m like, Yeah, and what are so funny

Jen Vasquez  12:29  

is that like, every time I do something where I’m gonna actually do my hair and makeup. Like earlier today, I have a ton of videos, I did the three second videos, just a bunch of them on the side looking drinking, doing whatever. Because I know I could use that in a pinch when I’m going into my content and what I have my content out there.

Ati Grinspun  12:49  

I love this. Okay, I’m gonna move to the next thing. Tell me a little bit about Pinterest because I personally not create like, like not great at Pinterest. But I know Pinterest is like growing like wildfire.

Jen Vasquez  13:04  

It always has been people are just now discovering.

Ati Grinspun  13:09  

So tell me all the AI is specifically because I think that a lot of my audience, they’re just getting to the point on either getting a website, they’re very active on Instagram, Facebook, all of that. And I know that a lot of people are just repurposing the reels and stuff into Pinterest calm, easy. Okay. Tell them tell them. So I tell them to have any time though.

Jen Vasquez  13:31  

I’m going to try to be brief on this because it’s a podcast. But one thing I will say is, you know how we look at LinkedIn. And we’re like, okay, that’s business to business. And then we look at Facebook, that’s probably business to consumer, like you’re looking at the different platforms. Well, Pinterest is absolutely both. So there’s no reason why any business listening right now out there should not be on their period, the end, you only need one pin a day to actually get good growth. And all of my clients between 60 and 80% of all traffic for social media is actually coming from Pinterest. So why interest is driving traffic to your website. That could be for a lead magnet that could be for a blog that could be for one of your services. That could be for a free video that could be for your YouTube that could be for your podcast. Like I could go on and on and on with 18 million things that you can actually pin to Pinterest,

Ati Grinspun  14:24  

I read an article and you can tell me if this is true or not like YouTube, mostly men. Pinterest is like the YouTube for women. So I would

Jen Vasquez  14:36  

say it’s a little bit of both meaning Yes, a higher percentage are women on there because traditionally, women typically do the planning for things. They typically are doing the research for purchasing things. I don’t know about you, but my husband he’ll just go out and buy something. I’m like, no, no, no, we need to do research and get the best day right.

Ati Grinspun  14:58  

We’re gonna we wouldn’t have a anything he says he was?

Jen Vasquez  15:02  

A No. So it is really both both the majority are female. I think it’s the last stat that I saw because you know, they change all the time. It’s between 60 and 70% women, so it’s not like 90% Women like a lot of people assume my husband’s on Pinterest. I

Ati Grinspun  15:18  

mean, I’m okay with that. Because all of our lead scenarios and myself, we mostly serve women, so I don’t care I should say guy if you are Yes. feel compelled to actually talk about that. Because so many people are obsessed over repurposing on YouTube, myself included, and they’re not really utilizing Pinterest.

Jen Vasquez  15:38  

It makes me It literally makes me want to cry. I make a real and I put it on Tik Tok, I put it on YouTube shorts, I put it on Pinterest, I put it on Instagram, and I put it on Facebook. And then I put it in my private Facebook group, it should be everywhere. If you die, tears of making something, it can go everywhere. I always say Instagram is like the bar, right? You’re gonna see people that you wish you kind of look like you’re gonna see people like a little bit of feeling like less than sometimes on Instagram. Pinterest, on the other hand is like a library where anything you want to find to better your life or your business can literally be found on there. And so yeah, it’s like a happy place to be to. So people are so much nicer on there. You don’t have to get into all of the comments and DM and all that stuff. It’s literally just people love something, they save it, or they click through and go to your website. It’s on the they

Ati Grinspun  16:35  

and honestly like people are clicking there. Oh, like I actually delete looking at my own behavior there. I’m like a high. I’m not really like clicking on people’s shit on Instagram. But I click all the time on Pinterest and I was like, that’s the thing

Jen Vasquez  16:52  

is I’m gonna be baking bread tomorrow I’m going to be doing like it’s like a whole on Omni bank. I use it for like photography, inspiration I use it for for my year to decide on what I’m going to accomplish for my year. Like I use Pinterest in in so many ways. And so I always recommend that people that use Pinterest to market their business you want you need to know your ideal client, what are their pains? What are their struggles, so your whole bio, unlike the rest of the BIOS out there on different platforms should all be about them. Nothing about you, you can

Ati Grinspun  17:26  

squeeze a team up that should be in all the

Jen Vasquez  17:29  

fucking I think it should be Joe. But that’s not the case. I like five kids and two cats. And I’m like, I don’t care. I don’t I don’t give a shit. Right. So,

Ati Grinspun  17:39  

but those other people when they come to us so we can call now I am

Jen Vasquez  17:43  

going to say a lot of people go to Pinterest or the people want to market their business on Pinterest. And they pay almost too much attention to that analytics versus seeing what’s happening with your business because of Pinterest. So I am all about growing your business. On Pinterest. I don’t care about growing Pinterest. I don’t give up. If Pinterest grows. I just don’t. I care. Because I’m booking clients there. Why do I care if I have 3 million views? I don’t care if I have I think I have 50,000 views? Maybe on my Pinterest account. I

Ati Grinspun  18:18  

don’t have any giants all the time. I honestly don’t have the same thoughts about Instagram. And that’s how I detailed I’m like followers are not audience. No audience is not necessarily buyers hero like I have under 4000 followers. And you still need multiple six figures. And I

Jen Vasquez  18:37  

have to tell you that some of the clients that I’ve booked talk about stuff that I posted on Instagram, but actually never followed me. Like there is no like on Pinterest we follow when we like good content will follow because we want to see more of that good content, which is basically making sure that your home feed is all the things you love. But on Instagram, it’s It’s bizarre. So I always say when you’re on Pinterest, the two analytics you want to pay attention to are the outbound clicks and the pin clicks. So the pin clicks are you have a pin in your feed, you click on it, it opens up there’s an image or a video on the left and on the right is the title in the description. That’s where people go, do I want to click? Do I want to click through their website or there’s nothing I want to see. Right. So you have to have a really good description. You have to have good descriptions, good titles, all that thing throughout Pinterest, not just for the algorithm, but for your client to follow you. Right or you for your client to buy from you. So you it’s twofold Keywords are the most important thing on Pinterest, before even doing any work for my Pinterest management clients. I’m doing keywords and I spend a good week every day going through keyword after keyword after keyword because the key words are going to be what that between keywords and consistency. If you have those two you’re going to grow and you’re going to book clients and the That’s all that matters.

Ati Grinspun  20:00  

I love this. Okay, so the next question is how did you come up with the idea of the creative marketing Summit? Oh my gosh,

Jen Vasquez  20:09  

no one has asked me that yet. And I’m really excited. Because, okay,

Ati Grinspun  20:16  

let’s let’s be freakin honest from putting it in person event and you’re putting an online summon. It is a lot of freaking work. I

Jen Vasquez  20:25  

can go it’s obviously you said it is storage. Sitting professionals. Right, I need this. Here’s the due date. I need that like it’s, it is allowing I’m think I got you all might know you have almost, you’re on the website. So all your stuff has been given. You’re good. Oh, okay. I put people on the website, even the people I’m talking to about being speakers until I have their information. So we’re good. Oh,

Ati Grinspun  20:50  

that means I said, I’m gonna have all the links on the show notes. But I want you to tell me how you came up with the idea. Yeah. And then we’re gonna like dive, enjoy. Not all the topics, all the headings that you’re envisioning. You’re the person that that is going to say creative marketing. So I

Jen Vasquez  21:09  

have been dreaming I in a previous life, I was in marketing and sales area. And I actually helped when I worked for Netscape, which was bought by Disney, I think it was Disney. Anyway, when I worked there, I was in charge of planning all the fun events, and I love planning events. And so when I got into business, I was like, I can’t, I can’t wait, I want to plan a retreat, I want to plan this, blah, blah, blah. And I decided, You know what, I think I want to do a virtual Summit. Now, if this grows, this is the second annual this year. So it’s definitely growing. But we’ll have an in person at some point, probably in Vegas, where you are still doing it. But I have always wanted to this, I believe, truly, and I’m very passionate to teach entrepreneurs who get into business, because they’re passionate about something who don’t really have a clue on marketing, and how marketing and consistent marketing. Those are the businesses that tend to go out of business very quick. Yeah, you have to have a pipeline of leads, you have to have a bunch of people coming in for your business. So I have always been very excited to do a virtual summit three years ago, when I decided to do the first one last year, three years ago, I decided it was going to be a virtual Summit, it was going to be for female service providers. So I would be very niche down. And I don’t know any marketing summits for female service providers. And that was why I wanted to do this, and I wanted it to be free. So it’s free for 48 hours that the videos are live for 48 hours. So it’s free to watch so that there’s no preventing people from being able to watch it being able to bend those donation. Last year, we had 20 ish 2122 speakers. And we had over 400 people that came out the combined app, I should say, and this year, we’re looking at around 30. So we’ve got PR, we’ve got capturing behind the scenes for your business for short. From videos, we’ve got time management, we have SEO, we have contracts, from an attorney that I work with, she’s going to come in and talk about contracts. We’ve got just everything personal branding, obviously with Adi, obviously, but it’s there’s so much and every single presentation and every single speaker that I’ve accepted to be a speaker is delivering a presentation that’s going to be less than 30 minutes. So 20 to 30 minutes ish, but it is going to be actionable. So my, my rules for accepting a speaker is to make sure that the content that we’re getting is something that people can learn and actually put into action. Okay,

Ati Grinspun  24:01  

I logged okay when you reach out to me and you were like so when I want you to her podcast, okay, you guys need to go to listen to the core values.

Jen Vasquez  24:10  

No. Yes. On morality Academy podcast. Yes. Well,

Ati Grinspun  24:14  

and what happened was like we actually started talking about authenticity and all the things so like, and then we want an attention on core values and why I truly believe that core values is the base of everything to create your personal brand. And Jen was like, Okay, this has said, like, we need to talk only about this in this episode. And then she reached out to me and asked me to talk about this on the summit and I am so honored. It was because I don’t my

Jen Vasquez  24:40  

brain exploded. I have this when I have people on my podcast, but there’s like that top tier level of people who a I want to work with and be who like have given me ideas to work on like it was the best advice. So I’m very excited to have you be a speaker there. You

Ati Grinspun  24:59  

I am actually so excited because this is a topic that I reiterate so much throughout my program. And I think that it makes people’s lives easier how to run their business, how to be happier, how to put content out, there are so many things, right? But like, I love that you’re teaching marketing, because most people and I’m going to tell you a little story. When I had my first photography studio, the I’m talking, oh, wait, 2008 but 2009 Maybe I cut my first photography studio. I was doing baby photography at the time. And I will never forget telling my husband. I just want to take fucking photos. I hate marketing. Got Me Started 15 years later, right? I love marketing love personal branding, but it wasn’t that I hated it. I didn’t get it.

Jen Vasquez  25:51  

Yeah, you connect with the why, right? You’re wrong, because I knew it. But your eigenvalues helped you to really narrow down to exactly what you need to do.

Ati Grinspun  26:04  

This is the crazy part. I know that there is so many women out there with the same kind of background. My measure when I went to school was marketing. How and when I came into my own business, I didn’t graduate. By the way, I didn’t finish my high safety building either. But the reason why he said is because I learned in the school of hard knocks. But I think this is what you’re providing for people, these Cisco people from the school of hard knocks, they actually get to learn without going to get a fucking degree that they’re not going to learn anything. It didn’t give me anything.

Jen Vasquez  26:42  

And marketing for for actual large businesses and marketing for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs, or small business owners is totally different. Right? They tell you the things you’re supposed to do but in reality and getting the work done it totally different. The whole creative marketing Summit is to help people transform your service based business with valuable insights and actionable strategies to find attract and book your ideal client. Like armor. I

Ati Grinspun  27:10  

am so excited not only to be a part of it, to promote it, to grow it. I am so passionate about this. Like guys, little secret I call John and as we need to like soon in the podcast, because I want people to care about this. I am so excited. Tell me, where can people find I know you have a specific Instagram account. So I want both. I want how they find you and how they find the creative margravine.

Jen Vasquez  27:38  

Great. So creative marketing Summit is the Instagram name creative marketing Summit. I met Jen Vasquez media, but I have a separate account because I envision it growing bigger, right than just me. And you can go to creative marketing summit.com To get more information to see if it’s going to be worth your time. And to sign up. And I know, I know. Well, first of all, we’ve got it educating. So it’s gonna be great. But we have so many talented marketing experts. And I’m, I guess right now I did. Yeah. So is it true, right? He’s seen a lot of feedback from the last one, that I was thinking that we were sort of moving into people who are newer in business, but we had a ton of people sign up who had been in business for more than five years. And they got a got a tremendous amount, out of the summit, even being in business that long. So I promise you, no matter where you are in your business, you will literally walk away with at least three different things that you can do to make your business better in terms of marketing, for sure.

Ati Grinspun  28:45  

I absolutely love it. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m gonna put everything on the show notes. I honestly think that we did such a good job. I’d like knocking these like, quick and fiery and so much value. Guys. Start doing your three to seven second videos. I can’t wait for people to Tara as you guys can tag us, like preacher stories, like tag us so we can see that you’re doing it. And then start testing with Pinterest. And we’ll see you at the creative marketing Summit. Thank you, Fred. Thank you for tuning in to the Wii U brand podcast. When it comes to building a personal brand. No one size fits all, or mindset is key. And there is a million things to learn from social media making videos and tech to storytelling and writing. So if you found this episode valuable, we would love for you to leave a review and share it share on your socials, your stories and send the link to your friends. So more women can build million dollar brands by being more of who they already are. Not sure where’d you start on your personal brand journey? Take our profitable personal brand quiz. These quiz was created with a service base and entrepreneur in mind. It will tell you where you’re at and even give you a next step for massive action. Go take the quiz and power charts your personal brand at rt greenspun.com forward slash quiz, that is www. R T Greenspan. We then I direct comm forward slash quiz. You can also find the link in the show notes