In this discussion, Ati talks about the idea of attracting clients and breaking income ceilings through internal work, aiming to shift one’s identity and reprogram the subconscious.

 By reflecting on her own business growth experiences and the challenges she faced, she shares how the ‘inner work’ principle paved the way for her business’s success. 

She covers three significant themes, shifting one’s identity, subconscious reprogramming and elevating frequency and maintains that they help align with the desired business goals. 

Ati also provides details on an upcoming program – Highest Self, Highest Income, where these topics would be explored in depth to help business owners overcome their limitations and meet their income targets.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:59 The Importance of Inner Work in Business

01:13 The Struggles of Business Growth

01:31 The Journey to Business Stability

02:56 The Impact of Energy in Business

03:29 Common Business Challenges

07:44 The Power of Shifting Your Identity

18:11 The Role of Subconscious Reprogramming

20:13 Elevating Your Frequency for Success

23:29 The Power of Manifestation in Business

29:06 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Well, hello friends, happy rainy Monday here in Las Vegas. Today I want to talk about attracting clients and breaking income ceiling. So the reason why I talk about about this is since, December last year, I started talking a lot about the inner work. Now, the reason why I started talking about that is because in 2022, I felt I felt super stuck on my growth in my business, I was journaling, but all of the inner, the mindset work felt really disjointed, right? I was like, people tell you to get up at 5am. And people tell you to do this, and people tell you to do that. And I was like, there has to be a better way. And I felt really dysregulated in my business. I felt like when I had high income day, I would feel I would feel like a failure. And I would talk to a lot of business owners and they would tell me, oh, business is a roller coaster business is a roller coaster. And while business, yes, there is highs and lows. I don’t feel like businesses have rollercoaster anymore. Now the reason for me to say this is because I went on, right on 2022 to really start studying, how were the people that were making 1,000,002 million $3 million really be able to not only hold the money that they were making and feel regulated through the pressure, if you want to call it at least that’s how I saw it. Right? Like these people that were like having bigger launches a lot of products, and then all the things that I will say, how are these people are able to stay so calm through all of this? And the thing is that the same thing that these people are doing, and this is what people tell me now, right? Like you have so much on your plate, but I don’t necessarily feel like like that frenzy, right? When you’re coming from that frenzy, in in your business, and everything comes from that energy. Everything is like it’s like you’re like feeling like choked by the things that you’re doing. So I kind of want you to think how is that perceived from the other side? How are you doing things when you are feeling that frenzy, right, and you’re feeling that stress? Like either when you’re creating content, when you’re showing up at an event? If you are talking to clients? Are you truly showing up as your best version, or you’re constantly showing up as your stressed version in a lot of my clients what I started over serving, and I have it written down because I was like I don’t want to forget is showing up as you’re stuck at a certain income. So maybe you’re making really good money, but you never seem to be able to pass that right? Like maybe you are making three, four or five payment tank in a month. And you’re stuck there. And you’re like okay, what is going on? Right? Why I can figure it out? What is stopping me that’s number one. Another one that I heard from people is it feels really heavy, right? So you are cutting clients, you’re making good money, but it feels heavy, like everything you do like the content creation, to actually meeting new people having new clients, your business feels heavy. The other way that this could be showing up for you is fear, procrastination, looking at what others are doing constantly, not as market research, if you want to call it but you are like constantly allowing yourself to scroll looking at what other people are doing. So this is the thing I hosted a masterclass around the inner work about two weeks ago. And we talked so much about how these comes up for people. And these are the three things that I know that if Third, if you start doing these right now, these helped me so much I switch literally who I was being back in 2022. And then my income started skyrocketing. And also what happened, it leveled up where I was able to have better ideas to bring in more clients, I felt the confidence. So we literally went from right under 100k in 2021 to 300k last year. And you know that I always share income because I know that how much you’re making is a reflection of what’s inside you. I know that to be true for me to write. I have huge goals to get into seven figures and I’m like the person that will get to seven figures is now the person that got to 300k so we are constantly growing and upgrading ourselves. Here we go with the three things that if you do the three things, you will attract better clients and you will break to your income ceilings. Now, I want to describe what better clients means, in my world, if you are frustrated with the clients you’re working with, and you would say, I want clients that maybe don’t have so many objections, I want clients that they are ready to take action, I want clients, whatever it is for you. That is the description of better clients. Okay? Now, a lot of us, especially in the coaching world, sometimes we talk about the clients that don’t take the action that they’re not self learn. The thing is, you are attracting that in your language in your messaging in the way you’re showing up online. And I’m gonna break it down for you in a second. So here are the three things that you can start shifting right away, I want to tell you this, because people think that manifestation that is so much woowoo, around manifesting, this is the thing, manifesting is nothing else that making things happen. Now, are you coming from friction and doing doing doing doing? Like, again, right, that stress production? Or are you coming from a place of being able to sit down and take your time and go through your strategy and create content that truly speaks to your person, like, I actually spend about 45 minutes putting these live together? And what I was going to talk about right, paying attention really thinking, Okay, who is my person and what she needs to hear when you are flying by the seat of your pants, because everything is a friend see? Right? You also can discern what are the priorities in your business. And that is a frequency my friend. Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about that. Number one is shifting your identity, how you see yourself is how people see you, it doesn’t matter what your photos look like, it doesn’t matter what you are saying how you use yourself, that is the highest expression of how other people are going to see you. So if you see yourself as not confident I was photographing somebody last week, and she kept saying, Oh, I’m so bad at this, I am so bad at this, you are bad at it. Because you keep saying you’re bad at it. Like when people say I am bad at social media, you’re not, you just need to learn the whole point of you shifting your identity. And I’m going to go into it very briefly, because this is like a long topic. But this is the thing, you shift in your identity is truly understanding who you want to become. And this is not about changing your habits. This is about an body, literally in your body through your feelings, the person that you want to become, I’m going to tell his story back electronically. 2021 2022, when all of this started happening, and I started realizing that I had blocks, and I actually don’t like the word blocks, but we’re gonna we’re gonna use it because many people use it. And they know what it means I have things that I couldn’t see, I had something that was blocking me from what I wanted. And I was in a constant state of up and down, up and down, up and down. And when I thought of this person that I wanted to become, the biggest thing that showed up for me and I journal on these was I want to be the person that no matter how much she makes, she is consistent on her business. She’s showing up, she looks at the results, she takes in the results. And now she’s like, okay, based on this, I am going to do X, right, that person wasn’t running on fumes, right? She wasn’t running on, when I’m making money. I am amazing. When I’m not making money, my worth is down here. And I started to recognize that pattern. So the next step on that it was like why I’m not willing to tolerate anymore. And those were things about me, those were things that I was like, I am not willing to tolerate me allowing myself to go up and down, up and down, up and down. So what were the practices that actually helped me to shift my identity number one, was really defining who I wanted to become, and there is a still a next version of me, right? And just so you know, sometimes when you’re defining that next version, a lot of the times you don’t even know yet who you want to become. So it’s that tiny little step. And it was really allowing that old me to die, literally to die. Like not engage in drama, not engage in relationships that didn’t feel that we’re not reciprocated. This is all in business. But all these like literally is coming from your life. So if you’re doing all the things in your life, guess what you’re doing them in your business, because though So your patterns, those are your, how you see yourself, right? Even though you may be very confident in one area, there may be other areas that you’re not so confident, and you shifting your identity and how you see yourself will be the most pay you off activity that you will ever, ever do. Because when you change your identity, you truly become who you want to become, you become that higher self. Now, again, going back to the whole manifestation thing, this doesn’t happen overnight, it can happen quick. And the more you do it, you reap the results really quick. So let me actually give you an example of this. One of the ways that we measure this identity is in your feelings, your emotions, and I went through a whole training about two weeks ago, and I explained this, you’re in emotion has a frequency. Okay? So for example, if you’re coming from fear, that is a very low frequency emotion. Now, let’s say that you have fear you have fear of what people think of you, when you’re posting, you go to a networking events, and you’re like, what are people going to think about me, all of that, like fear of judgment, fear of success, fear of failure, you are coming from there, right? So let’s say you sit down to write content, and how you express yourself is going to be tainted by that fear. Let’s say that somebody invites you to speak at an event and you have to leave town and now you have guilt. And you don’t know if you want to go you don’t know if you want to stay because you have guilt because your kids maybe need you and you don’t see yourself as a successful business owner, right? I did this when I first started my business and somebody invited me to be out of town. I was like, Oh, I’m gonna leave my kid. Now. I behave like a multiple six figure, business owner. And when I need to go out of town, I make arrangements. And I tell my, my kid, hey, do you want to come with me? Or do you want to stay or these are the arrangements and we make it happen? Right? Completely different identity. So how are you seeing yourself? That is the ceiling that you will cover how other sees you now? How are how is this showing up for you attracting clients? Is I had somebody shared with me after this masterclass that I did two weeks ago, I asked her okay, what are the emotions that you have when you are doing your work, and she’s a personal trainer. And she’s at BT. She’s a physical therapist, she’s amazing. And she was a wall when I’m actually doing my work. When I am working with clients. I’m full of love. I love it. I have this passion. But as soon as the money conversation comes in, I freeze up like I am like, I don’t want to charge more. I think my work should be for everybody, because I’m doing good in the world. And I’m like, yeah, and one of the things that she shared previously with me was that she wanted to scale. But she didn’t feel like she knew how to do that with without her being there. So I want you to think of this person that is amazing at what she does, probably just like you. Now when she has to talk about her pricing on social media or actually a call to action for people to pay her. Right now. She’s like, coming from fear. Now when she’s posting about what she does. So like personal training. She has a podcast and she’s sharing value free value, she feels great. But when she’s talking about selling, she feels like shit. Okay. Because at the core, her frequency, it’s coming from fear from lack from unworthiness, right? Like, it’s why am I going to charge for these if I’m supposed to be doing the good? Well, yeah, you also are a business, right? And in order for you to speak to the person that is actually going to pay for your services, you need to be at that level, you need to talk in the same frequency to the person that is ready to pay to the person that is ready to invest on what you have to offer. Those are two completely different persons, the person that wants it, but it’s not ready. And she doesn’t know when she doesn’t want to spend the money is not ready to actually do the work. The same happens on the online coaching world by the way. Okay. So you’re talking, you’re convincing people because you are trying to convince yourself so that shift of identity from having lack, a scarcity, mindset, fear, guilt of charging, whatever it is, we need to shift you how you see yourself, and what are the emotions behind every action that you do in your business. And one of the biggest things that I started doing, I replaced what was like meditation because I was already doing all of them, you know, I was reading all the fucking books, the mindset books, now there is a place for that I’m gonna do another live on these, like what is conscious subconscious, and somatic and what plays each plays on these layers of change. This is literally my seven figure, inner work framework. But this is the thing,

Ati Grinspun  15:30  

you have to start by changing how you see yourself my friend. And one of the biggest things that I did was I changed just sitting down and meditating. I still do it for about three, four minutes just to come down. And then all my meditations are Self Hypnosis Meditations. And they are done specifically for whatever it is that I am working on for my vision for my life for all of that and my clients are doing the same. They are creating their own visions, so they can shift to their own vision. This is not about going to YouTube and getting just a random self hypnosis meditation, because is now going to speak to your particular problem or your subconscious. So that’s number one. Number two, again, I went from shifting my identity will literally letting my old self fucking die, right? And a lot of business, I’m asking you, what do you have to let go off in order. And in order for you to become this new person, maybe you need to let go of going out at night. Maybe you need to I’m saying going party that was me. I was like, Okay, for the next X amount of time, I want to start doing different things. And I needed to start finding what fulfill me. I started trying getting up earlier I started trying different meditations I started like literally is almost like an alter ego. So number two is subconscious reprogramming. Now, this is different than just shifting your mindset. Because shifting your mindset happens at the conscious level. Now, I want you to ask this question, truthful to yourself, which is how many times you say I know what I have to do, but I still not doing it. I know I have to be consistent in social media. And I’m still not doing I know that I need to put a call to action in my post and I still don’t do it. I know that I shoot. I don’t know you’re shooting yourself. I know. I know. I know, but you’re not doing it. Well, this is the thing my friend, you know, doing something is actually the result is the symptom of a something that it’s happening behind. It’s happening in your subconscious. Okay, about 5% of what you do is conscious, everything else is being run by your subconscious program, your beliefs, your your decisions, right? Maybe when you were a kid that something happened and now you don’t want to be outspoken because you feel people are gonna think we are thinks about you. So many things came up for my people on that masterclass two weeks ago. So when you’re reprogramming yourself at the subconscious level, you actually can install new beliefs. And the change happens at the subconscious, that’s when you truly become the person that you want to become a few different things that you can do for this again, self hypnosis subliminals. And the key to this is really understanding where you’re going, and really understanding where you’re at. Because a lot of the times we know that these blocks what we can see them we’re not aware of them. So we need to bypass the awareness and go straight into the subconscious. And number three is elevating your frequency. Now a lot of people make these super fucking difficult, guys elevating your frequency is how excited are you about what you offer? Right? I actually got myself hyped up before coming into this live webinar. Well, you know what, if somebody listens to these live, and they’re going through everything that I am sharing, right they how they’re, they’re stuck at a certain income, their their business is feeling heavy, they’re doing all the mindset work, and they don’t understand what they’re doing doing doing and things are not moving and she finds this live, this life can change your life. So I’m hyped about that. Let me ask you this, how hyped are you about people working with you? How excited are you how certain how confident how excited you are for people to jump into your offers? That is the frequency when you sit down to create content for your service for your person. Are you thinking about you? What do you think? Think about that, right? So I want you to think about this, you sit down to create content, and you have thoughts, like, I’m gonna create this, who’s gonna care who’s gonna listen, who’s gonna watch, it’s not gonna make any difference. Nobody comments on my shed, whatever it is, and I want you if you’re watching, I would love for you to put me a heart, or put me even like this, if you’ve ever experienced this, okay? If you’re thinking of all the things, what is the frequency that you are putting with your content? If you’re going to a networking event, and you’re like, Oh, I hate networking. What energy do you think that you’re putting out there? And I’m going to tell you, I be mystified the Gugu on the masterclass. But is it still on sale, I think it is on my on my LinkedIn, in my LinkedIn bio, but this is the thing, this is only the top of the iceberg. Every single one of these frequencies, every single one of these emotions, you’re either having this emotion with self with yourself, lack of confidence, lack of belief, a certain belief that is keeping you stuck. So for example, a very common one is if in your family, you’re the person that you’re making the most money, most likely you’re thinking people are gonna judge you, maybe you are being judged. Maybe these people are thinking who she thinks she is. But the thing is, you need to detach from that right? You need to like let go. And there is activities that you can be doing on the inner work, to let go of that fear, fear of being judged. All of that, all of that. Now, I want you to think about this. How would you show up? If you had a different feeling? How would you show up? If you know that your offer will change somebody’s life? How would you show up? If you didn’t care? Do you see how that work is internal is not on your mindset. We need to truly shift how you feel. And then my friend happens not only at the subconscious level, but also on the body. I want to ask you when you sit down to create content, where do you feel it? Maybe that this belief, maybe that? Oh my god, if I put the offer? I’m going to be salesy, where do we feel it you feel in the throat, you’re filling your shoulders? Do you feel in your chest you feel in your in your stomach, because dad is literally giving you a hint, that is literally giving you a hint of

Ati Grinspun  22:39  

where you’re stuck and where your emotions. So if any of these is actually speaking to your soul, there is two things that you can do. I am dropping a program called highest self highest income and that’s going to start February 26. But if you’re like okay, this woman is super fucking woowoo I have no idea what she’s talking about. If you want to see that masterclass that I’m talking about. That was a 90 minute masterclass. It had a highest self meditation in it. Because this is the thing if you ever thought I wish I was more consistent. I wish I was more confident. I wish I was more spoken. Guess what that is your highest self. That is you truly wishing you can tap your highest potential potential, and you can. But the thing is, if your believes and your frequencies coming from fear, it’s coming from I am not a good business owner, I am not good at content. I am not good at this. I am not good at that. Instead of a stepping into your highest self. Guess what, you’re always going to be stuck there. So and this is how the whole idea of this came about. I do teach these inside of the be run Academy. And I was like why am I not teaching this to other women outside of the academy that are building their brand, they are building their social media, they’re building their businesses, and they’re coming from this place of like, oh, okay, I’m gonna do that. When you change your identity when you change your identity when you start shifting your subconscious programming. And when you’re elevating your frequency, guess what? You are a match for all the things that you’re desire. And I want to put these in a way that you understanding it like because I think manifestation gets these a horrid, like reputation is because people teach it Szekely Shipley, I don’t even know if that’s a word, which is you start climbing the ladder and as you’re becoming your next self, and then your next self and then your next self Things don’t happen, you’re not going to go from 100,000 to a million overnight, but you are constantly going to be climbing my friend. And that is how you get unstuck. That’s that’s how you start creating better content, you get more like courageous, right? You get in that energy where you know that you’re changing people’s lives. And when you know that you’re changing people’s lives, and you believe in, and you are in that frequency of like joy and alignment for you. Because what the clients are still coming, the right clients is still coming, the income streams growing. So two options for you. Number one, is if you want a little taste of this, you can still get the 300k Blueprint masterclass, that was that is 111 and is still on sale on the link in my bio, you can pull blueprint in the comments, and I will send that to you. So you can take a look at what it is. Or do yourself a favor and sign up for highest of highest income. Because everything that it’s on that master class we’re going to be doing we’re going to be doing the identity work, I am going to be providing you with the tools for you to understand what is what are your actual thoughts, what is happening, what like all the tools for you to get the awareness, but then reprogram and so it doesn’t take for fucking ever right to change that identity. And then we’re going to be doing exercises to elevate your frequency every fucking day. So every time that you’re working on your business, you are coming from the best frequency that you have available to you. And you can let go and you can start let let go of who you were and stepping who you’re becoming. So now this is the thing. We already have, I think 11 Women in there before I even talked about this publicly, right people that were on the masterclass people that are already in other of my programs. So I know that this program is going to change lives my friend. Remember shifting your identity, reprogram your subconscious elevate your frequency, and I can’t wait to see you on the other side. We start February 26 I love you bye.