Hello Be You Branders! In this week’s episode, Rebecca Cafiero joins me to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, her transition from being journalist to corporate sales. 

She delves into the transformative lessons she learned from loss due to the 2008 recession. She will inspire a lot of you as she shares how she rises up from the loss and becomes successful as an entrepreneur. 

She also shares an action formula that involves clarity, creating a path, finding shortcuts, and getting into action. They stress the importance of not just thinking about tasks but taking tangible steps to overcome challenges and achieve goals. The conversation also touches on the significance of relationship building, networking, and following up with authenticity and value. The concept of the “profit method” is introduced, focusing on pitching, relationship building, offering valuable services, follow-up, and creating impact to drive business success. 

This episode emphasizes the need for authenticity, genuine connection, and a focus on impact to build a thriving business.

“There’s a million good ideas, good ideas don’t sell. In fact, it’s all about execution. And again, if you’re not excited, if you don’t bring energy and electricity to the execution, it’s not going to work.”- Rebecca Cafiero

Highlights from this episode:

About the Guest:

Rebecca Cafiero is an intl. Forbes business and PR strategist, TEDx Speaker and top ranked podcast host, 2x bestselling author and mother of two. As the Founder + CEO of the Pitch Club, a 7 Figure for women, by women company, she has worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs growing + scaling small businesses and teams to increase their credibility, visibility and profitability in business. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she spent 13 years in Corporate America leading sales and marketing teams. She is a frequent speaker on online business strategy, creating credibility + visibility, productivity and personal optimization. As a sought after media source, Rebecca’s tips have been featured in NBC News, ABC News, BIZ TV and publications including Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health, US News and World Report and more.

Connect with Rebecca Cafiero:

Website: www.rebeccacafiero.com

Email: rebecca.newell@gmail.comSocial Media Handles: @rebeccacafiero

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome beautiful people to the Be You Brand podcast. I am so freakin excited for my guest today, because she is such a special person in my world. Rebecca cafiero Welcome to the VIERA podcast,

Rebecca Cafiero  0:20  

oh my gosh, at it, I’m so excited to be here. I mean, first of all, anytime that I have you on my calendar, and I know I get an energy infusion from you, I know it’s going to be a great day,

Ati Grinspun  0:29  

I have to let everybody in the podcast now she is a friend, a mentor, she is an inspiration to me. And I was so freaking honor to actually get to introduce her at her live event that we can add the pitch club, but I’m gonna have to tell you for me that you asked me to do that for you. I know that the energy and all of that, but like, I look up to you, you are amazing. And you have helped me so much in in my business in my career in my confidence. So thank you. And can you introduce yourself and tell people who you are what you do? The reason why you’re so amazing.

Rebecca Cafiero  1:09  

You’re the sweetest? Well, I have to say, before I do that introduction, anyone listening if you have an event or a group, and you need an incredible trainer or expert who brings energy and emotion and belief and also like incredible value out of you. I mean, that is you. And so when we were thinking about who do we want on that stage, and you are, of course one of the first people that came to my mind as a keynote speaker, and then I said, but who don’t want to open up the event, because the way you open up an event, that energy is everything. And you were you were both you were you were you it was so amazing. I don’t want to use the word Chilkat. It’s like a masculine word, but like you owned it and you activated it. That’s what it was you activated the room. So hello, I’m Rebecca cafiero and so grateful to be here and I am a business and visibility strategist, former corporate dropout. After more than a decade in corporate sales, I’ve managed and sold more than a billion dollars in transactions. And I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. And I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs be seen and heard and paid as the unique expert they are. And doing so in a way that takes care of the human being the woman inside of us and supports the business versus the other way around. Which is the reason many of us got burnt out at some point in our lives. And well,

Ati Grinspun  2:24  

I’m this is so old brands and our businesses are actually so aligned because I teach personal branding, and we have all the strategy. And a lot of what we teach women is social media, when they first start learning to promote themselves, right? And yes, we teach visibility, but you teach these in such a different way with PR strategies and like we are so aligned in the feminine side of this and really bringing who we are into what we do. Can you speak to that? A little bit of your story because you have done so many things until like now to get you all the way here. You like? Yeah,

Rebecca Cafiero  3:03  

I can tell you, I will do my best to keep it concise because we’ve got sevens here who love to chat. I have always considered myself to be a storyteller. I want it to be and that was the first thing I wanted to be when I was a little girl as an author, you know. And I went into journalism that is what I studied. And when I started literally in middle school in yearbook and newspaper when I did in high school, I did it in college and got a degree in basically print journalism. I actually had no desire to be in front of the camera weirdly now I’m like, give me a camera and give me a microphone. I was like let me type it up and have it edited and spellcheck when I was in perfectionism, so I always have loved that and I never had a desire to go into sales but I also didn’t really understand that sales was about serving I think as a kid I was like oh sales feels like Oh yeah, I’m picky but I just always naturally was a connector and then you know that’s the thing about Enneagram sevens like so if you fall out of you know you’re listening to this podcast and you grew up sevens are amazing at building community and creating experiences and when we go into our five cave right where we research we can come very knowledgeable about something and then you know, we talked about all the different things like I’m human design generator I’m in yeah, pretty the female leadership types I’m an I’m a weaver but I’ve always been able to like connect things whether that’s ideas or resources or people and I loved journalism, I loved it because you could to dive in become an expert on something like I say like a mini expert. And then the next day it’s something different which very much appeals to the Enneagram seven like give me lots of things and

Ati Grinspun  4:28  

well I’m not manifesting generators are yet to speak in my love language, like all the things like if

Rebecca Cafiero  4:34  

you just give me something new and exciting all the time, like I will have unlimited energy and I love journalism, but I realized about three years into my my journalism job, I was like, I am going to be bartending, which is funny because you and some of the biggest you know, we both bartend in Vegas, I’ve worked in LA but I was bartending to support my journalism habit. And I’m like, sure I am doing this amazing, like passion of writing and telling stories and always be You paid basically nothing for it. And I was like something else has to change. So I went into sales into the world of corporate sales in Las Vegas in real estate. And it was like the dog years of real estate, it was the best times I made a million dollars in my first three years at like, age 24. That’s amazing. And then that was 2003 456.

Ati Grinspun  5:23  

And then 2008 910.

Rebecca Cafiero  5:27  

And it was funny, because I’m like, you know, I made a million a lot, I made a million dollars plus I invested a property. So you know, over the course of about five years, it was too late and that I lost all of it, I lost it all. And you know, what that provided me was a really interesting perspective on the hustle and the grind versus doing something you’re truly passionate about, because I look back at that time. And while I’d made a lot of money, and I got a lot of experience, I did not enjoy what I was doing. Well,

Ati Grinspun  5:48  

I’m gonna I’m gonna say because I know a little bit of your story. This is also part of like, all your growth into your money mindset, and who you are today and all the things that because like, that’s part of my story, too, right? Like, I made a ton of money early on in my career, like bartending, all this stuff. But then like, when I went into business, it was so different, like, the energy is so different, so different.

Rebecca Cafiero  6:10  

And I was fortunate to be in sales. So even though money mindset was not this was not a thing in 2005. But I hired my first life coach in 2826, in 2006. And that wasn’t good before. Like, life coaching was a thing and it was like, in person or over the phone. That’s how she did it was over

Ati Grinspun  6:26  

the phone. That’s crazy to me that people didn’t

Rebecca Cafiero  6:30  

know, he was like, literally over the phone in person, you know, or in person immersive. But what that took, you know, I began to learn I watched the secret, which is like the OG of personal development. I was like, Wait, if I think things I could control things, and you’ll obviously that’s, that’s very much the beginning of the personal growth journey. But yeah, it was in that career and learn to sell and I never get, I never wanted to go into sales. But I was helping people with real estate was like one of the most important things you can do. Right, your is your home, and I realized I was really, really good at it. But while I was really good at it, and I was earning great money, I didn’t love it. I love learning. I love the opportunity. I love the challenge. I love the money. But it was incredibly stressful. And now I know that all the decisions I was making like I can do overnight or all nighters, I can work seven days a week, literally more like 356 days in a row was burning up my adrenals. And then after the crash, I dated this wonderful young man and he ended up getting diagnosed with stage four cancer. And then I was in a situation where I was like, I have to work to pay the bills, because I it got dark, like and I know you’ve been times where like I was selling the silver that my grandparents gave me as a child, and like literally sold furniture. And this was 2009 when it was like the worst of the worst and which is crazy

Ati Grinspun  7:43  

because you were like at the top Oh, I was 26

Rebecca Cafiero  7:46  

years old with you know, multiple six figures in my 401k and savings at the time I had a custom 4000 square foot home overlooking the strip three rental properties. And I owned a two and a half acre island in Belize, which I did

Ati Grinspun  7:59  

not know that story I

Rebecca Cafiero  8:01  

tell very often I got divorced I lost it in the divorce. I didn’t lose it. That was split up. Well. Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  8:05  

But I mean like and then eventually like one day you woke up like with the whole thing and like the Bible went up and like you lost it all. Yeah, I lost

Rebecca Cafiero  8:12  

it. I knew exactly where it went. Because I watched it, you know, every single cent but what it taught me and then what losing my boyfriend the next two years, taught me was we only take with us our experience. We take our experience and our knowledge, right or knowledge, which is part of the experience. And so while I look back and I was like Okay, that’s great that I’ve sold, you know, at the time it was I’ve overseen or sold a few 100 million dollars in sales, and I knew really great things about target consumer groups and your products and all of this I had skills, but I walked away with nothing to show for it. I walked away with burnout. I walked away exhausted. I you know, I still have amazing friends and I have some really cool Vegas that during the boom, we were some crazy memories that we do. We do a lie and like round after round and win, which

Ati Grinspun  8:58  

is crazy that we never met during those years. We both were living in Vegas, we had friends working in the same casinos. We were like almost circling the same circles. And we never met

Rebecca Cafiero  9:09  

the whiskey sky for six months. George I know, coming all the time. It was nuts. Right? And it was funny. I had one of my employees here today. And we were co working. And I was like yeah, when I lived in LA and I went you know, bartend at the biggest gay bar west of the Mississippi and I couldn’t play by me and she’s like, what? And I’m like, Well, that was a previous life. You know?

Ati Grinspun  9:24  

Yeah, I look back. And sometimes I’m like, I can’t even remember whether like life like I was like, It’s like somebody else’s life.

Rebecca Cafiero  9:31  

The thing is that I never had been I mean, I don’t drink now but I even during Vegas. I wasn’t technically like I guess I was more or less alcohol free. I would like have a glass of wine or two a year but I

Ati Grinspun  9:42  

like to party.

Rebecca Cafiero  9:44  

I was always a designated driver. So we would have definitely been good friends. But no, so I went through this and you know, then the market crashed and I was rebuilding. And the thing is, is as I was rebuilding, I was like, Okay, I’m rebuilding and I’m just trying to get out of the hole now that I was in but it’s really when I started thinking Something else is on is in the future. For me, this cannot be it. Because one I had watched so many people, I was lucky, I lost all this when I was in my late 20s, I was watching people in their 40s and 50s that I worked with that were losing everything that they had built. And I said, and you know, having heart attacks and health issues, and I was like, I don’t want to be there. So even though when I left the corporate world at 34, I had been in my career for 12 years, and I was the youngest VP of sales, or I was actually the youngest female VP in the entire company, for a publicly traded company, and had the most, you know, probably were the most profitable division, like everything looks so good from the outside. And I even had my my, my boss was one of my best friends. But I said, I cannot keep doing this knowing that things can shift and I will walk away with this not feeling fully expressed as a human being not feeling like I could really be myself and you know, talking about like being your brand or for me, you know, my brand is becoming you.

Ati Grinspun  10:53  

So see that so similar, you and I talk about it all the time is like really growing on to more of who you are with everything that you do

Rebecca Cafiero  11:01  

well, listen, you only grow when you Well, it’s funny, I used to call like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or like the you know, the hard now I just call it the growth, the growth you if you are inspired by someone, it is typically because they have gone through this shit. And they chose to not become a victim and to get to the other side. And so yes, there were times when I was like, I don’t think I can handle more, you know, in some of those really dark times. And sometimes I got more and I was like, Oh, wow, it didn’t kill me. Amazing. And those are still the moments that not that I want to go through it again. But the still the moments that I’m like, Alright, I have dealt with so much worse. And I have so much better tools and support, and relationships and all of this, that I don’t have to struggle in the ways that I have in the past, ya know, so I will actually, I’ll be celebrated. When this podcast comes out. It’ll be literally my 10 year entrepreneurship anniversary.

Ati Grinspun  11:54  

Well, can we talk about tools because you are literally the tool queen. But I think that like you, you nailed it right? You’re like I have more tools. And this is something we talk in the podcast Aton, I talk a lot about personal growth, I feel that my vision of the world was so small when I was bartending and I told this story at your event like and then all of a sudden, I started seeing what truly was out there. And I always talk about like the difference between where you’re at, and the people that you are looking up to. It’s literally the tools they have in the tool belt to recover faster, go faster, feel better make decisions from a place of love and not desperation. So I know that that was one of the things that originally attracted me to you as a mentor, as a friend on social media and all of that. But let’s fast forward a little bit because now in the last 10 years, you also pivoted a ton in what you’re doing and what you’re doing now. How are you helping women now?

Rebecca Cafiero  12:53  

Yes, I mean, like you I did the, you know, the gateway drug of entrepreneurship calling? Yes. Which I’m always going to be grateful for always. And then I said, but the positive thing I’d had in my career as a VP of Sales and Marketing is I was the one designing the offers the promotions, like coming up with the ideas, I missed that creativity. I was like, Okay, I know I can sell, I know I can mark it, but I actually love to create it the back end of like, what do I want to create? How do I want to fulfill it, all of that. So I go through back and forth different things like it did network marketing, I started helping female entrepreneurs brand themselves. And I started it because I was working with traditional business owners in network marketing, who had say, a chiropractic office or they were a trainer, and how to incorporate a network marketing product into their traditional business because I understood traditional business, I understood sales and marketing, which is

Ati Grinspun  13:40  

so crazy, because that’s kind of how my journey with branding started to is I was teaching these women that actually they were not maybe like professionals, but a lot of our tenders a lot of a stay at home moms how, how did they build a brand around who they were, and I would bring the photography into it. And then we will like start creating this brand. So it’s so similar.

Rebecca Cafiero  14:01  

And then what I really realized is what I was enjoying more was teaching and working with these traditional business owners. And again, this is I’m so grateful for network marketing, but I didn’t want to run a volunteer army. Yeah, I was like, I want people who are invested and are gonna invest their time, their money, their resources, and are going to get more than that out of it. So I had a couple different things that I that I did that was in the combat space. And then I opened the pinnacle in 2020. Actually 2019 I was sitting in and I say I should have gotten on let’s go back to 2017 I’m like four years into entrepreneurship and like this should be going faster. Why is it going faster? Like yes, I was super grateful that I got to set my own schedule and I was making close to the money. I was making the corporate I mean, I had replaced my salary not necessarily my bonuses, but I was like I felt like I was in a plateau and what came to me from being a journalist and also from having a nice to have a $2 million still advertising and marketing budget. So it was like how

Ati Grinspun  14:53  

and you had zero you had zero it was you and your brain.

Rebecca Cafiero  14:57  

Whatever I was willing to pay out of what I was earning She was way less than that. And I looked at the PR. And I was like, Well, if I can be in some magazines on some podcast, and this is when podcasts were brand new, and I met with a few different PR companies and all of them, I think I met three different ones, they were all like 5000 a month, six month minimum could not guarantee results. And I went, this is insane that I’m going to, you know, they want me to invest 30k, which I was making 150 to 180, which is still good money, but that’s a huge investment with no guarantee of return. I just said there’s no way so I ended up taking a girlfriend out to for mani pedi, she was a friend that she actually was a director of Garth time, she was either with thredUP or Stitch Fix. She’s been with both so big companies, and had this little fashion tech PR startup. And I was not our ideal client. She didn’t try to pitch me but she gave me like literally two tips. She was like, try this or check into this. And I was like, oh, okay, and I ran with it. And that’s the thing I think about sevens or entrepreneurs that are willing to fail forward is like I can take this this threat and I’m just going to keep pulling it and I’m going to fail forward. And I said I am going to spend an hour a week working on PR for my brand. Keep in mind I’d never studied PR in college, I was a journalist, I was on the other side, I would occasionally get pitched to buy PR companies, you know when I was an editor, so I started selling for it. And that year I had 20 different publications that featured me amazing and it was for free. And so I said whoa, this is working. So I kept doing it. And I started doing podcast guesting and then I had a couple of my business coaching clients because I was doing some one on one business coaching. They were like, Hey, are you doing this? And I said, well, listen, I can’t teach you what I’m doing. I’m sure it’s the wrong way. But it’s working. And they’re like, We don’t care if it’s the wrong way. Like what are you doing? So I worked with two of my clients. And I mean, Abby Murata. You know, Abby, she’s one. Yeah. And she’s like, first 90 days, her results are better than mine. She’s like, God gets in Forbes gets podcast coaching clients speaking gigs, I’m okay. I have something here. And what I realized is while I had never learned the traditional way of visibility, right, which is what PR is, because I had a sales and marketing background, I was reverse engineering, how do I ensure that there’s profit created, which looks like whether that’s consultations that’s lead, you know, leads growing on my email list? Not just social media followers? That’s DMS, whatever that is? And then how do I ensure that I get more of those specific opportunities? And what is the balance between visibility which has new eyes on you versus credibility, which makes you look more of an expert and you have to vote and most people don’t understand is, some things are gonna get you credibility, but bring in no visibility, and some things will only bring you visibility, but you have to be credible to get those opportunities. And so I fast forward to 2020, I said, I’m gonna go all in and this I shut down the other business I was working on, and I launched the pitch club into 2020. And I haven’t Well, now it’s it’ll be a few months later when this airs, but I just checked in, we hit $2 million in revenue. Amazing, like it took 18 months to make, you know, the the first well took 18 months to sell the first million and then we have been like, pretty much I think, I think since May, April, we’ve had consistent 100k plus months, every month. And that’s amazing. And we’re about to hit in the next week, our first, our first multiple six figure month, that’s amazing.

Ati Grinspun  18:01  

Congratulations. In

Rebecca Cafiero  18:03  

sales, which there is a difference.

Ati Grinspun  18:05  

If there is a difference. It’s a huge difference. Huge difference. But that’s amazing. Because you not only you were willing to fail forward, you took something that somebody gave you, and you almost were like, Well, I’m sure this is not the right way to do it. But I’m gonna try to do it my way. And it was

Rebecca Cafiero  18:22  

fun. Yes. And here’s and you and I know this because we know if we don’t find fun, and we’re not going to want to do it. There’s a million strategies out there. Now, I always recommend you do ones that feel aligned, like who you are as a person and also feel good. Like don’t do something online that you would not do in person. Don’t be a weird person, let the spammy DMing you know, but the other thing is, if it is not fun, if it is not enjoyable, you are going to procrastinate. Yes. So whatever I mean, I do this at least once a year if not sometimes quarterly and I look at all my products and I look at where do the leads come from for these products. And I say okay, but which of these do I enjoy most and it’s always what converts is what I enjoy because people can read your energy and read your passion and your magnetism and I can have the best strategy in the world that might convert millions of dollars for somewhere else but will not work for me because I don’t want to do it.

Ati Grinspun  19:08  

It took me so long to understand that Rebecca and I don’t necessarily think that it took me long to understand it was kind of like my monkey brain that’s like no you gotta do like this way you gotta do it this way. This year in August we were about to launch and I was putting together Buber and live and I was super overwhelmed and I called off the launch and I went all lean into creating the event and the experience and all of that and we ended up having the second best month so far until that time now this November at the time of the recording spot that this month it’s going to be my biggest month it’s I started my business. Yes but up to them September was going to be the biggest month of the year. And the reason why I think that happened is I called off the lawn I want to lean into finding you know, a sponsors and selling tickets and having fun and I not for a minute look back. And what I tell people all the time is like you have to love what you’re doing. How excited are you about what you’re selling? Exactly.

Rebecca Cafiero  20:07  

They can’t because it’s a good idea. There’s a million good ideas, good ideas don’t sell. In fact, it’s all about execution. And again, if you’re not excited, if you don’t bring energy and electricity to the execution, it’s not going to work.

Ati Grinspun  20:17  

Because people can feel your your energy, people can feel your excitement around what you’re selling, like they want to jump on the boat of the person that is dancing right on the boat, not the one that is going to like this on the boat. So you will open the beach club. I mean, we I was part of the inner circle, you know, I’m a best selling offer. Together. We like all of your peeps. And you’re a keynote speaker. Yes. And that’s my passion. I know that that’s where my career is going. Right. But where, because right now we are in in November, this will air in January. And I know that you are like a master at helping people plan. And this is where we go back to the tools that we were talking earlier to do and talk about that a little bit like where you’re at now we that planning process. So it’s so fun. I

Rebecca Cafiero  21:03  

love this time of the year, because because I did this is the second year that I’ve intentionally done this where I do a lot of my planning, like, for the next year in late November, actually, I’m looking over here and I have an entire wall of glass in my office. And I did my year timeline for next year. And I did that back in October. And I just let it sit up there. Because at the time, it seemed all really great. I was like, oh, yeah, all this stuff, all the stuff. And then I let it sit there for a month. And I look at it every day. And I’m like, No, that’s more than I want to do. Because I look at how do I want to feel? Yeah, well, that looks like that can create revenue that looks overwhelming and anxiety driving. So in November, I start to really refine everything. And then December is my slow month where I actually build out and optimize because I learned how to go into my five cave and December’s my, my Instagram 5k

Ati Grinspun  21:42  

Pass till we close, we closed December 5 15. And I don’t come back until January 4. And usually Lee try and put my pajamas on December 15.

Rebecca Cafiero  21:55  

Listen, that’s the thing that we can do as an entrepreneur. So what no matter what, when you’re listening, if you’re listening in January, when this comes out, if you’re listening in, you know, May, the very first thing that to do is we need to get out of overwhelm. And that’s the biggest problem I see is entrepreneurs are in overwhelm, because there’s so much out there. So how do you do that? Right? How do you get out of overwhelm? And I start that by the sounds so simple, but there’s three steps, you do a brain dump, right? The first one, actually, the first thing you do is just get clarity. And you cannot get clarity in the same space that you created the noise. So to get clarity, I like to like either meditate or go for a walk or do something that gets all the noise out of my mind. Like it’s the spin cycle. And then I like to think about like, how do I want to feel right? Whether it’s like I’m overwhelmed with the moment, how do I want to feel today? I’m overwhelmed this week. I don’t want to feel this week, right now. It’s like, how do I want to feel this year in 2024? And then I want that feeling in mind. So for next year, it is I know, spacious was one and that was my theme for this year. It’s

Ati Grinspun  22:49  

my theme for this year, what’s a spacious you and I talked about it last year, yeah,

Rebecca Cafiero  22:54  

what’s decreed that right? Like, you don’t just get to pick it and have it happen. You have to put in the boundaries and the systems and everything.

Ati Grinspun  23:01  

And I want to put kind of like a parenthesis because I want to like second the whole people we need overwhelmed. And I think that if you’re listening to these, and you’re constantly in a place of overwhelm is your responsibility as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, to take ownership of not being overwhelmed. And if you’re telling yourself, I don’t have time, I can do that. This is the moment to stop and to listen very carefully to this woman. Because I’m going to tell you that the secret if there is any secret to building a successful business, and I know it for myself, too, is getting out of overwhelm. That is your priority. It is this all

Rebecca Cafiero  23:42  

came from it’s probably two years ago, I remember I was incredibly overwhelmed one day and I was like, Okay, I have lots of tools, what am I going to use, and I did this right within, by the way, this is how to do it in 10 minutes. Now I will say depending on how big the overwhelm is, it could take longer. But if you’re just like I have a million things to do today, and I haven’t even written down my top three, you start with just get clarity you get out of the literal the physical space, the mental space by taking a walk, getting outside, whatever that is, and then bring it up. And when you braindump you literally just put everything onto a piece of paper, right? It’s basically like closing the tabs in your mind because you all have it out. And what you begin to see is you thought you had 5000 things to do. And you’re like, Okay, there’s like 35 tasks, but if you look at like, Okay, some are gonna be business and in business, some are marketing or summer, you know, follow up, whatever. And then you’ve got some impersonal and then you’ve got someone like family, you start to realize there’s a couple of different quadrants and you start to see that some things are attached to each other. They’re actually just different steps of the same. Yeah, so you bring up everything out and then you look at kind of like what’s naturally happening out there. So I like to kind of organize my break up a little and then I’m like, Alright, out of all of these different obligations, commitment, stressors, whatever you want to call them. What are the top few that are creating the most stress and it’s for I look at what if done would create the most relief what would clear space and sometimes that’s that have literally my office is a mess until I clean up my office, I cannot work in it. Now, some people will say that’s procrastination by perfectionism, but I’m like, I don’t

Ati Grinspun  25:08  

know, girl. For me cleaning out my office, when I’m like, overwhelmed is like magic, immediately things started happening. But that’s like, I think that it’s also like an Enneagram seven thing

Rebecca Cafiero  25:18  

that we need to we need to create that clarity. So So that’s the first thing is just your like, you’re like, what is the number one thing that would either create momentum or create space or whatever that is? Right, pick one thing. So that’s the first thing is to get clarity. And again, meditation or walk brained up pick one thing. The second is, how do you create the path towards it? So I like to like, first I like to check my expectations. I like to just say like, Okay, this does not need to be perfect, I am allowed to have a crappy first draft, I give myself permission. And then I take that goal or that thing, and I break it into manageable steps trending down secret, because I think I don’t think any of this is revolutionary. But here’s the secret that I think most people don’t do, is I call it the shortcut is what I’m like, alright. So for example, I have had for two months on my agenda, I do not like use chat bots or anything, but I’m like, I need to have one of those things that if I’m doing a real, and then I don’t go back and look at it for a while and someone’s like, hey, I want to get the whatever you’re talking about, right? I need to have that thing set up that I’ve seen. We’ve all seen that automations like,

Ati Grinspun  26:18  

drop, oh, we finally did it. And it’s amazing. So this has

Rebecca Cafiero  26:21  

been on my thing for months. So this was the shortcut, you ask, who can help you get there faster with strategy or knowledge or a tool? So if you’re like, okay, the biggest thing that I need to do is I need to get my leads organized because I’m a hot mess. And I feel like nobody’s buying but I have all these leads that haven’t followed up with, then who do you know, that is a master at lead management or a CRM, right? So we’ve got clarity, we pick the path, what are the steps to get there? And how can we get the shortcut. And then the third is just get into action. It’s like, yeah, set a deadline. Ideally, I like to get accountability that could be reaching out to someone one on one that can be posted on social, I commit to doing this, right, whatever is going to work for you, and then make a move today.

Ati Grinspun  27:01  

I love that. One of the things that I see people, and this is not particularly me at this point in my life, but I feel like people spend more time thinking about the thing they need to do and worrying about the one thing and that creates the overwhelm, I suppose to either do the leader delegate, let’s do it, which is what you’re suggesting, let’s bring them in. Let’s find a reason like that. Find a way to get it done. Either you do it, you pay somebody to do whatever. People like the thing. It’s in their mind for months, and they haven’t taken action on it yet.

Rebecca Cafiero  27:35  

Exactly. And so what that’s doing and we think about, like what happens in our physical body, if we have an issue, and we don’t get it checked out? It does not get better. No, the same thing mentally, emotionally, right, it’s only going to get worse. And then the worst is not only will we have one the lack of results from not doing it, not only will we have the frustration because it’s creating like havoc in our life or business. Three, we’re gonna have guilt and shame but our inability to do the thing. Oh

Ati Grinspun  28:02  

my god, yes. And then that guilt and shame keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Rebecca Cafiero  28:06  

And then suddenly, we now have a story that I can’t do this, or I’m not good at this. I have a 20 year story that I wasn’t a finisher, because I got divorced at 28. And because I hadn’t finished my college degree. And because of literally two things, which let’s be real, like more than 50% people get divorced. I also got married at 26. That was maybe not the smartest thing, right? But I wasn’t having great with myself. And I had finished my degree which was a crazy long story. But I had the story that I don’t finish things that Oh, and and because I left my career even though I’d been in my career, 12 years and it was an aligned decision to leave it. Yeah, I was like, I don’t finish things. So I went back and got my college degree, literally a year and a half. I

Ati Grinspun  28:40  

remember I remember 20 years. No,

Rebecca Cafiero  28:43  

I don’t. The ironic thing is I didn’t do that because I needed a job. I did it because I was like I don’t know

Ati Grinspun  28:48  

she’s fooling $100,000 months you guys like Yeah, she did not need a job

Rebecca Cafiero  28:55  

out there. That’s not on a national you know, there’s not a national anchor to know but but what it was is I was like, if you’re listening to me, you’re listening to this when you think about what’s creating overwhelm, think about what is this story or loop that I need to close and it could be an I’m not good at this or I don’t know how to do this like how can you close that loop? Close the Loop and the amount of mental I’m keep pointing back here at my diploma. So yeah, yeah, which I have probably my office now. But the amount of mental space that was created when I close that loop, I did not even understand how much real estate in my mind and my emotions were being taken up by that.

Ati Grinspun  29:29  

And so by all stories, and like things that we’re telling ourselves yet,

Rebecca Cafiero  29:34  

get out of it, and I will just share with you, you know, this action formula is like it’s one of my expert topics and so when I want you to think about things that when you share it with someone they’re like, Oh, that’s so helpful or Oh, I love that or utilize that. I you know, I created this two years ago because I literally was overwhelmed. I got myself out and I’m like, Oh, this should be the post I just shared. I was like this is what I did today. Got it. Overall, I had something like 187 saves on that post amazing. It was amazing. So I need to talk about this more. Just to Funny Little true story because I’m, I interview on TV, but on TV several times before, but I have a couple shows, I’m like a go to expert and one of the shows had messaged me like five more, I was chatting with her about, like a guest that we booked, maybe it was you I don’t know. And they had a last minute cancellation. This is like 515 in the morning did a 6am cancellation, it was for a morning show. And I was like, I can fill the spot. And I literally sent them over, like the three steps that I just sent you. And they had me on that episode. Oh, they had me on that day, literally training on

Ati Grinspun  30:28  

this, well, which this goes back to literally we both teach women how to like be more of who they are, and bring who they are into what they do. This is how you do it, like people make it so difficult. And they’re like, I don’t, I don’t know, I don’t know what to talk about. And I’m like, what are the things that you are doing? What are the things that are filling up your cup? What are the things that make you happy, and then put them together with what you do, because in our case, teaching these kinds of techniques, honestly, like, makes all the difference for intrapreneurs. It’s all about our stories and how we are overcoming things.

Rebecca Cafiero  31:06  

That is literally how I created the profit method. You know, and I don’t get I don’t know if this is the Enneagram seven thing because I know you and I like our brands work in a very similar fashion. But what I realized is the way that I was creating, you know, seven figures in business through primarily focusing on visibility. And by the way, I wasn’t like, oh, I need to go out there and be visible. And I’m gonna close people like it didn’t work that way. I was like,

Ati Grinspun  31:29  

no, but if you think about it, though, but if you think about it, when I coach people on the like social media, it’s like a one way street, right? And people are like, but but I’m doing social media, I’m showing up and I’m like, Yeah, to the same 1000 2000 3000 Whatever. Even if you have a ton of followers, I have a freaking tiny audience. And I have a multiple six figure business. And I this is what I tell people, I’m like you’re running after the wrong goose. Like

Rebecca Cafiero  31:59  

you got an audience, even if even if those 1000 followers were not, you know, your aunt, your high school, whatever is like random people, even if they were like, if I deal audience out of that 1,003% of them are going to see your social media book. So that’s 30. Now, which percentage of those are going to be ready, willing and able at the moment,

Ati Grinspun  32:18  

3% of the 3% 3%. And

Rebecca Cafiero  32:21  

nobody is going to be living the lifestyle you want or credit impact that you want with that. And

Ati Grinspun  32:26  

I feel like people don’t understand disabilities, like you constantly need to have more eyes, into your business into your expertise into who you are constantly, like literally daily. So okay, let’s close the idea out. So you said the brain dump, let’s close any of that. So we can move a little bit like we really wanted to talk. Right?

Rebecca Cafiero  32:44  

The biggest The first step is get clarity, you can figure out what’s the best way I like to get outside, or do breath work or meditate or something to clear my mind first, and then I bring them and I pick what is the biggest thing off this brain dump that is going to either give me peace or eliminate stress, whatever that is, right. And it doesn’t have to be a hard thing. Sometimes actually picking something that just is known as the easy I don’t mean like, you know, but doable, like doable. doable, right? Like, I’m gonna follow up with these three people, then it puts you in momentum. The second part of that is create the path. So it’s like, okay, especially if it’s a bigger goal, what are the steps I need to do? How can I break them down, so it does feel doable?

Ati Grinspun  33:21  

And then find the shortcut, right? Either somebody to help you exactly.

Rebecca Cafiero  33:25  

Somebody helped me, just don’t make it hard. The whole point is like, don’t make this hard and be okay, being an imperfect action. The third is do the thing. That’s where you get the accountability. You’re like, I’m gonna do this and you do what you got to do something today. So an example I heard years ago that I love is, if you’re like, Okay, I really want now this is probably not where you are overwhelmed. But if I want to do an event, because you and I have both done events, right? Like, which is like a wedding times 10. Yeah. event, you can’t be like, I want to have an event and I want 100 people there like that is going to be crippling. But if you say okay, I want to be I want to have an event. So what do I need to do? I need to plan it, I need to market and sell it. I need to like get speakers, I need to do whatever you know, all the different steps are then the thing that you can do today to put you in momentum is maybe announced Hey guys, so your social or your your best friend, right? I’m going to do this event, put it out there, and literally just call an event space and say I’d like to do a tour. That was me. So I

Ati Grinspun  34:19  

had the idea. So for me the whole idea of the event came to me in breathwork. And I was like, I want to do it. Yep, that’s it. And literally three days later, we were watching. Like, we were like going to tour venues. Like I was like, I have no idea what I’m doing. I never I didn’t even do my own wedding. So my husband was a what, what, like I have not even a good host. So you know like I am the person that when people come to my house like we order overeat like I’m not a great host. Like my husband is like an amazing host right? So like for me to put the event That’s exactly what I did. Like, I was like, what’s the first thing that I need to do? Okay, and I made a list and I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna do this. And that’s how it happened. It’s it works.

Rebecca Cafiero  35:08  

So this well, and by the way, events are no joke, I highly recommend anyone listening, you need to join the program, or mastermind of someone that does events, do not try to figure this out on your own. So if you’re obviously, you know, Addie, she’s done it. She’s got her second event coming, join her staff, if you’re in my role, do join my stuff, because that’s the shortcut, right? And that’s the I mean, that’s the reason that I invest every single year in a mastermind, or multiple programs. That’s the reason that, you know, you join my mastermind, we do a book an event like, like,

Ati Grinspun  35:37  

I literally, I remember the first time ever, I believe that I heard you either it was either your podcast, and this was before we met in person, and you were referring to joining a mastermind of somebody that has done what you want it to do. And this person was Kayla, I remember thinking, Oh, it was actually literally like, opened my mind. I was like, of course, like, that’s what you need to do. And I can’t believe that he was so new to me to even think that because I have done it over and over and over when it came to bartending when you know, I was a world champion floorboards. And then I did it when I wanted to lose weight and getting shaved Ha, like you hire the person that it’s already done it right or that it’s amazing at it. And that’s how I ended up in your world. I was like, she’s having these events. And she’s doing all these things. And like, literally, that’s how I ended up on your world,

Rebecca Cafiero  36:32  

when that’s what I’ve always learned from mentors to is I’m like, how are they getting these results? And it’s because they’ve invested in someone that was able to give them the shortcut. And listen, there’s no prize for doing it the hard way.

Ati Grinspun  36:45  

And literally, this is the like, say it again, believes.

Rebecca Cafiero  36:51  

slow and hard. That sounds bad. Here’s what I learned in real estate. And then we’ll talk about how to actually make profit with all this personal branding stuff. But what I learned in real estate is you there’s three ways you can get things you can get them fast, well, or cheap. Pick two, oh, yes, well, or cheap. And I launched into the pitch club, I was 40 years old. And I said, I am behind. And I do not have the luxury of having this take 10 years to work. Yeah, so I am not, I want to do it fast. And I want to do it well, so I will. And that wasn’t me to money and resources. And it that is why you know, people are like the people that started the same time as us. And you know, 567 years ago, we’re like, how are you doing an event with 120? Women? Or how are you? How did you get to seven figures in you know, two years, all of these things? Because they’re still trying to do it on their own. And they are, they haven’t realized that you cannot do it? Well, fast and cheap at the same time. So which don’t know,

Ati Grinspun  37:53  

and it’s funny, you say that. So I did a photo shoot today for our fellow photographer here in town. And at the end, I told her I was like, hey, like, you know, when when, when I was a baby photographer, I used to look up to you. And she was like, one of the reasons hottie that I hire you is I’ve seen your fast track, like I’ve seen in the last few years. Like you literally like your business, your presence, like what you’re doing with your coaching, like exploded and she came to my event. And she was like, I’m obsessed with you. She’s like, I like the way you do it. And I was like, Wow, I can’t like that somebody that I admired, right was telling me that. But it all comes down to this to literally looking at people that are ahead of us. Okay, how are you doing it? I’m paying for the fast track 100%

Rebecca Cafiero  38:40  

And if you do not start investing now. So like, Listen, my first coach, I remember, it was 2000 for three months. And I was like, and I felt sick, even though I was like painful, right? And I look now and I don’t even know the exact amount I need to this is on my meeting tomorrow with my CFO, but you’ll will invest in 2024. And this is not in payroll. This is in mastermind and there’s a networking group and then I’m doing what haven’t officially decided but by this time, I haven’t decided I just haven’t, you know, put money down in a like it’s basically another mastermind that is just for seven figure CEOs and their heads of marketing between those programs and a few other things over $100,000 Yeah.

Ati Grinspun  39:21  

I mean, you you said it on your podcast, right? Like literally I went to your event, I sign up for your mastermind, I came home and I was like yeah, here 20 grand. And I was like yeah, I mean, because when you’re in your head, okay, so So because everyone’s let’s talk about profit. Yes,

Rebecca Cafiero  39:38  

yes. To you know, like, yeah, I want to invest I want to do all the things that I want to I want again, when I say shortcut, we’re not talking about like an unethical or like a sloppy way. I mean, yes, imperfect first draft, but how do you get that and what I realized in everything that I’ve done, and I do use this while I’m talking about visibility, but it’s really anything that relates to sales. Is it something I’ve got right now called the profit method. And so I wanna I want to quickly teach on what this is. But it starts with P. And the P stands for pitch. But what it really means is like putting yourself out there, I see too many women that are waiting for someone to say, you are an expert or, and you can raise your prices. And you have to be willing to say, this is what I want. Raise your hand, pull yourself up to the table, because no one is going to do it for you.

Ati Grinspun  40:23  

Yeah, I mean, that’s one of the reasons I did my own event. I’m like, like, I want my table. I want my I want my table come sit at my table. Exactly.

Rebecca Cafiero  40:31  

So that’s the very first thing and so you know, whether that’s literally pitching yourself to a podcast host or pitching yourself to, you know, to speak at an event, or whatever that is, I mean, I know a woman that created a mastermind she’s doing with Ali Webb, the former the founder of dry bar, because she pitched the idea to Ali. And I was like, Yeah, okay. Yeah. And I look at so many of the ideas, like, I will just say, there’s someone that actually is launching something today, so that this is November, and I just happened to be sitting at dinner with her and her husband, just like sharing something that I’m doing. And she’s like, pitch me. I’m like, what I will I will share more about that. When, if when and if it materializes. But my point is, is that if I was not willing to talk about what I had to offer, or was not willing to put myself out there, this opportunity, but to potentially support this unbelievable brand in their visibility would not have happened. So that’s the key right? Profit starts with putting yourself out there. Yes, it does. The R is for relationship building. This is like, Yes, I love AI. But we are in a time that people are looking to automate everything. And there’s, there’s some things that are beautiful to automate, relationship building is not something that can be automated, I think so many people are missing this. And we saw this in network marketing with people, like, Let’s do 200 DMS a day, and you’re not getting anything from that, right?

Ati Grinspun  41:46  

Like, literally that was like that, that was a thing for me, like, I just could not do that.

Rebecca Cafiero  41:52  

Like, maybe they would sell one or two products, but you’re never gonna get a driven creative business builder from copy and paste messages. So that’s the thing is relationship building is so important. And that’s why you know, again, and again, like this year, I decided, and I will go back to running ads, probably, but I decided to stop running ads. And here’s the amazing thing, my income did not go down. I was focusing on podcasts, because these are these are relationship opportunities. Now you and I know each other very well,

Ati Grinspun  42:18  

with that, but like we didn’t know each other very well, forever, know that it had to grow. Right. And this is where you tell people I’m like, you have to give those relationships time to grow and to flourish. And you have to pour into that you have to be valuable, as well as the other person valuable to you. From a person perspective, not just from the business perspective,

Rebecca Cafiero  42:40  

I will tell a story here. And I know we’re already over our time, which

Ati Grinspun  42:43  

it’s okay, because this is so juicy. So I was speaking at an event

Rebecca Cafiero  42:47  

in May at mom 2.0. And ironically, I heard about that event and spoke there because I have another speaker who I’d met through basically, if someone had pitched I pitched to a reporter. She published me republish me. I said, Hey, I’d love to learn more about you jumped on a podcast, this was 2020 became friends, she joined my first mastermind, she introduced me to three TV producers, that now one of them works for me amazing. And this is where it even gets crazier. So we’re at this event, she’s like, Hey, I’m gonna, I’m gonna apply to speak at this I applied we both got, we both got chosen two of the women that spoke out, we get to the pitch club I met at that event, they were co speakers there. But the first one, I’m not gonna say her name. But this is this is what I’ll just say she writes for a major media publication. I did not know that I met her in the audience, because this mutual friend of ours is like, Hey, friend, you know, I hear your books coming out. And I didn’t know who she was. But I love supporting authors. And I was like, Hey, my name is Rebecca. Listen, like how can I support you in your book launch, I’d love to have you on my podcast. I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t know her book was crap. But I was like, I want to support a fellow entrepreneur. And you know, you’re in that event by which everyone has their best self at events. Again, we get in this first coffee chat, I find out she is a contributing reporter or writer for a major, major publication that is on pretty much everyone’s dream list. And she says, Hey, I am so grateful to you, I’d love to write an article about you. And now the funny thing is now we text constantly, we’re planning a girl’s trip. Like I’m supporting her in the launch of her book. She’s been on my podcast.

Ati Grinspun  44:16  

Well, and this is this is what’s so amazing about what you’re you’re telling, especially when we go back to the word networking, that’s why I love calling it relationship building, as opposed to just networking people go to network with these dollar signs in front of people’s forehead. And what I tell people is that you need to get rid of that dollar sign. And you need to stop looking at people as $1 signs I

Rebecca Cafiero  44:42  

would say literally looking at an event and whose energy you’re into, can I only I look to connect to one or two people when I go to events and I do it at a high level and you know, we do a coffee chat and so and I ask questions. That’s the other thing is you need to get to know them. No one is going to actually give you business just because you you potentially do something that they may know someone, right? They are going to give you business because they like you. And they trust you. Right? No, I can trust. Yes. So yeah, so relationship building is so important. And it opens up the door to opportunities. I mean, in fact, this year, I am speaking so much less because last year, I think I had like, by the way, these We’re not even on Zoom. We’re talking in person at least 12 speaking engagements in the first six months of the year. And I was actually okay, I can’t travel. Yeah, I

Ati Grinspun  45:25  

was I was so tired last year, girl from like, they remember how much we traveled too

Rebecca Cafiero  45:30  

much, too much. Well, guess what only pitch for two of those. Every other one was offered to me by either someone that saw me an event, which I’ve been asked to speak at, from masterminds I was in from relationships that I had created, right. So get relationship building is going to serve you better, it’s going to feel better, and it’s going to be a better ROI, that adds then chatbots. And like any of these things, those tools can be used, if it is in integrity, but nothing is going to be that relation.

Ati Grinspun  45:58  

I feel like that glue right there part kind of like the glue to all of these where you can make things easier on the backend, but you can like replace you in your business. And then

Rebecca Cafiero  46:09  

the OH is offer. And I know that like I have Enneagram too in my chart, which is the helper you have to be willing to make an offer to someone. Now, let’s say on a podcast, what this looks like is it’s literally like give them something of value. Don’t just be inspiring. Yes. So give them something of value that they that is a tactile thing. And we’ll talk more about like how to actually create impact. But you need to be one willing to offer someone something for free. That does not mean something that takes a lot of your time, because we need to have good boundaries, but offer something and you need to be willing to offer your services if someone is the right fit. Like if you believe in what you’re doing, you are obligated to offer them the opportunity to work with you.

Ati Grinspun  46:48  

Okay, go back to that obligately I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you, for me, that is the key when you know that what you have helps other people. And I know I know for a fact and these cars like change everything for me, when I am like talking about my maybe run academy or when I’m talking about my shoots, or what I’m talking about my mastermind that is coming up Uli, truly, I know that this can change your life. So I’m speaking from that place. And me not talking about are you not talking about the beach club, or you’re not talking about what you have to offer, literally, you’re doing a disservice to the people you truly want to help 100%

Rebecca Cafiero  47:24  

So then the F is follow up. And this is actually this is probably the one that most people struggle with, well, either this or offer. The follow up was just you can’t anticipate that everything’s gonna happen from that first connection. So whether it’s I’m pitching the media or pitching to TV and pitching to a podcast hosted a podcast or a client, you have to follow up right people get busy continue to follow up with don’t follow up with like, Hey, did you see my offer my pitch? I’ve never there, right, like follow up and add value. So the way I usually follow up, like when I’m following up with clients, and it’s so funny, I had one of these today that’s a returning member of my mastermind and she you know, verbally it said she wanted in I just said hey, I just wanted to check in on you. I knew last week was like a really challenging week every Are you doing okay? I have a call it or Wednesday. But I’m like, Do you need any additional support before our call? She’s like, No, I’m all good. Thank you so much. And then she’s like, oh, and I just she reported she’s like, we’re 300k over our financial projections. And I’m gonna pay in full tomorrow. That was the follow up. I did not say did you decide if you’re paying in full or making payments? Yeah, as a human being, right, add value, and show people that you care about them before you’re trying to close them.

Ati Grinspun  48:26  

I love that. I love that. I love that. The i That’s why I love you so much.

Rebecca Cafiero  48:31  

I love you. I was for impact. Okay, so we especially if you want to be a thought leader and expert, again, you want to podcast guest who would speak any of these things and actually teach this could also be in your emails and your social media, you have to focus on impact. And if you do not focus on impact, none of this works. Because we see people out there that we can tell her so transactional, it’s all of the you could just feel that transaction from them. And it’s why they repel, or at least

Ati Grinspun  48:56  

I have a theory around that, which is at the beginning. A lot of people don’t really know what their impact is, especially the first maybe few years of business, right? Like, especially like I remember listening to people talk about impact when we were in network marketing. Yeah, but I think that it took a while to have like, now I know, there is this overarching impact and change that I’m bringing into the world. And I’m leaning into that with everything. Like when I spoke at your event, right? Even though I did talk about authority and all the things it was so much more than that, right? I know I’m touching women at a deeper level and everything I do, but I feel like women sometimes they feel like this impact is gonna show up for them like overnight. And I’m like you have to give yourself time to also see it on other people. Right? You do.

Rebecca Cafiero  49:50  

And I will give you a very short blueprint formula strategy when you want to call it on how to create impact on a daily basis, which I wish I would have had 10 years ago and And I realized this by interviewing so many of my clients when they like, you know, you get those text messages. They’re like, Oh my god, oh my god, this just happened. My life has changed. And and I put these in my I call it my life scrapbook. It’s literally like a folder on like, Yeah, I know I’ve got my life scrapbook. It’s like, when I’m having a down day, I’m like, I just need to read. I mean, like, literally 200 screen captures from text and DMS and Boxer, but I kept trying to figure out okay, what is it that created this? Because it wasn’t just a strategy or like me, like telling them I believe in them. So here’s what it is. And there’s there’s three eyes and impact. Okay? The first one information, this is the how to, you need to actually teach people something, it is very important that if they never like if someone’s listening, like on this podcast, if you never come follow me or come into my world, I hope that at the very least you walked away with the action formula, and you’re like, hey, now when I get overwhelmed, I have a way to get out of it in 10 minutes. I love that. Okay, so information, the how to. Now there’s a lot of people out there that have great information, but they do not excite you. So the second part is the inspiration. And this is the belief, this is the emotion because there’s a reason that we fill our notebooks with strategy, and that we don’t take action on it. And it is because we do not believe it. So storytelling is a great way to actually transfer that inspiration. But we know because we’ve been in network marketing, right? Or you go to an event, it’s like, oh, my gosh, I feel so good. In the walkway, you’re like, wait, but what am I actually going to do? Yeah, because and that’s what I found. That’s why I created literally why I created the pitch club is I’m like, I’ve seen events with strategy. And I’ve seen events with inspiration. But rarely is there a good balance of the two. So inspiration is the feeling the belief that they can do something, the information is the how to the tactile that they have learned something that if implemented, can change their life. The third is the implementation. This is the activation, this is not a 20 step plan. This is like one or two things to get someone into momentum. Because if they get into momentum, and they have the belief to carry them, and they have some of the how to, for the strategy, they will start to change their life. And if you can get people to change something from listening to reading about you hearing something, you have them in the best way, because you have helped create impact. And then we have the T ‘s last, which is just track it and see what works. Because the more that you track and see what works, the more you can double down on the things that excite you and create results. It’s

Ati Grinspun  52:17  

amazing. That was just like, because people always get lost in like, how do I create impact Rebecca, we this was so freaking amazing. We were like we’re gonna go for 30 minutes. And then we’re like, an hour later. So tell people where they can find you. You’re like, you literally are like a force in this world. I am so thankful for you, I know that literally people are going to need to like really send to this. I like take notes. And is there anything that they can download, maybe like they can download your formula, tell me all of it. Okay,

Rebecca Cafiero  52:55  

so now that you know the formula, the tool so you know, funny stories, but the tool, I have the form one pitch templates. And these templates can be used for pitching podcasts. So if you have a personal brand, or a product or a service that you want to get out there and you want to create more impact, the form of pitch templates will show you exactly how to customize for yourself to pitch to either a podcast, TV, speaking engagement, and then just media and you can go to you can actually Google me Rebecca cafiero and pitch template. It’s called the foreign one irresistible pitch template, you can grab that

Ati Grinspun  53:28  

you can give me the link, I will put it on the show notes. I

Rebecca Cafiero  53:31  

can I can do that. Yeah, and of course, connect with me on social, you know, I am there. I do my own social as much as

Ati Grinspun  53:37  

me. I mean, me too. Like, I mean, you and I had this conversation several times I we had given this to other people. Um, for me, like my social media has truly been social. And I want to be there I want to like be present with my people. I want to text with them. I want to like them to hear my voice. And I know that you love that too.

Rebecca Cafiero  53:57  

Oh, because for me, I cannot operate in a vacuum and and when I realized that the pitch Club was not going to be a course because that’s what it originally was going to be built as was a course. And what it was is I was selling it through webinars, this is back in 2020 selling it through a webinar and I had someone DM me, and she’s like Rebecca, I bought your whatever it was called the time your pitch club course. And I binged it on Friday. And on Saturday, I started pitching on Sunday, I got placed in Entrepreneur magazine on an online article and I was like, and I’m like DMing her and I’m crying. And and that’s the thing. So if you got value out of this, please connect with me. But more importantly, I want you to be in action. And I want you to share with me like tag me in your story. When you get that article or that speaking engagement, whatever it is, or if you get yourself out of overwhelm and you get into action tag me so I can celebrate you. This was

Ati Grinspun  54:43  

amazing. I knew it was gonna be amazing, but like Best wishes, like my people will love you. I know that go follow her. So Instagram, we’re gonna put all the links in the show notes. And is there anything else that you want to tell people I

Rebecca Cafiero  55:00  

mean, there’s a million things because I’m gonna grab something. No, I think the biggest thing is it is your responsibility and your privilege to step into being the expert that you desire. No one will anoint you and it only is going to happen by you being willing to take risks and by you willing to grow and I, I have replaced the word like I said, bad or challenging with growth, like there’s the good, the bad and the growth. So yes, we’re willing to grow towards what you want. And I hope that you pick getting there faster because it’s so fun.

Ati Grinspun  55:31  

Yes, I love it. I love you. This episode was amazing. I love you. Thank you so much.