In this episode, I will be showing you the difference between mindset work and inner work, and how I was able to have successful launches and reach $300K in revenue last year, without adding any strategies, just making these changes and I have seen this over and over work with clients.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Hello, my friends, welcome to another episode of the B run podcast. And today, I want to talk a lot this week about the difference between mindset work and inner work, I stepped into a completely different work in the last two years, that shifted my business forever. And I kind of want to break it down, and I have notes. But I am gonna go with my card here because I think it’s so important that you understand why you are stuck. And why certain things seems like you’re doing doing doing doing and they are not working. So I am going to describe to you what is the difference between the inner work and the mindset work. And I’m also going to break down to you how I actually was able, especially in 2023, to actually have two amazing launches, we did launch four times. And I’m going to actually go through the differences in all of them. But we had a $70,000 launch a $60,000 launch, we also finished the year at 300k. And this was without adding any newest strategy. This was by doing exactly what I was doing before. But let’s actually back up my friend. So I want you to get ready. And I want you to have your open mindset because this is for you. If you’re a startup three to 5k a month. And you’re like when is shed going to happen. And what I’m going to share with you is exactly what I did, I’m going to also be sharing these on my 300k Blueprint masterclass January 22. This is next week. And I think you should be there like you should be crazy not to be there, especially if you have huge goals for yourself this year. This is all literally where I found the magic. And I want to show it to you all. So this is the thing. There were several things that happened last year, the two launches, finishing the year at 300k. Also, I hosted my first live event last year. And there were moments I couldn’t even believe all the things that were happening, like how people came through for me how people were showing up like clients were buying, like everything fell, allying and etc. But this is not how it has been until then, like before that and at times last year. And that’s why I want to share the difference between mindset work and inner work. There were moments where my business fell heavy on my first year in business 2019, I actually only made 20k. Now this was after creating several, six figures on my job. But when I came into my business, my energy was shifted, my identity was not in it, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I brought to the table, there were so many things. And I went into these like rampage of reading books and filling my mind with positive thinking. And this is what happened in 2023. And how I did it. So number one, I intentionally stepped into the identity of my highest self. Now, I know this may sound a little to Google for you. But I’m gonna break it down to you with science. Now I want to give you a little bit of background. Last year I got certified as a life and success coach. Now I am not looking at doing that full time, I want to help my clients to build their personal brand and their business, but have these different tools, right to help you break through. Because sometimes it is the strategist or me sometimes you need the consultant to really tell you what to do, the moment that you’re stuck. And the moment you cannot execute or you’re having a hard time executing. That’s where the coaching comes in. Right? So I want to give you a little bit of the science between behind a stepping intentionally into my highest self. So about 5% of your thoughts are conscious, and I have noticed because I don’t want to forget anything. So if you see me like lowering my gaze, that is what’s happening because I really want to give you a true behind the scenes of what this kind of work did for me. So about 5% of your thoughts are actually conscious, like 5% of the thing is the decision that you make every day, you are actually consciously making that decision to think in a certain way to do a certain thing. However, we are conscious of only about 5% of our activity. So most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors actually depend on the 95% of the brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.

This is means our subconscious. Now, this is why all of those books are actually not doing shit. Because you’re only changing that 5% You are creating these external change that yeah, it’s super inspiring, but it doesn’t create lasting change. So that was the first thing I stepped intentionally into these highest self through techniques and activities that actually, were working on the subconscious. So number two, I actually took all this knowledge when I got certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I got my NLP certification, life coaching, EFT, times, techniques, all of that, and I develop a specific method. Now, what this specific method did for me was actually give me some something tangible to work on. Because I think that when we talk about mindset and inner work and energy, it could be really like, what the fuck am I doing, I’m gonna say sitting here. So I developed this method, these steps, if you want to call it that I use over and over and over. And I’ve been testing with my clients, like literally to build my identity to rebuild this identity of my highest self, and shift out of what was stopping me at any given moment, right? Because at any moment, and any level has new level, what this means is like, I know that after reaching 300k, last year, for me to this year, make a million dollars, that is a completely different challenge. That is a completely different animal. So I am going to be faced with different challenges, different doubts, different fears, whatever you want to call it, whatever impostor syndrome, all the things, right? Because every level has a new devil. So the tools and the method, I did it because I was like, Okay, I want to have something that I can use every single day that I know is going to take me out of the fucking funk, right? And at any given moment, shift me to be her and reprogram the 95% that I cannot actually see right there that I don’t know, it’s there. I don’t know what is stopping me. Because we only know what is in our conscious, right. So we need to become aware first. And some of that even if we don’t become aware, we can still reprogram and shift. Okay, so number three, was also taking immediate action. On my business, in my business from there from being hurt. This is actually key, because I think a lot of the people are so into the manifestation. Well, yeah, the work happens internally. And the the external situations reflects the internal, but not only it takes work, you actually have to do it, but also you have to take action. It would be nice for us to say I’m going to meditate and things are going to happen. But the the when people talk about attraction you attract through your action. Okay, so number four, I made it my fucking mission to be her daily. And I did this through the method that I’m going to share on the masterclass, but I also did it through how I dress, how I talk, how I think, how I show up for my business, how I coach my clients, everything, okay, because what happens and I think that this is one of the things that I do so different is we believe that thoughts create feelings, feelings, create actions and actions create results. While I’m here to tell you that actually doesn’t work like that. And this is scientific, there is many books that talk about this. This is the thing we have a feeling that usually is in our body is a response to something is a trigger, okay? So you feel a response, you have the feeling you have the emotion and immediately we use sort of thoughts to justify it to give it meaning. Now We’re like I’m feeling this way, because of XY and Z. Let’s say you don’t want to post in social media, you immediately you’re feeling inadequate, you don’t know what you’re doing. Those are all thoughts that you’re actually putting in your mind, you’re coming up with those to justify what you’re actually feeling. Now, from there, from that feeling, now you have the thought. And from there, that thought creates an action. Now, let me ask you this. How is the action going to be when you feel not confident? How do you show up? You show up like small, right? Like you go to a networking event. And like, maybe you don’t even talk, when you introduce yourself, you’re stumbling over your words, right? Because the filly created the thought, now you are feeling like surely you’re thinking all the things about yourself. And now the action is reflecting how you’re feeling on the inside. Okay? And then that action dictates the result. However, if you’re able to shift how you feel, can you remember a time where you felt your most confident? How did you behave? How did the words came out of your mouth? How did other people reacted to you? Can you pinpoint a very specific moment in your life where you felt fulfill and you felt like you were of service, and you felt like everything you were doing was flowing? Most likely, you were feeling in cloud nine, and it came from your feelings, it didn’t come from what you thought, Okay. So I made it my mission to actually be her daily with tangible work. Because this is the thing, I am really Google and I can put candles and I can put, but I am here to grow a fucking business and alive that I absolutely love. So for me, it was so important that I had tools that I could come to, to really become that highest self, not only every day, but especially in the moments where I felt shitty, because this is the thing. intrapreneurship is a roller coaster, the less time you spend on the roller coaster,

the faster your result will be. Because the decisions you’re going to make are going to be aligned, you’re going to come up with ideas, you’re going to come from a place of attracting, you’re going to come from a place of our authority. Yes, a strategy is still important. We’re not stopping inside of the academy. From teaching strategy. I actually love a strategic approach. But the thing is, that your estate is your point of attraction. So if you are posting and thinking, nobody’s gonna read this, guess what you’re attracting? You create your reality, my friend. So what I am going to actually be breaking down for you on the 300k Blueprint masterclass is the science behind this. So you can actually understand I have notes here. So you can actually understand what is truly happening. Understand the subconscious mind. And the real deep transformation of how reprogramming your subconscious actually works and how you can use that. So you can become your highest self and start creating, right, the events, the clients manifesting on the outside what you actually feel on the inside. Now, when I actually did all these four things that I should share with you, right, intentionally stepped into my highest self pulled an actual method behind in taking immediate action from the place of being hurt when I was using this method, and made it my mission to be heard daily. This is where that 5% of conscious came in, right? Like where I’m at where a man on the scale. I’m actually like going to teach you how to look at the scale and be Okay, where am I coming from? Where is my point of attraction right now. And these my friend is what had my ideal client show up in all areas. Miracles is starting to be happening. I’m not even kidding you. Like when I put together the event. There were people that came into my world. Like I just want to help you and I’m going to tell you a little story. There was a client of mine. She is a client of mine from a long time from photography when I did portraiture and She came to me and she’s like, Hey, I really want to support you. I should have known how. And I was like, Well, I don’t really know. Because honestly, this event is for women entrepreneurs. And what she does with her company is completely different. She does flooring for the casinos here in town. And she was like, honestly, I don’t care, I just want to support you. And she actually was one of our sponsors, that bought 10 Tickets for the event for us to do our nominations last year for BU brand life. And how crazy is that you guys that actually represented at a sponsorship of about $5,000. So the reason why I’m sharing this with you is because miracles like this, it started happening on the daily when I was able to keep my goal, if you want to call it but I had a method, I had a method to this, okay. And I want to share that method with you. Because this is where the launches became easier. This is where ideas to actually try to scale and actually do other things like this came in, right because they’re coming from my highest self. So this is for you. If you’re in a place in your business, where you’re taking action, you’re reading all the books, and you’re constantly in this feeling that you need another another strategy, you need another code, you need another way of of like launching, and you have this sense of like uneasiness around your business, even though you’re making money. So I want to help you become core become your highest self, the woman that I can actually create a 300k a year. The strategy will come later, you probably already have the strategy. If you are at three to 5k a month, you probably already have the strategy. This is how you get unstuck. This is how your business starts thriving. Okay, so the highest self method I’m going to be sharing with you on the 3k Blueprint masterclass. This is happening next Monday at 11am Pacific Standard Time. I’m gonna put everything on the show notes, and I can’t wait to see you there.