Hey Be You Branders! In today’s new episode of the Be You Brand podcast, Nicole Laino joins me to talk about her journey of overcoming fear and self-doubt to embrace her unique path, inspiring others to do the same through her podcast and coaching. 

Nicole delves into the transformative power of human design in understanding one’s authentic self, making aligned decisions, and crafting a unique and purposeful life, appreciating its ability to bring together personal development and self-discovery.

We touch on the importance of authenticity, the exploration of individual human design types, decision-making strategies, and the practical application of human design principles in various aspects of life such as personal branding and messaging. 

Overall, this episode discusses the importance of being true to oneself and sharing that authenticity with others to create a more diverse and vibrant collective which is very essential in building your personal branding. 

“I think that that’s what being you and your brand does, other people see you and they feel that frequency of she’s really being her right now. And that gives me permission to be who I am. And I think that that’s an incredible gift to the collective.”- Nicole Laino

Key takeaways:

About the guest:

Nicole Laino is a Human Design expert, Gene Keys Guide, Podcast & Messaging Strategist, and the host of the top podcast, Unshakeable with Human Design. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs not just understand their purpose but, turn their purpose into a podcast that magnetizes and monetizes their audience, while expanding them as individuals. She also incorporates practical energetic tools like EFT and NLP into her work to help her clients fully embody their highest potential.

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Email: nicole@nicolelaino.me

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Podcast: Unshakable with Human Design Podcast


Instagram: @nicolelainoofficial LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-laino

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome, everybody to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. I am so excited to bring you this guest today, because she’s not only my friend we have met many years ago, and we have kind of walked like different paths re encounter. And then lately we just had been in this like love affair on what we do. And I am so so excited to introduce you to Nicole Laino Hello Nicole, happy to be here. I am so happy to have you. Because I feel like my people are gonna love this episode.

Nicole Laino  0:36  

That was how I felt when you came on my show. I was like, I really can’t wait for everybody to meet you. I couldn’t wait to bring you to the show just because it’s like, I know that they’re going to love you, I know that this is going to be so impactful. So I feel like we have very good energy together. So I’m I’m excited for anything that we do together. I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

Ati Grinspun  0:56  

On and our messages are sold online, we we have kind of started our journey not together you have been in business way longer than me. But it has been so beautiful to see both of us grow and kind of be bought and change and do all the things I have to tell you, I was so curious about human design, and you have been the person that actually has helped me to actually not only understand it, but really like trust a lot of the crazy and for those of you listening, I’m quoting crazy things that went through my mind. Why did they happen? Why am I this particular way? That for many years, it seemed like I wasn’t committed and I wasn’t crazy, or I was doing too many things at a time. And we’re gonna jump into that I am sure but I’m gonna read your bio, and then we’re gonna jump into this journey. Let’s do it. You’re right. Yeah. Nicole Lena is a human design expert, peak performance coach and podcast strategist, Nicole teaches entrepreneurs how to use human design, to lead their purpose be the unique differentiator in the business, and to live a fully aligned life. She is the host of unshakable with human design podcast. And you ladies that is right now my favorite podcast, so you need to go listen to it. Welcome to the call. Thank

Nicole Laino  2:21  

you What a beautiful welcome. Thank you so much. You’re

Ati Grinspun  2:24  

so welcome. So Nicole, I kind of want to like bring people a little bit into your journey. So I love when my guests share this story. Because I know that people think that when people are ahead, they always been there. The truth is that we all start somewhere. And specifically, in your case, you have pivoted when I met you, you were more like a business strategies. You also had a network marketing background just like me, and you have like change and pivot. And that takes so much courage. So I can’t wait to hear a little bit of that. Yeah,

Nicole Laino  3:00  

no, I would love to share my story. And if you’re listening and you are scared or not sure feel like you are behind, my story will make you feel better. The way that I started out, I have always been this kind of I call myself a type a hippie where I had this analytical organized side that was drawn to business drawn to drawn to like organizational structures and things like that, and being very, very driven. And then I had this very creative flowy side that wanted to express herself. And so I grew up an actor, I was an actor. And then as actors do as I was working as an actor in New York, I ran out of money and I needed to get a job. And I got a job and I got a job on Wall Street. So I went from this like super creative career to this super analytical like, can you get more masculine energy than Wall Street, probably not. Not many places may be big tech in some ways. So I get a job there. And I was good at both of them. I was really good at both of them. And I burned out on my on on that career. Eventually on Wall Street, I was seven years in and I remember just thinking to myself, and my intuition spoke to me there and was like this was right for you for a while you had to come here, but it’s time for you to go. It’s over. And it was really scary. I let go of the golden handcuffs. I had to let go of the multiple six figure, you know, salary and bonus and all of this stuff. I had to let go of the identity that I had of being respected for working at one of the big firms on Wall Street like arguably the most competitive. When you said the name of my firm people were like, wow, you work there. Wow, I wish I could get in there. And it was it was a very prestigious place to work until people hated Wall Street depending on who you were talking to. But had I so I had to unwind all of the things that I felt just do it felt right to me. And this was the first real pivot in my life. Where I was like, you know, there’s a pivot from the acting world to the Wall Street world. There’s a pivot from Wall Street to say Unlike I don’t know what’s next, but I know I can’t be here anymore. So I have to take a break. And I always say, like I was, I remember standing the moment, I realized I was going to leave, I was standing from an expo floor to ceiling window in lieu Bhutan shoes with the job, everybody would think that they wanted and the salary and all that prestige. And I remember looking down the street below, thinking, look at all the free people down there, and I did not feel trapped. And I was like, okay, something’s gotta give, I’ve got to go. And I don’t know where I’m going. But I’ve just got to get out of here. You know what, he’s

Ati Grinspun  5:32  

crazy. You’re saying that. And I remember having the same thought working at a bar. When I was in my bartending job. And people were like, having fun, and they were walking around, and they were doing all the things. So like, my, my mom friends would like do things with their kids, like later in the evening. Yeah, I was like, Oh, my God, I have zero freedom. Yeah. And I felt

Nicole Laino  5:54  

you know, it’s the these feelings were, you know, but But it’s what we do. And it’s what we are used to. So we fear change. And it’s scary to pivot, it’s scary to make a big change where you’re like, I have something that’s secure. And that, you know, is proven to my mind works. And now I’m gonna go do something that is completely unsure and uncertain. And I didn’t know where I was going, I just knew that I had to leave. So I left and bless my husband, he was like, I want to move to Los Angeles. And I want to go back to acting because that’s the only thing I can remember that felt like me, where I felt like me. And I feel like I’ve lost me. So we moved to Los Angeles, while I’m there, I’m acting things are going really like I’m having a great time and finding myself again, and I find network marketing, and network marketing for like, five minutes before I realized, oh, there’s a gap in this. And I, I build, I build a CRM. So I actually didn’t end up staying in the network marketing proper area ended up being adjacent to it, where I created a tool for network marketers, I created a CRM, and I built that. And that was sort of the gateway drug into entrepreneurship. For me where I was like, who I love this creation, I love this exploration, I love the selling, I love what I’m doing. And I built that business. And that business became a six figure business, we it still exists, and that CRM that tool, then I started to branch out into coaching because I started coaching the users of my system. So it all kind of unfolded really organically, you know. So these, this series of big pivots and small pivots have kind of led me to where I am now, I did start out with more branding business strategy that was where I started out was just like, you know, let’s, let’s build a business for you. And it didn’t have a whole lot of niching down necessarily that I did in the beginning. It was much more about you know, here’s how you build a course, here’s how you can go and sell it. Here’s how here’s how here’s how you can launch it. That was basically what I started out doing. It just didn’t feel right. It was working. It was making money. But it didn’t feel connected to me. And I went on this journey of realizing that like energetically, I was saying no to this, I was not fully in it. And I could not fully devote myself to it, like something was missing. And I couldn’t pinpoint why. And that sent me down the personal development journey of trying to figure out what have I always been searching for? What part of me is it that I can’t bring out like what I was doing felt hollow, it felt like this facade, it felt like what I was putting out was just this cookie cutter crap that everybody else was doing. I didn’t really feel like I was standing out in it. I didn’t, it didn’t feel authentic. To me, it didn’t feel like a big lie, either. It just felt shallow. And it felt like there’s more to me than this. And like I deserve it. They felt vanilla totally, I had messaging that sounded just like everybody else’s. And you know what it worked for a while then it didn’t work. Because I was putting out a message that I was not really connected to anymore in the beginning I was connected to because I was just so excited to be doing it. And it worked. And it worked really well. And then suddenly, the launches got smaller, and people weren’t paying attention. And I didn’t feel connected to it. I was like something’s going on here. And I started to explore nervous system regulation and all of this other stuff to try to connect to me again, to clear my energy to come back into what I know now is alignment. And I found human design on that path. And human designed to me, gave me this amazing tool where I, first of all, everything that ever happened to me in my life made sense now looking through my design where I was like, Oh, this is why I’m a manifesting generator. This is why I’ve pivoted so much why I’m so multi passionate why I am this creative person, but I’m also very analytical. There’s aspects of my design that tie in with that. I’m very practical. I’m very I’m very process driven and very solutions oriented. There are some aspects of my design that lead to that made me feel okay, for the words that I was using before were not kind to myself, where I would look at Don’t say like, well, um, you know, why can’t I stick to something? You don’t have a focus?

Ati Grinspun  10:04  

Oh my god. Okay, just for the people that are listening, I am actually also a manifesting generator. I have heard the whole flaky thing. Like you don’t finish what you started or you Yeah, like, I’ve heard that so many times I even had somebody back in the day, even before I even moved here when I had my bartending school that told me like, you don’t commit to things. And I was like, I was like, What are you saying? Like, what, what are you talking about? I, I’m like, I’m the person that goes like, all in on everything. She died, like I’m obsessed obsessive with things. But people saw me, like, I wouldn’t finish or like I wasn’t committed for some reason. Now, I know that for some reason.

Nicole Laino  10:50  

And I thought the same thing about myself. And it’s so much worse, you know, you have people telling you that but then you’re also telling yourself that. And when we talk about like energetically holding back from selling something, if I feel like I’m a flake, then I don’t really feel like I can deliver for other people. I don’t really feel like I can hold you in one of my containers. So I’m selling half heartedly, and half hearted is one of the keys in my design that I have dug into to like. So I use human design, I used human design as a map to find my weaknesses, not in the sense of weaknesses, like flaws, but in ways that I was actually doing my own like bad mouthing myself, and holding myself back from actually expressing myself and delivering what I’m here to deliver in this world. It gave me a sense of seeing my purpose, and not from not from a way of being like, I never knew that it’s where it’s like, Oh, my God, I always knew that. And I’ve been moving in this direction the whole time. But now it’s like, I can see the castle on the hill. It’s like I knew I knew it was there, I knew I was traveling toward this. So it gave me that beacon of light. And it gave me a mechanism to see my own light and a tool to open myself up along the way and make good decisions that are in alignment with that. I

Ati Grinspun  12:00  

love that. So for me, because I think that it’s important for the people, I don’t know how my dry my people know about human design. And even me, like I’m not an expert, like you are right, like I’m in your lab, and I’m learning and I love like the ECPC how you make it, like so easy and so peaceful that I don’t, I don’t feel like it’s a chore. It’s like a Sunday morning kind of thing for me that I’m like, Oh, I can lean into these. And it doesn’t feel like another mindset thing to the right. But I think it really brought together a lot of that personal development and that self discovery at a completely new level with so much acceptance, because I was able to understand it’s both

Nicole Laino  12:43  

discovery, and it’s a process. It’s like, okay, here’s these things about yourself. But here’s also this mechanism to say, if this happens, then do this, this is the right way for you. So this is the right way for you to make decisions. This is the right way for you to gauge your own excitement about something to know what’s the right way for you. So should we break down what human design is? For everybody? Who doesn’t know or isn’t I was gonna,

Ati Grinspun  13:11  

I was gonna go there. I’m like, can you write down what human design is? Because we’re talking about it. And when we’re talking about how fantastic it is.

Nicole Laino  13:17  

Let’s clear that up. So what is human? So human design, human design, human design, in its simplest form, it’s basically an energetic blueprint of who you are, of what you are. And if you’ve ever run your chart, you’ve probably seen these colors and these numbers in these lines, and you’re like, What the heck am I looking at, and really what we’re looking at, from my perspective, what we’re doing is it shows us who you were born to be, it gives you it does tell you your amusing quotes, and it right now to say purpose, it’s not meant to put you in a box, but it’s meant to give you a theme for your life. And most people feel incredibly validated when they hear it. And when they start digging into that it shows you how your energy is expressed and experienced by others meaning what’s the energy? What are the themes that you’re meant to put out in the world? What’s authentically you? And then what are the things that what are the energies that you’re super sensitive to? So like you’re open in your emotional center, I’m defined in my emotional center, I transmit I put out a meant to be an emotional person in this world. That’s something that I meant to be and learn and do you are meant to receive that and have a different experience with emotions than I do now that what this helps us understand is where are we where we’re transmitting all those colored in parts in a chart that are telling you this is who you are that to me, I’m always looking at that and saying like, well, these are the areas you might be playing small and you might be repressed in these areas. These might have been the areas where people told you too much. And then those white spaces in the chart where you are receiving your receptive. That’s where you’re feeling what everybody else is throwing down in that area. That’s the stuff that when you walk in a room you pick up from other people. So that’s really interesting to know that for you. You can walk into a room and you We’re going to pick up on an emotional frequency of people just to know that about yourself, that awareness piece can be huge. And to know that you’re not supposed to be pushing from these places. It’s it’s an area where you lay back and receive, it’s an area where you are there to be a judge an evaluator of the energy of other people, whether they’re bullshit in that area, whether that’s really coming through and a high frequency or not. You’re

Ati Grinspun  15:28  

saying that, and it’s so funny, because for the longest time I am, I’m always like saying to people, I feel people’s energy. And I remember and because I don’t want to go into like super details, because people may not know what they are in human design. But for me, one of the things was to understand, like when you have an open center or something, and like, I’m feeling somebody else’s feelings, like Oh, literally, I leave my whole life thinking like, why am I feeling like this? Why am I feeling like in certain situations, and then I started realizing, Oh, this is not mine. This is your mind. And it took a little bit of work, I’m still definitely still working progress. Like sometimes I don’t realize that it’s not mine. But it has been so helpful. Also, one of the things that I learned from you was journaling, like just words, words, like sitting down and journaling without actually having to journal anything in particular. And I actually been sharing that with some of my people. And I’m, like, tested. I don’t know about human design, but these guys helped me and it may not be for everybody, but oh my god, the clarity. And you would think like, what is the clarity? Like, I didn’t get anything done, but he’s like, I’m getting shit out of my head. Right? It’s kind of like that brain dump that people talk about. And then I can see and I can like, Ah, okay, oh, that that is not mine is not here anymore. Now I can go and do my thing.

Nicole Laino  16:54  

Exactly. Well, it’s so it tells us where where are we taking in other people’s stuff? And maybe we’re holding on to it? Where do we need to let it go. And in the moment, you may not know it. But in hindsight, you might realize it, which would keep you from if you don’t know it right now, it’d be like, Oh, that’s not mine. Later on, you might be thinking about it or feeling it and go, Oh, wait, I wonder that was probably not my energy. Now I can let it go. Rather than keeping it in your mind wondering what’s wrong with you, or why you’re feeling this way and trying to fix it. When it’s not yours to fix.

Ati Grinspun  17:26  

I love that. You’re now we know what human design is? Like, is this energetic blueprint of who you’re meant to be your purpose. One of the things that I love that you do is like you took all of this knowledge, and you’re helping people with their messaging and their positioning based on their human design, can you can you give me a little bit of insight on why they are connected and how you do so there,

Nicole Laino  17:54  

there’s a ton of stuff in your human design chart, there are nine centers, which are very closely aligned to the Hindu chakra system. Not exactly, but the theme is the same. There are channels that 36 channels that align with the Kabbalah tree of life, there are 64 gates that align with the Chinese I Ching. And then we also throw in for good measure, we throw in some astrology and some quantum physics in there. So there’s a lot going on. What it what it tells us though, is, again, we’re talking about transmitting and receiving, what are you here to be? And what are you here to know about through receiving through through being receptive. So what are you sensitive to with messaging we all have, we have a purpose, we have a way. So there’s a way that everybody’s purpose unfolds. And your design tells you that and that’s the mechanics of the design. And that is tied to the five types. So for somebody when I’m working with them on their massive example of that, yeah, so so like I’m a manifesting generator, generators, their generators, there are five types, and I’ll run through them right now. Because if you ran your chart, you fell into one of these five categories. You’re either a generator or a manifesting generator. Those are the builders of society generators and manage ends. We have the energy, sustainable energy to build stuff, we want to create things. So we are the builders of society manifesting generators were more multi passionate and a little more vision oriented, a little more creatively driven than just the generators, they’re a little bit more focused and focused on mastery of one thing. We are a little more over all over the place, which is why we can be considered flaky by ourselves and other people. There are projectors which are our wise guides of the of the collective. We have manifest errs, who are the true visionaries, the ones that say, I see something nobody else can see. And this is the way we’re going, who’s coming with me if you’re not get out of my way. And then we have the reflectors who are here to be there. 1% of the population, they’re here to be very in tune with the collective with the group with a community. They can just sense if things are wrong in a group. They’re the I call them the canary in the coal mine. If there’s something wrong in your at your event, you want to reflect or there that sounds like something’s off with this energy. They just sense it, they just know. So there are these five types. So if as a manifesting generator, the way that my purpose will unfold, I have to be doing things, there’s going to be some sort of action involved, it’s not going to be me purely guiding people, I’m going to have to work with it, I’m going to find it out through the doing. And when I’m working on my message, I’m looking at the themes of several aspects of the chart that sort of tell me a greater story about me. Now, there are like I said, there are 64 gates, you get 28 activations in your chart, that are that are very specific to you. We’re talking about energy, we’re talking about frequency, we’re talking about things that are authentic to you. It’s almost like when you play the chord that is a unique and authentic chord to you. It sounds right, it’s on key when you try to be something you’re not. It’s off key, and people are like, it might not be fully off, but it’s just like, oh, there’s just something about that. That doesn’t sound right. So I’ll use I’ll use Taylor Swift as an example. She’s in the news right now, sometimes it’s helpful to use somebody everybody knows. So Taylor Swift, her conscious Sun gate. And I believe it’s her conscious Sun gate is 26, which is the gate of the trickster. It’s the gate of the egoist, it’s what it is about is selling a message. It’s about seeing kind of strategizing how to sell people something. And if you look at the way that she structures, her songs, if you look at the way that she markets herself, she’s always 10 steps ahead of people. And she’s selling herself incredibly well, her songs are selling her. And she even has a song called mastermind, which is very much in alignment with this gate, the conscious Sun gate is your guiding light, it’s your brand, that is one piece that I use to help determine what your overall message will be. This is something that when you step into it, when you shine that light that you are here to shine in the world, people pay attention in a unique way, it’s not the same as somebody else doing the same thing as you. It’s not you taking somebody else’s message, because it worked for them, and then applying it to you that often doesn’t work. And this is why it’s a slightly off key or totally off key chord that you’re playing. But when you play the music, that’s yours, people listen. So for her, it’s like she had this huge, she became this juggernaut with her stepping into this idea. And to her being as like, I am a mastermind, I do kind of pull all the strings I do make everybody listen to me like I know my power. And I’m standing in it. And her conscious Earth is the one that is the gate of the Queen. So it’s like her stepping into these energies, she just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It’s not a I always want to caution people about it being like this literal process of like, this gate means this. So this is what you’re going to do. Sometimes it’s that simple. But a lot of times it’s showing you a theme that exists in you and the more you dig into it, the more you become in alignment or in a high expression of that thing, the more you become in a high expression of that thing. The more you just start speaking your design speaking who you are and your authenticity in a way that people go. I don’t know there’s something different about you over the last year, I have really honed in on my own. And that’s all I hear from people as they’re just like, I don’t know what it is you were showing up. You were always smart. You were always like an expert. But the way you’re showing up now is completely different. And I know it’s from the work that I

Ati Grinspun  23:46  

say man, yeah, one of the things that I hear from people that I never understood, it’s like oh my god is your energy, your energy, your energy, right, like people are like your energy is magnetic. Your energy is contagious. contagious. And I for a while it almost felt like I’m like, well, that’s great, but I can’t I don’t know. I don’t know what they were talking about. I was like, I don’t know what they’re talking about. And what you know, because you’re close to me in the last year. Me honing in on the things that feel amazing. And, like truly being this feels good. So this is what I’m gonna go with, even if it makes zero fucking sense. Yeah, like the event, right? Like, I’m doing our event in September. Like I was like, and people were like, you’re not that big. You don’t have that big of an audience you like I’m like, I don’t care. I’m gonna do it anyway. And it was amazing and it felt easy. And a lot of that has come from actually following that sacred following like what feels good. And again, right like for those of you that are not like super knowledgeable on human design, like we’re gonna give you a way to for you to go get your your design later on Nicole’s web. Sorry, but I think that for me, like the even when I’m unsure, now I’m like, Okay, what does he feel good? Why do I feel a pull towards? And I should go that way. And I’m thrust in it. Yes.

Nicole Laino  25:11  

So you’re talking about strategy and authority. So every type gets a strategy for a way that’s a little different than what you were playing. And the end the authority is the way that you make decisions. So what this is doing is it’s allowing us to say like, because we’ve all read books, and we’ve all heard what works for other people, and then we go try them, and they don’t quite work for us. And we’re wondering why. So human design gives you like, this is what works for you, this is how it works for you, and everybody is different. Even you and I are different. We’re both manifesting generators, you have a different authority than I do. So we have a different way of making decisions that are correct for us. So I want to just use the example that you just gave about your event. So you followed that. And I want to kind of highlight the difference between the way that we operate when you’re when you’re paying attention to design versus the way that I used to do things and the way that a lot of people are doing things, particularly in like the coaching service based entrepreneurial industry. You see somebody else doing something you go that works for them, or that looks like fun. I think I’ll do that, then maybe that’ll work for me. That’s the old way. I used to do things like that all the time. I don’t know. She tried that. Let me go try that. She did that that worked for them. They made this much money. And I ping pong and went all over the place trying to get someone else’s result. You came at the event from a different place from this seems like fun. This is what I want to do, like a desire that your sacral that’s your authority is that gut feeling of like, yes, that you were like, I’m scared as hell. But this feels like such a yes, I have to do it. Right. That’s where you’re coming from for for making that decision.

Ati Grinspun  26:47  

So how is that different from the messaging and positioning? Because I think they confuse both? Well,

Nicole Laino  26:53  

messaging. So there’s, there’s operating what we’re talking about, there’s decision making. So human design shows you how you make decisions where you can tap into your own unique intuition. And do it in a simple way. You don’t have to hear voices, you don’t have to like meditate to get it. It’s literally a mechanism for you to understand what yes and no feels like from a true place in your body, not your mind, which is conditioned, obviously, by what other people tell us what mistakes we’ve made in the past conditioning that we have. So think about, we’re all trying to rewire beliefs and change the way that we think we’re all doing that in this industry. Yet, when we make a decision, we pass it through that same filter of all of those limiting beliefs, all of that stuff we’re trying to rewire. And we wonder why we get the same thing over and over again, we end up in the same trap. Well, because you’re running the same program, you’re filtering it all through your old programming, human design takes that power away from your mind and puts it in your body in your unique body. Not just like everybody goes with their gut, because there’s some people that guts not right. And those people never understood people saying, like, I have a gut feeling like that doesn’t work for me. You know why? Because that’s I don’t know what you’re talking about. So but it’s our way, gut is our way. And then positioning and messaging I look at as so I get you operating where you’re making decisions according to your design, rather than according to your conditioned mind. That’s step one. Step two, are those deeper dives into Okay, let’s break let’s let’s break this down into the pieces of you into the unique, really detailed pieces of energy of you. So like I said, there, there are gates, we all get 28 of them in our design, where we get these activations, these are all very specific ways that our energy shows up energy we’re here to put out in the world. And I look at specific ones. And then I also look at your profile, we all get a role that we’re here to play. So now we start looking at you as a person, like let’s get you not operating according to the old program, let’s get you operating a new way of making different decisions that are more in alignment with yourself that are going to bring you to the things that are correct for you. Now let’s explore what it means to be you. And when we start to explore what it means to be human, we start breaking those pieces down, we get to a level of detail where a message just starts to come together. A message just starts to it’s like this is what you are here to deliver. So I’ll use myself as an example really quickly. I’m a five one that’s my profile, my profile is a five one and that that what that is about is I’m I’m an expert, the one line becomes an expert through investigating through researching through learning things, which I love to do. And then the five line takes everything, all the knowledge that I learned and turns it into something practical, useful, and universalize is so I take gene keys, all of these other pieces of things that I’ve learned and I put them together into my own soup. What you get in the Human Design Lab with me is not the cookie cutter human design stuff that everybody else does. As I add my own flavor, there’s my own unique method underneath all of that. And then I have my nervous system regulation tools and all the other things that help you decondition faster. So one of the keynotes of the five one is to be practical, like it has to be grounded in practical solutions for people. So you see me if you look at my messaging, I, it’s all over my messaging where I talk about like, okay, human design, if you’re confused by it, if it feels like this esoteric system where you’re like, great, interesting, but now what do I do with it? That’s where I come in. Because I provide practical solutions. I demystify the mystical system of human design, I break it down into something that’s really easy for you to understand, and practically apply it in your life, because I’m not interested in teaching anybody anything that they can’t use. It’s like it goes against my all of my enter, because he’s not you. Because he’s a, you know, someone else could say that. But it might not. I have another client who does similar things. But she’s a two, four, that’s not her way. And that doesn’t feel authentic to her to say something like that. So it’s these little keynotes, these pieces of our design that we can start to build a message where it’s like, and then the more it becomes you, I say that with extreme authority, like when I say that, when I tell you like, I provide practical solutions. If you are confused by human design, I can help you with that. If you’re not sure what to do with it, I’ll show you how to use it with your kids. I’ll show you how to use it in your business, I’ll show you how to use it in your life. And I’ll show you how to change your life by giving you a simple mechanical process to follow and some awesome ways that you can dig into what makes you uniquely you, which is just super fun. And who doesn’t like to learn about themselves. But I’m going to show you what to do with that. I love that.

Ati Grinspun  31:42  

Because Okay, so I have an example. And you can correct me here. If your last time I cannot win. And I thought that you were talking about that. And you I was talking about authority, and you were talking about messaging. But you and I were having coffee and I remember I told you Oh my God, when I put together the event, I brought people that change my life. And I wanted to share that with my audience only jollies the same that I do here with the podcast. Like I don’t bring strangers, right I bring people that somehow they brought something into my life. And you told me, of course, because you’re the role model. And your theme is to actually show people what you have learned. Yes, your journey and it was mind blowing. Say it again.

Nicole Laino  32:27  

It’s it’s part of your that’s so your role, you’re a six to you’re a role model and a hermit on the other side, where there’s there’s there’s a bit of a freak flag that comes in with like you have to be into what you’re doing. But then you also have to teach, you have to be open with your own journey and be very accepting of all the stages that you’ve gone through. No six line can start at the finish line, they have this journey usually have some sort of like, things didn’t go well. And I had to overcome stuff. There’s a real hero’s journey in the sixth. And until you share that, you are energetically holding yourself back and you’re missing your own magic and everybody else’s to so you were talking about actually, you know, like that you were going to bring up more of your bartending stuff that you were going to share more of that story. And I was like, wait, I

Ati Grinspun  33:18  

was gonna go there. Yeah, I was gonna go there. How for Okay, so let’s talk let’s talk about how these all closes in messaging for years. And if you are listening to this podcast, you’ve probably heard me talk about these many times. I didn’t tell people like the whole story about me by returning a lot of my immigration unlike not immigration, well, I get my immigrant stories when I first came here, and all of that. And in the last two years when my message solid if I around bu brand and what it is to truly be you. It all came down to that self discovery and really starting to share my journey. And it was crazy to me that people were like, Oh, I was a bartender or oh my god, I like I can totally relate. Yeah, nine to five and I remember literally people telling me like yeah, nine to five you work 9pm to 5am and I go to this job nine to five and I feel like it’s late. And literally people would tell me Oh, yeah, the same. What are they saying are the same or the same? Literally, okay, these can you see you guys can when you’re like, I think that it all truly comes down to dig you know who you are, who we are. And Human Design is such an amazing tool to do that. And

Nicole Laino  34:36  

think about the level of confidence you have not being in the closet. Now. That that level of like it’s out there. I’ve accepted and I love myself. I’m not making an excuse. I’m not apologizing for who I am. No, I’m loud and proud about where I’ve come from and who I am and what I’ve built. And I love the fact that I have this hero’s journey. It’s

Ati Grinspun  35:00  

so crazy that you bring that up, because that has been the biggest kind of like revelation to me. And when I look back, sometimes I’m like, what was he thinking? Why did this even bother me, I can’t even pinpoint how I felt at the time.

Nicole Laino  35:17  

I mean, I think it does come from just a place of, you know, we want to belong and we want to be accepted. I remember I remember when I was, when I was working on Wall Street at the when I first got the job, I was like, I remember having the internal dialogue, don’t tell anybody that you are an actor, you’re not going to fit in, then I left Wall Street, I went back to acting, get out to LA and I was like, don’t tell anyone you on what you worked on Wall Street you won’t fit in. There was always a part of me that didn’t belong. And I do believe that we have, are we not

Ati Grinspun  35:45  

going to be credible, we think we won’t be credible, we think that we’re not going to be credible, we will be accepted

Nicole Laino  35:51  

by the people that we around by our peers. And we want to we want people to see us for what we are now. And we worry that what we were maybe will tarnish that there’s some way we’re not accepting it. But usually we find out that that’s completely untrue. It’s just our own blocks and wounds that are keeping us from sharing it. What I love about human design as a lot of times me showing people and this was my case, too, when I saw it started seeing this myself, I was liken it to like, it’s like having a conversation with God, if God if you sat down with God, and he said, she said, This is how I created you to be like this, to have this journey to go through these struggles to do this. So you could learn that, to have this gift to be a this type of a teacher like because the six is a teacher for you as well. There’s there’s education and teaching and role modeling there, you know, would you look at God and say, No, I don’t accept that. You’d be like, Oh my god, like,

Ati Grinspun  36:48  

I’m gonna, she’s gonna try to, I’m just gonna try to do like, he does it like I don’t get it.

Nicole Laino  36:56  

Yeah, it’d be like, you know, it’d be like spitting in God’s face who wants to do that. So I that’s what I love about it is it can give us so much courage and confidence to be who we are to be the brand to sell the thing that maybe feels like it won’t sell that maybe feels like you know, the safer thing for me to do is to do this. But I’m really being pulled in this direction, to do the thing that you feel pulled to. And that’s where you get the uncommon results. That’s where you get the things that you’re not expecting, you get better than you’re expecting. And you can trust in your process where for me, even when something doesn’t work out, I’m like, I know, I followed my process into this. I feel so grounded in it, like I know something’s in it. For me, even if I don’t get what I expected I will get I know I’m one step closer to getting what I expected or better. And that confidence allows me to walk harder in life.

Ati Grinspun  37:52  

What a great tool for also, I talked so much about trust, because that has been something that it hasn’t come easy to me to like trust the process and trust that things are happening even when they don’t. And what a great tool to trust. Because you know that you’re doing what it’s supposed to be for you. I love that. So oh my god like you and me. Honestly, I feel like we can like keep talking and talking and talking and talking I this I think that you kind of answer these. But I want to hear from your own words, what it is for you to be your brand.

Nicole Laino  38:29  

Oh, wow. I mean, that’s everything being me. I mean, that’s what I’ve built my whole business around. Because when it wasn’t me, I didn’t have a brand. My brand felt so disconnected from everything. And it didn’t work being me allows me to be the biggest version of myself. And I inspire other people to do that. Like we lead by example. And I think that that’s what being you and your brand does is other people see you and they feel that frequency of she’s really being her right now. And that gives me permission to be who I am. And I think that that’s a an incredible gift to the collective. Yes,

Ati Grinspun  39:06  

yes. And I think that like to add to that, the more I ask this to my guess, and everybody kind of says something different, right? But I think at the end of the day, people don’t realize that by every single one of us being who we are and really working towards being more of who we are and allowing allowing and grow in and allowing we are giving the collective all these different colors and needs the collective meets all of it. Yes. Right when people think like, Oh, who’s gonna listen to me who’s gonna like, care about what I have to say? And it’s so untrue.

Nicole Laino  39:44  

We mean, we need it more now than ever. Yes.

Ati Grinspun  39:47  

Oh, my God, this conversation. I hope that we didn’t go extremely woowoo Is there anything that you want to add when it comes to the messaging or the positioning, where would somebody start with like really digging into their messaging and their positioning when it comes to doing it through human design.

Nicole Laino  40:07  

I mean, with human design, it’s, it’s about you start using it, and you start to see how you just start to move differently through life. So one of the things that you can do on my website, you can go to nicolino.com, forward slash chart, and you can run your chart, if you don’t know what you are. That’s where you start, we send you a little video if you sign up for our email list there. But for the messaging piece, look at what it says about you, when when you read into what your type is, when you read into what your authority is, and you start living by your design and you start to ground more into your authenticity. You’ll notice through your profile, most likely that’s the piece for messaging specifically that I would start with. And I actually if you DM me on Instagram, I’m at Nicolino official DM me the word profiles, I’ll send you my profiles masterclass where I actually walk you through all of this, how the messaging gets built, specifically from the profile, the profile is the role that you’re here to play in this world. So I always liken it to like if you watched Forrest Gump, and Jack Nicholson played Forrest Gump, that would be a very different movie, it wouldn’t really work. I don’t think anyone really enjoyed that. So you have a role that you are here to play that’s perfectly fit for you. And if you’re not in alignment with that, and your messaging isn’t in alignment with that, then something will always feel off. So that’s always the basis of where I start is profile. Let’s get you in alignment with that. And can you start speaking from and building a message around so like I talked about, like, my practicality for you. It’s that hero’s journey, there are different ways that we show up there are different tools that work better for some of us than others. And that’s where I would start for messaging. That’s the easiest place to start. And if you DM me profiles on Instagram, we’ll send you the link to the to the masterclass. It’s great. I love it.

Ati Grinspun  41:58  

Ladies, you’re in for a treat. I absolutely love it. Well, can you repeat where people can find you? The podcasts? All the things? Yes,

Nicole Laino  42:06  

thank you. My podcast is called unshakable with human design. We have like over 200 episodes for you to binge to your heart’s content. I’m at Nicolino official on Instagram, and then my website is nicolino.com Super easy.

Ati Grinspun  42:20  

Yes. I love it. Oh my god, this was amazing. Thank you so much for pouring so much into messaging, prepares all the things and really clarifying for people why human design is the way to go. And I’m so thankful for you.

Nicole Laino  42:36  

Thank you so much. It was so wonderful seeing you as always. I appreciate you. Thank you for having me on my love.

Ati Grinspun  42:42  

Yes. Thank you so much. I love you.

Nicole Laino  42:43  

I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

Ati Grinspun  42:45  

I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.