Hey Be You Branders! In this new episode of the Be You Brand podcast I am going to share insights on planning a personal branding photoshoot for maximum ROI, a strategic and purposeful approach to personal branding through photography. 

You have professional photos but they do not show your brand story, your authority and your expertise. Personal branding photoshoots should go beyond capturing aesthetically pleasing images and instead focus on strategically telling the brand story, showcasing expertise, and creating a visual representation that resonates with the target audience. 

It is important to thoroughly plan the shoot, choose the right photographer, and consider various elements such as brand personality, processes, and tools of the trade.

The goal is to ensure that personal branding photography becomes a valuable investment that not only produces attractive visuals but also contributes to the overall success of the brand by building trust, engaging the audience, and differentiating the individual or business from competitors.

“As brands we are telling a story, we’re telling a story of how people will feel after they work with us. We’re telling the story of what it is working with us. We’re telling the story so our clients can see themselves in the picture.”

Key takeaways:

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Happy New Year beautiful people, how are we doing? So I am so excited, I am recording an episode of the Be You Brand podcast today, I kind of want to talk about the return on investment and how to plan for a personal branding shoot that actually makes you money because I think that is so much myth around what is the return the return on investment, but then also how to truly plan a photoshoot that will truly make you money that you’re not just getting photos. So why I believe this is important is because there is people that are investing on personal branding photos, but they’re not necessarily seeing the actual return on investment. So I had the idea of recording this podcast, I did a VIP weekend recently with a client. And we did a whole audit of her website or social media, all of that. And this is the thing, she had professional photos. And they were very, very pretty. But this is the thing, they were not telling her brand story. They were not showcasing her authority and their were not positioning her. She’s a consultant, and she’s a leadership coach. And when I saw her photos, I was like, okay, these photos are pretty, but they’re not showing your expertise. They’re not showing how you can actually help your high level clients. Right? So I came up with the idea of really creating a podcast episode that helps you understand how to truly plan for a photoshoot, not just from a photography standpoint of view, but from a strategic point of view. So actually, the photography makes you money. So let’s get started. Let’s face it prepping for a personal branding, should you have to come up with clothing, it takes time, it takes money, and you’re investing in a photographer, right? So I want to make sure that you’re getting not only the photos, but the ROI on the time that you are actually putting into this process. So I want you to think right now of a few brands that you actually absolutely love. I’m going to give you a few examples of these. Some of the ones that I actually came up with are that I love when it comes to photography are, for example, Coca Cola, when you see their billboards, and when you see their photos and stuff like that. It’s all about like groups having fun and living life. Now another one that I actually love is Patagonia. If you’ve never seen their social media, their photos are all about storytelling. Now why this is so important is because as brands we are telling a story, we’re telling a story of how people will feel after they work with us. We’re telling the story of what it is working with us. We’re telling the story. So our clients can see themselves on the picture. There is a saying on marketing that says you sell what you show. And I want you to actually think about this concept. Because Are you showing what you sell 99% of the people that listen to my podcast, their service providers, I’m a service provider. So I want you to actually think for a second what that means. Are you showing what you’re selling from behind the scenes from what it looks like working with you what actually really means to work with you? What is the promise on the other side, you know that I’m huge on the strategy. And I kind of want to break this down for you. Because I think that so many people are still confused with this. A lot of people think that their branding is the logo or their colors, or their photos or their website. Well, these is actually the RE presentation of your brand strategy. So I want you to understand that like you can create all these strategy and you have to create all this strategy on paper, but then is when you go into brand implementation. And what that means is you’re showing the world what it looks like to work with you what it feels like to work with you what’s on the other side. So let’s start breaking this down. And I want you to start thinking about these brands that you absolutely love. I gave you some example Coca Cola and Patagonia. The other one that I actually want you to go check out that I love and these are all product based and I’m going to give you a few examples right now of personal brands but Red Bull if you go into their Instagram feed, there is not one can of Red Bull in their whole feed. That is actually a strategy that they implemented a few years ago now. Why is because their whole feeling of what they’re showing you is images of people doing incredible things and all these sports that they sponsor, because Red Bull gives you wings. Now, I’m not a Red Bull drinker, but I actually absolutely love looking at their feed because literally is showing boldness and the crazy things that people are doing now, do you understand how this is starting to translate their motto, their branding their feelings into their photography? Now I want you to think of some personalities that you actually love. So some of my favorite that I always follow and I love really looking at what they’re doing. Number one is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is like the epitome of a personal brand and have built an empire under who she is her message and all the things that makes her her from her struggle with weight loss to her soulful Sunday’s and her spiritual journey to her telling the story of like when she first started, how she knocked doors, and she got a no no, no, no, no, like her interviews, but it’s all under her. Now while there is a place to photos with your phone, I want you to think of the client that you want to attract. We know that selling and building your brand is all about trust, it’s about all about know like and trust personal branding photography is there to bridge the gap. Especially if you are trying to sell higher ticket to charge more to maybe you’re a realtor and you want to go luxury, whatever it is where you’re at. If you want to attract a high level clients that is ready to pay you not only what your services are worth, but you want to elevate. Well, photography is the number one tool that you have to do that that you can use right away, I have a few things in here that I want you to think of when it comes to you planning for this photo shoot. So number one is actually picking your photographer. So I know that a lot of you are not here in Las Vegas to maybe come shoot with me I actually have a ton of clients that travel to Vegas to come and shoot with me or the VIP weekends. But this is the thing you have to ask questions. One of the biggest mistakes that I see with people is they hire either their family photographer to do personal branding photography. And this is a huge mistake. Because guys, I was a portrait photographer, I used to photograph families. But the thing is preparing for a personal branding shoot is completely different. This has nothing to do with just pretty photo. So I’m gonna break down to you the process that we use in order to help our clients prepare for the photo shoots because this is something that it’s part of your strategy. And I’m gonna actually give you an extra tip on once you have those photos, those days for those that you need for your brand, what to do next. So number one, you need a body of work that entails who you are, what you do, how you make your client feel, and that your client is going to feel attracted to it. Now, you do not need to do what your competitors are doing. Like I see a lot of like branding coaches and stuff like that they have a very editorial Look, that’s not me, that is not the people I work with. A lot of my clients are service providers, and my personality is really lively. And a lot of the people that I attract are very similar. So for me, editorial look doesn’t necessarily make sense for my brand. For me, it’s all about lifestyle. So I want you to think about the things in advance once you start looking for your photographer. So number one when you’re looking for this person, this person needs to be a expert at personal branding or product photography if you are a product person but they need to be an expert. So number two, once you found this person that is an expert I want you to look at their work who you will like their work. So for example for me if you come and ask me for photos with a black background, right and black and white, that is not me that is not my style. That is not what to show on my website. That is not the kind of work that I put out. So for me everything is about as bright and airy and lively and colorful while I can do and pull some editorial looks and I have done that in the in the past. For me, it’s all about lifestyle. So I want you to think and I want you to start looking at the photographer’s like their work does it match what you want to create? So that’s number one, number two,

you Want to ask questions, and you want to ask questions as of hey, is there a planning session? Hey, is there different locations? Is this happens all in studio? Because for example, for me, a lot of the things that I do shooting in a studio don’t make sense. Okay? Because we do lifestyle. So a lot of the times we want to be in the environment of where or clients are truly working. Are they working at an office? Are they working from home? Are they working from coffee shops, what it looks like, right? So you want to make sure that the photographer that you pick is an expert on that it match your vision for the photoshoot. So we have a process that we use with our clients that this is what it showcases and this is what you should be demanding, or it should be looking for. A lot of photographers will only look into your colors they will look into Okay, where you’re going to use your photos, do you need horizontal? Do you need vertical? They will not talk with you about your brand story and your brand story is concise of your processes. It’s also made out of your personality. What does it look like working with you? Who are you are people drawn to working with you as opposed to somebody else and started thinking about all the things as you are looking for creating these million dollar images for your personal brand? Okay, the other one is tools of the trade. What do you use to work? What what are the things for me, actually, I brought it here for me is my camera for me is my phone, my tripod, my microphone when I am working with clients and we do VIPs like I bring my huge stickies and we put them on the wall. So though all those things are tools of the trade are things that I am using to give my clients results. What are the things that you’re using to give your clients results, those are the tools of the trade. The other thing to think of is the location. And this is one of the things that I believe I do so befriend and other personal branding photographers. For me, the location needs to tell the story. Because your brand’s story, who you are how you bring that into your business is key to separate you from your competitors is what makes you memorable. Yes, some photos are beautiful capture in just a backdrop. But the thing is, they don’t capture who you are, they don’t capture the essence of what you do. So let’s start breaking this down for you. So under your process, I want you to think about this. What does it look working with you from beginning to end? Do you do a call? Are you on your computer? Are you teaching in person do you want to speak? This is one of the things that a lot of people don’t think about when I told you you want to show what you want to sell? Are you trying to get in new rooms where you want to speak? Well, maybe you need to do part of your photo shoot is showcasing the Euro speaker even if you haven’t done this yet, with this particular client, she came to Vegas for her VIP. We did a lot of photos of her doing video, we did a lot of photos of her working with a group because her main offer is corporate training. We did a lot of like photos with her in a conference room teaching. Because truth is that is where she’s going. And she needs to show that so people can realize what is exactly what it is that she is selling. Now when it also comes to your processes. Maybe you are meeting with people in person, maybe you’re not. What do you want to showcase. This is going to be so helpful when you’re describing these on social media, on your email marketing on your website when you’re talking about why is different and better to work with you. But we talked about the personality. So I want you to think face to camera photos. Why because your face is what bridges the trust with your people. Your face is what is truly showing who you are. So many people have these feeds on Instagram and LinkedIn everywhere with no photos of yourself which is crazy to me. Think about your marketing materials. How are you going to stand out on the competition if you are not showing who you are. So when it comes to personality, I want you to think of feelings. What do you want your person to actually feel when they see your photos lifestyle for your car? I in what do they want to feel? I’m gonna give you an example. I have a client of mine, who she does photos quarterly. And she’s a real estate investor. And a lot of what she shows is the books that she’s reading. She’s also showing the things the houses like she’s showing, we have photos that we have done with her, we like blueprints why? Because it’s so important that people can see why investing with her is a process is a journey. Okay, so I want you to really start thinking what does your client need to see, in order to feel like you are the right person for them. So that first photo shoot, if you’ve never done a photo shoot before, that first photo shoot should be unique to you, it should have your colors, your personality, your processes, your tools of the trade, all of that. However, once you did that photoshoot, and you have that banner for your website, you have your main photos. After that, the next step is having new and fresh photos to create content, because I want you to think about this, how many of you are procrastinating to create content or to show up on social media just because you’re like, I need to get ready, I don’t have photos, I don’t have videos, when you actually have a body of work, what starts to happen is that you can sit down and write a post, and you can be looking like crap. And it doesn’t matter, right, because you can batch your content on a Saturday morning on your pajamas. And then you can have a beautiful feed without even trying. Now, one of the things that I have tested this, and I actually made some notes on this, I have done many photo shoots in my career in my life. And some of these photos are beautiful. But once you start using them over and over and over, especially in social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, all of that people get numb to the same body of work. So that is why we actually have our membership where people get photos quarterly, because you want to have different change of closes different locations, different stories that you’re telling through your content. So you can use them as real covers and carousels and all of that. Because the truth is that in a digital world, even if you have a brick and mortar business, people are peeking you through the visuals that they are seeing on social media on Google on your website, and all of that now on your website, you can be have this first body of work that is unique to you. And you don’t need to be changing those photos all the time. However, on social media, LinkedIn, your marketing materials, if you’re doing workshops, and master classes, all of that you need photos. For every single one of them. I can see such a difference on engagement. When we do new photos, and people are always commenting on that. Oh my god, I love these photos. I love this app. And a lot of my photos are for professional is not like they are different from what I did before where it’s just like changing clothing, different hair, different colors, different settings. So I want you to keep this in mind. Because I think that a lot of people don’t realize and they’re very active on social media. But the one of the reasons why when I audit people when they tell me hey, I’m getting zero engagement. One of the first things that I see is their photography is not professional, and the photography does not translate truly what their brand is, who they are and what they do. I hope this was helpful. As always, you can find me on Instagram, we are running a special on our presence membership. We have people obviously local to Las Vegas, we have people that come from California and Utah and Arizona. So don’t be shy. Send me a message on Instagram. Come take a look at how we are using personal branding photography to elevate people’s brands and let me know if you have any questions. I love to help you get set up and help you with getting through personal branding photography that is going to truly elevate your brand and actually make you money. Let’s move away from just pretty photos unless you start stepping into your best self as the face of your brand. Thank you guys