Hi listeners! Welcome to another episode of the Be You Brand podcast. Today, I am joined by Tannya Bernadette to talk about the importance of personal style and how it can impact one’s confidence, brand representation, and overall well-being. She delves into the significance of intentional dressing, understanding and embracing one’s body, expressing individuality through clothing, and the psychological effects of feeling confident in what you wear. She also touches on the role of a stylist in guiding individuals to align their clothing choices with their goals, brand image, and personal preferences. She shares tips on how to incorporate modern styles into a more feminine look without losing the feminine element. Additionally, there is a focus on the idea that style is not just about following trends but about creating a wardrobe that reflects one’s authentic self. The conversation encourages listeners to be intentional, open-minded, and willing to invest in pieces that make them feel empowered and confident.

“So it’s really identifying what you feel really good about your body and you don’t care about showing off and the parts that you feel a little bit more insecure about so you want to make sure that you find the pieces that work well for you.”- Tannya Bernadette

Here are the key takeaways:

About the Guest:

In 2009, Master Stylist, Tannya Bernadette launched a business dedicated to empowering busy women to shop with ease and intention. The power in her work as a personal stylist comes from understanding her clients goals to help them build a full wardrobe of outfits that match their body, life, and how they want to show up. Aside from hosting The Closet Edit podcast, Tannya has been featured on and partnered with Seattle’s Top Dating Photographer, NW Mom Magazine, Simply Matchmaking, Seattle Magazine, Q13, King 5 News, K &L Gates, Vince, Alice + Olivia, and more.

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Ati Grinspun  0:00  

Welcome, everybody to the Be You Brand podcast. I am so excited about the conversation that we are going to have with Tannya from the closet edit. Before I introduce you, Tannya, go ahead, start introducing yourself. And then we’ll tell people how we met and all the amazing things about you. You

Tannya Bernadette  0:21  

know what I have started this business 14 years ago, I’ve been in it so long, it feels like an integral part of my life. But it’s all about helping people level up in their life and accomplish their goals through style. Because how you feel about yourself, really helps you develop and step into the woman or the person that you want to be in the future and becoming more aware of where you’re at. And where you want to go is a very important part. And so I help people shop for the pieces that really fit their life, their body and their goals.

Ati Grinspun  0:53  

Oh my god. Okay, you guys. So we are in for literally a lesson in shopping. I cannot love that more. But you know how much I love. Obviously, I teach personal branding. I think one of the things that I get from people all the time is I don’t know what to wear, I help them in their photoshoots and stuff like that. But what is that next level? So it can’t wait to chat about that. But I want to give them the official bio because like literally you have worked with all the amazing people you have done so many things. And when I look at your staff, your Instagram and even your bio, you have been around for way longer that people have been hearing personal branding, right on social media. And I think that that is so important because people think that personal branding has been around for like how long Instagram has been around and that is so not true. So I’m gonna read your bio and then we’re gonna go from there Tanya Verna dad. In 2009, master stylist, tiny Bernadette launched a business dedicated to empowering BC women to shop with ease and intention. The power in her work as a personal stylist comes from understanding her clients goals to help them build a full wardrobe of outfits that match their body live and how they want to show up and save from hosting the closet edit podcast. Tanya has been featured on and partner with Seattle’s top dating photographer, Northwest magazine, simply matchmaking Seattle magazine, q 13. In five news, K and L Gates, bins, Alice and Olivia and more. If you’re ready to boost your confidence and life, she is your girl. I am so excited. Yeah, I

Tannya Bernadette  2:43  

love it. Yes. And the reason why I have done all of that is just I have a way of working with clients where we really become intentional. And I think that’s the very important part to start with. And you mentioned that you work with people where they’re working on their brand, and they don’t know where to start. And that’s the first step is becoming aware with where you’re at. And being more intentional with your shopping. Because most people get stuck in certain habits. They get stuck in buying things that worked for them in the past, they get stuck in buying things that they thought looked good at one point, but they don’t know how to update, or they get stuck. And this is a newer thing. People get stuck buying a lot from the ads on Instagram and Facebook because we are bombarded with information and so they don’t know what direction to take. And so they’re clicking on people that they’re following buying things and they’re like, This doesn’t look good.

Ati Grinspun  3:38  

Like these doesn’t look right, you looked on Instagram, right? Like that is the thing number one, I want to know like the edited version of how you actually started the styling because I think that I remember thinking when I first got into business and I heard about stylists, I thought that this was something completely unattainable like this was like something for celebrities that he was like so expensive. And I’m with honestly, I don’t think that that at this very moment. So I kind of want to like hear from you how you got started and what made you actually started working with business owners.

Tannya Bernadette  4:13  

My journey started when I was only 22 years old. I was a recent grad from college and I did go to school for fashion marketing, and I had it in myself to become a stylist. I knew that I live in Seattle, Washington, I knew that people here needed help with developing what their style was here in Seattle, it’s very easy to get caught in wearing very neutral colors, a lot of black which is not bad. Some clients do that. Because of the weather. It’s because of the weather and there’s also like this social thing that happens where people feel like they can’t dress up but going through school and being here I noticed that people did need help. They just didn’t know where to shop, what to do, what direction to take. And I remember when I used to tell people I’m going to be a stylist every One thought that was crazy. Like, no one needs a stylist that’s like a celebrity. I’m like, No, I’m gonna work with everyday people that need help. And one day I went, and this is how important community is I knew I wanted to do this. And I knew I had to be with high level successful people. So I walked in this neighborhood called Ballard and I found this beautiful hair salon and I wanted to hire the owner, I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to connect with her. I saw a vision there where I could create something, I wanted something like that. So I went in, she was cutting my hair. And I told her, You know what, I’m actually I made this up. I’m looking for an office space, because I’m going to be a stylist, and she turned the chair around. And she told me, You know what I’m renting upstairs. Let me show you after we’re done. She showed me and the office was beautiful. It had the French doors opened, it had a view of the city below. I did not even think about 22 years old, I still had college debt. I was married at the time I signed the contract to go home to tell my husband at the time, and he looked at me he’s like, you even have a client? What are you thinking? How are you gonna make the money to pay your monthly rent, and I freaked out, I didn’t even think about it. Because what happened when I went in that space is I saw the vision, you know, in the movies where you scan the room and breathing there. I had a vision I didn’t even think about I wasn’t even scared. But when my husband at the time told me about not being able to pay rent, it got to me and I called the person and I said you know what, I don’t know about what I was thinking at the time I signed the contract, we need to end it. And I will never forget, she told me you need to get your big girl panties on. I can’t go back. You had a vision, you’re going to make it happen. And I made it happen. And I’m still doing it. 14 years later, by paid the rent. I did the thing. And I’m still like

Ati Grinspun  6:57  

God, there is so much to unpack there that we may not go to all of it right now. But there’s so much to unpack there. Number one the power of your vision. But then I want to say this. I remember so you know my story. I used to be a bartender. I don’t know if you knew that. I remember I always dressed different. And I don’t know if it was my upbringing, or like what was said, Yeah, I always dressed a little different like a little funkier. Also, I travel a ton, right? So I don’t know if I brought a lot of that with me. And I remember people telling me like in the bartending we’re like, do you think you are or, Oh, that’s a little crazy. And then I found friends that actually loved fashion. Also, when I was like, It’s not about how much it is. It’s not about its self expression. But I think that so many women, this goes back just like business, right? So many women, we were so afraid of what some people is gonna think or like what the other person is, or who she thinks she is. So I would love to go into the ratio, and we talked a little bit off camera. But let’s talk a little bit about branding, personal branding, showing up. And number one, why it’s important to actually up level the look. Because you like literally can I named some of the people that you work with. Oh, yeah, of course, like you were talking about Vina, right. And if you guys don’t know, Bina, I will actually like probably tank her here. But like she’s an investor, she was a speaker at the event that we met. I feel like for so many of us, it’s like, well, we’re anxious. We’re black, because I don’t know what to wear. And that was for me. So can you talk a little bit about like, how that affects your success? Like how people Yes, all of that

Tannya Bernadette  8:45  

you know what dressing in a way that feels good, helps you show up in a new way. And when you become intentional with how you’re dressing, it helps you in your business, because just like how you have a brand you become intentional. What are the elements that you need to create the community? What are the ways that you want your voice to be with the people that you’re speaking to? You need the same thing with your clothing. And as you start trying things on, you start to develop what that means. So for example, when I work with clients, the very first step that we do is we create intention. So you have to ask yourself, How do you want to look and feel to the three words or phrases How do you want to look and feel? So I’m just going to share with you mine because then I could easily speak to it but it is powerful. It is feminine, and it is bold and similar to your story. I actually I was born here I’m Peruvian. I always grew up knowing I was different. I always dress different because it was influenced by my mom the colors, the sexiness of feminine and I grew up in Seattle where everything is dark and black. So I always stood out. And I think that people get so caught whether you live in a certain area or you’re working in a certain In industry or when you’re developing your brand and going into these rooms with women, you start to feel insecure sometimes like

Ati Grinspun  10:07  

are small, right? Because yeah, small. Oh, I find 100%. Exactly.

Tannya Bernadette  10:12  

So being intentional of okay, this is how I want to show up. For me powerful, feminine, bold. When I get dressed when I’m buying something at the store, if it doesn’t fit any of those things, I do not buy it. It’s funny

Ati Grinspun  10:28  

that you say that because we do an exercise inside of my Academy, which is okay, how do you want to show up online? Like the adjectives? It’s honestly the same thing? Because I feel like people are not looking from the outside into themselves, not to somebody else. Like I always tell people, okay, put yourself outside of you. What do you want to see? Yeah, what do you want to feel? What is that that you want to transmit? And I actually do have my three words for clothing with, isn’t it? Yes, it’s fun, unapologetic, and absolutely myself. And the thing with that is, I have gone through times. Have you seen any of the photos or videos from my event?

Tannya Bernadette  11:11  

I don’t know. Yes, I

Ati Grinspun  11:12  

did. And I remember what I bought that that pink dress like guys go on Instagram, you can see it look, whatever, I bought the pink dress. And when I tried it, I felt so in my power. And then I was like, Is it too much? And then I thought to myself, and I would say no, because literally guys, my event was be you. Be you brand, right? Like I was like, and like I encourage people to do that. And I told people dress as you’re absolutely self like unapologetic wear whatever you want to the Judy event, I don’t care how outstanding how shiny, whatever it was so liberating for people. It is

Tannya Bernadette  11:56  

and the fact that you got to wear sneakers, it’s so interesting as women is especially it’s like, we need permission for some reason from somebody to dress a certain way to make big decisions. When we don’t we could own it and say you know what, I like to look powerful, but I want to be comfortable. So I’m gonna wear some cute sneakers that also pop and go with my outfit. So you have to give yourself

Ati Grinspun  12:21  

a statement. And there was even like a like a, like a piece of my keynote around it was like, This is who I always knew I was meant to be. And today I’m stepping on my power. And if I do it, you can do it too. And I think that part of our personal style actually talks to that too, when women wear their power, and they feel confident they’re allowing other women to do

Tannya Bernadette  12:45  

the same. Yes. And I also want to note because there are women that are listening that are more casual. And I do work with a lot of women that their big word in their cell statement is I want to be comfortable and take the casual to the next level because that’s where they’re at in their life and that feels like them and they don’t want somebody to see them on video and then see them in real life and not feel like they’re the same person. So I think it’s very important to as you’re listening to this. If you do dress more casually, that’s okay but what can you do to buy clothing that maybe is more modern, maybe fits your body better, maybe has a different color, just leveling it up. Even in that sense is something that’s really important and you can do that you can wear the graphic tees do just a chain some cool sneakers wear a baseball cap you know it is really creating you and feeling comfortable with what that is in your brand.

Ati Grinspun  13:41  

I love that because I’m actually very casual like I do wear like heels but I don’t know I’m just casual like I’m not a super dressed up person. I love clothes though you your brand is called the closet edit. So can we talk a little bit also about like not having a million things and having you absolutely love when it comes to online showing up and

Tannya Bernadette  14:08  

showing all the things so the reason why my business is called the closet edit is you have to identify also before moving forward you have to be aware of where you are at the everybody says like oh, I don’t have good style, I don’t have style will identify what is your style right now what you are wearing is your style, regardless if it’s good or bad or whatever label you put on it. So you can learn a lot from your closet. You can figure out what you need to look for what you need to avoid because you’re not wearing and what is holding you back in your life. Every time you put that sweatshirt on from five years ago and you put it on you feel like you’re stepping into you five years ago. You’re not gonna be able to move forward your closet actually holds you back.

Ati Grinspun  14:52  

story. Yeah, I came back from this event and there was a girl on stage and she she’s not a stylish It’s just a cat Keno that wants to speak in there. And one of the things she talked about about her story was like how she went through this scarcity mindset. And she looked at her closet, and she realized she was like holding on to all these clothing from like, five years ago, or 10 years ago, that she will never frickin wear again. And she’s like, she identified how she was like, holding on to it. Because, you know, you think, yeah, you have a lot of things. But then you may have these own limiting beliefs that you can never replace those. And I was like, Oh, my God, I came home the same night. But like, I’m telling you, Tanya, I came back and the same night, I feel two bags of clothes. I was like, Why do I have all these clothes that were trendy? 10 years ago, I don’t wear them, I my body is not the body anymore. Like I couldn’t like I can’t wear you. And every day, everything I wear is either white, like pink, orange, or a sub color that I wear black also, but I only wear that, like, literally, it’s my brand. That’s what I wear. And then I was like, I’m never gonna wear all this stuff. And I felt like

Tannya Bernadette  16:13  

it’s liberating. It’s liberating. And the goal when I work with people, even women that I’ve worked with for years, for example, yesterday, I was working with a client who’s a wonderful client, we work consistently together, even then we keep your closet condensed to the pieces that you pull out, and you know you feel good about. So the whole goal, regardless of how much clothing you have, is do you pull that item and every time you put it on, you’re kind of fidgeting with it can’t figure it out, you don’t know what to do with it that needs to go. You don’t try to make things work in your life that don’t work for you. I think that’s very important to take away. And if you are more on a budget, I do recommend still being very intentional the way I have clients that my services are pretty expensive. When you do one on one, we do have the group coaching, but the one on one is pretty expensive. I have clients that save up their money, because they know when we shop, we are intentional with what they buy, they actually wear their pieces consistently. And in a two hour to three hour shopping session. Usually clients on the budget will get five to 10 pieces only. But they know that everything will mix and match well together so that they can make multiple outfits out of those items. And we have layers, you could take it off. And it’s one thing you can think over, it’s another thing. So it’s just being very intentional with what you buy and how you spend your money. Regardless of how much money you make. Even my clients that make a ton of money are still when we work together. It is about being intentional, because you don’t want a giant walk in closet with shit on a bike. It’s wrong.

Ati Grinspun  17:45  

i One of the things I had this conversation with a lot of clients, sometimes you don’t want also to go with pieces that are like extremely expensive and one over time, because you’re not going to use that for three years. Like you get like, for example for me, I can show up on stage and speaking with the same outfit every single time. Mm hmm. I just can’t. Right, like so sometimes it’s about being really really intentional, that that piece fits who you are, like where you’re going to be able to use it. And okay, but because this is the thing, I understand the value that a stylist brings to the table, can we talk a little bit about that psychological thing that happens when your clients, your prospect clients, they see you in your power, because I think that women don’t really think about this. And I talk a lot about it. But I’m not a stylist like so I love clothing, but I’m not a stylist. So I want them to hear from the experts.

Tannya Bernadette  18:48  

So when you step into your power, your energy becomes contagious, you start attracting people that are similar to you and people that are different from you that want to learn from you. Because you have this way of being when you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. You could tell the insecurity, sometimes you could tell that you’re on stage, maybe fidgeting, maybe your skirts too short, and you keep pulling it down. There’s certain signals that show when you’re feeling uncomfortable and what you’re wearing. And when you do step into something that feels good. I’m gonna give an example of a client. Yes, this is a man client, but it still could go with women. But he wrote to me, he trusted the process. He’s like, I know what we’re gonna do together is going to change my life. But he’s like, I’m not sure how yet, but I know it will help with my competence. And he’s like, I want to write back to you in a month after wearing my outfits and let you know how I feel. He writes back to me in the month and he says, You know what, I want to be very intentional because I put outfits together for them with what they buy. He’s like I wore one new outfit every day of how you combine my pieces. And he’s introverted. And he’s like, I was in line at Starbucks. And people try I did talk to me, he’s like, no one ever noticed me, no one tried to talk to me. And he’s like, because I had things to dress up in where he’s like I intentionally wanted to actually go out. And I made plans to go out when normally I would stay at home. So it creates this power in you of not only having competence, but just feeling better about yourself where you want to be seen, where you want to connect with other people. So it’s very impactful. For me

Ati Grinspun  20:26  

something that I love about what you just said, is I know when I go to a networking event, or for example, an event like the one we met, notice me and I don’t do it on purpose. It’s how I dress no matter what. But I feel that that has always been like a conversation starter without me having to tell people, This is what I do. This is right, like, or people will comment all the time i k once you start working with somebody, those people start wearing their brand colors. Yeah. Because I wear my brand colors all the time. Oh my god, I love that story. Like because you’re going to feel more comfortable to go network to go talk to people. Conversation Starters, right?

Tannya Bernadette  21:12  

Yeah. And I like how you mentioned about you weren’t trying to be seen. But again, your energy is connected with the clothing that you’re wearing. So if you’re wearing things that make you feel insecure, like, again, to that point of view five years ago, but now you’re more of like this empowered woman that’s more bold, wants to be out there, when you’re wearing those pieces that don’t feel like you now you can’t step into this new version of where you’re at. And I think that people forget also that you can change at any time. If you’re listening to this podcast right now. And you are like it clicked and you’re like, you know what, there’s something else I want to step into. You can step into that woman tomorrow, you don’t have to wait till next week or the lose weight or make more money, you can step into the person you want to be in a few seconds by going online and shopping by going into a store and picking up a few new things that just light you up. Yeah,

Ati Grinspun  22:04  

I want to talk about fit. Because this is one that I see all the people like all the time I see women either on stage or at a networking event, like covering their belly, their clothes is too tight. Sometimes this happens to me, when somebody comes to a photoshoot. Usually I help them and they send photos but I had one time somebody showed up to a photo shoot. And they’re like, oh my god, I kind of want to be some 10 years. And I was like, Well, you’re not working today. Oh my gosh. But I want to talk about fed, because and body types. Can we go there for a minute? Yes.

Tannya Bernadette  22:42  

So I am actually writing a book right now. And this is a very important part of the book, you’re writing a book I am it’s gonna be out in 2025. So back to this, you’re gonna be very surprised. But body type has a little less to do than what people actually think so yes, so this is going to blow your mind everybody listening. The reason why is that body type has to do with what you’re insecure about. So if you are insecure about your belly, then you want to cover it more. If you feel really good about your boobs, you want to show off if you don’t you need to cover that this is why style is so personalized, because everybody is different. I work with clients that are tall, that are very insecure about being tall, and they don’t like to wear crop pants, they don’t like to wear any short skirts. And then I have clients that are tall, that love their legs, they want a short skirt, they want the tall boots, and they don’t care if they do a crop pant. So it’s really identifying what you feel really good about your body and you don’t care about showing off and the parts that you feel a little bit more insecure about. So you want to make sure that you find the pieces that work well for you. And I think that’s very important to share. Like there’s a client I have that she’s plus size. I have a lot of class plus sized clients. Surprisingly, some of my plus sized clients have so much more confidence in their body than some of my clients that are really tiny. So think that

Ati Grinspun  24:12  

like tiny, um, tiny, I mean, you and I met Yeah, for the longest time I would wear like things that cover my belly, like the kind of like that whatever and I was like, Oh my God, that stuff is making me bigger. I’m like, I don’t even know like ya know.

Tannya Bernadette  24:29  

And so in your journey when you start with your style, if you are being intentional right now it’s just being present with where you’re at. Maybe you don’t feel good about all parts of your body yet but show off those parts that you do feel good about. You have a small waist shoe off that small waist, tuck in your shirts where a little skirt that comes in and flares out.

Ati Grinspun  24:49  

That is so important because what I see a lot of women doing is wearing bigger clothes to kind of like hide instead of buying the pieces and this is something that I again, I love clothes and fashion. And I know that not everybody kind of loves that stuff. But I feel like people buy stuff to hide that instead of to highlight kind of like, what does it what would it be like to make it better if you want to call? Yes, like for me when I look for a blazer, I’m looking for something that is really tucked in and it’s tailor or stuff like that. Oh my god, I love that. Yeah,

Tannya Bernadette  25:24  

so with fashion right now too. There’s kind of a blur between what is dressy and was casual. So for example, my style is very feminine. But today I’m a little more casual because I was running errands with the kids and so I am wearing something a bit more boxy. So there are ways of creating those elements of like boxy, drapey but still doing something feminine. So for example, if you are watching, you can see if you’re listening, you’ll just hear it but I am wearing slightly more of a boxy overcoat that’s super cute and stylish, but my undershirt is fitted so I still have that feminine element and I have a square neckline so it feels very feminine and my jewelry and I have high heeled boots on. So there are ways to add modern styles that are slightly oversized to a more feminine look where you don’t lose yourself in it if that makes sense. And I

Ati Grinspun  26:15  

think okay, and just for the people that are listening, like literally her clothing also matches her background, which is something similar to always you’re always gonna start that kind of matches my brand but their reason for that and I actually been kind of fighting the thing because I do have a few really beautiful high end dresses that are not my brand and I’m like when am I ever going to wear these, maybe for a wedding or something. But I’m like the truth is that you are the bearer of your brand. So not only the colors, the style, you want people to recognize it right away. When they see on social media or in person like you want to make sure that people are recognizing that.

Tannya Bernadette  27:02  

Exactly. They see you and they’re like I know who that is I know what she’s all about. And your brand has a lot to do with what you’re wearing too. Like for me I do work with business owners but I work with moms and so they understand Tanya’s running around but she’s still stylish she’s in her boots, she’s in her jewelry. I never leave the house without jewelry. That’s just part of my Say anything you see with me online I have a ton of jewelry on there’s just no way around it for

Ati Grinspun  27:31  

me right like for me like my all my outfits I love them to make a statement of who I am they need to feel fun for me and they need to be comfy I can be like I was like draping my dress the other day as I say you open the event and I was like oh my god and it was nothing like my back was completely open threads and all of that and then I’m like like but I was draping and it was killing me right so I know that for me needs to feel like I can move I move a lot so I love that one more question for you. Which is that so a lot of the women are just starting out like a lot of women actually are starting in their journey to dress more like their brand to really feel in power with their clothes. My question to you is like how do they express themselves into these be you brand without feeling like they’re not themselves? I don’t know like if I’m saying hey, we know that people will wear something and they’ll be like oh maybe this is not me like there is a lot of doubt around that. I

Tannya Bernadette  28:38  

love that you bring this up because and I’m sure everybody can relate. You’ve gone into a store you try on this dress, it fits your body perfect and you walk out of the fitting room and every buddy’s complimenting you on how beautiful it looks how it fits like a glove. And you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re like this is not me I would never wear it the way that you see yourself and want to show up is differently than what just looks good on your body or what others see for you. If that makes sense. So like I mentioned the beginning when you are shopping before even shopping, be intentional and put your three phrases or three words. Again, mine is bold, feminine, powerful. So obviously those are very broad. You don’t know for somebody else, it could be sexy, yet comfortable and flirty. And that can mean different for everybody. So as you shop ask yourself, how sexy do I want to be maybe for you sexy as a color maybe it’s a brand, some people for sexy it’s not showing cleavage, some people for sexy, it’s showing your legs. I really encourage people to take notes on what they find works for them and fits their style statement and what doesn’t as a shop because then it becomes easier. And yes, you’ll notice and maybe you felt this, when you try something on that looks and feels like you and feel so good. When you try something else on that doesn’t you just know, you’re like, No,

Ati Grinspun  30:10  

I know I can I actually it’s funny you say that because I’ll go on a shopping day. And sometimes I will leave with nothing. Because if it doesn’t feel like me, I don’t buy it. Mm hmm. I don’t mind.

Tannya Bernadette  30:25  

Yeah, which you shouldn’t go on a shopping day without being able to find something because it’s very stressful. So going in and not being so specific is also very important. Like, if there’s a cardigan with the drape in the color and the fabric and you go in, you’re never going to find it. So you do have to be open minded. But I always say go with a shopping list of at least three pieces. Stay on target with that. And you did mention pricing before about not investing too much in clothing. But I actually encourage, if you do have the budget, open yourself up to being able to buy something that does cost more, because I’m just gonna say it feels really good. It feels really good when you buy that piece that feels Yes.

Ati Grinspun  31:13  

Because I know that women are everywhere, like Yeah, I think that like sometimes the piece that feels good is not just about pricing. Yeah, it’s also about the style that you buy. Yeah,

Tannya Bernadette  31:23  

it’s so interesting. Like, you can wear a blazer that makes like Venus said that when we were shopping, it was out of the budget that she usually spends on the blazer, but she tried this on. And she felt like a million bucks. She said that she was like, I feel like a million bucks. So it is worth it. If he has a million benefit.

Ati Grinspun  31:42  

Yeah, it is totally worth it to buy a piece. And I think that like, I just don’t want people to think that stuff needs to be accepted. Because sometimes we trade something that is really expensive, and it doesn’t feel good. Oh, yeah, for sure about how it feels, and how you actually are, like embodying that next level. Yeah.

Tannya Bernadette  32:04  

And always be open to trying things that are new. Because if you haven’t shopped in a few years, I’m just going to be honest, when you go into a store or go online, it will feel a little overwhelming because everything is going to look very new than what you’re used to. So I encourage you you

Ati Grinspun  32:20  

haven’t shopped in a few years. I was like, Yeah, where do those people leave?

Tannya Bernadette  32:24  

Yeah, though, there’s some people they shop and if they shop, they buy the same things that they kept buying.

Unknown Speaker  32:32  

They knew I was a person. Yeah, you

Tannya Bernadette  32:35  

get stuck, you get stuck, you know what worked and then you just do it because you and that’s why I work with busy, successful women. You become busy and it’s like, oh, I need a new shirt. This one broker Oh, I wear this all the time. Let me buy it in a different color. And then you go to your closet and you’re like I’m bored because it all just looks

Ati Grinspun  32:51  

at me and now that I did that closet edit. Yeah, edit these I started edit. Oh my God, I am so ready to like get pieces that are super fun.

Tannya Bernadette  33:02  

Mm hmm. Well, I’m gonna tell you as a little piece of advice, see what styles you have a lot of let’s say you have a lot of short sleeve shirts. Try something that sleeveless try a little jacket that’s lightweight that you can pervert look at what you have enough of and what you can actually add make a list of like the top three pieces that you’re like oh, I don’t have enough of this or maybe I want to try this instead and oh my god

Ati Grinspun  33:28  

for us it’s something earlier we’re gonna close this because we could talk forever because we can always do a second part we can have no, I think there’s probably so many questions about this again, right? Like we didn’t even scratch the surface we talked about confidence we talk about the women creating like the three words that they want to feel like they closet edit, right like getting rid of pieces that they offer you five years ago, but a thing like we can even like go into truly how to show up for your photoshoot. This is something that people ask me all the time and I have knowledge around obviously I’ve been shooting for many years, but I think that every woman is different right? And those three adjectives need to come through on those photo shoots. Yes, right. Yeah,

Tannya Bernadette  34:17  

we could we could do a whole episode I talk with people on photo shoots all the time. That’s like oh my god. Other we

Ati Grinspun  34:23  

need to do like the closet edit episode. Absolutely. So okay, Tanya, tell everybody where they can find you. And you have a few different offers, tell them how they can work with you all that stuff. Of

Tannya Bernadette  34:37  

course. I love hanging on Instagram so you could find my personal Instagram at Tanya B style that’s T A N N y A b style. We also have the company which is the closet dot edit and with clients. I work one on one both virtually and in person at my closet edit.com You could find the services if you’re really looking to dabble in, learn more how to do this on your own going to our monthly style coaching and shopping program is the best way to start. You get so much information you get on demand style videos, we do live monthly calls, you get chopping boards, it’s only $35 A month right now the weary but you get so much content for what you get with the monthly coaching. It is in a group setting though so not one on one, but it is still very informational. So I encourage

Ati Grinspun  35:31  

you come along and you can grow into the next slide. Yeah, right. Like I think it’s a way for women to start feeling confident and be like, Okay, I always wanted to dress different or better or whatever and be like, Okay, how do I step into that person?

Tannya Bernadette  35:47  

Yes. And the reason why I do the monthly coaching is I know not everybody can afford the one on one. But the monthly coaching I just give so much because I love connecting with the community and just seeing women get excited and light up as they try something that feels really good to them. We call it the TCE insider program the membership so if you go to my closet edit.com You’ll see TCE insiders and that’s where they go the signup

Ati Grinspun  36:13  

that is so fun. I love it. Well, this was amazing, so much information, so much inspiration too, because I think that so many women are doubting like if they can step into that person that like it’s a little bit bolder, a little bit like more stylish and you gave them great pointers. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Bye Love. Bye