In this new episode, I am going to talk about the missing piece in building the foundations of your personal brand and the foundations of the content marketing that you want to use. I talk about the importance of personal branding and clarity in the world of entrepreneurship, particularly for women and the significance of understanding one’s personal brand strategy, identity, and marketing before delving into content creation and promotion. I delve into the context about differentiation, authenticity, confidence, and the need for a clear and concise personal brand statement and the role of content as a fundamental element in building and promoting a personal brand, acting as the glue that holds various aspects of branding together. 

“The truth is, repetition is the mother of reputation. So if you don’t repeat yourself, people will know you for nothing. And marketing people say you want to repeat one thing a million times, not a million things one time because you will be known for nothing. So at the end of the day, have you sat down and figured out who you are? What qualifies you to do what you do?”

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Welcome my friends to the Be You Brand podcast. And today I’m going to talk about something that I am so super excited about. Because this is the missing piece, this is what I see, most women kind of miss the mark. so hear me out here, almost every client that comes into my world, they come looking for content coaching, they come looking for, like, Hey, I don’t know how to create content, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to even say on my videos, they say in sales, give them what they want, but deliver what they need. And this has been something in my world for a long time right now. And the reason for that is because in reality, the reason why you don’t know what to say what to write what to pose, is because you’ve never sat down to really build the foundations of your personal brand, and the foundations of the content marketing that you want to use. So that’s what I’m gonna be talking about today. So let’s dive in. Number one, I want to share with you how I teach personal branding, and something that I’ve been researching for a while there are three phases of building your brand. And this works the same if you have a product. But when you have a personal brand, this is even more important, because it’s not that differentiation between you on your business and your brand is truly not that define right there is so many gray lines. So if you don’t follow these phases, it can get really personal. And this is where most women start getting in their head. They don’t know what to pose, they don’t know what to say. So let’s dive right in on what those phases are. The three phases are building your personal brand, our personal brand, strategy, personal brand, identity and personal brand marketing. Now, I want you to understand this, most of us came into business, and we went straight into the marketing. Under the marketing, you have things like your website, Instagram, LinkedIn, I don’t know going into a podcast, all the things that literally market your business, they put your product, your services, all of that out there. But what I see is most women never took the time to actually build the personal branding and strategy. And you’re going to be asking, Okay, Yachty what in the world is the personal brand strategy, I’m gonna break it down for you. Your personal brand is strategy is who you are, who you serve, how you serve them. And this is not necessarily your offer, because that can change at different times. But like, what are the different avenues that you’re going to use to serving to promote all of that. But before you even jump into a platform, right, part of your brand strategy is market research, understanding your ideal client, really creating those client personas and having a super clear understanding of who they are, why they buy, and really how your product and yourself are actually filling in that boy, that problem that pain that they are longing to solve. So under brand identity is where your fonts, your logos, your website, your clothing, your stickers, all of that, your photos, your videos, all of that, where that goes, this is a thing. If you started on Instagram, are you studying on LinkedIn, you started on Facebook and you are lost, there is a chance that what is happening is you never set out to really write all these down. So that’s number one. Number two is you don’t really know what is different about you. Even though there is a million personal running coaches out there. I’m going to tell you right now, I teach these in a different way. I am a non bullshit coach, I bring the energetics and the mindset of business, I don’t believe that you can actually really put yourself out there without you doing the internal work to become more of who you are. And that work, especially if you’re a woman over 30, we grew up like with the society or parents, everybody telling us we need to be polite, we need to be quiet. We don’t need to upset anybody. And I’m not saying we’re going to upset people. But really bring what we have to the table and express our opinions is actually part of building your brand. So all of that goes actually on your personal brand strategy. I always think about your message as the flag you put in your world and you literally come out with a flag and you start like saying how this is your truth. In my case, I know that the only way for you to build a personal brand is by becoming more of who you are and really working through the mindset bullshit, the energetics really doubling down on who you already are. This is not about like faking it until you make it this is not about being somebody you’re not this is about who you are, where you want to be how you want to serve people that change you want to make in the world and what I see most people doing is a start at trying to post on social media when they don’t have any of these material pulled down into paper. And why do I say to paper, we actually inside of our academy, we do this on a Trello board? Because the truth is, repetition is the mother of reputation. So if you don’t repeat yourself, people will know you for nothing. And marketing people say you want to repeat one thing a million times, not a million things one time because you will be known for nothing. So at the end of the day, have you sat down and figure out who are you What qualifies you to do what you do? Or tell people that you can help them? How do you do it different? What is your methodology that, you know, this is the reason why if they hire you, you can deliver those results. So for me, that is actually are a SEMA framework, which is a strategy, identity, market mindset and accountability. Now that was born out of me working with my clients and understanding, okay, all these people are asking me, What do I post on social media? And I would ask them, okay, who are we trying to attract? And they’re like, well, it’s just anybody. I’m like, No, that is not it. That is not it. He was like on a call with a friend the other day, and we were like talking about this. And we’re like, not it, not it. And this is like when you go to a networking event, or a speaking event, and you start I was recently in California, I spoke at the weekend at the pitch club hosted by my friend Rebecca cafiero, I will talk to a lot of the women that were there. And I’m like, what do you do? What is your business all about? And people will say things like, well, and I was like, not it what this means you guys is you only have literally 30 seconds to capture somebody’s attention. Okay? So your clarity on all of these things, who you are, who you serve, how you serve them, what do you do needs to really ooze out of your body, literally, it has to lose your confidence that this is who I am. So when people ask me what you do, and I’m actually gonna, like help you a little bit here to construct this, because one of the things that I get asked all the time is well, but depending on where I’m at, I have different products or I have different services or serve different people. And that is okay, that this is the thing you need to have a core brace, this could be people call it a help statement, personal brand statement. You can call it whatever you like. I personally like calling personal brand statement where it’s kind of like your mission statement, but that you can tweak and you can have several that you have in your back pocket. And depending on who you’re speaking to these may become handy. So let me give you an example of this. A lot of the times depending on where I’m at, people will ask me also what is that that you do? So not everybody knows what a personal branding coach or a personal branding photographer is. So sometimes I will say something like, well, when women started their businesses after a career, or they should just come into the online world, they don’t necessarily know how to promote themselves, even though they are very good at what they do. I work with a lot of corporate dropouts, they come from corporate, they’re amazing what they do. But when it comes to promoting themselves, they have no idea how to do that. That is what I do. I help them promote themselves on and off social media. So they gain authority, and they can like grow their businesses. 30 seconds, boom. Another one that I use all the time is, well, depending on who I’m talking to. Sometimes I’ll be like, Well, I have an online business, but I started in photography. So we do all the branding for women in business, from the strategy to the content to the photography to the video, and people are like, oh, so the reason for these is if you are in an event, you’re looking for three types of connections, always peers that can refer you clients and collaboration, if you don’t know what you do, and you cannot be absolutely clear. And this comes from your brand strategy, how are you going to be referred? How are people going to know that? Oh, my God,

I need you. I can’t even tell you how many times I have thought I’m at an event. I’m talking to a group of women and I’m reading the room. I’m like, This is what I mean by let your audience dictate the presentation. So I’m in the room, maybe I’m with a group of women. I know they’re over 35 I’m talking to them. And they’re like, oh, so what do you do? Sometimes I will tell women, oh, I help women build their brand on social media, depending on who they are. Now, it all comes down to the same what I offer is the same. I am not saying well, I have two businesses depending on what you need. If it’s photography, if it’s a strategy, you know, a lot of the times I will talk about like well, I help women gain confidence to show up on social media. Literally you guys is what we do. Even though we give you the strategy, a lot of the work that we do is to help women to really own their fucking shed. I cannot want to like put this in your mind that is like the missing piece for content that converts is your clarity is your brand strategy is your story. This is the only thing that separates you from the other million people that are out there. That is a million personal branding coaches. Nobody’s me, my genius, the way I teach the way I deliver the content, the way my program is structured inside of our academy, we literally have an accountability coach, a tech and content coach that went through the program. She’s a graduate, a lot of our women are over 35 and they are not amazing a tech so we have somebody that teaches them that helps them that walks them through some of Instagram, Facebook Trello is like all the things that we need to have on the online world for our businesses to work right we have a mindset coach who is former therapist, I am literally right now getting certified on NLP hypnotherapy EFT, which is emotional freedom technique because I know that those are the things that actually we need to work on. Because anybody can learn the strategy. Anybody can learn and get clarity on who you are, what you do, who you serve, what platform you want to use, and what are the services that you want to offer. But not everybody can get that confidence. So I know that that SEMA framework that I talked to you earlier, that is the secret that is the secret, and I put that together, nobody does that maybe somebody does something similar in a different way. They’re not me. And the same goes for you. So what I want you to take from here, if you’re desperate for content that converts, the first step for content that converts is for you to work on your strategy for you to understand the three phases for you to understand what informs what, what part of your strategy actually is going to turn into content, which by the way, is all of it right? What words do you want to use? Do you want to curse, you don’t want to curse your brand voice. And all of that then turns into your brand colors and logos and all that stuff. But that comes later. And I see so many people like struggling and trying to learn Instagram and trying to learn LinkedIn and trying to learn all the different platforms when in reality where you need to learn is who you are, what you do, who you serve, is literally your brand strategy and your brand clarity. So if you are absolutely ready to stop being meaning the wheels of like creating content, and you have taken all the courses, you’ll listen to all the freaking coaches and you’re still lost. Because I know that so many of you are there and you’re fucking frustrated. Because you have either your industry telling you that you have to show up in media, you have everybody literally telling you, you do not exist. If you are not in social media, I am here to tell you social media is the glue, the way we teach it, we are a true personal branding company. There’s no running and development company. The way we teach this is your content is the glue is the glue that puts your speaking engagements together, your network needs together. And then you we use the content to glue all of that. So you can create long term relationships. And you can position yourself as an authority and really have content that actually converts because you understand who you are your brand. What do you need to be posting? What do you need to be saying, and you are treating content as an essential part of your business. And not just as these like, Oh, I didn’t sign up for the shed, I didn’t want to be a content creator, what is your job, it’s part of your job until you’re making millions of dollars and you want to hire a company that actually can do this for you. And even then I’m going to tell you this, even then I have friends who are making a million dollar a year or a million dollars a year and they’re still creating their own content. They may not be doing the camera graphics, but the thoughts still come out of their head. And the reason for that is your content is an extension of who you are in your business if you’re a service provider in the digital era. So if you know that you need to actually do this work you know you heard everywhere your brand story, your brand strategy who you are, you need to get clarity. This week, we are running the ultimate personal branding bootcamp. This is a nine day event. This is most likely the last time we’re running these don’t take my word for it. I haven’t made the decision yet. But nine days is a lot of content and we go through all the basics. I walk you through every single thing that you need to know to then create content that actually converts brings you clients makes you money so you can stop being on the spinning wheel. I hope that this short episode was super valuable for you. You love it and come on Instagram, send me a DM that says bootcamp I’ll send you the link for you to register. You can also find the link on the show notes. I want to hear from you. I want to know what’s going on in your world. Come follow me. I hang out on Instagram all the time. I also have a Facebook group that it’s called the personal branding strategy. For female entrepreneurs where I go live all the time I’m sharing content all the time that the community is amazing I hope to see you in some of those places let me know if you like this episode and I’ll talk to you soon bye.