5. No F*cks Given: The Unapologetic Mindset for Personal Branding

Hey listeners! This brand new episode of the Be You Brand podcast is all about mindset. I am going to delve into the importance of defining success on your own terms and the mindset traps, the growth vs. the fixed mindset and how it affects your decision-making. Mindset is a powerful factor that can either […]

3. Why personal branding is the foundation to everything

In this episode, I’m diving deep into the essence of personal branding. I want you to truly grasp its significance in building a thriving business. Personal branding isn’t just a buzzword; it’s your unique identity and the way people perceive and connect with you. It requires intentional effort and the willingness to put yourself out […]

2. The Energetics of business with Erin Nicole Porter

Hey listeners, get ready for an enlightening episode where I had an amazing conversation with Erin Nicole Porter, a powerhouse in personal growth and entrepreneurship. Nicole’s journey from burnout to success resonated deeply with my own experiences, reminding me of the importance of inner work alongside external strategies. Her insights into nervous system regulation, trauma […]

1. My Story and the making of your own brand

Hey everyone, it’s Ati Grinspun here, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to the “Be You Brand” podcast. This podcast is all about helping you build a million-dollar personal brand while staying true to yourself and pursuing your purpose. I’m here to share some no-fluff strategies, a touch of attitude, dive into mindset work, and […]