42. Everyone Has a Story – Book Launch Series with Cat Coley

Welcome to our book Launch Series! Our Ascension Mastermind collective book is coming out August 1st eeeeekkkk! And we are so excited!  Each Book Launch series episode showcases a Mastermind client/author , their chapter, story and how writing a book has impacted their life, and what you can expect from reading their chapter. A very […]

41. Becoming the CEO of your biz with Amy Traugh

Such an exciting topic, moving from employee-mindset working on our business to becoming the CEO . We talked about all the “un-sexy” topics that usually MAKE or BREAK your business like systems, delegating and building a business YOU LOVE not one that you are a slave to. Become the CEO of your business and regain […]

40. From Fear to Profitable personal brand-Know your numbers.

Do you know your numbers?  In the last few weeks 3 conversations, one with a client, one with a dear friend who also owns an online business and another friend who crossed the million dollar mark in 2023 and has not paid herself a salary the whole year, had me on fire for this episode. […]

39. How to leverage PR for your personal brand

In this episode, I’m interviewing Amy Bartko, founder of Chatterbox PR and Marketing, and it was FIRE! She shares her expertise on PR and how to take your personal brand to the next level.  She emphasizes the importance of community and building relationships in the world of PR. ( can you see how it all […]

38. Living out your brand

In this episode, Ati.G.Branding discusses the importance of living out your brand and bringing your message to the world. She emphasizes that your brand is the mark you leave in the world and that it’s important to remember your why and the collective change we want to create in the world behind the why in […]

36. Authenticity Vs Perfectionism

In this episode, I’m discussing  the importance of authenticity in personal branding and the dangers of perfectionism. Why you need to be true to yourself  and not be afraid to express opinions and unique perspectives. I will break down  the concept of authenticity and I’m giving you  practical tips for finding the balance between authenticity […]

35. Shifting your Brand from Corporate to Entrepreneur with Angelle Ferrer

In today’s episode of the Be You Brand Podcast, join me and Angelle Ferrer in a discussion on career advancement, personal branding and leveraging digital tools to enhance your professional journey. Angelle shares her insight on the importance of positioning oneself effectively in the competitive job market through skills like LinkedIn optimization and networking. She […]

34. 5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Sales & Brand

I see these mistakes on clients and people I consult with all the time and I see so many people in my audience making them. These mistakes are so easy to avoid and the only reason you are making them is because nobody pointed them out to you…till now … .hello it’s me Ati lol! […]

33. The Art of Authentic business Connections with Gabby Borrero

In this episode I am interviewing one of my favorite people on the planet! Gabby Borrero is an amazing connector, host of the next generation network and one of the most giving people you will ever meet. She is an avid networker and we dove so deep on why building true relationships will skyrocket your […]