Personal Branding Photography Session for Chelsea Peitz l Ati Grinspun

Capturing personal branding photos of returning clients for their online presence is such a fun experience!

Last year, Chelsea and I had our first shoot in Las Vegas when she was delivering a keynote at IMAN CONNECT – one of the biggest real estate events nationwide. That time, we created super fun and stress-free personal branding photos at Aria Casino of her and her business partner! (you can peek at those branding photos here)

When she spotted on my IG Stories that I’d be making a tour to Arizona, we knew it would be the perfect timing for another photoshoot!

Chelsea Peitz is a Real Estate Video Coach and Keynote Speaker, a best-selling author, mom, and a doggie lover, and we knew we wanted to capture all of that in her photos (you can find her on IG @chelsea.peitz).

To showcase her bubbly personality in the photos, as well as incorporate the books she has written, while bringing more of her lifestyle through pics with her son Mason!

In the course of our session, we ensured that her clothing colors were complementary to her branding and personality. We took extra care to guarantee a perfect match for maximum impact!

We decided that it would be best for us to shoot at home; not only is it gorgeous, but also she designed it herself!

Her office was a dream come true- so on point with all of her branding goals -you’ll have to see how great these pictures turned out below!

I am passionate about collaborating with personal brands to develop visuals that tell their unique story, accentuating who they are and the value of what they offer.

You can find Chelsea’s genius on her website . Her podcast The Chelsea Peitz Podcast and of course her IG where she drops FIRE every day!

 If you’re curious what that could look like for you, send me  a DM on IG or send an Investment request HERE 

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