Candice Carciopollo Personal Branding Photos


Let me tell you a story about Candice ....

She was my first Branding coach back in the day….yes… a looooong time ago I also had a branding coach and she was it. Since then I would venture to say she has been the most amazing cheerleader and inspiration on so many levels.

And she ALWAYS invests in personal branding photography. 


Candice is helping modern real estate agents elevate their income and influence on and offline.

She is also a podcast host with rockstart and also fellow personal branding coach and marketing expert Kat Torre. Together they host NOT NICE CLEVER!

And can we say she is also a recognized speaker and trainer ??? She truly is a one of kind…

Also understands the value of professional personal branding photography that represents who you are and what you do at the highest level!

Candice and I have shot at least 10 photoshoots at this point and THEY NEVER DISAPPOINT!

Her style is Refined and casual while showcasing her quirky personality and blunt style, so many of her shoots are centered around her personality and the processes she is always showing off on her social media, website, and blog!

When we do our strategy call I always ask:

  • What are you currently promoting?

  • What is coming for you in the next quarter?

  • What platform is most alive and active for you right now … that is how we construct her shoot….

In the last shoot, she was just looking for a variety of shots for updated headshots and basic social media shots for 2024…


Here are my favorites:

But let me take you down memory lane, so you can see how to construct your personal branding images. 


A few shoots back, she needed photos to showcase the podcast.


Some other shoots she has showcase her content creation process and how she advices her clients to use video !

And back in the day we showcased her logo design studio!

How many personal branding shoots do you need?

This is the thing, if you are active on social media (they way you should be, a photoshoot each quarter is about right!

This will allow you to have enough current content not to stress over it and be constantly current!


Are you ready to book yours and stop shining online everywhere…


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