3x your income by being more of who you already are , leverage the power of your personal brand.


Ultimate Personal Branding Bootcamp

5 days to amplify, magnetize, and monetize your message

Date: TBD

At our LIVE, 5 day event:


The success phases of building your PROFITABLE brand

The art of Attracting Your Dream Clients.

Messaging and Positioning so when your client finds you, the immediately want to buy from you..

The Content strategy I used to create multiple 6 figures and still be growing.


3x your income leveraging the power of your personal brand. 

Know exactly what and how, to post  in a way that fits your personality and your audience (and your business goals!)

STOP GUESSING, and Step with confidence into your role as THE face of your business (and have fun doing it!)

STOP BEING THE BEST KEPT SECRET and STAND OUT even if you are in a saturated market  

You'll get...

Ultimate Personal Branding bootcamp with Coach and photographer Ati Grinspun

These are the same strategies I (and my clients!) use to show with confidence and leap to 6-figures...

…and I’m sharing them with you !

*Why am I sharing such valuable strategies and know-how ? It’s simple: I believe that when we women succeed in business, we make our communities and our world a better place. 


“Ati gives you everything you need. The return on investment is tenfold!”

“Before I met Ati, I didn’t really know who I was serving, so my methods were jumbled and I ended up not benefitting anyone! Now, Ati has given me this ability to know my ideal client. My business messaging is so clear!”

Abby Ribeiro, Financial Coach

“Before Ati’s program, I felt like I was always chasing clients instead of them coming to me.​”

“This program is so worth it! Every penny!”

“You know Ati is there to support you, so don’t hesitate: jump in, do it! It’s going to move you to the next level.”

Angela Stuart, Child Sleep Specialist

ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand
ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand
ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand
ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand
ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand
ati grinspun personal brand coaching personal brand photography how to build a personal brand


Hi! I’m Ati! 👋
It wasn’t until I wanted to leave my bartending job of 20 years, that I realized, if I wanted to command the prices, and respect from my clients, AND make the difference in the world I knew was meant to make,  I needed to be seen as an authority, and the GO TO in my industry.

With 15 years of business experience overall , I started my career as a portrait photographer, and for the past 5 years I have been helping women build profitable personal brands.

My passion is to teach you, how to embrace who you ALREADY are, polish your message so people WANT TO BUY FROM YOU, teach you  to make content in a fun and easy way, so you can build a life and business YOU LOVE.

In this time and day, it is not enough to open shop, YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN, RESPECTED and REMEMBERED,  and make sure YOU ARE NOT THE BEST KEPT SECRET .


The details

What Will You Learn?

At the Ultimate Personal Branding Bootcamp, you will learn how to create a personal brand that will stand out from the competition.

Day 1-The success phases of building your PROFITABLE brand

Day 2-Master the Art of Attracting Your Dream Clients

Day 3-Messaging and Positioning: The Brand clarity formula.

Day 4– CONTENT- What to say  and What to post to attract those dream clients

Day 5- CONTENT  Day 2- Messaging for profit

The Ultimate Personal Branding Bootcamp April 22nd at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST


Register asap for access to all live trainings, and your BRAND workbook:



Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

❓What is the Ultimate Personal branding bootcamp?
The ultimate personal branding bootcamp is a 5 day online training course with the founder of the Be you Brand Academy, ME! Ati Grinspun. I will share my specialized knowledge on how to build a profitable and successful personal brand that will grow true long term success for your business on and off line. 
❓Do I need to have a business to to participate ?
Yes! the framework we’ll share is perfect for you if you  are, either,  in the first few years of business or, if you are and expert in your field leaving a job/corporate and starting your own business but struggle to promote yourself, explain how working with you is a blessing to your clients and you are struggling to position yourself as the go to in your field.
❓How long is the masterclass
There will be 5 days of lessons?
Where will it happen?
There will be a private facebook group to interact with other attendees and network as well as the daily zoom live calls with me.
❓How do I access the Facebook group?
Once you enroll for $111, you will receive a link to join, be asked to answer a few questions, and then you will be approved within 48 hours.
❓Do I get to be a part of the Facebook group forever?
No, this FB group is specifically opened for the bootcamp you registered for , you will have access to that group until the bootcamp and bootcamp events end.
❓How Can I get my questions answered?
You will have daily assignments, once you check out you can pick the vip option where you can hang out with Ati after the daily training to work with her on your homework, and get your questions answered in depth.

PS: If you scrolled straight to the bottom of this page. This is your sign that YOU NEED THIS BOOTCAMP.

This is your sign to go after your dreams and stop playing small, stop hiding and start shining your brilliance, show up as the rockstar you are and become the hero of your own story!


See you on the inside,